PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) -- Leading astronomers declared Thursday that Pluto is no longer a planet under historic new guidelines that downsize the solar system from nine planets to eight.

Hello readers;

I am not surprised of the outcome knowing that in 2,500 astronomers from 75 nations attended the conference only about 300 showed up to vote. This mean, 2200 others people did not vote and that is a significant number that could easily have turned the balance around. It’s really a shame that they still proceed with the vote knowing that 2200 other person were missing and that is an injustice in itself. Since when numbers don’t mean anything to science when science is all about numbers?

Right from there common sense dictates the vote is NOT effective. Imagine if any politician running for office found out that 2200 votes were missing in the ballot? But you see that is something they will not talk about and it’s simply disgusting and even unlawful.

Realize also that this vote is coming from a bunch of “educated” mental snobs who have absolutely NO clue of the spiritual values of the planet Pluto and its vital role in our solar system.
I am not surprised of this conclusion knowing that 99.9% of the entire world’s population (especially scientists) does not remotely possess cosmic consciousness.

The thwarted mind of those astronomers make them incapable to enter or even conceive the archetypal real of consciousness. I wonder how Copernicus and so many other elites astrologers feel about this “decision” made by a bunch of badly informed people.

But again this generation of scientists was born with a Pluto (perception/discernment/depth of the thoughts/metaphysics etc.) into the logical; rational scientifically oriented sign of Virgo. So again it is not surprising for them to miss the entire forest for the tree and literally impossible to auto analyze themselves and ridiculous vote.

I doubt any of them knows the fact that Astronomy is a by-product of a much older science called Astrology. During the time of Copernicus the word astronomer did not exist yet and only astrology was act upon. Its later on that the “born scientists then/ present astronomers) stole the clay tablets of astrologers to accurately and mathematically predicted the time of an eclipse and so was born Astronomy. Right then man began to challenge God’s Universal laws and created the huge disorderly spiritual chaos mankind is suffering nowadays.

I mentioned many times before in my previous newsletters that NO man could ever alter the laws of the Universe not even the Pope. And if the Pope decides to “invite” the gay population and the gypsies (for ever persecuted by the Christians) to bring about more money then the International Astronomical Union (a branch of NASA) who needs publicity and your tax dollar to survive can do the same.

I will ask you to refer to “Science and Astrology part 1, 2, 3 and 4 at so you can really understand the working of an astronomer's mind.


Pluto rules true power, investigation, the FBI/CIA, corporations, supreme wealth, real power, sex life and death. Pluto rules the decay and reincarnation principle and will transform a worm in the water into a butterfly from the water to air element. Pluto rules the Mafia, the underworld. Pluto in Greek mythology is the discarded son of great Jupiter ruling the underworld and hell. Where ever Pluto is located in your chart, death, sex, power and supreme power will enter your life.

Now any of my students will have absolutely no problem to recognize this fact because they spent days with me learning the true meaning, values and inner manifestation of the most intense planet in our solar system. But NONE of those educated morons took the time to do so and would rather be caught dead than to honor the very word of Science and INVESTIGATE my findings.

Well the born Astronomers as mentioned many times inherited a limited UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) and indeed a very weak Pluto because of they lack of intuitive power and the reluctance to investigate anything that cannot be seen or touch. It’s just their stars, put it that way. Moreover I can guarantee you that the born scientist was born with a pathetic Mercury (mental power) in an earthy sign (logic, critical thinking) that does not support deep metaphysical research. Well call them NERDS with a DWARFED mind.

There is huge difference between education and intelligence and those young souls hide their ignorance behind an accredited school and produced the International Astronomical Union or IAU (Imbeciles Astronomical Union!)

The astronomers are like little kids and now and then one of them will scream see I discovered another planet! But there are billion of them out there…Its like Christopher Columbus discovering America, guess what the continent was always there!

But the scientists do not want to appear stupid and they finally realized that there are billions of celestial bodies in the vastness of our universe. So now they are, with the authority of (Imbeciles Astronomical Union!) creating new concepts and new names, new theories and ARAZE as they go along planets such as Pluto recognized for centuries by some of the most powerful elites minds of all times.

Pluto is there to stay simply because Pluto has always been part of our celestial family. Pluto’s energy is real and it takes a little more than an astronomer’s educated mind to understand its power and purpose in both the personal and universal human affairs.

Right now Pluto the planet of death and rebirth is in the philosophical, religious sign of Sagittarius and denunciate the events taking place in the Middle East. Its impact is also affecting and changing (RE-birthing) the higher educational system to a higher level of perception. Thus as of today August 25th, 2006 in Prague in the Czech Republic Pluto has done his job with science and killed what ever little common sense astronomers had opening the door for people like me to ask questions and teach you the real meaning of Pluto.


Long live Pluto

Please pass on my newsletters to the world and help Pluto and I to bring true wisdom to this world.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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