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I am amazed how people who proclaim the truth are the biggest crooks on the Internet. For those of you who know me well I have absolutely no problem exposing the truth and anyone in the public eye whom I feel deserves to be exposed.

As always in any successful endeavors (including the secret) the rats will show up and start their feeding frenzy to get more notoriety, but when someone is proclaiming and exposing others wrong doing and forgetting to describe his own wrongdoing, this is where I draw the line. I am not the type of guy that wants to dwell on negativity, but when someone does me wrong, the Sicilian side of myself will always meet you in time, put it that way.

My honesty and direct approach to anything and everything has always been my strength and not exactly appreciated by many sensitive people willing to give out their other cheek. And while life goes on, I will never forget any wrongdoing and use my position to “enlighten” others on their chosen messenger. If the messenger is spoiled, you can be sure his message is also dirty or inaccurate.

Incidentally in this case I tend to agree and counsel the many of you to invest real time and effort in mastering a multitude of Universal Laws not just the “Law Of Attraction”.

As you know, I am spending between 4 to 7 hours daily to finish a book started years ago. The original title was “The Power Within” and undeniably connects with the book titled “The secret”. The only difference is that this part one of the “Rest Of The Secret” teaches the reader how those laws interact and produce results. The more I write this book, the more I realize how deceived the mass has been with the movie that resemble an over acting Tony Robbins or Robert Schuller super-charged motivational talk. Note that I do not dismiss any laws and endorse the movie and all the wise speakers, but the fact is none of those well-spoken teachers possess cosmic consciousness and even John Gray (a student and client of mine) never mentioned any other crucial laws he learned in my course.


Now before exposing Mitch Batros’ crooked mind and awful business manners, I would like to announce that I will be teaching “The Rest Of The Secret” at the Royal Solaris Resort on the beach in Cancun, in Mexico. My famous friend Gary Busey will also join me, so if you want to have fun and learn all about the “Secret” just meet us there.

The price for the resort is $1300 for an all-inclusive stay at the Royal Solaris on the beach in Cancun. It is for 7 nights, which includes accommodations (double rooms, or about $200 more for single rooms). This includes all the workshops, yoga, and “The Rest Of The Secret” & “Nostradamus Natural Healing” with Dr. Turi. You will also be able to enjoy 2 tours to Mayan temple ruins, snorkeling, all food (8 restaurants), all drinks, facilities-- gym, clubs, etc (massages, spa are available but extra), and entertainment, including some serious laughs, spiritual talks, and music with my friend Gary Busey. And I think it also includes transportation throughout Cancun for the week. The only thing it doesn't include is the airfare because people are coming from all around the world. Typically, at this point, I believe the cheapest flights from the US range from $300-$500.

Thus my Hawaii course has been postponed for the time being. To the many students who have already paid in full for the Hawaii course either a full refund or a better deal awaits you; just call the office at 602-265-7667.

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Yes, you should have the original copy of "The Secret" which features Ester Hicks (a female) who channels a group of non-physical entities called Abraham. She is shown throughout the DVD and Abraham's message is the best in the movie.

When I bought a second copy of the DVD months later and watched it, I realized that they had completely removed Ester from the original version and DID NOT informs the public of this major change. This really pissed me off and I wrote to "The Secret" and asked them what the hell was up and that I was not happy and wanted my new DVD exchanged for the original. They wrote back and said that Ester Hicks had asked to be removed and they could not give me the original.

So I later learned on the Earth Changes website (which I will forward again) from Mitch Battros the real truth about why "The Secret" producers took out Ester Hicks. They deceived Ester and Jerry Hicks and stole the original teachings of Abraham on "The Law of Attraction".

Open my next e-mail and read what Mitch Battros has to say about it and then check out the Abraham-Hicks website. So my view now is that the producers of "The Secret" were all about making money for themselves and didn't care if they stepped on Spiritual toes!

Enjoy your special day Aquarian Brother.


Mitch Batros words…

I'll just say thank goodness it didn't take long to uncover this story.

DT Rebuttal – Indeed I will say my piece of truth about the man himself!

Continued - I hope now you will be better able to keep things in perspective. What a shame for the so many people who were 'hood-winked' into the "magical quick fix" scam as presented in the same way as so many 'lose weight fast', 'earn easy money at home', 'how to get rich quick in real estate', etc. etc.

DT Rebuttal – At least we both agree on this one, but there is more than the sun’s magnetic rays ridiculous theory affecting planet earth.

But the entity I have most concern about is metaphysics itself. Folks, I apologize for the many of you who have been taken by this scam, as you can see Jerry and Esther Hicks have described they too are victims.

DT Rebuttal – What about the scam you put on us Mister? We are also YOUR victims in case you forgot…do I need to say more? I dare you to point the finger on these people who have true wisdom, after all what else do you have to offer the world? Your sun rays silly theories? These people talked about a real law, these wise people made you feel well after the show didn’t they? So please give them credit like I do and do not throw out the baby with the bath water and realize even if the show is incomplete, it still offered relief and hopes to millions and offered more than what you will ever be able to do.

If they are victims it’s a few of us Mr. Batros and you know you did worse. You have used and abused many of us for your selfish end and when asked to “perform” you simply dismissed us like dirty clothing. Do I have to get into the detail?

Continued - But if the "law of attraction” holds true, then this whole circus-show which sucked good ole Oprah in as well, was meant for a reason. Perhaps it was to give us a 'trial run' at how we will handle the many false prophets coming our way 'in this time' as prophecy has predicted. Not just biblical prophecy, but almost every ancient text from the elders of the Maya to the Egyptians, to the Dogon's, to the Essenes.

Just one last note: It is my truth (belief) that metaphysics are real and most powerful. Please separate the principals from the scam. I would suggest metaphysical knowledge takes a lifetime to master. It is most challenging, but also most fulfilling. It is of my opinion, and my experience, that metaphysical teachings and its implementation is not to be done alone or with some 'get rich quick' DVD. Just as with every single ancient tribe of the world, an elder---mentor---teacher needs to be involved.

DT Rebuttal – Yes we do agree on that one too, your Virgo critical, skeptical and sarcastic nature works in your favor…It’s all in the stars!

I wish you well on your journey and perhaps Carl Jung was right about what he calls "synchronicity". Whatever happens in ones life good or bad is part of the bigger picture and is indeed in perfect order. "Do not follow my truth, follow your truth. Seek and you shall find. Find what? Your Truth! Use your gift of discernment; we are coming into the
prophesized times of accelerated myths, deceptions, and false prophets. And remember,
just because I speak with passion and conviction does not make it "the truth"
, it simply makes it "my truth". (mitch battros)

DT Rebuttal – Yes your truth Mitch! And as promised you have and will always been exposed and this is where in your case, “The Law Of Attraction” brought ME into your life Mister Battros so you can repay the karma due to you.

Lastly, my newsletters are loaded with valuable information and they are FREE. Mr. Batros’ readers have to pay for a con artist that will I will always expose. I am not a bully and very forgiving to anyone’s weaknesses I gave this con man the opportunities to apologize but he never did. Blame it on his huge ego that will always be in the way.

My book will be out soon and upon reading it you will learn The Rest Of The Secret” and acknowledge what a real Prophet is all about because "Man's creative power originate within the depth of his subconscious and it's mysterious relationship to the Universal Mind. Man is at the firmament of realizing his celestial identity and rising towards his Divinity".

Dr. Turi

Until then blessings to all