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Nostradamus Prophecies & War with Iran - John Hogue

Nostradamus Prophecies

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The new Scorpius dragon’s purpose is to expose many facts and will help uncovering many secrets in a world mostly built on of lies and deceptions. Let me explain further…

John Hogue suggested that fundamentalist extremism underlies the thoughts and actions of leaders in IranIsrael and the US, and they are being swept up in a kind of messianic fever. A war with Iran could take place as early as this summer, he predicted.

Dr. Turi rebuttal: The sad reality is this disturbing prediction was made on Art Bell show in 1995 well before  the US invaded Iraq and well before top terrorist  Osama Bin  Laden became enemy number one of the US.   This mean  I made this prediction in 1995 WELL before he did! here is the solid proof!

Secondly I mentioned many times  to George Noory and his million of listeners of the  end of the Age of Pisces (religion/Middle East) since and endlessly blasted tons of popular media websites.  In fact  I also explained the end of the Age of Pisces and  what the Neptunian energy controlling the entire Middle East is all about and mentioned a full implosion of the area on  Roxy radio show “The Truth Denied”  and in all my radio shows since!

Continued: Hogue argued that in the Six Day War (which recently had its 40th anniversary) the Israelis were right to stage a pre-emptive attack against their adversaries, but he does not see a similar situation with Iran, calling Iran’s threats “hot holy air.”

He reviewed some of Nostradamus’ prophecies, including one that referenced a 3-13 year war between two Northern “eagle” powers– which he interpreted as Russia and the United States. Hogue also spoke about climate change causing ocean levels to rise in as few as eight years, inundating port cities and disrupting food shipments.

Dr Turi Rebuttal: If you take the time to watch and listen to “Predictions with George Noory (full TV special from 2006)” I am the only one who spoke and mentioned Iran aim for NUKES, and an upcoming religious war…  The section starts at 24.40, thus where was John Hogue then?

 George endorsed me for years and for good reasons because I made countless of well documented published predictions that are well documented, where are those of all the psychics, astrologers, mentalists, mediums and John Hogue?


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