November 3rd Presidential Election Prediction


dr. turi

Dear readers;

To those who just landed on my work, the current Plutonic deadly window “SOS to the world 10/30/20″ always depicts the very high possibility of inducing earthquakes at or above 6.0! Today 10/30/20 a  7.0 mag earthquake hit Greece!

If you listened to my latest radio show with David Young in the UK, I once again clearly warned the world of the high probability of yet another terrorist attack and the possibility of earthquakes! Indeed we are now into another SOS to the world deadly window thus extreme caution is advised to all my readers!

There is no denying the obvious reality of my predictions this is why you must pay attention to my new warnings about the Presidential elections! It is not a question of who (Trump or Biden) will be the next President but will the commandant in Chief in the White House be able to avoid the upcoming reptilius dance of evil? And save the children of the future! 

While our attention is totally FIXED in the election of November 3rd, 2020 results, there is something much more morbid taking place I must make you aware of readers… Something you could never imagine if you are new to my cosmic work!

Since Mercury is now retrograde, I had to re-evaluate the two quatrains a wrote well before Trump became the President of the United States of America and offer you the hard reality of what is to come!

On November 3rd, 2020 President Trump will be on one of his 2020 LUCKY cosmic biorhythms and while the general cosmic trend and the Dragon’s Tail (negative) in his 7th house (the general public) is not in his favor, the very powerful nefarious reptilius are!

The stars say it will be a DEFINITE WIN for Biden, but the Russians (reptilius)  are still at work helping Trump!

Is Russia interfering in the 2020 election? Yes — here’s how …

My last 3 accurate predictions of the presidential debates point out a very strong possibility of the outcome I would rather dismiss because Trump stars have so far endorsed the reptilius’ agenda! 

Ignorance, greed, religion, lies, stupidity, and FEAR currently (and obviously) reign supreme upon the earth  (Covid19/politics/chaos/confusion/distrust/natural disasters, etc.

Unless the benevolent Draconis beat the reptilius and act in favor of love, light, progress, peace, and the world’s general security (like in 2016)  there is a HIGH probability for Trump’s re-election.

But why such a contradictory statement after writing for so long Trump will not be re-elected you may ask? Here is the answer my friend… Ignoring the reptilius and denying my visions because of my emotional perception of an infected political world is lying to myself and most importantly, to you my faithful trusting readers.

While my perceptiveness, cosmic wisdom, and intuition are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to earthquakes predictions, my own “political” emotions and wishes for a decent politician in power overruled my judgment!

Again with Mercury retrograde, I had to re-evaluate my predictions and offer you the undiluted truth as I perceive reality through my 3rd eye!

My first written quatrain was posted to the world on June 12, 2013, it speaks for itself, it certainly depicts what the last four dramatic, chaotic years under President Trump’s cursed stars! I am only asking you to face the harsh reality presented to you and as I did, do not lie to yourself! 

Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn


German/Vikings Skin Alike (President Trump)
Black and White Red Blood (Racism in the US)
Fire War Violence Passions Rule (Political situation)
God Nowhere To Stop Fires (California fires)

While the second quatrain was written on  January 26, 2015, it also offers hopes for more progressive changes if a “Cosmic Good Grace Humanity” or if, the benevolent Draconis somehow decide to interfere!

There is no denying the truth when it is in your face reader, this country has never been so split, so divided and it is becoming more dangerous as long as Trump stays in power! 

Biden campaign cancels Texas event after Trump supporters surround bus on interstate

America again has a choice between the past and the future

The REPublicans (reptilius) do not want progress and hate changes, the Democrats (Draconis) are all for changes and the future! But it is not a “political” thing my friend, it is all part of the inherited karmic UCI or the majority of the signs making up the human psyche! But without cosmic consciousness, the mass can only and robotically act out its ignorance and fear!

But for sure this type of advanced cosmic information is not for the rational, unperceptive morons making up 99.9% of the human race! 

Prepare Month of Blooming June icy *December

White Moon Ninth Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
Cosmic God May Grace Humanity

Will God, good, and/or the Draconis override evil with Trump in power or if Biden becomes the next President? That is the question and  I certainly hope so, but what are the chances? 

The Galactic Federation of Grand Cosmic Order is very clear, NO ET’s (good or bad) must interfere with any human “political” affairs. It is only through pain, suffering, greed, destructions, war all fueled by fear, righteousness, religion, and cosmic ignorance that; America and the world at large will pay its karma! 

Reason, intuition, integrity, and intelligence combined with cosmic consciousness bring high emotional hopes for a better world with or without Trump’s Gemini racist, liar, narcissist natal stars abusing power!

While the virus itself is the product of all negative fearful thoughts of foreigners combined, led by the most powerful man on earth, Trump’s  Mercurial, changing natal UCI is obviously deceptive and dictator-like confirming a quatrain I wrote eight years ago, well before he was elected!

June 12, 2013

German/Vikings Skin Alike 
Black and White Red Blood 
Fire War Violence Passions Rule
God Nowhere To Stop Fires 

But I can not put my own rational judgment and personal wishes for peace, love, and light and, my wish for a UNITED America come in the way of the two quatrains I wrote reflecting my visions for the world!

Especially when they are right in your face with powerful people signing up for conspiracy junk because being popular in nonsense fit their own selfish political agenda!

This dangerous reality is not to be ignored as more and more disinformation, conspiracies and fears fuel the reptilus agenda for total chaos! 

All the while knowing any other decent, honorable politician who owns a better, honest progressive UCI would spare the world the upcoming war with Iran, China, or Russia!  Trump’s cursed Dragon’s Tail in Sagittarius (foreign powers) will become much more “obnoxious” making a war unavoidable! 

Iran general warns Trump! Is War Inevitable? 

Some of Trump’s supporters will say, Dr. Turi, you make no sense tellin us Trump is unlucky with foreign affairs knowing the Trump peace plan in the Middle East was a total success! But the fact is Kushner is a Capricorn (politics) and he was born January 10, 1981, with a Dragon’s Head (luck) in Leo (love) like Obama, a natural peacemaker!

Unlike Trump, Kushner was not born with a negative Dragon’s Tail in Sagittarius (foreign affairs) and the plan was authored by a team led by Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner! All Trump did was to sign a paper, Period! 

All nations and leaders of billions of people are also racist and they do not like America! Trump’s egotistical obnoxious stars simply INCITE such animosity, not only in the US internal affairs ‘I’m shaking right now’: CNN reporter describes 3 racist attacks within an hourbut also all around the world! And all imposed by the reptilius who owns his body, mind, and soul!  

BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 01: Soldiers of the People's Liberation Army march during a parade to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, at Tiananmen Square on October 1, 2019 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Andrea Verdelli/Getty Images)

I want to ignore and refute my own endless warnings of the terrible upcoming “reptilius dance of evil” predicted in my new 2021 Nostradamus Dragon forecast and so often mentioned in many of my YouTube videos my friend!

Sad enough I foresee serious troubles, too many deaths, and drama upon the US and the world at large and this can only happen if a reptilius infected Trump gets re-elected and stays in power or if, the new President Biden can’t control or fix the damage created by the previous administration!

Back in 2016 I also wrote ” Trump and World War III” yet again I truly hope to be wrong knowing our President shares the same Astrological configurations as Hitler!

Learn more about your President UCI outside of conventional psychiatry! 

The World’s Lack of Cosmic Consciousness Means Universal Destruction!

I made another critical prediction back on October 7, 2013, on George Noory TV show but the reality is humanity lead by the reptilius infecting the minds of our President and so many other infected politicians can not be ignored any longer!


The changes needed to make this world a much better, safer place for us all can never come from the government or any politicians knowing it is all corrupted… It can only come from us all returning to learning, understanding, teaching, and heeding God’s Immaculate Cosmic design as mentioned in George TV show!

I do not have the critical financial resources, the national stage, or the support I need from a scared, religious, or atheist fearful reptilius poisoned mass!

Instead in the name of both the abusive religious and scientific matrixes, Astrology (or how God speaks to his children) is ridicule, sought as a pseudo-science, and ignored! And this is why the world is such a chaotic dangerous place nowadays!  

At this point, I can only hope for a miracle my good friends, and wish that a “Cosmic God WILL Grace Humanity!”

When science joins the Divine…

Nostradamus tells us that in the Last Days all his prophecies will finally be proven true.  Unfortunately, it will be too late for them to benefit anyone in a highly skeptical and doubting modern world. The Seventh Millennium of mankind’s civilized existence on this planet witness an age of high technology and amazing scientific achievements. God and his prophets are soon relegated to a rather insignificant position, in a world more concerned with following its own path to perfection.

Time is running out and I need your help because with Trump’s re-election or Biden in power, means also a sure sign of evil and the reptilius completely taking over humanity! Yet no one is taking care of the children’s spiritual welfare…

Suicide plague, Is there any hope for our children?

Then, it is only when I see my first Astropsychology school operational that my hopes to beat the reptilius agenda and avoid humanity’s self-destruction will become a reality! I may sound gloomy or nonsensical to the norm, yet you have all been warned!

Universal  Cosmic Education Project 

The plan is to launch this Universal New Age endeavor, find a location, or build the school from the scratch. Then gather a large group of highly spiritual gifted human beings and the “Teachers of teachers of light” will undergo a full week of heavy cosmic teachings under my supervision.

Bringing forth total cosmic consciousness to those advanced souls means also passing on this critical wisdom to parents and children from all walks of life! Again, it is only when I see my first Astropsychology schools operational that a chance to bring love, respect, peace upon earth, and respect for all, that the blessings of the New Age of Aquarius will become a real possibility.  If you can help or want to become  a “Teachers of teachers of light” offer me with some suggestions please. 

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