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“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.

~ Paracelsus

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Ralph Sarchie, Former NYPD Cop, Talks Possession and Deliver Us From Evil Movie

Retired NYPD sergeant and film subject Ralph Sarchie attends a special screening of “Deliver Us From Evil,” June 23, 2014 in New York City. (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Why This NYPD Cop Believes Demon-Possession Is On The Rise

Ralph Sarchie, a self-described demonologist who was once a cop for the 46th police precinct in New York City — and the inspiration for the new Hollywood film “Deliver Us From Evil”  he believes demonic possessions and infestations are on the rise. He also revealed the most terrifying thing he’s ever seen during an exorcism. 

DT Rebuttal: This is the perfect example of a “religiously poisoned” soul who has no clue of what the spiritual world entails.  In fact religious people are the least to know anything about the cosmic code (God’s celestial will) because they have been taught to stay clear from astrology or anything they consider as the occult. This is nothing else than another of the endless very expansive advertisements found on all major media endorsing the religious matrix.

“When Ralph Sarchie  has something to say it’s often not pretty, especially when concerning the darker side of the paranormal. It all has to do with the devil.”

Ralph was born with a challenging egocentric Dragon’s Tail in Leo, meaning he is not exactly lucky with love and children!

“Born: June 14, 1962 …. gravitating more toward religion after his marriage to his wife Jennifer (now divorced) and the birth of his first daughter, Christina.” This Leo Tail dragon means; he also nurture an endless subconscious fear of death…

DT Rebuttal: For anyone to be remotely interested in the occult or be attracted by police work means a strong Pluto (control freak/power) or Scorpio (police/criminals/investigators) is strong and present in the natal UCI. As expected Ralph was born with the moon (emotions) in Scorpio (cops) in his 6th house of work and service to the world.

This is the worse position for the moon (security/peace at home) to be because of the intense emotions, suspicion and jealousy nurtured by his/her owner. Remember Elizabeth Taylor had also a  nasty moon in Scorpio and this beautiful magnetic black widow married 8 times. Scorpio means death the moon rules the domestic scenery, thus she “stung” 8 people with her deadly dart. Indeed there are reasons for people to do what they do and the stars explain it all!

 Indeed those stars do not lie but like 99.99% of the police executives and cops from all walks of life, Ralph is like most people, cosmic  unconscious and he is simply acting out his Plutonic curious Gemini UCI.

Gemini is a very inquisitive, impatient, speedy sign and many are attracted by night work and the police. In fact an extraordinary experience took place with a Gemini cop in the middle of the desert on my way back to San Diego from Las Vegas a few years ago . Once done with this article you must read “Now on to the story!” at the bottom of this article about the police. “Cop Killers? SOS To The Police Administration!”

Doing so will confirm the incredible values of Astropsychology and Astroforensics.  Note, if you are an older VIP you may already have read this article, but many newcomers joined since I produced it and will enjoy it too!

In all sincerity, I really think Ralph Sarchie should concentrate on my expertise  and grasp what he perceives as the devil and acknowledge also “Police Requiem.” But sad enough, any untrained minds can never truly appreciate my cosmic ingeniousness and assume its all bogus…

The Police Administration unwillingness to investigate the values of Astropsychology and Astroforensics to detect beforehand a born Plutonic (or a potential killer) before responding to a any calls is helping no one.  “2 officers killed in separate shootings in Indiana.

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they under*stand” the voice of heaven.”

– Matthew 13.13

Now does this sound familiar? “Family of woman beaten by California patrol officer plans to sue” and who’s to pay for the police administration ignorance?  All those dramatic experiences can easily be avoided if everyone was cosmic conscious and taught to heed the signs because this is why God created the stars!

Continued –  Ralph Sarchie, a self-described demonologist who was once a cop for the 46th police precinct in New York City — and the inspiration for the new Hollywood film “Deliver Us From Evil”  he believes demonic possessions and infestations are on the rise. He also revealed the most terrifying thing he’s ever seen during an exorcism. Watch the interview with Sarchie and learn more HERE.

Despite always believing in the existence of good, evil and God, ex-New York Police Department sergeant Ralph Sarchie didn’t consider himself a particularly religious guy — that is, until he began battling what he says are dangerous, supernatural forces.

DT Rebuttal: It is obvious that Ralph experienced a mutual reception of his natal and/or hidden Dragons forcing him to suffer deep psychological changes.  Remember last 3 years the tail of the Dragon was in Taurus, right in his 12th house regulating his subconscious.

Thus there is no doubt this nefarious impact sacred the hell out of him and he is trying to comprehend the terrible panic phenomenon through religion… A total waste of time I may add!

When this happen people feel “invaded/possessed” by evil forces which he is also prone to suffer born with Uranus (weird) in his 3rd house (critical thinking.) The use of medications make the situation much worse especially if the soul inherited a strong Neptune. And Ralph does!

To make the situation worse his negative Dragon’s Tail is also in eccentric Aquarius right in his 9th house of higher learning. Thus studying “demonology” or anything outside /adjacent to religion is a given. This is why mastering the Cosmic Code (Aquarius celestial/universal rules) would give him all the answers he is looking for. Much of the people studying “demonology”  are non cosmic conscious and ALL exorcists are born Neptunians.

The lack of true metaphysical wisdom can only add fears and confusion to a phenomenon they were not trained to handle.  Getting the evil out of someone with a crucifix or ” holy water” using the bible is total nonsense and unproductive.

A mixture/ abuse of legal or illegal drugs, stimulate the imagination and produce horrible hallucination and more fears. The subject is suffering dementic hysteria as he/she is propelled into the low astral plane where reality and fiction becomes indiscernible.  Indeed  human are not made of bones, flesh and blood but a powerful spirit science has yet to learn all about.

In  Ralph Sarchie chart, the genius planet Uranus is now contradictory confined to a religious poisoning  “teaching” distorting all inserted fears he try so hard to understand.   This regular celestial move lead him to suffer divorce and even change career and he is STILL looking for the answer his false God will never offer.

Maybe by reading “It’s HERE NOW! God/Luciferian Cabal’s Global Enslavement of Humanity: Have You Been Caught In Its Grip? “ he may understand his own misuse of the Supra-conscious forces he blame as demonic manifestation.

If you feel you have been “invaded” and suffer “demonic possessions” an exorcist may be able to reach the depth of your subconscious and re-carve it with a series of suggestions the patient MUST agree with. I.e. “God is with you,  evil get out, you have no power over this body mind and spirit while using various tools such a crucifix, bible etc.  This may be enough to recoup the lost spirit but its only temporarily.

Better deal with real cosmic conscious professionals who understand the working of the human psyche as to avoid nefarious anti- depressive dangerous cocktail treatments. All sorts of talisman and metaphysical rules are needed once malefic Saturn (the fear principle) has been located by sign and house.  And I doubt very much Ralph Sarchie and his religious demonologist  “teachers” own cosmic consciousness…

“Cosmic Consciousness is… the awareness of God’s celestial divinity and use it wisely to read the future and help others build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!”  Dr. Turi

I am here for you! 

Continued – Sarchie, a self-described demonologist who was once a cop for the 46th police precinct in New York City — and the inspiration for the new Hollywood film “Deliver Us From Evil” — and he believes possessions and infestations are on the rise.

“It’s definitely on the rise. I hate to say it,” Sarchie said in an interview. “As society pushes God out, no one can deny that that’s happening. There’s a good portion of society that just cannot stomach Jesus Christ and when I see that, I have to wonder where that hatred comes from.”

DT Rebuttal: This why studying Astropsychology allow for  cosmic consciousness and help understanding other people idiosyncrasies. But when the  negative tail of the dragon is in the house of higher education, the wrong teachers, the wrong crowd will be attracted to the subject. In much of the cases religions are to blame but a Godless world is also a very dangerous world.

Atheists & Christians, God is Really Pissed Off At You!

Even Jesus wouldn’t buy ‘the rapture’

Indeed possessions and infestations are on the rise because he, and the millions of others religious poisoned unconscious lost souls are infesting all social medias and the entire Internet with their fears!  Here is a full example of those lost evil souls unaware of  the Supra-conscious phenomenon feeding endlessly the incredible, unstoppable evil appetite .

Pastor Warns: Prepare For The End, Time Is Up

Instead of falling in the deadly evil trap all those fearing souls should watch and assimilate this little video and start realizing what they are doing to themselves and the world at large! For if this psychical infestation is not stopped,  looking at the cosmic code timing, humanity has only 50 years to self destruct.

Continued – Of the many exorcisms he has participated in and assisted with, Sarchie — who became an independent part-time paranormal investigator while working with the NYPD — said the most terrifying thing he has seen occurred when he placed a crucifix next to a supposedly possessed individual’s head.

“We had a couple of relics in the church that day and mine was on the right side of this person’s head near the ear area … I usually stand in front,” he said. “I could see the eyes — that one eye looking over at the crucifix, but not turning the head. The head was like a statue … the eyes were going back and forth and that was a frightening thing to see.”

Sarchie described the person as looking like a trapped animal who was scared but still very much a volatile predator attempting an escape.

“I’ve been a cop for a long time. I dealt with a lot of emotionally disturbed persons [and] I’ve arrested some pretty bad people and I have never, never in my life in the street seen anything like that,” he said. “A murderer’s look from a person is nothing like a person who is under possession.”

As for his work — a career that is certainly unconventional — the former cop broke his professional life down in simple terms.

DT Rebuttal: What Ralph was witnessing is another dementic schizophrenic lost soul suffering those DEEP cosmic psychological changes, all imposed by its own personal cosmic timing.  This manifesto gets really strong and impossible to control during any “Personal Negative Cosmic Biorhythms.”

But Ralph has no foundation, no training nor understanding or the Universal Mind, or the cosmic rules and unlike those who dealt with me in the past, his confusion and religious fears can only translate in “demonic possessions.”

The movie “Deliver Us From Evil,” is nothing else than another of the endless  advertisements  masquerades paid for by the religious controlling educational matrix stopping your realization of a true cosmic God regimenting all humanity from the heavens above.

No one can help your deliverance from fears and ignorance but yourself and my work is offering you TRUE salvation as you finally begin to understand your relationship with God’s cosmic divinity!

Furthermore, Ralph’s Pluto (power/regeneration) is found in the purifying / perfectionist / puritanical sign of Virgo (The Virgin Mary) dictating his subconscious drive to clean society from bad people… Many cops own such a celestial Identity where cleansing society from all its bad elements become a job and an obsession.

Mercury Governs the Precise and Critical Constellation Of Virgo

Cleansing impurities large and small
Don”t think yourself immune, for I see all
Attending to every chore and task
Perfection being all that I ask
I am VIRGO, child of Mercury.

Indeed many cops would be amazed of the “cosmic” reasons for them to join the force, including Sheriff Joe Arpaio who like Ralph Sarchie , own the SAME exact celestial affliction!

But not all my readers are idiots and many will perceive the similarity of all the people I exposed below!

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mike Broomhead, Sean Hannity, Joe Arpaio – Daddy’s Little Girl and Sexual Education

Who is Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Continued – “Demonology is the study of demons. It’s like all your all other ‘ologies,’” Sarchie said. “I approach it from a religious point of view.” While he wasn’t always the strong Roman Catholic he is today, Sarchie said that he realized that battling the forces of evil meant securing a good relationship with God.

“If I was going to get involved in battling the devil, I needed to get a strong religion,” he said. “I pray every day — I pray my rosary every day and I pray to God every day that what I’m doing in this life is pleasing to him. I can only do what I know he wants me to do.”

DT Rebuttal: Incidentally, Ralph Sarchie is doing EXACTLY what a cosmic God want’s him to do, but he is oblivious of his neurotic, subconscious responses to life dictated by his karmic UCI!

Little does he know that the planet Neptune (deception/religions) is conjuncting his Scorpius (cop/investigation) Moon (emotional response to life) forcing him to deal with both religion and metaphysics to get the grounding he can never reach!

The only reason why he rely on God and his faith is to find a form of false security dealing with a very dangerous spiritual world  he knows nothing about!


Should You Fear Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo?

Continued – Sarchie recalled how he became involved in demonology: After getting married and having his first daughter, he connected with Ed and Lorraine Warren, real-life paranormal investigators who were depicted in last year’s horror flick “The Conjuring.”

“I became one of their students and I started to go out on cases with [the Warrens],” 

He described the signs of possession, including unnatural strength, speaking in different languages, having knowledge of events that one would have no way of knowing, a woman speaking in a man’s voice and a person making animal sounds.

Additionally, Sarchie, who said only ordained clergy should perform exorcisms, explained that possessed individuals oftentimes know information about the past sins of exorcists and assistants.

Watch the “Deliver Us From Evil” trailer below:


DT Rebuttal: The subconscious is able to bring back long lost language memories and its potential is simply incredible.  This is where the reader and Sarchie himself would get TRUE information about what the 5 limited rational human senses perceives as “demonic or evil!

But the human mind is readily available through entertainment and watching a movie comfortably sitting in a movie theater is more appealing. But who’s to read my book and read all about those inner forces cursing / healing humanity?


So what will be the results when this mass of God fearing lost souls exit the movie theater in a comatose state of mind?  MORE FOOD FOR EVIL! and you wonder why it is so important for humanity to wake up and for you to share this video with the world instead?

In fact if humanity was fully aware as I am of such nefarious productions, they would ban those for ever… Do I have to remind you of  innocent children killing others after watching a movie? The entertainment matrix, like the pharmaceutical and religious matrixes do not care about you or your kids, all they want is your MONEY!

But because you are an adult, you really think you can watch this type of movie then act normally afterwards? NO you will not because the images will be deeply carved into your subconscious for ever, even if you are not conscious of it, and worse you are now opening the door to low entities from the astral plane as you enter different level of sleeping states.

No, you are not cosmic conscious, you know nothing of hypnotherapy nor Astroforensics and you will “subconsciously” respond to your inner thoughts through the Supra-conscious in time and space. And what is disastrous you have no clue of this phenomenon.

I am not insulting your intelligence readers, nor diminishing your repertoire of wisdom but I am speaking a cosmic language that took my a lifetime to master!

But like Sarchie, if you rely on your powerful faith and your false God to battle evil, this is yet the biggest error you can make!

Continued –Despite making a name for himself as a prominent demonologist, Sarchie said he has never accepted a penny for his assistance, always offering his services free of charge. In fact, he said, cases often cost him money, as he must fund his own travel expenses to various localities.

DT Rebuttal: You get what you pay for reader, are you aware of this fact? I charge $310 AND $700 for a consultation but before assuming I am “abusing” my “gullible” clients may I suggest you to read some of the brightest minds endorsements?

Its is so easy to assume anything about my work knowing nothings about it and refuse to exit the religious or scientific zones you are trapped in!

Who is gullible and weak? Who is smart, curious and aware of a cosmic design regimenting humanity and who is following the wrong crowd and the wrong God?  You or my endless list of very smart and educated clients?

If you believe Sarchie does not collect nor benefit from the religious matrix advertisement for their next movie you are in serious denial because the entire deal is Neptunian and deceptive at the core.

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”

 Together We Can And Will Change the World Because The Future Is The Reincarnation of The Thought…

Continued –  The former cop says he knows there are many who doubt his claims, but he doesn’t pay them any mind. “I get word of all these skeptics out there and some of them are getting real nasty,” he said. “I’m not interested in what they say, I’m not interested in what they think about me. I don’t care.”

DT Rebuttal:  The eternal supremacy battle between the scientific and religious matrixes will never end…May be the religious and atheists crowds should upgrade their psychical vibrations and acknowledge the reality of a cosmic design, a Cosmic God speaking his universal will through what this former cop classify as demonic possessions!

The very God humanity is looking for is not in the bible but above in the heavens… And this cosmic God is punishing no one and everyone at the same time if you do not manage the Godly creative/destructive gifts you inherited!

Remember you have been made at the image of God, this mean you own the same creative power by applying free will. But without the right cosmic education this world is lead in a very destructive evil dance so many can not comprehend just yet!

Once again,  Sarchie will never find the answer to a world is was not trained to comprehend and religions is like adding more fire to the hell humanity created for itself.  But my cosmic material is so advanced and too many people are ill fitted, unwilling or/and unable to conceive the reality of a cosmic universal God just yet.

But as you know, my work is not for today’s consumption but for the children of the future and in my endless drive to fight for humanity’s psychical welfare I can only hope more people get to acknowledge my God cosmic mission.


Dr. Turi

 If you are not happy it is because you do not live your destiny!



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