Obama is the most threatened President ever!

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”


Dear Readers:

As you know the Homeland security watch me closely and take my work very seriously since two FBI agents visited me at home following my warnings and predictions of Obama’s very possible assassination.

White House tours canceled  White House tours canceled

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich bashes White House plan to save money by canceling tours.

The fact is; not only all current politicians but a cosmic unconscious media is being told all sorts of ridiculous “stories” and reasons for the Obama’s Administration decision to stop the public visits.

Yes the danger is very real “Obama  is the most threatened President ever.”

If you are a VIP and read the full content of “The Stars and Fate of Hugo Chavez” and all the details involving his assassination there is no wondering why they made this crucial decision! Especially when they read “US Economy Undeniable Prediction” and realize my dated, printed published predictions should be taken very seriously! Thus it seems, not only you trusting readers, but  the secret service and the police are now paying serious attention to my predictive work by finally becoming investigators of the Divine.

President Obama’s assassination

Indeed our President is forcing the FBI/CIA to work overtime to protect him from his karmic fate and his advisers’ cosmic unconsciousness. God will allow no human being safety by riding the Dragon’s Tail which in time will bring a serious penalty! Not event the best of the best efforts of the Department of the Homeland security can measure against God’s Universal will or the Cosmic Code jurisdictions    Honestly and publicly exposing the  dangers President Obama could suffer through my prediction of his assassination cost me to be “fired” from George Noory Coast to Coast am national radio show because my warnings to save our President’s life are perceived as direct threats by those in charge of his security…   He went much further knowing that the risks of assassination will increase dramatically if God decides to let him finish his term in the White House.

President Obama signed a law today granting lifetime Secret Service protection to former presidents and their wives.

Remember I am French, I can’t vote neither take a stand for any politician and my aim is not to hurt anyone or stimulate any group to act out their frustrations,  but offer real warnings to the President because like the majority of you; he is a cosmic unconscious human being that has feelings, operate daily under his karmic UCI and has a loving family. My mission is to offer the truth as I perceive it and at the same time offer protection to ALL human beings because we all share the same color of blood regardless of gender, political preferences, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and skin color.

The problem I encounter is, the mass of cosmic unconscious young souls making up this world perceives me as either dangerous for the President, the FBI or as an egocentric Mrs Cleo. All because they assume, misjudge and are incapable of accepting my confidence and rare wisdom as legitimate. I do not blame them for their misguided perception because no one was there to teach them God’s celestial divinity and how to read the signs…

Offering political or economical reasons for shutting down the White House is for the gullible public but in reality it is the direct follow up of the latest news on the passing of Hugo Chavez. While this idea was on the plate the latest development (and my predictions) is the final results.

I can only hope and pray for the safety of our President including your own readers but I would feel very much more confident if President Obama, his close advisers, the FBI and the CIA (including yourself) had access to the “Lucky / Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates.”

Personal Lucky Dragon Windows Dates

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Here are a few emails you may find interesting readers:

Following my latest newsletter President Obama’s assassination a FBI agent answered me…Incidentally only a few intuitive regular cops emailed me their problems and this gentleman is the first one to do so. Many of his comrades chose to exit my list instead of doing real police work and investigate my claims. This FBI agent has balls and enunciate his cautious curiosity, he also with who ever is left in my special list reading all my newsletters. I made a request for him to offer his DOB and give him the full proof of my ability…Will he take another step towards the light and do so or will he retract into the darkness of his accepted rational education?

I was about to post his private email and ask for your help VIP’s but he is a FBI agent and this forces me to respect his privacy. Mike Broomhead is like me and George Noory (also part of my list) a famous radio host and there is no need to be private in exposing the truth to the world. Mike is a Scorpio dragon’s Tail thus very cautious and infatuated with the police if you listen to his shows.

Like Arty Bell and George Noory, Mike is also a Gemini (A messenger of the Gods) and very smart too. Thus after many emails explaining a few things to him we developed a “secret” Internet relationship. But do you think Mike will have me on his show to discuss the truth and the Cosmic Code with his audience?  I can not impose myself with George Noory or Mike Broomhead or any of the hosts who invited me in upcoming booked radio shows…  Human have a conscience and know very well between right and wrong the question is now will  (Mike, the  messenger of the Gods) help me in my mission an down some good karma? I hope Mike  George and anyone else knows about karma, because I do!

Time will tell…

U.S. Secret Service has jurisdiction over the protection on the President, Vice President. Et al.

  Phone   602-640-5580




My answer…

On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 9:31 AM, Louis Turi <turitrue@gmail.com> wrote:

With all the respect I owe you my friend, all human beings are under the jurisdictions of the stars but being unaware of this fact makes you part of the 99.09% of unconscious people who are victimized everyday by those stars because they are much more than dead rocks. Reading the title only and assuming wont help you be a good detective. Give me you DOB and let me prove it to you by pointing out some dates when it won’t be a normal day at work…




Another one from a famous radio host in Phoenix AZ KFYI  Mike Broomhead

June 4, 1967. Just don’t tell me anything bad. 🙂




Hi Mike; I only translate the stars and they do not care lol – In fact one of those days Oct 29/30/31 also November 12/13/14 (make notes) will be quite unusual/interesting experience for you… I wanted to give you a little heads up because two of the 6 dates I gave you will be quite significant and won’t be normal days work!   I can talk to you before or after those dates Mike so you can experience first hand my expertise… Your call… I will email you a little generic on your Gemini natal “UCI” Unique Celestial Identity next…





When you say unusual & interesting what do you mean?




Not a normal day’s at work Mike…I see the people and affairs of your past coming back, some issues with your plans, car and KFYI problem with technology…Nothing you do not know I am just making you aware of it for those dates. These are called “Lucky/Unlucky window dates” based upon my software your DOB and my latest Astrological discovery. Be aware and be cautious on those dates that’s all.




So today the President of Clear Channel Phoenix (Jeff England) was let go. He was partly responsible for giving me my shot on the air. Was this a part of your “unusual day at work”? LOL

The sad reality is Mike said he would debate anyone, but he lied, he never got my rare pearls of wisdom and never invited me on his show…

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