Obama Responds To Alex Jones

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 For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

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Obama Responds To Alex Jones

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One of the main reason for me to go to a public and attend a gun show with my two friends  is because we are currently under a waxing (positive/protective) new moon. I knew nothing serious or dangerous was to happen to me, mostly because I was also under one of my Lucky / Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates!

As you know there are no accidents, only cosmic “circumstances” predisposing human to certain “accidents” unknown to science and the world at large.

Where in the hell will you politely ask a stranger waiting online behind you to hold on to your guns to free you hands to reach your ID? Only in a gun show… Not only did he agree but everyone was handling other people firearms for what ever reasons. Many people goes to gun shows to either sale or buy guns before entering the gates where all weapons must be inspected and tagged for safety! Many people had signs on their back and on the weapons boxes with all the pertinent information and suggested prices.  Do you know that over 25000 people showed up at this event in Phoenix? Twice the amount expected by the organizers…

I never felt so secure in my life surrounded by so many weapons, I also knew if a lost soul was to act inappropriately he would be put out of order very fast with thousands of guns and ammunition all over!  Not exactly the right place to try killing innocent people… Meantime the reality is morons are everywhere and they are plenty of them near you and for anyone of them to come to a gun show with a loaded weapons tell you of his/her latent intelligence and why some accidents will take place regardless.  Let me tell you about my great experience but before doing so, read the news…

Watch this video

5 injured after firearms go off at Ohio, N.C., Indiana gun shows

  • NEW: A man shoots business partner with a gun he bought at an Ohio show, police say
  • A shotgun goes off as its owner unfastens its case at a N.C. gun show, wounding 3
  • 1 man shoots himself with his semi-automatic in Indiana, police say
  • All three shootings are deemed accidental by authorities

Memo from my 2013 Moon Power (soon available from www.drturi.com

SUN., MON., TUE., WED. — JANUARY 20, 21, 22, 23:

RULERS — Venus (Love) Mercury (Traveling)

 Environment: Expect the weather to be decent or windy and Venus to show off her finest garments. Control speedy Mercury to avoid freak accidents.

Travel and Communication: This week promises to be worthwhile for the more creative souls and your writing skills will improve dramatically. Under Mercury and Venus’ auspices, especially in time of a new moon, a new book could be started or finished. A trip to your past will pay off for some. Don’t let Mars make you impatient or accident-prone on the road; (or in a gun show?) be patient and don’t trust other drivers.

I was planning to own a couple of AR 15 but the prices was up to the roof and something I have learned is to never purchase anything because of fear or on the spur of the moment. Indeed it is not the right time to get those powerful weapons and knowing life is a constant process of changes, some people will be forced by life to compromise with the price (as we all did with our homes during the bad economy) and experience a serious loss in their investment in those weapons. Thus revolution or not, millions of those AR 15 will be put on sale for a much affordable price in the future.


Instead I got rid of my PM 45 – KAHR a gun that is not as powerful or precise as my HECKLER & KOCH 9 MN guarantee to never jam by the German manufacturer. With 18 rounds available this gun is all I need for our protection against any home invader, that is if they can pass both Draco and Macho in my backyard.


 Instead I bought a double barrels hunting rifle that is more useful, less dangerous and looks pretty good in the house for now as Terania was not exactly excited for me to own an assault weapon perfectly designed to kill human.


In the old western days, it used to be a horse, now its 500 horsepower, times have changed but they are things in the US constitution 2nd amendment that should never be changed unless humanity psyche is changed totally!  I love my guns, my guns are safe with us  and they send a clear message from a decent law obedient tax payer citizen because I am my own trained cop. The day all citizens of the world drops their guns will be because every guns amassing in all colleges and universities in view or hidden are turned into cosmic conscious teachers in every classes.   This will take time but it will happen only with time when Astropsychology is finally accepted as a solid discipline and taught in all colleges and universities…


Terania is a machine of love and killing anything has never been in her agenda! She owns her own gun and I trained her to defend and protect her family in case of an emergency. 


Sleeping beauties

While my prediction for “an internal revolution” may come physical within the next few months these weapons prices will keep rising like gold.  But another of my prediction 2013 US economy on the rise may bring hopes instead of fears as Obama is benefiting from the Cosmic Code Universal clock movement allowing finally for the economic numbers to raise in good favor. Yes, another of my prediction about the “freedom tower” marking the end and the rebirth of America when it becomes operational…

As long as President Obama does not abuse the US constitution or his executive orders habits the “revolution” can be contained to verbal/legal battles only because adding or removing guns and putting more restrictions on gun owners has never and will never stop an unconscious science and failing educational system creating more young monsters….Please watch “In Memory of The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Victims.” and if you are into future prediction watch “2012 Mayan Cosmic Activation.”

‘Horrific’ New Mexico shooting leaves 5 dead; investigators arrest 15-year-old

15-year-old charged with killing 5

As expected it looks like we did not have to wait to long for yet another massacre to unfold and what will science do next? look for the responsible gene? What will the elites and experts do start the confiscation of guns next? Sad enough another victim of education and science turned into a monster at PUBERTY exactly as I have tried to explain to a,long list of  educated PhD’s owners making up my “black List” of mind experts.

When will they stop wasting our tax dollars with ridiculous scientific experimentation and start to look into the cosmic code and the spirit for answers.  If you are a newcomer to my work, get real information  read Newton CT Here Is Your Answer…  All those people believe my work is only a pseudo-science and truly believe   they know better than spiritually advanced human beings who used astrology and made history…Yest they won’t budge or be curious because like donkeys they were born to never change their latent “educated” mind!

Plato – Philosopher – Albert Einstein – Physicist – Ralph Waldo Emerson – Poet – JP Morgan – First Billionaire – Robert Heinlein – Best-selling Author – Hippocrates- Father of Medicine – DH Lawrence – Author – Louis Pasteur – Scientist – Pythagoras – Mathematician – Benjamin Franklin – A Founding Father of America – Donald Reagan – Formerly Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff – Raymond Domenech, French soccer coach –  Author Paul Kiritsis – and of course Dr. Turi and all his Astropsychology students!

In this case a 63 year old man was killed by teens because he was black!

A 61-year-old black man was killed by a white teen. The victim’s family thinks it was a hate crime!

First this teen is from the “Death Wish Generation” but what the cosmic unconscious experts know of Astropsychology?  Second this is the end result or another “monster” or what science and education keep producing because they refuse to dig deeper into the human psyche outside of their microscopic mind depraved of any form of spiritual cosmic information.  Warning Scorpius Dragon Has Arrived!

Note the victim was born in 1950 like me, but in October, this mean right on his dangerous Dragon’s Tail snapping away the full protection against violent death promised by his natal Aries Dragon Head.  Furthermore when this “accident” happened as expected the victim was yet again under one of  his Lucky / Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates et VOILA,  again! But what do I know when the entire world, apart from my students only are able to read the hieroglyphs written in light by God himself via the signs?

Science, the police and the rest of the world are missing so much of the real answers to what it means to be human and why children become killers… But what do you expect our children to become when all the elites and all  the experts’ cosmic ignorance is found right at the top?

Do you have to deal with a teen or soon to be teen? well you are watching a time bomb parents if you are not allowing this child to drink at the cosmic fluid to regenerate his spirit. Asking traditional counselling or psychology for help is a total waste of time because the psychical improvement will only be temporarily. But if legal or illegal drugs are involved the situation can and will only get worse with time.

Is your relationship with your child, his mental health and fate worth my wisdom or would you rather trust your infantile science, your religion and educational system?  If you and your kids are NOT happy its because you and your teen is NOT living its nativity or destiny! And who’s to tell them all about their inborn strengths, and shortcomings and all about their fate if all of you are cosmic unconscious?

When will you realize the values of my work and how therapeutically crucial it is to get this type of information   for your family? Do you really think anti depressants or traditional counseling will help you and your teens?

WAKE UP readers, the Illuminati have hijacked your and your kids minds by controlled the information for so long you are yourself turning into a submissive, cosmic ignorant zombie.  Stop trusting science and realize what education is doing to your kids, WATCH THE NEWS they are all about KIDS turning into cold killers. The two deadly articles mentioned above  speaks the obvious truth of what this Scorpius Dragon is doing to humanity and this is all only pseudo-science? Don’t you think its time to change gears, change your perception of the spirit or will you and the “educated” experts wonder about the responsible ridiculous assumption this is all the results of a ridiculous “gene?”

All criminals were once upon a time salvageable, innocent, beautiful trusting children, every single one of them! Regardless of the particular ugly crime they committed against other children or adults.  As much as a bunch of adult morons hurt themselves in gun shows, it seems the right education on handling firearms was missing.  Your kids are not different and you can teach them all security measures and take all precautions needed by removing all guns or adding more guns and security in their colleges and universities, this will never fix the problem when more monsters are being generated by science and education ignorance of your children karmic    UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”

We do not need more guns, we need more of my Astropsychology students, in the long run those highly spiritually advances souls will become the future teachers that will educate your children and allow full regeneration of their spirits. Yes your teens needs to know who they are, where they come-from and where they are going outside of  traditional religious or educational teachings. Those new generations are NOT like you and have urgent / different spiritual needs that will allow for total psychical control over their deep super emotional nature. No one is understanding them psychically,  not the parents, not the teachers nor the preachers and all the elites can do is to talk about gun control? Wake up people its your children spiritual welfare I am fighting for and I need your help?

Its such a shame for me to know the many mental experts reading my work, especially those making up my “Internet black list” are doing nothing what so ever but gather my information for themselves (if they have the right UCI) when this is exactly what they should provide the children.  But lumping my work and I with Mrs. Cleo’s  psychic deceptive endeavors is where they are at because they still assume my services  based upon 45 years of independent research on the human mind and its cosmic interaction is only pseudo-science…

All I can say to you is to at least invest in my “2013 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast For All Sign” and check how the “dragon” will affect you, your kids, your friends and everyone around you until February 2014 so you can at least be prepared to guide them.

If you already have this book your next step is to INVESTIGATE  your Lucky Dragon Window Dates and be at the right place at the right time and again benefit from my 45 years of dedication to humanity welfare.

While those services are affordable and priceless only souls that are ready for me will order one of my more expansive  top services but is your life, your health, your fate, your welfare and the one of your loved ones worth investing in supreme wisdom? You will never know until you decide to aim for God’s celestial divinity divulging your fate the right way!

Again I have decided to offer full access for $50 instead of $100 to all the spiritual souls who signed up into the Cosmic Code website in the past ( invite your friends to get this deal http://www.cosmiccode.drturi.com/?xgi=1llJpevK20kDho )  The Cosmic Code website has currently 5955 subscribers and many of you are NOT VIP’s yet. Make a good use of this deal NOW!

 “God created the stars and the heavens to be used as signs so you may lead a safer more productive life!”

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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