Obama’s executive order Joke! Read do not assume!


President Obama signs an Executive Order banning the Pledge of Allegiance in schools nationwide

Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Early this morning, President Obama made what could very well prove to be the most controversial move of his presidency, with the signing of Executive Order 13738; which revokes the federal government’s official recognition, of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Under the new order, it is now illegal for any federally funded agency; to display the pledge or for any federal employee, to recite or encourage others to recite; the pledge while on duty. This law also applies to federal contractors and other institutions that receive federal funding such as public schools. Individuals who violate this order can face fines of up to $10,000 and up to one year in federal prison.

During the press conference, the President explained that his decision was based on a personal belief; that the language used in the pledge is “divisive” and “contrary” to America’s deepest held values.”

“The pledge excludes so many Americans who are vital to making this country what it is,” Obama said. “Asking someone to pledge their allegiance to our country excludes, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Amish, Muslims, and many others whose religious beliefs prohibit strong displays of nationalism. By calling this, ‘one nation under God;’ we exclude the millions of hard working atheists and agnostics who call America home. By saying ‘liberty and justice for all,’ we ignore the grievances of millions of Hispanics, African Americans and Muslims who feel they have neither liberty nor justice.”

Obama told reporters, that he believes the inclusion of “under God” runs afoul of the First Amendment’s establishment clause. He summed up his press briefing, by challenging congress to create a new pledge; that more accurately reflects America’s values.

“I am willing to rescind my decision here today and allow the Pledge of Allegiance back into the schools, if we can all agree on the creation of a new Pledge. Something that includes everyone’s beliefs and not just the belief of one “nationality or faith.”

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has offered her support of president Obama’s decree and has vowed to uphold the order, if she wins in November’s general election. She echoed his concerns about the pledge’s language and suggested that the pledge’s mention of God sends the wrong message to America’s children.

Hilary said, “I fully support the President and the decision that he has made here today. In January, when I take office as the next President of the United States, unless I see otherwise; I will do my best to uphold this new law and ensure that it stays in effect.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did not mince words, when voicing his contempt for the president’s order, referring to the president as an “illegitimate Muslim traitor.”

“As a Christian nation, the Pledge of Allegiance helps our children be the greatest children out there, the best there is, greater than all the other children in this world combined. Obama, who founded ISIS by the way, wants them not to be great, he wants them to be weak and by banning the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools, he has proven that here today. This is the first step in many in his master plan to force Sharia law onto this great country of ours before he leaves office in January. We all must remember that this is one nation under God and not some guy and his beliefs in whatever he chooses to believe.”

Sarah Bradley, a spokeswoman for Sock It Forward; a group that provides the homeless and those less fortunate; with brand new socks, spoke to ABC News about the ban.

“This is a story about President Obama banning the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools.” Bradley said. “I just want to say a big thanks to every God-fearing, Patriotic American that has supported our cause that gives brand new socks to the homeless, it means so much. Please, donate what you can, every bit helps.”

Lawrence Ketchum of the Secular Coalition for America told reporters that Obama’s decision to ban the Pledge is a victory for all those who oppose government control.

“When our children are forced to chant, ‘One nation under God‘, whose God are they referring to exactly?” Ketchum said, “From birth, children are indoctrinated and subjected to mind control; efforts to shape them into the perfect beings that society wants them to be. The Pledge of Allegiance is just one of the many tools used in a child’s involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values.”

Ketchum continued, “This is a great day not just for Atheists; but for all Americans who value freedom. Forcing children to pledge blind allegiance to this country and profess a belief in a God; is extremely dangerous in developing young minds and amounts to little more than government mind control.”

What is scary in this deceptive story is, the gullibility of all the god fearing people (religious matrix) battling the atheists (scientific matrix) who will immediately assume the President did actually sign such a thing!  Both reptilius infected religious and scientific matrixes will go to any length to promote their totally, fabricated; even dangerous agenda.

The sophisticated means used in  this lamentable lie and the organizations and the wealth behind it is scary and resemble the same type of lies used against me by my powerful, Internet enemies. Those evil souls managed to remove me from all major public sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Face book, LinkedIn etc.  Google, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi

Obama Did Not Ban the Pledge

But my message here, is well above the religious or atheist; cosmic unconscious, opposite “clans;” who can only “reason” at this low earthy level, using their five limited human rational senses.

The subhuman deadly groups; like ISIS for example, will gladly die for their fanatical religious convictions and will battle what they perceive as the enemy, of their man-made god.

Meantime, the scientific matrix groups; like NASA for example, will use all in their power wealth/technology/TV adds; to lure idiots into their deceptive idea, that one day man will reach and live on Mars.

Thus, to them they are and know better than god because they truly believe science has all the answers they seek. Thus their well know egocentric all knowing nature, makes them think they are above god or god does not exist! The fact is, those “atheists / god fearing” souls were indoctrinated by the religious or scientific matrix and totally oblivious of this fact!

A godless world run by the scientific matrix (atheists) is as bad as ISIS running the world with their Sharia law (religious matrix.)  But with billions of young, cosmic unconscious souls and immature conflicting UCI’s; humans can only agree to disagree, or  exterminate each other via religion.

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Removing all man made god and 875 and counting, other different, deceptive religions seems an impossible challenge and replacing the Divine (or God cosmic divinity) by established scientific convictions;  can only add more confusion to anyone searching for the keys to what it means to be human.

The reality is; it took two thousands years of religious indoctrination to “poison” the world with  a multitude of dogmatic teachings. But with today’s formidable technology, the scientific matrix is able to rapidly reach and mold the psyche of millions of people born with a “earthy” rational UCI thus…  Thousands of reptilius infected atheists gather in DC … – Dr. Turi MDUS.

Knowing life is a constant process of changes the religious/scientific world is unwilling and unable, to seek an understanding to what god is all about and all challenged by a logical science, evolution and creationism.

Both camps are unconscious and unable to enter the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness; because the imposed indoctrination does not involve the teachings of the cosmic code regulations or astrology the mother and art of all science!

Incidentally both the religious and scientific matrixes were brainwashed to fear and ridicule the old art/science and this “attitude” makes it impossible to consider the incredible regenerative and explanatory values found in the ancient art. Since 1991 I offer not only plausible information such as this article but also undeniable predictions, to the scientific community and the secret services; which have all immediately been rejected.

The Hanging by Jacques Callot.jpg

Europe, particularly France; is much older than a religiously contaminated US but more receptive to metaphysics or astrology while cold to religion. This is due to the Thirty Year War of a series of wars; in Central Europe between 1618 and 1648. It was one of the longest, most destructive conflicts in European history and the deadliest European religious war, resulting in eight million casualties.

While the “religious war” predicted in 1995; on Coast to Coast am Art Bell and George Noory national radio show just started, the 21 year old radio show still posted on you tube received  4,561 views. I have been on radio and television countless times since 1995, I spoke at many conferences all over the US and Canada and I wrote many books and thousands of articles offering the link to all the skeptics.

Indeed my cosmic work is  constricted and without your support; it seems it will fade into the catacombs of times. At least there is the truth, about one of the many predictions; no one could ever deny…  Art Bell and Dr. Turi religious war prediction. 

Sometimes I wonder why God (and the ET’s) lead me to this country to work as a divine astrologer and expose the reality of UFO’s, in one of the youngest and most religiously poisoned countries in the world.

While I must like insurmountably challenges, in all; my cosmic work has reached thousands of ‘truth seekers’ all over and will continue doing so until God decides to open a different fate and a new life for Terania and I, which is already happening.

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