Omar Mateen, ISIS, Trump and an inefficient FBI



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone – God Have Mercy on all your lost children ignoring or challenging your eternal cosmic presence…” Dr. Turi

Omar Mateen links with ISIS

From paul ; “Pete, Thank you, for allowing Dr.Turi to be on your show.  I got to know Dr. Turi, after the events of 9-11, when he would be on the C2C radio show.  By listening to his predictions after that time, I would write these dates down and these events would occur 100 percent.  In the past by being around people like this, I use to say that they were Crack Pots. 

I guess after time, when we wake up, things that this, is  for real.  This is a Huge Gift, from GOD!   So after getting and listening to Dr. Turi over the years, I did purchase many Moon Power E-Books & other Books,  from his web site. But a little time later, I then got the nerve up and made telephone contact, with him over the last several years, due to my government professionalism.  Let me tell you the Dr. & his Lovely Wife, rolled the  Gold Carpet out to me. 

He is a Great Brother to me, like we knew one another, since childhood.  Yes you can put Dr.Turi, in a room of 100 people, with negative thoughts and when, by the time he leaves, people minds are totally changed, into a positive side. 

Everyone out here, should just take a few minutes, of their time and do a little more research, into cosmic mind , instead of playing with their I-Phones & computer games.    When he puts out a SOS, he means business. It worked for me, during my days, as a police officer.  Yes those were dangerous tours of duty, which I worked under. My job, as being a Supervisor, bringing the troops home safely.  YES I AM A TRUE BELIEVER OF DOCTOR LOUIS TURI!”


Unless the entire police force and the secret services master Astropsychology / Astroforensics, they will never know who own the true black and deadly reptilius infected blood. They can only assume and waste time and resources investigating the wrong candidates. Nor will they ever be able to differentiate between a born terrorist or an innocent, manageable person.

The software is ready to use and the study can be accomplished in a few hours only. I spent 66 years of my life to master the cosmic code and I have known how to use it efficiently and rapidly.

We also offer the Astroforensic home course for half price to those cops who would rather keep their privacy intact in fear of becoming the “laughing stock” of their religious or idiotic unconscious peers.

We give cops full access to the Cosmic Code for free, or e-mail to access the 2016 SOS to the world deadly windows and avoid a premature death. How much would you pay to save the life of a cop or any human being and avoid the traumatic pain of losing a loved one?

Instead of blaspheming and muting me, ask yourself, what the hell did you give the world today or what did you do to make it a safer place? Its a disgrace for you to perceive my unmatched commitment as SPAM and use vitriolic against me and mute me when all I am doing is helping save lives!

It is not when you see your brother, your sister, your mom, dad, your son and daughter or friend dead that you want to act! Its now when they are alive and well and do not count on their superiors to help save a single life because to them, what I do is considered as a ridiculous pseudo-science only!

Any normal, intelligent considerate human being would not even think of not trying anything new, even if you were indoctrinated to refuse to accept the stars have crucial purposes upon man’s fate, something you know nothing about!

Any normal, intelligent considerate human being would not think of not trying anything new to offer more safety to any loved ones.

But those words can only mean something when its usually too late and you cry your eyes out at church wondering why a man made god never heard your prayers to protect your departed one.

Your conditioned mental process and its inserted religious fears or atheist, traditionally “educated” convictions is exactly where the reptilius want you to be trapped in. By constricting your curiosity and the liberation of your soul you can only become an infected fearful human being.

I will now attempt to elaborate on Omar Mateen’s idiosyncrasies, knowing well my futuristic work can only serve a more advanced spiritually inclined generation able to assimilate and use my cosmic work!  Marlon Brando – Who was he?

First and foremost Omar was born with Pluto (death/fanaticism) in Scorpio. He was born during the “Death Wish Generation.” This powerful Planet called Pluto (The lord of Hades / Death) is affecting this young generation and responsible for their subconscious destructive and criminal drive. Pluto rules both the police and the criminal elements, this is why there are plenty crooked and deadly cops in our streets!

Scepter Of ” The Power Of The Dragon” (525 pages)

Pluto’s impact on Generations: Past — Present — Future

Pluto in Gemini: “The hypnotized Generation”
Pluto in Cancer: “The Wasted Baby Generation” 
Pluto in Leo: “The Baby Boom Generation”
Pluto in Virgo: “The Baby Buster Generation”
Pluto in Libra: “The Gang Generation.”
Pluto in Scorpio: “The Death Wish Generation

Pluto in Scorpio: “The Death Wish Generation” Pluto then inhabited, from 1983 until 1995, his own daredevil sign of Scorpio. Those very young and wild children have already made and will further make dramatic news by executing each other and murdering adults for any reason. Those deadly souls are prone to join ISIS and kill human beings (and cops) indiscriminately.The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism

Such as in Rachula, Missouri on December 28, 1994 when an off-duty police officer had been shot to death by his girlfriend’s 9-year-old grandson. The child was born with Pluto in Scorpio on his Dragon’s Tail (negative). Many of those “kids” have been reported killing adults for money to buy drugs and guns at the tender age of 10 years.

Again in May 1997 a brutal slaying follows a beer drinking in Central Park, New York. Two teen-agers stabbed a real estate agent at least 30 times and tried to chop off his hands so police couldn’t use fingerprints to identify him before dumping him in a lake in Central Park. Perpetrators, Daphne Abdela, 15, and her boyfriend, 15-year-old Christopher Vasquez, “gutted the body so it would sink.”

Both of those young souls are from the dramatic Pluto generation, “The Death Wish Generation.” More than previous degrading generations, these children need constant spiritual regeneration and a good reason to be alive.

Note: So far this generation produced over 800 murderers age 15 or younger in 1995, many of them raised in environments that included abuse, neglect and violence. However, youth violence is neither new nor confined to the United States.

Shameful Waste Of US Children This is becoming the norm’ — but will anything change? NEVER Unless…

Taking our guns away is not the solution. For if God forbid, I am caught in one of those situations during one of my personal negative cosmic biorhythms and end up at the wrong place at the wrong time,  be sure I will use my gun to protect myself or anyone around me.

But when someone is trying to buy a body armor the RED flag should have been raised!   Without cosmic consciousness, guns’ sellers have no clue they just sold automatic weapons to a killer born during “The Death Wish Generation.”  Not only the police and the FBI should build more cosmic wisdom, but society at large!

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi –  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!

Secondly Omar was born under the deadly sign of Scorpio with Pluto in his first house (the self) and this is the biggest RED LIGHT any FBI agent or cops should be aware of when investigating or responding to a call, particularly a domestic dispute!

Those are the ones who will not hesitate to kill anyone, anytime and the easiest sign to suffer a reptilius infection! This is why all cops should have my software installed in their troopers electronics and recognized the “signs” of a born killer beforehand! Why finding out the hard way and pay the ultimate price in the process?

Pluto Governs the Mighty Constellation of Scorpio

“The Eagle (save life) or the Lizard (take life)

Holder of all the secrets deep
Never speaking for they are mine to keep
For those who plunder without care
Tread carefully for I see you there
I am SCORPIO, child of Pluto.

Characteristics For Those Born In November

Furthermore, in Omar’s chart, Saturn (The Great Malefic) is found in the sign of Sagittarius and reflect the similarity of another religiously dangerous infected soul like Phil Robertson “Convert them or kill them!

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter with is found strongly influencing his 5th house (speculations.) This depict why Omar was a devout Muslim spending much time in Mosques praying everyday.

Sagittarius sign rules the codification of thought, books (Bible/The Quran’s Verses) while Saturn rule duty and fears. Omar had a very deep inserted fear not to end up in “paradise” and Saturn (the engineer) helped him to plan the attack.

Note also Omar was a true Neptunian (deception/religions/drugs) and this “nirvanic” planet is found cursing his 3rd house (the mind) neutralizing his critical thinking.  Next, two very important element only our students can assimilate.

Omar was born with a hidden Pisces dragon’s tail, right in his 12th subconscious house also ruled by Pisces. Omar was a timing bomb the FBI and counter terrorist “elites” had no clue about.

Now to the most obvious information of all… on May 12, 2016,  Omar Mateen  was under one of his 2016 personal negative cosmic biorhythms but unless the FBI INVESTIGATE my claim, my findings will serve NO purposes at all…

The good news is; many FBI agents assigned to “my case” are reading and learning from my cosmic work and may one day be able to find it useful. But, ultimately I made my case again by proving to all my readers the visions published in 2013 in 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions.


Neptunius Dios Spiritus Fatua Benigno Numine
Fear Water, Drowning Fire, Black Tainted Blood
Dreams Reality Rivalry Poison Mad Spiritus
All False Gods Lost Children Join To Kill


At this point readers, if you are a cop, a FBI agent, know a cop or a FBI agent and you are smart enough to detect the values of my Cosmic wisdom, please pass on this article widely!

You may not know just yet but you may save the life of another cop or anyone smart enough and willing to learn from me.  Sad enough a cosmic unconscious Donald Trump will use the news at his advantage by steering more fears and more separatism into the gullible unconscious herd he lead.

In no way will he ever be able to “screen” millions of innocent Muslims and point out only those who are prone to radicalization by ISIS.

Donald Trump responded Monday to the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 with a tough call to clamp down on Muslim immigration.

But Trump is part of the uneducated mass and commissioned by the reptilius to create more fears, more chaos, more separatism and ultimately the end of the US as we know today!  Donald Trump is a peon of his own stars and totally oblivious of his own idiosyncrasies  and giving power to a leader who knows nothing of himself is indeed very dangerous… Donald Trump President?

I do not have the same voice to make any significant changes and bring more awareness to what the reptilius are doing to humans on planet earth. And even if I did, like the inefficient FBI, I would probably be cursed to death for trying to bring some sense into the herd who is unable and unwilling to perceive my cosmic work or even heed my warnings anyway.

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God Have Mercy on all your lost children ignoring or challenging your eternal cosmic presence…” Dr. Turi


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