July 7 – 14 2020 SOS to the world deadly window special warning!

To those who know me and my cosmic work, no explanation is necessary, to those who don’t, none will ever suffice! Dr. Turi.


In the newsletter titled SOS to the world deadly windows 06/30 – 7/14 – You have been warned by Dr. “Turi” please check all the collected dramatic news cursing the US and the world at large. While in the video above, I elaborate on all those nasty news, its a good idea to go back and read again.

Doing so will allow you to realize the accuracy of Nostradamus’ 16th century Divine Astrology methodology or my quatrain and the keywords used to prepare you for all those deadly news.

2020 a year of winds and fires

This picture was taken a few miles from Flagstaff and you can see the humongous smoke pollution ,coming from all the fires in the “Arid Zone!” 

Saharan dust to again blanket parts of the US

How can anyone deny my vision of winds and fire looking at the current news?

My UFO’s predictive legacy and cosmic teachings should be heeded and shared widely! 

Dear readers;

with Mercury, the planet of communications and transportation now retrograde, be very careful on the road, especially during any of my SOS to the world deadly windows! Become a VIP, be warned, be smart, be protected, and read the news well before they unfold! 

Gee, I thought to stop driving for FedEx but as expected, they said – Reopening, all states too hastily could only bring back Corona virus with a vengeance!

Thus, I must keep servicing those who need me the most all over the country and lately, I carried more Hazmat products than usual!  This means, lots of stuff is going to hospitals and clinics all over to fight the virus.

The good news is this job pays real good money and soon I’ll be able to invest in a new Lexus SUV and a more powerful boat.

Since there is not much we can enjoy from life currently working very hard and saving to enjoy a better future is the best one can do! 

In the newsletter titled “SOS to the world deadly windows 06/30 – 7/14 – You have been warned by Dr. “Turi” please check all the collected dramatic news cursing the US and the world at large.

While in the video above I elaborate on all those nasty news, its a good idea to go back and read again.

Doing so will allow you to realize the accuracy of Nostradamus’ 16th century Divine Astrology methodology or my quatrain and the keywords used to prepare you for all those deadly news.

Those cosmic winds are still cursing the world for the next few days and I can only and strongly recommend you to be very cautious or what you do or say during those upcoming dangerous Plutonic windows and the next. July 7th window is all about SHOCKING news, UFO’s, explosions large earthquakes, cosmic news, bolts of lightning, etc. 

The last Uranic window of June 25th produced this “sudden release of energy” and this type of extraordinary news… “Lightning strikes kill nearly 120 in Indiaand two very large earthquakes (read below!)   But only if you are a VIP to the cosmic code or a  Patreon supporter will you be able to read the news before the news happen and avoid being part of the statistics! 

I will post the quatrain and keywords next week with the results of my visions in another newsletter. 

US passport gloves

Restrictions leave US travelers high and dry

Indeed your president’s wish to build an impenetrable wall is taking place and it is not only a “fantastic big physical wall” as the President said but it is also the US deadly “hidden enemy” number one, or COVID 19!

Humanity has not yet realized the magnificent creative gift offered by God to all his children and this humongous ignorance is about to cost greatly to us all…

When I tell you “our common future is nothing else than the reincarnation of our common thoughts” you MUST pay attention to my words and if the initial thought is maintained by millions of trusting voters who share the UCI, the same fear of foreigners as our president which is endlessly promoted by countless of “conspiracy talking heads” we will never stop the reptilius agenda! 

This little video produced January 12, 2012, speaks a cosmic truth only a few spiritually advanced “Super-Humans” are able to assimilate and use productively!

The World’s Cosmic Consciousness Is Changing Fast!

The most powerful man on the planet has cursed the most powerful country in the world because of his  karmic UCI and like 99.9% of the rest of the world, President Trump and all other world’s leaders are oblivious of their celestial loads!

America was born July 4th, 1776 with a Cancer (food/security/home families) Sun sign and a Dragon’s Head (luck/growth) in Leo (fame/power/authority.) God gave America those extremely powerful leonine influences because this great country is meant to RULE and protect the world. Trump is completely going against God’s cosmic order and the penalties to infringe universal laws will become unbearable soon!

But what are the chances for me to pass on such critical laws when I am sought as tinfoil UFO liar, a selfish egocentric lunatic promoting a pseudo-science? This is exactly how the immature, infected lost souls slaving for the reptilius sees me! This mean I have only you to pass on my messages because you won’t see me on CNN or FOX talking about UFO’s, God’s cosmic design and the cosmic code jurisdictions

Indeed the reptilius mad dance of evil cursing the police and all minorities will never stop and much worse including an unstoppable wave of suicide is on the way… I have yet to write the 2021 “Nostradamus Universal and personal predictions” and I am not sure how much I should divulge to the general public without producing panic!  The reptilius mad dance of evil is on its way and the more you know about their agenda, the better prepared you will be! 

You may classify me as a fear-monger, or even lump me with psychics or pay more attention to my warnings, all I can tell you is knowledge is power and your ignorance is evil! Regardless of how petrifying my visions for the future are the warnings are critical and real and you should know what to do instead of suffering the serious upcoming consequences of disbelief! 

If you pay attention and truly investigate my past, there is no denying my “gift/curse?” and realize also you can beat the reptilius at their own game if you know how! 

All that is going on today was fully predicted on November 20, 2016, a day after President Trump was elected and my visions are becoming more obvious each passing day! But if you just jumped in my life, you are al the right in the world to be skeptical, meantime all you have to do is to INVESTIGATE! 

Published August 2019!

Memo from  2019 Nostradamus personal and universal Dragon forecast – Prediction #9:  An explosion wave of racism will curse humanity further away from the realization that America is a country built upon slavery and abused foreigners. This dragon is aiming for all foreigners from all walks of life and many will be live in fear and “sacrificed” in the process. *George Floyd? Americans are also taking serious risks traveling on foreign grounds and I strongly recommend those who must travel or reside in foreign countries, to invest in their  2020 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms. 

Because of the imposed “social distancing” many infected souls will aim for women and “infect” them through sex. Colombian soldiers confess to sexually abusing indigenous girl. But this “sexual/racist”  plague is about to unleash upon the world and curse us all and this includes more suicides from all walks of life! 

The Reptilius uses technology to addict the human spirit into entertainments, sexual debauchery, porn, politics, sports, atheism while nurturing hate, confusion, fears, chaos, discords, fights, suicides stealing your attention though science and religions altering your psychical awareness to stop your interaction against them!

I am not only worried about a full restructure of the police force but also about Russia, Iran, North Korea, China which will become the target of the reptilius. Those nasty entities will stimulate the MOB to become much more active, more aggressive, and deadly! Much more will come your way once I find the time to write 2021 The Reptilius Dance of Evil in my upcoming 2021 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Predictions for all Signs. 

“God created the stars and heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Meantime this horrific upcoming Scorpius Dragon can also be used at your advantage if you know where, when, and how it will affect your life! Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and works well for the reptilius! 

Related image


Become a VIP or a Patreon supporter show your support to help us teach the children of the future pls. 

Instead of judging me negatively because of your political choice and belief, why not trying to bypass the limitations of this dense physical world and investigate your President’s stars and fate? Learning to speak God’s cosmic language and “read the signs” is something all my readers can do if they decide to give it a try and cast aside fear.

Like all of us, Trump is under the jurisdictions of God’s cosmic design, yet religious and/or scientific indoctrination is also a curse and stops many God-fearing immature souls to explore! 

Facebook drops Trump ads over Nazi symbol


Become a VIP or a Patreon supporter show your support to help us teach the children of the future pls. 

My LinkedIn page from a skeptic: Thomas Hawksblood Well if your earthquake prediction doesn’t happen then- Then what you will disappear or just make another prediction.  OH, what about the 7.4  and the 5 just now in Mexico?


HERE IS A VERY SMALL SAMPLE OF THE PRIVATE FORECAST FOR THOSE DAYS READERS!  Only if you become a VIP to the Cosmic Code or one of my smart Patreon supporters will you read all the details and watch the news before anyone else! 

June 2020, daily guidance and predictions… Posted by Dr. Turi on June 2, 2020, at 7:25 am in VIP universal – daily forecasts…

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE., WED. — May 23,24,25,26,27: RULERS — Mercury (information) and the Moon (new beginning):

Environment: The Moon’s waxing energy could induce stress on the faults so that many people will be forced to relocate soon following natural disasters. It’s time for her to stretch herself and restructure her inside. *earthquakes?

Events: Expect the military to make the news or perform deeds that will aid the general public and provide relief from disasters or war areas.

06/25/20 – 6.4 magnitude earthquake 279 km from HotanXinjiang Uygur ZizhiquChina
06/23/20 – 7.4 magnitude earthquake 11 km from Santa María ZapotitlánOaxacaMexico

Sharing emails with my readers is also an option to thanks my supporters and also reach and try one more time to “save” all those lost negative souls… 

From Facebook – Dr. Turi your earthquake predictions came true today, California had a 5.6, you are making me a true believer!  Jennifer

Thanks for your great support Jennifer, appreciated!  DT


Vincent  Don’t forget your tin hat – It’s sad, but there are people who want to believe in something so bad, they refuse to scrutinize even the possibility that what they’re presented with is complete b/s. Louis is just seeking attention, probably didn’t get enough being one of many children. He really reaches hard to connect random dots. Here’s a tip, if someone has to repeatedly say “You have to believe what I am telling you, what I am saying is real” over and over again, they’re usually not telling you the truth because they know what is coming out of their mouth is garbage.

DT Rebuttal: What is really sad is that; Vincent’s mind is so infected that it is impossible for him to distinguish truth from fiction and worse for him to miss the entire essence of my cosmic teachings warning him of generating negativity for the reptilius he unconsciously slaves for.  Indeed Vincent also suffers an enormous inferiority complex which makes him jealous of my success… All my supporters can do is to Report abuse and keep giving me 5 stars.
 Mind candy – The left hemisphere of my brain is dominate in my thinking, so someone whose thinking is right brain dominate is going to view this differently. This program starts out slow with the speakers historical background…life story for about 20+ minutes.and.then works into the interest of the program.

Dr. Turi I watched it today because of a strange dream I had recently involving a reptilian and wanted to learn more about them. I love your work. The information helped me tremendously. 


Watch “ALIEN CONTACTEE” rate the movie pls

4.5 out of 5 stars In 116 customer ratings, this is absolutely wonderful and well above all my expectations, thank you so much for your incredible support and wonderful words, my friends. This movie will soon get on the Amazon Prime platform and receive much more attention from viewers from all over the world. I got even more absolutely marvelous endorsements from IMDB and once again thank you, thank you thank you all my supporters.

 10* | A must see!! – Wow, Dr Turi is an amazing human being. I have been searching for the truth of what it means to be human, and none can compare to what he teaches. His life journey is extraordinary. It was a good film about cosmic consciousness and the age of Aquarius. He is the real deal, trust me.

10* georgiagiannini –  Amazing movie to watch – I can’t even begin to say what a detailed yet flowing movie about alien visits and how one deals with it. I for a fact was hanging on every word of what Dr. Turi was talking about with each visit thus far throughout his lifetime. It made me realize how would I react to what was unfolding before my eyes. Fear at first because it’s not every day you encounter an ET, two – what do you say or think in the presence of one. Three you hope its the benevolent type so you can create a relationship with. Just many thought processes to think of.

Because Dr. Turi has stated that they have been visiting forever, he has been on-point with ETs before the admittance from the powers that be of their existence. You are for REAL. Just now has this awareness been divulged through media. Hats off to you Dr. Turi. Thank you for this candid conveyance of outstanding information.


Only an extreme minority of envious infected negative lost souls gave me 1 star and sad enough none of them could assimilate the progressive essence of my cosmic teachings. Those people have degenerated much too deep mentally, they are both physically and spiritually unhealthy, alone, and repellent to others, yet it is well above their intellectual capacity to benefit from this movie.  It feels like throwing a rope to someone who can not swim but the rope is not long enough…

There are TWO very important areas you may go to rate the movie.

Many of you went to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088Q3YQ81/r  to do so. Yet please do not hesitate to rate again and post your reviews to IMDb too! https://m.imdb.com/title/tt12338276/?ref_=m_nmfmd_prd_1

Image result for animated ufos

I will present my UFO’s slide show, offer proof to the public that Draco’s psychical legacy is real, and hopefully do a workshop where I will teach Nostradamus’ 16th-century natural medicine.


Thus if you want to avoid or if you suffer any serious ailment (cancer) or anything else, you will be taught how to use the super-conscious, your hands, and feet to heal yourself and others. 

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Young at heart, for 70!

All the expensive skin products you have and will invest in to look younger will not always work…Thus, I am a real solid example you can learn from!

Cosmic Gypsy : Dr. TuriYou are glowing with Light and look even more youthful! Love and Blessings to you and your wonderful wife.

Indeed unique homeopathic teaching only Dr. Turi can offer, thanks to solar Draco, leading my life to improve yours physically and spiritually!

As always I will also offer taped private consultations and can also perform the Astro-Tarot, in your cabin. 

If you are interested in those absolutely incredible “youth” teachings and want to join us in this upcoming cruise, please let me know right away by emailing Teraniapromodir@gmail.com


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Yes, my vision of a worldwide Universal infection and my prediction of the Coronavirus did not start in August 2019 when I made it official and published it in “2019/2020 Nostradamus Forecast for all signs!”  my friend.

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