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 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dear Readers:

A magnet will not attract a piece of wood and an opportunity came my way from LinkedIn to share our energy and wisdom… Here is the original email I received explaining the request and the set of questions I just finished answering and submitted to Pamela. Now because of my Internet enemies endless drive to tarnish my name and my work,  I wisely removed the website so their dirt will not reach the producers.  This was quite an interesting experience that will act as my first “reality show” sample where any TV producers who may be interested in my work, style, delivery and wisdom may, like Pamela did reach me for more.  Yes only yesterday in “100 Cosmic Unconscious Catholic cardinals” I formulated a wish to generate my own TV show and this is a really good omen for me!

As soon as Pamela is done with the editing I will make an announcement for my world wide reading audience to go to her website and watch today’s “Cosmic Code”  home made TV show where I answered all the questions you will read under her email.

Remember there are NO accidents, only cosmic circumstances / circuitousness that also involve the Supra-conscious creative forces at work building each and every human beings’ fate and purpose.  In this show I divulged quite a lot of information in a very short time and if I rely on the  extraordinary positive results I received from my latest global teleclass, I am sure to be able now to reach not only the audible but the visual souls who had a little problem relating to understand or relate to my rare cosmic teachings.  Because my work is all about s[spirituality it also involves KARMA! And the fact is God is rewarding me because I gave and keep giving so much of me for free since 1991…

“millions of people are now informed”   OF YOU  …—G’ bye and Good-Luck—-  with the coming bad Luck!!

Enjoy the good news brought by good karma and let it be a valuable lesson for Laine!

Date: 3/05/2013Subject: Can we feature you as a self development expert?Hi Dr. Turi!I hope this message finds you well!I was crossing my fingers that you would accept my connection request. Hooray! Thanks for your interest and trust. Allow me to explain why I reached out to you….As I mentioned in the LinkedIn connection request, we have selected you to be featured on the /////////.org online self-development TV show. Long story short, ////////.org is a totally independent, not for profit, community driven website. Our mission is to showcase the opinions and advice of self-development experts like you through short video clips. We are quite similar to TED.com Talks, but //////////.org is entirely focused on self-development.We see you a thought leader in the self-development / positive psychology space. Would you be happy to donate 20 minutes of your time to share some of your knowledge, wisdom and expertise with our audience? It’s really easy to record and upload your video (even if you are technophobe!). All you need is a webcam and 20 minutes of quiet focused time.We have provided you a list of specific questions. There is no right or wrong answer. We would love for you to record your personal opinions and thoughts on as many of the questions as you like. As a guide, most experts create video responses to four or five questions that really call out to them. If you are super keen, feel free to answer them all!You don’t need to prepare a script or memorize anything. We want to hear your natural voice, straight from the heart. It’s encouraged to just share a casual, unstructured, stream of thought response. Be passionate and authentic with whatever you share. And if you really stuff it up, you can re-record it as many times as you want before saving your response. So no stress at all, just have fun sharing your message!Aim for 3 to 4 minutes per response. E.g. 5 question x 4 minutes = 20 minutes. The recording will automatically stop if you go over 5 minutes, so keep your eye on the timer and keep it under 5 minutes!

We will include your name, a short two sentence bio and a link to your website underneath each of your video responses, to give you the credit you deserve. By sharing your genuine personality with the audience you are bound to land some clients in the process (a nice side benefit on top of contributing to the health and happiness of humanity).

Hopefully this all sounds good to you! There is one small catch though. The episode you have been scheduled for is to be released next week, which means we are on a little bit of a tight recording schedule. If you want to go ahead, its best for you to do the recordings within the next 3 days. Hopefully that should still be more than enough time? As I mentioned, the whole process is very easy and only takes 20 minu
Simply follow the simple instructions on this webpage to record and save your video responses:

Click here: //////////////////////////////////
Congratulations again on doing such a good job contributing to your industry and being a positive influence on the wider community. The world needs more people like you who have their heart in the right place! This is what the show is all about!

Hoping you will give the self recorded video responses a try ASAP…. and if you have any questions or need any help at all, simply just reply to this message and I would be only too happy to help you out with anything at all.

Best Wishes,
Pamela /////////


 What are some strategies to help busy type A people to take the time out to create a daily meditation practice?
 What makes people truly happy? What are some other strange or interesting sources of happiness?
 What is your response to the statement “western science is just starting to really find its feet”
 When do you know its the right time to seek the support of a counselor, coach, psychologist or other healer?
 What are some of the secrets to a healthy relationship that most people are sadly not aware of?
 What are your views on the mind body connection? How strong is this link?
 What advice would you give to someone who absolutely hates their job and their professional life?
 Why should someone try to be healthier? What’s in it for them? Why should they care?
 Exercise is sometimes not at all fun and just “hard work” for people. How can you make exercise more fun?
 What is the role of hypnosis? What is it good for? When is it not suitable?
 What are some quick and simple things someone can do to feel better about themselves?
 Some people constantly find themselves financially poor regardless of income. Is this self esteem linked?
 What advice would you give to a new parent who is feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of having a newborn?
 What is emotional intelligence and why is it important? Is Emotional IQ overrated?
 What are your views on energy healing practices such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Cranial Sacral Therapy etc?
 What advice would you give someone who feels anxious all the time? How can they break the pattern?
 What is a belief or attitude that you have that is strange and unique?
 What is something that you feel strongly about, but not many people agree with you on?

Much of my work is dedicated to offer the cosmic vital fluid to the children of the future and today I received this email from this kid who (like so many cosmic unconscious students) was hoping to find the answers to what it means to be human and find a reason for him to be!

This kid is a Scorpio undergoing a full “Scorpius Draconus” spiritual transformation and intuitively, against all odds he decided to contact me because after listening to a show he realized I could help him uncovering the mystery of his existence! This kid is undergoing some dramatic psychological changes where from  studying  Electrical Engineering he moved into a more spiritual study *psychology but sad enough this accepted traditional discipline study, while very valuable will never give him what Christopher is looking for.  I sincerely hope in Pamela’s production to be able to reach more teens and offer what a cosmic unconscious science is currently unaware of.

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:17 PM, Christopher wrote:

Dear Dr.Turi,

It does feel a little ‘out of my element’ to send such an email just from witnessing a talk from a man, posted on the website “www.in5d.com“.

My name is Christopher. I am a college student, presently studying Psychology after a recent switch from Electrical Engineering. I never seem to have difficulty writing an email, however I must say it is quite hard at this present time-space.

In short..

Around mid-to-late November 2012, probably around a week (best guess) following the election, I experienced what I understand to be my “activation”. A dear friend of mine introduced me to the Law of One, and ever since then my vibrations experienced quite the accelerated increase.

Ever since I was a young boy, I always ‘knew’ that I was not “from here”. I always ‘knew’ that I did not belong, never knew what to believe, etc. My feelings at the current time-space of writing this email want me to refrain from being to specific at this time,

Around and after the 12/21 date, the acceleration slowed..almost as if it was now beginning the ‘new path’; or as if I was ‘back on track’. However, I was at a sense of loss – I just changed my major, my grades were low, I was left with this knew iunderstanding, new knowledge..infinite knowledge..

Only until most recently have I really been nawing my way through the veil of man, and really seeing the ‘larger deception/illusion’ – rather than only seeing through what it was made up of, but not getting through the macro.

Now, I have been led to you – as I was supposed to for some reason. I have always been so fond of Nostradamus, watching documentaries as a kid lay as still frames in my mind. I have always been drawn to ‘this’/’it’ – I cannot “describe” ‘it’. The memory of first reading of Malachy’s prophecy between the ages of 10-12, and hearing about the recent pope assures something in me.

That micro reason..is unknown in definitely, however I do wish to make a request: If it is by your will, can you help me learn further? I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Love and Light,


DT – Hello Christopher born  11/03/1993 you need a steady and serious dose of spiritual food to regenerate your curious spirit. While psychology will keep your mind busy investigating what it means to be human, you will not get cosmic consciousness doing so. Please go to www.drturi.com, read about Scorpio, then click on Dr. Turi’s articles to read about the many articles generated on the Scorpius Dragon. Too much work to really offer you anything else for now, unless you decide to save for a future consultation… If you can not afford anything your best shot is to get my book “I Know All About You” , this book will give you much more spiritual information than what you will ever gain mastering mundane psychology! Guaranteed! I wrote this very simple book for kids and young mothers in need to know their children spiritual make up and fate.



 GUNS (Virtual State of the Union 2013)



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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi



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