Panic Attack How To Beat It?

August 11. 2013


”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!



Dear Readers;

I don’t know how you will feel after watching this teen’s desperate call for help but the sad reality is they are billions of them suffering the same slow and steady spiritual depletion. I do not know anyone who never suffered either serious depression or panic attacks and I surely know all about the horrible feeling! Any disruptive experience such as losing a pet or a person, being bullied or nurturing a lack of self esteem or “Rejection – How to Deal With It!” is all that is needed to start this destructive psychical process.

 In some case suicide become the only way out to stop the psychical pain endured, especially if you are in a very negative environment like our brave soldiers stationed all over unstable deadly places in the world.  Many of them are already gone because their traditionally trained counsellors or psychologists made the situation worse with antidepressants.

Sad enough our cosmic unconscious science is NO help to those children battling the demons eating them alive from the inside out. Some of those kids cursed with a heavy does of  Plutonic cosmic energy will turn into monsters .i.e Adam Lanza and so many others. Would the scientific community able/willing to acknowledge the cosmic code jurisdictions and the deadly power emanating from the 2012/2014 Scorpius Draconis  and how this cosmic fluid afflict a child independently they would make so much progress helping them.

But science tend to think not only rationally but also generally especially when their researches are done on specific age group no realizing that each human being is UNIQUE and respond to the Cosmic Code/dragon on a personal level only!  In “Dr. Turi’s Proposition for Discussing Spirituality in Schools” or What makes a Bully a Bully?” I offered real options to provide real help to our children but who’s listening or offering me the needed financial help to start the process? It seem I am cursed to give for the rest of my life…

 “For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.”

– Edmund Burke

This is why Astropsychology therapeutic values are so crucial for our children psychical welfare but convincing the elites of the US education run by “The Physical / Spiritual Universal Educational Controlling Matrix”  is out of question.

The idea is: Educating the entire world on God’s Cosmic Consciousness – There are unseen cosmic forces at work shaping our destiny unknown to science today.  You refer to natural disasters or man made dramatic news as accidents or as “Acts of God” not knowing there are no accidents, only cosmic circumstances unknown to 99.09% of the world’s population.

The scientific community is looking for  answers with advanced technology and/or for the responsible ” gay gene” not realizing this psychical problem can and will only be solved with a different spiritual cosmic regeneration. But the evil of ignorance in charge of the new scientists formal education (or the PSUECM) itself must be re-structure before the human physical  DNA and spiritual UCI/DNA becomes irreparable.

STOP The Epidemic of autism in the United States is as important  as stopping global warning to save the ecosystem but because I appear so controversial or sought as another deceptive Mrs. Cleo  to the uninformed morons, only my students and a few smart readers do realize the urgency to STOP and restructure the current educational system run and controlled by the PSUECM.

As much as I accurately predicted much of all major news, including the US economy, the re-structure of the FBI/CIA, NSA and the IRS humanity is on the Uranic verge to cosmically UPGRADE leaving the dogmatic archaic religious teachings of the Neptunian past in the dust of time.  I am just a bit ahead of time that’s all, thanks to my own advanced cosmic make up.

All I am trying to do is to make you aware there is a big difference between education and intelligence and as Einstein said “its a miracle  for curiosity to survive education…”

The 25 years ahead of us are crucial for humanity survival as to understand both the physical and spiritual dynamics of our solar system and how it apply/control all human being interdependently. You can not expect to live happily ever after on this dense physical world unaware of all its spiritual cosmic (non religious) Universal rules!

Allan Savory explained desertification and the importance to go back to natural laws, he explained it all in this video. There is another set of spiritual “cosmic” laws that would clarify what it means to be human outside of conventional scientific accepted disciplines and religious beliefs. The cosmic consciousness I propose offers an endless supply of spiritual regeneration and will stop the fast depleting of the human psyche producing the current tsunami of depressions, criminals acts and suicides. My 45 years of independent research need your attention. financial support and critical thinking mastering Astropsychology, but your first challenge will be not to lump me with psychics because I use the same type of software as NASA.

With the difference that I know the stars are much more than dead rocks hanging above and have a “cosmic” psychical purpose connected to humanity’s fate.  I recognise that “God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretations so you may lead a safer more productive life.” I wrote intensively on the direct relationship between the Universal mind and the human mind correlation and with your help I may be able to bring even more clarification. Growing psychophysically is a crucial step stop the imbalance between the physical/scientific  and spiritual/religious manifesto.

Science and religions are at war, keep your religions and your scientific views only and witness a slow steady decay of the human psyche through self destruction, global disorder and/or religious wars.  This vision is as clear as pure water to me and I have only you my readers to start the changes.

Endorsing, supporting apocalyptic or conspiracy “Talking Heads” radio shows or personal programs can only FUEL fears and FEED evil  by misusing the Supra-conscioussubtle creative/destructive forces at work!

Offering billions of dollars to religious or scientific institutions is feeding the abusive Matrix, the system, the grid you are stuck in restraining free thinkers like Dr. Turi battling endlessly for your children psychical welfare.

Please be curious, do not assume do not eliminate me just yet, I indeed own real light and sharing your wisdom will help us uncovering the golden keys to what it means to human. Please investigate Dr. Turi and all that I represent because like mother earth, the fragile human psyche need food and true spiritual regeneration, no scientific regimentation and your help is urgently needed.

Astropsychology offers the crucial regenerative cosmic fluid our children so desperately need. Mother earth associate naturally with animals to heal and replenish, ancient philosophers also associated with a mythological order with animals and all I want to do is bring back this rare wisdom to benefit humanity! Please Google Dr. Turi and read many of my articles to get to know me especially this article


Supreme cosmic wisdom mean peace, respect, love and harmony for all!

Do you want to participate and learn about the cosmic code? Join us soon HERE! I am not sure if the controling matrix will allow me to perform there yet but  let others know- I will answer your questions there …


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