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“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

Dear Readers;

Update: 10/11/2017 –  My show on “Paranormal Central”  was removed…  Like offering undeniable dated predictions of my earthquakes above 6.0 predictions is something science can do! 

 “Director Travis Hamilton and the movie “Legends from the Sky”, and also Dr. Turi returns with MORE predictions after his prediction of a 6.0 or better earthquake happened on the date predicted!!! “ 

A lot of people requested this show TO BE REINSTATED but it’s gone!  NOW: “Comments are disabled for this video?” 
I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME ANYWAY!  THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST ME IS VERY REAL not only on Coast to Coast am radio and you should help me fight this injustice by emailing the host (s) at Paranormal Central but also George and al CTC producers!

Luckily for me, the Internet is used against us but can also be a blessing and we found the ONLY link to this show…  LISTEN!

Reptilius infected people will do all in their power to mute me, readers… The uncomfortable truth about Gaia

As you all know, Dr. Turi’s job is to teach all about the cosmic code secrets, expose human sins and virtue, and use my expertise to help those in need. I proved my accuracy many times on the air with callers and hosts from all walks of life! In fact, at the very end of my first appearance on Paranormal Central, I spoke about Jeffrey and 22-year-old Emerald’s UCI and hit the nail on the head with both of them.  I did the same on Pete Santilli’s show!


Sad enough, this “Emerald” is quite crude and far from being polished, to say the least, and this is what prompted me to write this newsletter and expose her despicable unprofessional “atheist” attitude with me publicly.

While  Jeffrey and Allen are well-mannered adults, I do not expect them to take my side against their protegee. It seems as a child, this little brat never got her butt smacked or taught any form of respect for others by her parents.

 1/25/2015 on  Paranormal Central Youtube and Paranormal Central part 2.  

Again, the other purpose of this article is; to offer more proof that Astrology does work and scientists should pay more attention to it instead of cursing it!  Usually, once the radio show is over, I get off the phone! But I had a feeling and knowing Mercury, the planet of communication is currently retrograde (miscommunications) I decided to stay and listen to the end of the show.

I was not exactly surprised when I heard Jeffrey calling Emerald an atheist, wondering why she was not listening to Dr. Turi… But I was quite more concerned with her unfounded ramblings.

It all started at the end of the radio show last night when she went on a rampage against my integrity and my good heart suggesting to Jeffrey and Allen,  I should offer all my services for free.  She was quite frustrated because she was prompted by Ning system to pay each time she clicked to enter the Cosmic Code website. Of course, Jeffrey’s professionalism kicked in, and intelligently tried to smooth everything out… But the damage was already done!

She bad-mouthed me about my lack of respect for scientists on the air when I explicitly and countlessly wrote I love and respect science prompting emails from upset VIPs listening to the show in the chat room.

1/25/2015 Paranormal Central part 2 (listen to the very end)

Tammy Balek  “I liked the show but just sick of people expecting everything for free! Dr. Turi is a smart man that is very good at what he does! I don’t know anyone who would devote their life, working their buns off, putting all their time and effort into teaching, and do it for free! You are doing a great gob Dr. Turi! Keep up the good work!”

All this because smart ellic Emerald could not follow Terania’s simple directions to be comp into the system! We blamed Mercury retrograde motion, but it’s only through many repetitions that people like “Cruderald” will ever get it.

Once any show is over, I usually get off the phone but knowing Mercury, the planet of communication is currently retrograde (miscommunications,) I decided to stay and listen to the end of it. I was not exactly surprised when I heard Jeffrey calling her an atheist wondering why she was not listening to the show…

Like Emerald, Allen was also invited to access the Cosmic Code website for free  and enjoy all my teachings and forecasts when he said on the air “Oh, I didn’t know it was like that because I didn’t get that far in.”  Allen is a respected adult who knows me for years, but again Mercury retrograde curses every words and action you will make during his reign.

I thought long and hard before clarifying my position publicly and I would never “draw First blood.”  I am also an adult and I do not bite the hands that feed me, however, this public attack tarnished my good heart and my integrity thus,  forcing me to expose all the facts! I collected all the email exchanges with “Cruderald” and complained to Jeffrey and Allen about her crudeness and unprofessionalism…

FYI Jeffrey… Emerald is behaving like a total jerk with me…She is very unprofessional and unfit to be on the radio! I am so sorry but I will not be on your show again and I will have to expose all her emails to the public tomorrow… I can not have anyone question my integrity and my good heart on the air and do nothing about it! I want to thank you so much for all you did for me and I wish you great success my friend.

Dr. Turi

Imagine if you were in my shoes and in the public eye, you might react to this situation in the same way. Would you let a little self-centered atheist brat mess with you or would you expose her publicly and teach her a lesson? I decided to do what is best for me and for her career because I gave her plenty of options to redeem herself for being stupid!

DT – Did you get my email Emerald? Please do not take my comment personally, we are all human and prone to make mistakes, especially when Mercury (communications) is retrograde. I want you to learn all about the cosmic code secrets and this little episode tells you the stars do affect the human psyche!

Emerald – No I’m fine. You may cancel my account though.

Knowing her UCI, I knew I could no reason with her and unleashed the undiluted truth on her!

DT – There is nothing to cancel Emerald, you never joined the cosmic code website asa VIP! Ning sophisticated system is quite clear!  No results were found for ‘‘. View All Members  Advanced Search – This explain why you were prompted to pay each time you clicked on a link! I wish you had contacted me directly instead of bashing me on the radio in public!

Again Mercury retrograde messed up all communications making my work factual. I am sure many guests or even Jeffrey, experienced communication or technological problems last few days.  Questioning my integrity in public is something very unprofessional only a kid would do.

An apology would have been much more appropriate Emerald to reward my good heart!

But obviously, you were not able to follow the simple instructions sent to you by my wife so she could comp you! If you can not handle such a simple task, this means you are not exactly ready for my work. Being an atheist born, your behavior reflects the same type of idiocy and mental egocentrism encountered on the Internet. My job is to EXPOSE the undiluted truth, friends and Foes alike, and clear my name!

Telling people I do not respect science is inaccurate and wrong, but you never read any of my articles confirming my position with science at all. God thanks Jeffrey is much more mature than you are and tried very hard to clean up your mess on the air. Secondly, I did not like it when you mentioned I should teach the world for free!  I gave YOU that opportunity because I thought you were smart enough to make good use of my wisdom. Meantime in case you do not know, I gave my books, my wisdom, and my endless articles for FREE for years! So much for the reward!

I am very upset with you, your ego, and your lack of judgment.

Emerald –  I was on the website, sir. And if a 22-year-old has “tarnished” your rep maybe there wasn’t one, to begin with. I asked to be free of further emails and that’s all you had to do. I will not go back and forth with you. Good night.

DT – Again an apology would have been more appropriate Emerald and adding sarcasm reflects more of your egocentric attitude!… Yes, you were a public visitor, but not a VIP because you could not follow simple directions.  Also, it’s not about tarnishing my rep, trust me kiddo older and smarter atheists tried before you and never succeeded. It’s about questioning my integrity in public and behaving like a total idiot on the radio.

We will let the public judge when I expose your responses to my worldwide reading audience. I am sure your boss will appreciate your “savoir-faire” with his notorious guests. You are young Emerald and this is why I gave you a few chances to redeem yourself, but obviously, your “educated” ego spoke your true atheist know better character… You are now free of further embarrassing emails you would rather ignore…

Good night

Free astropsychology for Cruderald! The beauty of being Dr. Turi is his honesty, his integrity, and unsurpassed cosmic wisdom. And unless I receive a well-deserved apology from Emerald, last night was my last show on Paranormal Central.  I can not really blame Emerald for being an over-emotional 22-year-old kid, but since 1991 I taught famous friends and foes from all walks of life to be respectful with me to pay the price… I warn everyone to be well prepared psychically and “cosmically” before engaging me.

As a truth seeker and promoter of the truth,  I MUST be transparent with everything and everyone God sends my way because there is always something very valuable to learn dealing with me and in all my articles!

But it seems Emerald read only ONE article and miss all the others…  A true Atheist does not read anything that offers the answer to something they feel is beneath their intelligence. She was born with a Moon and a Dragon’s Head in Capricorn (the engineer) or the same exact cosmic wind making the UCI of agnostic Neil Disgrace, Carl Sagan and all born know better atheists.

The cold calculated Saturn lead her to work with much older wiser people who are amazed by her cutting, cold, sarcastic UCI. Emerald is a perfect example of the crudeness and egocentrism I experience daily on the internet with millions of “young souls” who truly believe they know better than a 65-year-old man.

This is an example of how a true moronic critical, know better atheist behaves in public…

  • Mark Brookes – Allan stop butting in over people its not professional and it’s also friggin annoying
  • Mark Brookes – Jeff please stop defending conmen or your credibility will become tarnished dont be so naive hes a con artist pure and simple
  • Mark Brookes – Please drop this Turi hes nothing but a conman and just after your money all bullshit
  • Mark Brookes Lol quote from Jeff “were not having anyone famous on next weeks show” really Jeffwee who have you had on who has been famous, what a bunch of clowns you two really are……

Atheism, the world new deadly mental plague!

Indeed those idiots do suffer a serious inferiority complex and do not have “la presence d’esprit” to wait for my predictions to unfold, then they become publicized for the obvious morons they are! Furthermore they already have had the obvious proofs of my claims and STILL think they know better! And this is  the type of subhuman I have to put up with everyday…

Emerald witchy supremely egocentric is classified as the; use and abuse  Capricornus UCI!  She will not hesitate to trample on anyone and everything around her to step higher on the ladder of recognition.

But as you all know, there are NO accidents, only cosmic circumstances at work purposely set by a cosmic God to impose karma upon all his faulty children… I never thought it would end this way with Paranormal Central, and forced to mess up a  friendship with them but even my wife had her doubts… all because of an atheist born Little Brat unwilling to give respect to an old man, but this is how it is…

 God saw through her nasty manipulating spirit and thanks to Mercury retrograde STOPPED her gaining access to my supreme cosmic wisdom. Be certain, with my wisdom, she would have abused everyone to climb the ladder of success… And she wonders why some famous agnostics deserve the same treatment I gave her today?

 I am a noncosmic conscious educated idiot regurgitating my scientific education on you!

She is falsely perceived as a genius by those who do not own cosmic consciousness, mistaking her rational cold atheist critical wit for ingenuity! Exactly what all ill-informed atheists are doing with Neil Disgrace by putting him on a pedestal for dismissing and ridicule UFO and astrology…

Indeed there is a big difference between education and intelligence and a true genius is much rarer than any well-polished, priceless Emerald!

 I guess after reading this article, Jeffrey may decide to contact me and if he does not, so be it, who cares about Dr. Turi’s crucial wisdom and his drive to save lives when Emerald is much more important to him and his career! I can not and will never blame him even if he decides to ban me from his life and take those shows down, it is HIS decision alone!

Only an immature kid would suggest anyone to give his gifts for free to the public, incidentally, this is what I did and still do today with all my articles since forever… I am a Soul Doctor and my services are well appreciated and paid for by some of the best-refined brains born to perceive and enjoy my ingenuity!

Lastly Emerald shares the same Dragon/UCI as Hitler and Oprah Winfrey and this explains why she suffers an insecurity/inferiority or superiority complex and endless bothering weight problems!  Had she been decent with the older knowledgeable man, I could have offered serious tips and help her so much for free, but instead, she decided to go on a rampage publicly against Dr. Turi and this always bring serious consequences…

 Check my latest and LAST publicized earthquake predictions!

Atheism destroys ingenuity and the creative spirit, and it is a very dangerous movement that will bring back Hitler’s cold and cleansing legacy to the world! Atheists are on a path to destroy all religious and spiritual people once they get in power…


To them, they are as good as the Jews in the mind of Hitler and must be burned alive! Every single atheist on the planet share a bit of Hitler’s legacy in his soul and I am here to point it out so we can make the right change before it’s too late!  You have been warned!

Unlike the other articles I wrote, I am sure Emerald will read this one very carefully because she is involved. Hopefully, she will learn a valuable lesson and grow up a bit more in the process…


And this is why and what Dr. Turi is all about, teaching the reality of a cosmic God to all moronic atheists who think they know better!

Read also part 2 – Dr. Turi Paranormal TV and Bigfoot

First the latest news…  Memo from “Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi.”

“I knew it was just a matter of time before my Internet god-fearing enemies, (the cyber ISIS) who hate my guts and the predictive gift would find a way to remove me from Facebook, Google, and so many other popular websites.”

Blessings to all
Dr. Turi


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