Mercury Governs the Precise and Critical Constellation Of Virgo

Cleansing impurities large and small
Don”t think yourself immune, for I see all
Attending to every chore and task
Perfection being all that I ask
I am VIRGO, child of Mercury.

Characteristics For Those Born In September

virgo star signThe month of September is governed by the planet Mercury and by the critical sign of Virgo. You are an intellectual sometime quite critical, even picky with others and you tend to work much too hard. You were born a master of communications endowed with a deep analytical thinking process; the stars also offer you the option to become a great speaker and a proficient writer. When challenged you may misuse this power and become sarcastic to others. You will always combine logic and intuition in dealing with life in general. Astrologically, you have been classified as the “perfectionists” and your editing touch is satisfied only with perfection. You will do well in the fields of technology, medicine, law, investigation, teaching, writing, designing, and office work and you are also a refined artist. Your downfall is sarcasm and an overly concerned attitude with trivial matters. Some young Mercurial souls are overwhelmed with health matters and turn themselves into health fanatics. Others Virgo simply refuse to work hard and succumb to chemical, drugs and alcohol abuses. Letting the rational mind scrutinize everything can hinder your spiritual gifts and neutralize your cosmic consciousness. You have inherited a powerful investigative mind that could lead you to science, chemicals, research, radio, television, newspaper reporting, computer programming and the law.

Spiritually advanced September souls are born mental leaders and masters in communication .i.e. Dr. Drew, Robert Shapiro and Marcia Clark (O.J. Simpson trial attorneys) are Virgos and indicative of your intellectual potential pertaining to medicine, investigations and the law. You may also be prone to headaches or head injury, eyes and sinus migraine problems. Be aware of your environment in public places. You are prone to poisoning and strongly advised to keep away from alcohol and narcotics .i.e. Michael Jackson. Also, be aware, diets that are too restrictive may cause just as many problems as over-indulgence. Your body and metabolism are both well equipped to deal with all types of food, including red meat. If your natural desire for perfection prevails and you eliminate this “red” source of food, you must then substitute it with different red foods such as red wine, hot peppers or other thermogenic. If you happen to suffer headaches or migraines, you may find relief by walking barefoot on the grass (or close to a body of water) to regenerate from the earth”s magnetic field. As a rule all souls born in September are sad enough accident prone to head trauma and violent death. Therefore, if you were born in September, do not take chances, especially during or after the Full Moon or during your unlucky Dragon window dates. Keep in mind to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as your awareness of the Mercury/Moon planning will become a major contribution for success and happiness. The location of your natal Dragon’s Head or Tail will seriously alter the strengths or weakness of Mercury in your chart.

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