Venus Governs the Diplomatic and Peaceful Constellation Of Libra

Lover of grace and harmony
Seeking the balance of matrimony
Though there are those that hold to opinions tight
I will see it in all the different lights
I am LIBRA, child of Venus.

Characteristics For Those Born In October

libra star signThe month of October is ruled by the planet Venus and by the charming sign of Libra. You are strongly motivated by a desire for justice and you must create harmony in all areas of life. You are classified as the “Peacemaker” in Astropsychology. You will succeed in your career because of your gentle personality, your sense of diplomacy and your natural “savoir faire.” You rarely learn by mistake, but you must avoid prolonged indecision. Those born in October must establish Libra”s soul’s purpose of achieving balance, emotional, financial, and spiritual stability during the course of their lifetimes. You must stand for yourself and learn decision making by following not only your rational mind but also your accurate intuitions. You possess a strong psychological aptitude and do well in the real estate and the food industries, the stock market, interior design, marriage counseling and the arts in general. You must focus on what you need first by using inner stamina and both your practical and intuitive minds. These gentle personalities will be attracted to competitive people and one can expect many challenges from them. Rough behavior or the abrupt and assertive manner of a business partner easily offends Libras, this nefarious attitude transform the gentle Libra soul into a very aggressive, violent, abusive person forced to learn the hard way about the law. The same desire for diplomacy is expected from a friend or a lover or simply expect the worse from them. Libra should also avoid taking remarks too personally and use self control when challenged. Libra love a good home and you enjoy the company of business-oriented partners.

Your downfall comes from traditional scientific or religious teachings and your refusal to challenge early religious tutoring or addictions. Casting aside self-discovery and real spirituality will slow down or eliminate your chances to develop your cosmic consciousness and establish emotional, financial and spiritual stability. Libra are very smart, well read and eternal students, all are born great students. This codification of thoughts produces a crowd of educated mental snobs, librarians, ministers, priests and religious leaders. As indicated by Libra”s scale, both human and divine Universal laws must be acknowledged and respected. Using both traditional and nontraditional means of education will bring about a better awareness of these laws. The limitation of conventional education (psychology or religion) is overridden by a more progressive spiritual attitude (New Age and Astropsychology) and will bring about all the answers you seek. You are a philosopher and a great teacher; likewise, you will travel far in search of the truth. The truth you are aiming for is right above your heads in the stars. A word of caution to you: stay clear of all chemicals, such as pot, drugs, or alcohol, as these destructive habits could blur your spirit or worse lead you to a hospital or jail. You have an extremely low tolerance to chemicals that will hurt you physically and spiritually in the long run.  Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), your awareness of the Universal Laws will become a major contribution for your happiness and success in life. The location of your natal Dragon’s Head or Tail will seriously alter the strengths or weaknesses of Venus in your chart.

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