Please Help Me Reach Yarnell’s Firefighters Families


“There are specific Universal Laws designed by God – Consciousness – is the awareness of a divine cosmic  power and use it wisely to build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” Read the future –  Watch the future!

Dear Readers:

How would you feel to spend the 4th of July without a cherished loved one? May be after reading this article you will help me reaching those families and bring them a form of closure and do not lose faith in God… Please copy paste this link and help me reach ALL courageous fire fighters because with your help, my message will save many lives. Thank you and Happy 4th of July to all Dr. Turi

 Copy/Paste/share to the world –

It still amazes me that the “young souls” will classified my work as abusive designed to gain only when all I do since 1991 is to warn the world with endless FREE articles. Luckily for me, thanks to the BIN management, they see through it all and; now and then do a clean up from their endless attacks trying to tarnish my image.

Amazing how this sociopath dog exploits the deaths of firefighters for profit.

drturi Really? It seem they endorse my work!

Dr. Turi tweet to CDF Firefighters @CDF_firefighter Prediction of 18 fire fighters deaths in blaze an omen for the world? RTpls

10:56 AM – 01 Jul 13 – Favorited by CDF Firefighters @CDF_firefighter
CDF Firefighters is California’s Fire Department and the third largest fire department in the US.

Again I am not a psychic, I do not use snake oil or a crystal ball but a modified software allowing me to plot the stars, much like NASA would do before launching 78000 morons to Mars

Should I be blamed because the mass of cosmic unconscious human beings do not read/hear or see the signs?  I explained the “accidents” in “Prediction of 18 fire fighters deaths in blaze an omen for the world?” but its not fair for some morons to point the finger on me when all I am doing is to try so hard to reach ALL the executives in ALL the branches of the government with my cosmic wisdom to EXPLAIN the “accident.”

The families of 19 brave fire fighters will never get closure unless they read what really happened on this day and stop blaming or calling it  “an Act of God.”   God is giving ALL his children signs and warnings your elected officials, your churches, your educational system and your infantile science ultimately reject!

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation and to be used as signs so you may lead a safer more productive life.”

THEY ARE ALL COSMIC UNCONSCIOUS and will never ever be able to warn those who risks their precious lives with my “cosmic warnings.” The fact is ALL the prominent people  in my special black list made of this “educated/religious” God fearing elites crowd of true COWARDS.  

For evil to succeed all is needed for good people to do is nothing! exactly what all those “good” people in high places are doing NOTHING! How amazed I was when someone at the CDF Firefighters @CDF_firefighter –  California’s Fire Department and the third largest fire department in the US endorsed my work!

Do you really think its the fire Chief or the Superintendent or the Police Chief who read, acknowledged and ordered the endorsement? NO its someone like you and me who has BALLS and a decent human being that has done his/her part to warn and save future lives… Whom ever you are, thank you because between my supporters and I THOUSANDS of links and requests to RE Tweet was made and only ONE responded.  I tried to reach the police since 1991 asking them to help me save the cops too, still they did not budge, will it be the same with fire-fighters authorities?

SHAME SHAME SHAME  I SAY TO ALL OF those who read my articles, my warnings but did not budge, laugh or ridicule God’s divinity found in my mission to elevate your spirit to a better, concerned honorable human being.

What did you do today to help humanity? what did you create to help your fellow human being? and that is the difference between some of us and the majority of you!  Yes I am not going to make friends today by forcing you to auto analyse yourself and your actions to help the families and those courageous firemen who currently are facing death trying to save YOU, your properties but battling endless fires. Don’t you think it is important for you to pass on my predictions about the  2014/2016 Arian Draconis knowing its aiming to KILL more firemen in the future?  Of course you have the right to doubt my work but this is because you did not do your homework and investigate it thoughtfully!  Why don’t you take some of your precious time for a change to do so and watch or listen to me on You Tube or even read my predictions?

I am trying to reach you again readers HELP ME reach them all please. Do this for their memories and be as concerned as I am, just because you are a human being too!


Sad enough CNN is once again offering you the undeniable proof of my predictive gift. This entry was created June 12, 2013 (19 days ago)  and posted in the cosmic code website and to the public on BIN , FB, Twitter etc.

MEMO from the Arian Draconis – I am generating the 2014/2016 “visions” or 25 Universal predictions that will change our world  for my VIP’s here is sample and another omen for you (‘Enter the Dragon’ actor dies.)

Prediction # 9 – A year of endless HUGE fires and record high temperatures  where many fire fighters will pay the ultimate price during my SOS To The World Windows.”  Expect a full restructure of the International Association of Fire Fighters as the ministry of environment will impose many new rules affecting National Parks.  The Same “dragon” produced  the highest air temperature on Earth” — 134 degrees on July 10, 1913, in Death Valley’s Greenland Ranch. Become a VIP there are many more for you to acknowledge.

18 firefighters die in blaze

Is this a serious omen that you should pay attention to my “visions?’

Watch this video

May God Bless Your Courageous Souls

My “SOS To The World” on You tube or in my Cosmic Code newsletter  for July 6/7/8 are only windows of high probability for unusual man made and/or natural disasters. As an Astrophile or someone that uses Nostradamus 16th century divine Astrology methodology or quatrains I decided to make it easier for the readers by adding more than obvious keywords to “feel/detect” the colours of the upcoming news.  Meantime those “cosmic windows” are building up around its maximum impact set for  July 6/7/ and 8.


July 6/7/8

Nature To Strike Hard

 My SOS TO THE WORLD windows ALWAYS dictate earthquakes ABOVE 6.0 – Today Result SOLOMON ISLANDS – Magnitude: 6.1 –  Does “Nature To Strike Hard?” offer you enough of my vision and expectation?

Now when I wrote (last year) in my book Moon Power – New Horizons Following Tragedy – Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last – Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many does the current news and situation in Egypt  with MORSY’S OUT remotely proves me right or are you still incapable with all the obvious quatrain  used to recognize my gift?

If the quatrain above is not clear enough would the keywords I used help you more?

Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Destructive weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many.


Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last? Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life?

July 3rd Indonesia quake kills 22, injures more than 200 – Nature To Strike Hard

Well the maximum cosmic energy has not yet spoken so why not wait and try to raise your own spiritual vibrations to recognized God’s cosmic will I am trying so hard everyday of my life to expose to humanity?  Until then to all the  “Young Souls”  I say “You have the right to remain silent and wait for the future to prove me right once more”

Watch this video

Update 07/05/13 – July 4 celebrations marred by fireworks disasters, fatal parade accidents

Now on to another prediction I made last year about privacy and the latest “spy” cell phone technology! This article was emailed to me by Cashan a VIP living in North Africa and  you may want to read it first!

Cell Spayware Infringes Rights

A YEAR LATER! MEMO – August 15, 2012 

 For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Note: Those Predictions were posted November 15, 2011 to the public

Prediction page #12. Anything and everything dealing with death, secrets, decomposition, reincarnation, sex, metaphysics  the police and re-birthing the spirit will be the focus of humanity’s attention. I also see an explosion of new security services using advanced technology to stop any forms of terrorism.  

HOW MORE PRECISE CAN I BE? – Cameras watch your every move  Cameras watch your every move




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