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Dear VIP Reader;

Nope I did not forget to write about the “new zodiac and new 12th signs” stand by…Thank you

My name is Pluto “Hades the Lord of Hell”

I wonder how many of my reader watched “Decoded” last night on the history channel with Brad Meltzer but my God this is indeed ignorance and fears at its best…How dangerous and unaware both the “actors and experts” really were in this program. But I started boiling up inside when I saw the faces of innocent people and their children dropping with fears from a Baptist Minister promising HELL to the audience. This is exactly what I have been battling for years on Coast To Coast with George Noory, the total ignorance and misuse of the powerful Supraconscious in time and space and the proliferation of fears coming from yet, another religiously poisoned young soul… Nothing of value was “decoded” in this show than a total and dangerous ignorance of the Universal Code with the mishandling of the destructive Superconscious forces. Call it karma for a lost world if we do not act together to stop all this nonsense and bring spiritual health back to humanity.

This is insanity at its best where everyone from both side of the production  were totally obnoxious and ignorant of the damage they are inflicting on the future of humanity by manipulating dark forces they have no clue of! I wonder how many newsletters I will have to generate before I die in order to reach and change the Universal negative attitude of plaguing humans and turn this nonsensical awful tide into a positive more creative flux.  Indeed my mission to free humanity from their own DARKNESS and Satan himself seems unreachable at time… Ignorance is evil, knowledge is power but without the proper education and true wisdom  to guide humanity to their limited senses all lives seems to be doomed. I guess my predecessors were aware of the humongous  challenges they faced with Satan and fears and felt powerless to change anything .i.e. Nostradamus, the Hopi Indians the Mayans etc.

I am the king of the underworld

Because of the content making up the production of yet another national religious “sermon” in disguise, the  financial support is indeed coming from YOUR donations well invested by some religious groups proclaiming an upcoming “apocalypse” and how crucial it is for you not only to join their congregation but to repent and offer more of your donations. But again, do not expect the “Joe Six Packs” to see pass anything the envisioned colorful depicted HELLor be able to use critical thinking. Indeed the perception of this masquerade is missing especially when I saw some “actors” who had me as guest in their own shows in the past. Indeed those people knows exactly where I stand with religions  and the proliferation of fears and ignorance and this is why they will never invite Dr. Turi and his perceptive nature to go against the fearful dirt they force the US population to “digest”  while eating watching TV.

Where”s the human critical spirit gone?

One of them was talking about a scientist using numbers and code to “predict events” scientifically and at this point, anything goes but NOT anything of anyone that uses the stars like I do, got me reader? . The Cosmic Code, the Torah Code and the Bible Code Dr. Turi Jun 10th 2010

The End of the Pisces Age

Realize also that I actually predicted many events  back in 1995 well before the scientist”s delusional work event existed; .i.e. the 911, Katrina etc. and those predictions were dated, printed and offered in PLAIN English in my books and on Coast to Coast with George Noory – I wonder where the Torah code or anyone doing predictions were in 1995 when I predicted a “religious war” was to plague America and all that transpired with Iraq, Iran etc. in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Indeed the real solid proof and unarguable predictions I generate, the  controlling Illuminati can not and will not promote on national TV – Enjoy –

Stay Clear Dr. Turi You Know The Truth!

Knowing my ability and unarguable God given gift/curse I could only steal the show and they know it and it”s a big NO! NO! Indeed the show demands the producers to get those dated, printed predictionsand expose them nationwide, and this mean a HELL of a lot of people would in time wake up to the truth I offer and  negatively affects their future ratings and productions, got me reader?

The financial support to produce those television shows is endless and available to any producer willing to endorse religious beliefs and “sell them” unconsciously spilling the very core of  SATAN”s destructive stinky breath upon the ignorant God fearing uneducated mass. So next time you watch such terrible “apocalyptic” programs that kills the fragile psyche of children think of me reader and realize it”s NOT about real education or changing the world but ratings , money , sensationalism and fears. Tapping on the natural human instinct of conservation always worked for the Church Inc.  and with it the slow psychological destruction  of an already spiritually sick society. OMG will I be ever to fix the increasing damage inflicted regularly by the Illuminati working to control the information? Pinning down the truth under the blade of ignorance is what”s going on reader…


Lenn, my producer, Heather my publicist and other advanced technical / spiritual  souls (Bryant, Sarka, Martin, Trevor and many others, are working and planning with me to produce my own TV show with the meager donations some of you offered me in the past combined with my own money. But gee do I need you to help me to get this done. It is practically impossible to measure up to the established  wealthy religious corporations that keep investing your donations to FEED EVIL on the national plate.

Please if in any shape or form you can grasp my vision and realize my crucial mission helps us. The project in now in motion right now and we all work hard at it and we all feel real good but more funds are needed. Thus, in order to bypass EVIL himself and finally see my wisdom spray for a better world go to and give what ever you can. Please realize you are NOT doing this for me but for the children of your children and if you feel right about investing in the future spiritual health of humanity and I it”s simply because you are.

”Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

– Albert Einstein

I am sure many of you read my predictions of a “Full Restructure of Education” from and this does not have to be only with your kids learning to speak a sponsored foreign language,(did you read my last newsletter posted at but also other forms of “cosmic ” material only a handful of highly spiritual people are blessed with, and I happen to be one of them. At least when you finally see me out there you will reward your spirit knowing you did the right thing for humanity.


Show your support emotionally and financially please

VIP, please tell the people you send my newsletters to join us in this great memorial movement…




The next twelve months “Universal and Personal transits” including the “Personal Elaborated Horoscope for all Signs” Be prepared you all for what to expect for the future. Learn how God speak to you, master the signs, understand and use the Cosmic Code rules. Be at the right time at the right place, be smart be aware and heed the signs.  I did generate the full year “SOS To The World” deadly window dates soon asking you to either be extremely cautious, work around or totally avoid traveling during these upcoming windows.

God unbending will speaks through the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and let skeptics and ignorant alike become the future statistics.  As you know there are NO accidents but circumstances that are yet to be uncovered by science and with me as a guide you are safe and in good hands.  Remember being a VIP means you also vibrate at my spiritual level and concerned with the facts of life… Join the world and build your own Cosmic Consciousness with me.

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science,  my message to them is;  this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with love, respects, peace and harmony.

Blessings to All

Dr. Turi


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Hi Dr Turi, This is Louis Acker again. I have been trying to set up my E-mail all day with tech support. It has been a frustrating, exasperating, grueling process (I try not to tear my hair.), that has taken all day, well over 8 hours. When you have the time read some of the articles on my web site . I fully understand that there is little time to do all these things these days. I have the same problem. You asked me how I was doing, and I don”t know if you received my reply with all the computer problems I have been experiencing, so i will attempt to reconstruct what I sent you here. I turned 70 last year on June 2 last year. My activities and interests relate to the astrology of world trends, quantum physics as related to consciousness and so called paranormal phenomena, UFO-ET interactions with humans, my metal working shop, and alternative energy. You might want to check out my article ” Para physics and new energy technologies” on my web site. This gives a summary of the theoretical basis of much of my work.

I currently and for the last 7 years live in Crestone, Colorado. My mailing address is ///// Crestone, Colorado 81131-1077. My phone number is /////. My e-mail address is . My web site is .
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Louis- Author of ” The Astrologers Handbook,”

Dr. Turi;

Good day to you , Media promotional letter for you.

Sending good vibes and sunshine from warm and sunny Miami Florida.  I am at a seaplane base ( I enjoy flying) and was checking my emails. I feel the urgency , from one educated human being to another, to enlighten you on some very essential information. Perhaps “Information” isn”t the correct term. “Way of thinking” “Reality” “truths” is simply a better way of putting it. A true grain, salt of the earth person is telling you, that I put my skepticism aside and listened.

Unfortunately, with the likes of people like Mrs. Cleo and Sylvia Browne, most of us have turned our heads or completely shunned anyone as soon as they mention the words “Stars” or “Astropsychology” . Simply put, hear this man , bring an open mind to the table and feast. Your efforts nor time will be in vain unless you choose to make them so. At the end of the day, “why not” If we will take an hour to watch the discovery channel and the migration of penguins, why not hear a true soul and the information they can bring.?

I will and can tell you that Dr. Luis Turi is legit. The real deal and no scam artist. For I have seen him personally and was given information for free, which has all come to pass. No bull patties, no exaggerations. I hope this weighs heavy on your heart and mind, it had to for me to get through to the thicker parts of my skull . I have no mal intentions in reaching out to you, only spreading the love and the energy that was given to me that I”m still pursuing further.  Best to you and I hope this reaches you in the best of conditions, I must do my pre flight now and get to enjoying my day!  “Clear Prop” ….


Prior Skeptic, Current Believer.

“There is only one thin air between Divine information and pure imagination.”

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.”

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