Poison sprayed in grocery stores – Venenum Poisonis Mad Spiritus


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Poison sprayed in grocery stores

Can the visions of a true modern Prophet be ignored when they are undeniable? This sentence ****Venenum Poisonis Mad Spiritus**** should mean something, knowing I published my visions of the future in February 2013?

This type of news are warnings to what the reptilius can do by infecting the “subhumans” and force them to act on their behalf! In my upcoming radio show, I will explain what a subhuman is all about and how vulnerable they truly are against the reptilius psychical attacks.

While 99.9% of the world population can only assimilate logical explanations to what transpired with this crazy soul, all psychologists, psychiatrists and neuroscientists will never be able to comprehend or accept this cosmic phenomenon.

Their traditional, rational  educational background can never delegate anything their five limited human senses do not see nor touch!

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 “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

“Hippocrates of Cos or Hippokrates of Kos, was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, philosopher, naturalist, astrophile and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.” Did Hippocrate got a Nobel Prize?


When the flu wiped out millions

It is no “accident” for a CNN writer to post such an article or another serious omen to what is to come to a world of cosmic unconscious human beings. No, there are no accidents, only cosmic circumstances humanity and science are not aware of and keep ignoring and denying.

Memo: ”  The camera lodged in the suspended water bulb is a VERY strong omen (and a serious warning to pay close attention to water on earth) offered to an unconscious scientific community. Water is the utmost precious commodity on the planet but I see water shortage, more poisoning of the oceans and the ozone layer forcing humanity to take serious actions within the next two years.”

Be warned pay attention to  my “2016 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions and all the Nostradamus natural healing tips I am offering to all my our VIP’s  and avoid the upcoming universal Neptunian cosmic poisoning winds. (VIP’s only)


  • 1 Expect ////////////////////////////////
  • 2 Neptune ///////////////////////////////////////
  • 3 Hollywood and the movie industry will ///////////////////////////////////////
  • 4 New STD and old diseases will //////////////////////////////////
  • 5 – Posted Above…
  • 6 I am expecting loss of life due to the proliferation of ///////////////////////////////
  • 7 I am expecting a full restructure of the/////////////////////////////////
  • 8 I see angry /////////////////////////////////////
  • 9  I see serious //////////////////////////////
  • 10 I see Las Vegas /////////////////////////////////////
  • 11 I see a full restructure of the //////////////////////////////
  • 12 I see an upsurge of ////////////////////////////////////
  •  13 I see problems ////////////////////////////////////
  • 14 I see a lot of //////////////////////////////////
  • 15 I see a lot more of //////////////////////////////////
  • 16 I see many ////////////////////////
  • 17 I see new ////////////////////////
  • 18 I see a //////////////////////////////////////
  • 19  I see large ///////////////////////////////////
  • 20 I see “political” /////////////////////////////
  • 21 Posted above
  • 22 The ocean will ///////////////////////////
  • 23 Isis will ////////////////////////////
  • 24 /////////////////////


This elusive Dragon is extremely deceptive and will aim and curse many people born in //////////// and ////////// with a strong or weak Neptune in their chart. Thus if you are a //////, a //////, have the moon, a rising a natal or hidden dragon in those signs and begin to feel low in energy, depressed, suicidal and nothing seems to work for you, you are strongly advised to let me help you regenerate your spirit with a reading.

Science and the world are ill prepared and will not be able to deal with this poisonous dragon!  I want to make sure our VIP’s can reach us all along its control over humanity. Thus the offered saving deals and payment affordability options will last until Neptune release the world or all the way to ////////////

This may change if we are too busy or I decide to retire completely and stop working. At 66 I had my share of idiocy fighting the “educated” atheist / scientists and God fearing lost souls who truly believe they know better than God and I. 

The prices are as follows! THRU THE WHOLE 2015 YEAR DUE TO NEPTUNE …

1 – $700 (no limit on Skype)

2 – $350 (90 mn on Skype or on the phone)

3 – $250 (60 mn on Skype or on the phone)

4 – $150 (45 mn on Skype or on the phone)

5 – $100 (30 mn on Skype or on the phone)

6 – $50 (15 mn Emergency Astro-Tarot only with basic astrological information)

Note our cart is not set to offer discount on all the above readings, so please email teraniapromodir@gmail.com  to give your DOB details and set up a day and time for our live Skype meeting or on the telephone. You may decide to use Paypal but you may have to call Terania with your credit card for  your appointment. 

While precise cosmically customized talismans work miracles, they are designed to protect and build the 6th house of health. They also negate the 8th house of death and reinforce the subconscious healing power.  Nostradamus, used all sorts of potions made with plants, herbs and flowers he collected in “La Provence” naturally produced by the wild South of France mountains. Note also, the talismans I produce can be used for various purposes.

Nostradamus  “The Star lover Doctor” was a fervent student of all erudite men of the past and knew each part of the human body is connected with a zodiacal sign starting with Aries (the head) to Pisces (the feet.)

 Investigating your natal UCI and locate the nefarious planets by signs and houses is the first step to produce a personal powerful talisman or prescribe a natural potions to bring power to the weakest, prone to diseases organs.

While my Astropsychology course teaches the full spectrum of divine medical cosmology, there is no way for me to even begin teach you all the ramifications here.

Each individual is a very complex cosmos in itself and an accurate prognostic and diagnostic demand serious researches on the subject’s cosmic nativity. Meantime if you suffer an headache or break a bone, fixing it is “Universal” wisdom. And this is what I offer our VIP’s as as precautionary measure to avoid catching Ebola or any other disease for that matter.

Combined with my////////////////////// the “magical potion” can also help if not eliminate other problems or addiction you may suffer. Sad enough the atheists, agnostics and “educated” scientists alike, will perceive me and all erudite men of antiquity, more as a “oil snake vendor” than a  true gifted “Soul Doctors.”

Now on to all those vital information and, while this educational homeopathic health oriented article and all my predictions are quite extensive,  the reader must take the time to read and assimilate it all.  The following directions are very simple and all ingredients available at any food store…

  • 1 If  you feel depressed and keep degenerating your spirit, you will ///////////////////////infectious diseases. Do not /////////////////////////////
  • 2 Use /////////////if you get sick/////////////////.
  • 3 If you do not want to get sick and avoid Neptune poisoning power//////////////////////////////////
  • 4 Most importantly, switch from ///////////////////
  • 5 Drink ///////////// every morning and add ONE DROP of//////////////, NO sugar, NO honey added only a few drops of/////////////.  Human are machine of habits/////////////
  • 6 ///////////////// has incredible therapeutic values modern science will make sure you know nothing about! In fact Nostradamus used it in all his potions to heal people from the plague. //////////Read more about////////////// priorities.
  • 7 Nurture/////////////////////////////
  • 8 Spend enough time //////////// everyday//////////////. Contrary to what you have been told,//////////////////// offer the only way for you to get enough //////////.  ////////// is life force #1 and /////////////////helps against depressions, psychosis, dementia and combat alzheimer diseases.
  • 9 Use the//////////////////////at your advantage to avoid  the depleting of  your spirit and your physical atomic structure. Indeed ///////////////////healing tools
  • 10 The more you understand and use////////////////////the more power to you. Remember you will become much more vulnerable to ailments or “accidents” under ////////////////////////.  Knowing and using your personal cosmic biorhythms positive dates  or a personalized talisman can and will bring emotional, financial and spiritual stability in your life!


Life is a constant process of changes that affect everything, including science deplorable perception of the divine. Little do they know of//////////////////// altering the atomic structure of the human physical/spiritual body and the marvels of magic and The Magical Power of Talismans!

As of November 2015, the  Universal “Religious Neptunius Draconis” will be in charge the world and the set of predictions presented at the bottom of this article is not for the fainted hearts!
While the young souls can only ridicule my predictive work, the more spiritual human beings who studied  both  the “2014 Arian Draconis Universal Predictions” and  the “Scorpius Draconis Universal Predictions”  will have no doubt of what the future has in store for humanity!  Those predictions are still available  on the Internet for the world to judge!

11/2015-02/2017 the beginning of the End of All Religions …
Who will stop ISIS? The damage of religions upon humanity …

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Indeed you do not want to miss those predictions and not only heed my warnings but FOLLOW faithfully ALL the natural healing tips I will offer our VIP’s.  While you may use my Natural Universal Blood Transfusion regularly, this alone will never be enough to build the supra resistant immune system you need to beat the Ebola virus or what ever those poisonous cosmic winds will throw at humanity in the future.

In the Nostradamus homeopathic tips I will divulge only to our VIP’s, all the crucial information that can and will save your life. Meantime, the earlier you start the potion, the better chances you will have if, God forbid you catch the disease. Terania and I already restarted the process and this regimen must be performed everyday!

Once you get Ebola (or any deadly virus) your survival chances are very limited, unless you are very wealthy and able to pay the exorbitant price for the experimental antibiotics that may kill you before the virus does.

Once symptoms set in, a person is contagious and has six to 16 days to beat the Ebola virus or die. LEARN MORE

  Is your life and those of your loved ones worth becoming a VIP? 

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