Pope Francis’ Foreseen Assassination-Pray for his safety!


Pope Francis has told a group of teenagers in El Salvador to

Isil want to assassinate the Pope, says Iraq’s ambassador to Vatican

Recovered / edited Article – Pope Francis’ Foreseen Assassination published 11/26/2013

“There are specific Universal Laws written through the signs – Cosmic Consciousness – is the awareness of God’s celestial divinity and use it wisely to read the future and build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” Read the future –  Watch the future! 

Pope: No more business as usual
Pope faces threat from the Mafia -The Stars and Fate of Pope Francis
Who will stop ISIS? The damage of religions upon humanity


YoutubeNovember 14, 2013. (Romereports.com) During his daily morning Mass at the Vatican Pope Francis talked about wisdom. He explained that the worldly spirit of curiosity, leads people  towards a state of confusion, adding that wanting physical proof can often be misleading. As an example the Pope referenced, people who say ‘I know a visionary, who receives daily letters from Our Lady.’ But the Pope explained that ‘Our Lady’ loves everyone and doesn’t work at a post office.   

Dear Readers;

Pope Francis is fearless and trust God to protect him against evil! His commitment to share his faith is unsurpassed and we must pray for his safety! Not only ISIS but also the Italian mafioso is trying to get rid of him!  

There are two very negative predictions I certainly hope will never transpire.. That is for both President Obama and Pope Francis to suffer a premature dramatic death! 

Indeed would it because of politics or/or religions (ISIS)  there are many people who wants them dead!

The Church Inc. is primarily a corporate business, currently engaged in millions of dollars of legal battles to split from each others because of  disagreements on the teachings or when  millions of dollars are at stake. Supremacy and full control of all gullible people is what fuels religions and politics and so many other abusive matrixes!

Today, there are thousands of TV evangelists visionaries i.e. Joel Osteen, who make millions of “donations” with regular mail advertisements, he also appear on national TV regularly to sell his  books “dictated” from a false God.

This mean you will find God all over the place, on radio, on television, on CNN and he is also a New York best seller.  

Do you see the irony readers, over the years, this financially oriented religious masquerade grew so much and became greedy and abusive, but like all the very successful drug lords making billions every years, as long as there is a demand for the spirit of their false God,  there will be a very productive religious business to run.

But the two thousands years of  deceptive Neptunian mass indoctrination  is part of the sign of Pisces illusive legacy suffering Neptune addictive trickery plunging the world into a deep deceiving quick  sands. 

Pope Francis’ Sagittarius Sun Sign and his karmic UCI is much too honorable,  much too honest and much too real (like mine) for his safety! His commitment to the truth is unmatched by many Popes of the past and its just a matter of time for him to pay the ultimate price.

This will change the world’s perception of the church Inc. the Vatican and the Christian faith. All I can do is to keep sharing my vision and prepare my readers for his sacrifice.. 11/2015-02/2017 End of the Middle East and All Religions.

Pope Francis has a plan to bring back purity to a putrefied corporation lead by dedicated Mafioso protecting their fat Swiss and foreign bank accounts.

Indeed  my prediction about the Swiss banks secrets  came to pass, sad enough my premonitions for Pope Francis will take also place  and only a tremendous amount of prayers can save him!    

The cosmic code plan (God’s will) is very different than what  the Pope Francis  know to be true and he is the last real elected Pope. The more I watch the news his enemies and his precarious actions, the more I realize his imposed fate and mission on earth. Killing a pope is not something new.. It happened many times in the past! Most of the time it is an inside job but with ISIS after him, its a different and dangerous story!

Its not only that of  man but a cosmic “act of God” forcing the evil of religions and such to dry up and be replaced by a more manageable, usable cosmic God.  What is very disturbing is the atheist movement is growing drastically because all those “educated” idiots can not differentiate the false God (or all religions) and the real solid Cosmic God speaking through the signs.  But with no one to teach them the difference, separatism is inevitable!  Watch and listen to what society do not know because of God’s misconception proliferated by both the religious and scientific matrixes.

Atheists & Christians, God is Really Pissed Off At You!

 Pope Francis is simply responding like any other human to his UCI stars, but most importantly his Saturn… This cold planet is also called the “Great Malefic” and  brings immortality to some karmic souls chosen by God. 

“Saturn 16Pis28 (4) – The structural, conventional power of Saturn (the career builder) is in the illusive,  religious sign of Pisces. Saturn brings discipline, hard work, sacrifice into the “Martyr” born unworldly artistic Pisces sign.”

In his mind and heart, Pope Francis is truly religious and a man of real faith but, like 99.0009% of the world’s population, he is also non cosmic conscious and, regardless of the risks involved, he is only acting out his very karmic stars.

“ Without Cosmic Consciousness, human are nothing more than blind robots acting out their natal stars.” Dr. Turi  

His assassination is already in the planning process and  planned while travelling so the Church Inc. corporation does not crumble with the changes he has in mind!  Any mafioso killer can pretend to be part of ISIS caliphate, wait for the Pope and do the job for them… All we can do is to pray for his safety because traveling after the full moon on foreign ground is extremely risky! 

 But it is a cosmic order for the deceptive “Age of Pisces” to be removed and replaced by the liberal, intellectual, humanistic, technological  genius like New Age of Aquarius and accept also the reality of UFO flown around by our space brothers…

Indeed the young souls, the skeptics, the atheists and agnostics latent spiritual “gifts” can not accept the impossible just yet, but time has always been my utmost faithful witness and will, as usual prove me right…

The “end of time” promised by  all the non cosmic conscious so called- prophets, men of God, apocalyptic and conspiracy “Talking heads” is far from being what I see transpiring.  Christianity and all religions are targeted because all codified material generated by men religious folly was created under Neptune’s jurisdiction and endorsed by a Roman ruler.

The transformation will take many years and has started with its rivers of blood induced by the 2014/2016 Arian Draconis resurrecting temporarily the deadly spirit and legacy of Hitler.

But what is to come may be much worse! “Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools…” Dr. Turi


Neptune Lord of Religious Deception Rules
Fear Water, Drowning Fire Black Blood
Dreams Reality Conflicts Poison Mad Spirits
All False Gods Lost Children Join To Kill

Who will stop ISIS? The damage of religions upon humanity …

God, Jesus, Science, The Cosmic Code and your Children 

Bye CrescentImagine one morning you wake up and all the mosques had been broken down. If you are Muslim, you are not a happy camper. If you are a Christian who has been prosecuted, you probably don’t go outside until the you are certain trouble won’t start-up.

But the creation of the next generation of atheists, agnostics, skeptics and scientists alike ( or the future  monsters I am constantly warning you about) will act as such with Christians churches. “We have only 50 years!” 

I warned my readers of the educational religious and scientific matrixes battling for supremacy slowly engulfing a large portion of humanity in their particular beliefs. The human psyche is currently undergoing deep psychological changes imposed by the cosmic code upon and, apart from my Astropsychology students, much of the world is still  unaware of this “cosmic” phenomenon…  

On October 3, the Angolan government decided that mosques would not longer be allowed to operate in the urban district of Viana 17 km. Luanda Bento, the governor, announced on the radio that radical Muslims were not welcome in Angola, and that the state was not ready to legalize mosques.

One Tuesday, November 19, the Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva said,  “Regarding Islam, the legalization process has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Therefore all mosques would be closed until further notice. “

Cruze Silva also noted that the government would be giving other religious look over to see if others appear to be cults. The Angolan government has taken pre-emptive action, rather than to wait for the inevitable Jihad that seems to emerge when a Muslim population reaches a critical mass.

Angola does not recognize Islam as a religion, they regard it as a cult. They do not see anything particularly religious about the behavior of Muslims in the region and thus do not regard it as a religion. According to the International Religious Freedom report, Muslims are about 3% of Angola’s population, most of them are Christian. It is one of the larger concentrations of Christians on the continent.

Now, if you are new to my work, remember, do not blame the messenger or throw the water with the baby! I am NOT into religions, nor politics, I do not adhere to those human psychical endeavours and any belief system because I am  at least 50 years into the future and by then, if humanity makes it, politics will be totally revamped and religions a story of the past!

All pyramids on planet earth were built following Astrological rules! Remember Astronomy is a by-product of Astrology and started when the first telescope was invented by modern science. Those telescopes were invented well before our infantile science could ever design them by highly spiritual cosmic conscious astrologers! Since then Astronomy (science) has fiercely battled the cosmic spirit of God.

If one Italian scientist is correct then the telescope was not invented sometime in the 16th century by Dutch spectacle makers, but by ancient Assyrian astronomers (Astrologers)  nearly three thousand years earlier. Be sure the scientists will find every possible excuses to deny anything that would expose the truth. 

And for the critics, Astropsychology is NOT a belief system nor a religion but the mother of all the sciences combined.  Let me give you a solid example of science and humanity lack of cosmic consciousness…

  Mercury Monument Dedication November 10, 1964

The 13-foot-high astronomical symbol for the planet Mercury lies atop a cross symbolizing the sign of valor while the number “7” in the center signifies the nations seven original astronauts – Carpenter, Cooper, Glenn, Grissom, Schirra, Shepard and Slayton.

Do you notice the difference? NO really this is the ASTROLOGICAL symbol for Mercury,” regulating the sign of Gemini “The Messenger of the Gods”  and all forms of transportation and communications.

Now why would NASA “subconsciously” pick this symbol knowing they know NOTHING of the spiritual values emanating from all the planets in our local solar system?  But it seems humanity was much more spiritual back in 1931 when the Hoover Damn construction started under good astrological auspices and the sensitive artists designed and incorporated the belt of the Zodiac!

But right from the very beginning  the world has so much to recall from what was stolen from humanity and offered to Jesus’ and his ministry by those 3 wise men/ET’s Astrologers. The irony is, the  non perceptive populace of God fearing gullible “norm” does not even realize that on Christmas night, kids are waiting for Santa Claus to reward them all with goodies.

Indeed their parents, the same very night Santa Claus fly’s  above their houses, they are also waiting for Jesus to comeback and save their butts!

This tells you how uneducated, unaware, sacred and how cosmic unconscious humanity truly is… Nothing of what Jesus was supposed to teach humanity survived the test of time when Plutonic, greedy souls altered his crucial celestial ministry at their advantage! 

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.

~ Paracelsus

Every religious and born scientist soul should be able to hear, see and make a good use of God Universal Identity and this is why the bible said..

“I will talk to you, you won’t see me, I will present myself to you, you will not see me” this is the challenge humanity faces today as a new global God consciousness is taking place with my teachings.

 My mission is to make sure you stop feeding evil with the fears he needs to survive in your soul.

My goal is to make sure the sceptics, the agnostics, the atheists and the scientific community does not take away whatever is left of the human spirit because the masquerades and deadly legacy of all organized religions.

Depraving humanity from imagination, intuition, creativity or the essence of the spirit itself is very dangerous. Instead the scientific community and the mass of human trusting science must realize Astrology is also a vital science offering you the option to realize your celestial identity and the crucial part you play in the physical and spiritual scheme of things. 

I again agree with the born logical and ask them to realize the possibility of subtle cosmic forces at work  (God particles/Dark matter) and what can not be seen nor touched does not mean it does not exist!  

Losing faith and/or the spirit can only accelerate human instinction. But if the right spiritual cosmic education (non religious) becomes adjacent to the formidable physical creativity involving science and today amazing technological accomplishments, IMAGINE the INCREDIBLE potential of a cosmic conscious humanity? 

And that is the challenge I am facing, managing  a true “cosmic” Universal wisdom within the essence and beauty of all religions and incorporate it all with the true potential of science, all  without its accompanying separatism.

 And this is why I firmly believe when my first Astropsychology school or when the old science becomes a part of the educational curriculum humanity will never cease to flourish.  When God’s divinity is finally accepted in all our schools and Universities the chances for peace, love, respect and harmony will become a solid reality. 

The separation of church and state is another serious wall I have to remove, because religions and science (the physics and the spirit) have been at war for too long…  Offering a real “cosmic” spiritual and non religious platform will bring confidence and the desperately needed balance  between the spirit (cosmic code/God’s divinity) and the physics (the scientific community.)  

Imagine my surprise when an older Christian soul emailed me and brought to my attention this quote! I then realized both the Christians and the sceptic scientists themselves were not my enemies but scared and much misinformed. And this changed my attitude trying to reach and offer them both with spiritual salvation /or cosmic consciousness. 

Jesus says “go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces“… And, Dr. Turi was born February 26, 1950 in the constellation of Aquarius with his Sun sign in Pisces…


Report: Lanza ‘had no feelings’

Nothing can be more far from the truth,  ADAM LANZA WAS MUCH TOO EMOTIONAL FOR HIS OWN GOOD! But again what the new  traditionally “educated” psychologists neurosurgeons  medical kids on the block knows about their own UCI and relationship with the cosmic code? One thing is sure they are all whoring around with the pharmaceutical corporations supporting their ridiculous researches on the human psyche. I can assure you there is no gene creating gays, monsters or killers…  Why, Why Adam Killed children – Let Me Tell You Why!

Within 5 years, it should be possible to monitor and control tens of thousands of neurons, scientists say.

Human are much more than Blood, Bones and Flesh!

Obama waste $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain

The fact is you may be waiting for “Black Holiday” and if you are black American you are already born with a serious dose of Neptune artistic talents and you must be aware of his traps!  

What ever you will invest in for the holidays has a temporary physical life attached to it. Anything created by the hands and mind of men is doomed and set to break in time.  Even if you decide to offer a car to your child and if you do, he/she MUST respect the same always changing DMV laws…

One single mistake can cost anyone’s life with “a thousands ways to die!”  especially during your or your child’s negative ” personal cosmic biorhythms.” But this evil of ignorance does not have to translate into a premature death, pain and suffering and rest assured thousands of people will not see the end of 2014 readers. I

Instead why not let me generate your, your friends, loved ones next 12 months “Personal LUCKY cosmic biorhythms?” This long lasting spiritual gift is good all the way to 2015 and the cosmic wisdom I own is much more rewarding than the sugar coated sermons planned by Joel Osteen churches… 

A few minutes listening to the pope “blessings” from the Vatican balcony did not spare the millions of wasted lives in 2014, why would it change in 2015? Those archaic Neptunian religious sermons have nothing tangible to offer you, but non-realistic hopes.  

Your trip to your local church is so ingrained, the custom so deep but the pope and your local priests will not offer the non-cosmic lost souls the full protection of a cosmic God, he himself does not know, hear or see speaking through the signs… 

Your faith must be kept alive and strong, but its your “connection/perception” of a false punishing God that is dysfunctional, that all! 

I also know many God fearing souls will see me as evil not knowing they just missed real salvation… Remember dealing with Dr. Turi means also forced into the undiluted truth and OUT of your comfort zones. The choice is yours to swim upstream towards God cosmic divinity or keep swimming downstream feeding evil with your deep seated induced fears…

If you feel you are on hell, still lonely, depressed, unloved, fighting with your loved ones, without a rewarding job or working for someone else. If 2014 was the same  as last year do you think the God you fear will answer you soon?

Don’t you think its time to look for a more rewarding, forgiving, productive cosmic God while you are on earth. Don’t you think to upgrade your perception of a manageable, useful helping God who speak of no evil nor hell? 

Will you go right back to your safe hole and pray for my sinner soul or will you FREE your own hijacked spirit? Are you ready for Dr. Turi or do you need another deplorable year before accepting and using  God cosmic divinity?  All you have is your intuition, but this little voice can only be heard if you cast your fears aside… If you really hope for real changes in you life, I AM YOUR CHANGES!

Indeed life is a constant process of physical and spiritual changes, and unless YOU CHANGE nothing will change in your life!  

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (Albert Einstein)

Do you really think all the people I served over the years were  all deceived? Not so, instead they want much more of my rare  cosmic guidance and legitimate wisdom. Yes I will take real good care of you too when we meet on a live Skype presentation.

I am offering a Skype VIP, live, unlimited, taped session for $310 instead of $700… But you must act fast, this deal start today 9/16/2014 and will end 9/17/2014 at 7 PM PT! 

This offer is for all God’s children, race and colours who bleed red. 


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