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Prediction 06/14/2017“Russian President Vladimir Putin will be responsible for killing thousands of children before his own dramatic death”  Dr. Turi

Blame it all on his  natal UCI which make him very unlucky for teens and children from all walks of life!  

Continued: Looking at the date of September 12, 2013, before CNN announced to the world Vladimir Putin annexed Ukraine, I was once again; making the news before the news. Note also in “SOS To The World Large Earthquakes Ahead. March 25/26/27 Predictions” I offered the readers more warnings with my upcoming  March 27/28/29 SOS to the world window and the results are  obvious for any intelligent human being to deny! But be sure, the young souls will…

“Expect shocking developing news on March 25/26/27 and the following days, 27/28/29 will  speak of the possibility of  terrorism AND VERY DRAMATIC DEADLY NEWS IN UKRAINE.”

03/26/14 – Ukraine’s right sector leader killed
03/28/14 – Obama urges Russia to move its troops away from Ukrainian border
03/28/14 What are those Russian troops up to?


Putin to America: You’re not special

A Plea for Caution From Russia

By VLADIMIR V. PUTIN – ” It is dangerous for any country, including America, to see itself as exceptional, whatever its motivation…”

Dear readers;

Well, the motivations is well above your unconscious head President Obama, President Vladimir Puttin and it is written by God himself,  in the light and stars. A cosmic karmic language you and the rest of humanity hasn’t deciphered… Updated  – Gingrich: Putin another dictator and thug

And the world is so gullible. Putin is trying all he can to buy time. Note Puttin was born with the Moon in Gemini (duality) and he can not be fully trusted! All he wants is to have access to Iran nukes in the Middle East when times comes to battle America.


Vladimir Puttin  UCI born born 7 October 1952 – Libra 

President Obama UCI Born  August 4, 1961 – Leo

President Obama is a Leo born with the TAIL of the Dragon in Aquarius (humanitarianism) while President Vladimir Puttin is a Libra born with the Tail of the Dragon in Leo! (ego) – This mean what Putin is doing is what Obama should do to serve America and rebirth this country cosmic identity as the supreme world leader.

But a cosmic unconscious President Obama is still dangerously riding his nefarious Aquarius Dragon’s Tail in words and actions. Again  remember, I am not conjuring our President nor judge his performances, I am only explaining his natal UCI.  It doesn’t seem Obama will ever reach his Dragon’s Head and start to behave like a true Leo leader as Putin may show him how and force him to act.

Russia is a Scorpio country and while Vladimir Putin subconsciously responded to the pull of  2013 Scorpius Draconis he is still totally oblivious of the new  2014 Arian Draconis impact upon his Libra sign and surrendered to the invasive dangerous spirit of Hitler!  This is where you may want to make a good use of this deal while you can and be prepared for what this dragon will do to you and all the people around you!

Now to the non cosmic conscious this crucial Dragon karmic placement means nothing because my work is still perceived only as “pseudo-science.” Read more about the dragon. (public)

What’s next for America? – Obama, the US/Russia and Flight 370

If you think both Presidents owning the same Dragon axis is just a banal occurrence you are SO WRONG! At this point this information is much too important to be made public but I am divulging just enough to the the public and ALL to our VIP’s since the  Universal Dragon has just moved into the sign of Libra. Note also President Obama is a LEO and RIDE the Dragon’s Tail of Russian President Vladimir. This mean, fated, natural born enemies.

Those two powerful Presidents are “cosmically” already at war and what I have to divulge about their secret personalities is much to much for the non cosmic conscious reader who could never appreciate nor understand what “cosmic enemy” means.

If you remember America, July 4, 1776 owns the same Dragons as Obama, a Leo Head (power/leadership/wealth)  and like him, a risky Aquarius (nukes/shocking attacks/Pearl Harbor?) Dragon’s Tail.

 I wrote once that President Obama was born to destroy or save / lead America to its birthright but my visions seem a bit too much to the sensitive non cosmic conscious readers using their five limited human senses… “Obama Syria DO or Die to Save America. – America and the Upcoming Middle East War.” (You must become a VIP for those links to become live)

Ego Battles! I am better and stronger than you I am a Leo born to rule!

Like 99.000009% of the God fearing millions they rule, both Presidents are very powerful but also cosmic unconscious, both are totally unaware of the HUGE EGO dispute taking place in the cosmic battle for power… When putting said” Putin to America: You’re not special nothing can be more INACCURATE but how in the world can Putin realize America birth right when he is a  typical traditionally educated Libra and a religious fanatic aiming for the extermination of gay people?

Once more, America was born July 4th 1776 with a Dragon’s Head in Leo (like President Obama) and this mean America has and will ALWAYS be special period! But to the millions of people who disagree with me (or God’s cosmic Universal rules) none can relate to its cosmic design and reject the cosmic code jurisdictions.  Indeed the end result of the religious and scientific matrix working hard to keep your spirit jailed into your now, comfort zone!

This is a godly cosmic order a non “cosmic educated” Puttin can not relate to my words because he ( and billions more) have NO clue of the cosmic code jurisdictions. Knowing 99.000009% of the human population is cosmic unconscious my comments will infuriate both American and Russian alike because each human being perceive its reality through their own UCI logical mind.

Thus if a Russian or an American soul was born without a strong Leo (pride/Schwarzenegger)  his words and actions would be obvious. Meantime a soul born  under a submissive, Virgo (the servant) or a self effaced humble Pisces, the ego will be still underdeveloped.

Submissive souls were not born to experience fame or power, meantime a shy Pisces or critical  Virgo can own a HIDDEN Leo Dragon and spiritual pride will show under the form of a *subconscious inferiority or insecurity mental complex. But unless you master the art and science of Astropsychology you will never either understand or agree with me because you are not able to auto analyse yourself objectively (outside of yourself, emotions, faith and traditional education.) Try reading UCI! 

“Your spiritual pride will show under the form of *subconscious inferiority or insecurity mental complex.”

What you are witnessing with Puttin is the display of his HUGE offended Ego stimulated by his own Leo negative Dragon’s Tail. Offering Puttin a stage and power mean also the sure death of millions of Russian children when war will start. Remember Napoleon and Hitler? My next SOS To The World is for April///// where a wake -up call will be offered to the world and you can read it all here – Obama, Putin Fight to the death and America’s Future – (You must  become a VIP for those links to become live)

 Leo rules children, love, France, Italy, the art (yes French sound romantic) and both Leo countries are cosmically / subconsciously AGAINST AND ENEMY of Russia but again my advanced cosmic wisdom is not for the feeble minded or logical born skeptics young souls unable to grasp God mystical celestial divinity.

I was born a Leo there is no wonder why I became the Leader of a Leo country!

Napoleon was born August 15, 1769 and lead the cosmic unconscious French Army to invade Russia and lost against the cold nature who has always worked in favor of Russia, is this another  cosmic “accidental circumstance?”

Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy, skepticism and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just cosmic circumstances producing consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

Furthermore, President Ronald Reagan was born with a Scorpio Dragon’s Tail and Scorpio rules Russia, this sign rules also death, secrets and rebirth and; by the order of the Cosmic Code, Russia DIED during his presidency and was born again, all  because of Ronald Reagan’s karmic UCI!

The world has so much to learn and appreciate with God’s cosmic rules and there is no chance for peace or respect without a universal cosmic consciousness.

The full impact of a ruler who own a Leo (children) dragon’s Tail (negative) stand by for more readers, I will elaborate more in “Putin and Russia Children.” 

PUTIN’S TINY ARMY: Russian Kids Trained for Combat, USA’s Kids Trained to be Lazy, Fat and Stupid 

Some parents would gasp at the thought of their children playing with a toy gun, but these Russian children are actually encouraged to take up real arms. Military sports club, ‘Berkut’, (meaning golden eagle), trains up young Russian, who dream of joining the elite units of the Russian army and fighting under the command of President Vladimir Putin.

A young boy is pictured on their website brandishing a hand gun and dressed in military fatigues with his finger over the trigger. Children as young a five are sent on forced marches, given battlefield training, taught hand to hand combat, and how to use military equipment. 12 year olds are also taught how to fire Kalashnikov assault rifles and other small arms.

During the clubs regular camps, some children are given the opportunity to parachute jump during their paratrooper training.

Read more:




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dr. turi

 Sen. Menendez siad ” If Vladimir Putin wanted to get Americans’ attention, he seems to have done a pretty good job.” Yet all politicians are cosmic unconscious not only the Obama administration and the drive # one of any Leo Dragon’s Tail, is their supremely strong need for notoriety driven by huge selfish ego.

David Ike – The Lion Sleeps No More? An obvious subconscious sign and an appropriate book title exposing a much deeper Leo Tail psyche? 

David Icke was also born with such a dragon but as a rule this Dragon is not lucky with love and true fame. The soul is ridicule publicly and attracted / involved with children’s affairs where fear and nonsense feed the non cosmic conscious audience. Often the soul fall from his high pedestal because he is forced to learn modesty. In his case David succeeded by riding his eccentric, futuristic Aquarius Dragon’s Head.

This sign rules the future of humanity, UFO, Astrology, Unitarianism, humanitarianism, the Internet, freedom and my entire life as a Internet New Age Leader.  It is because of the affairs of love or how a selfish David Icke treated his dedicated ex-wife Pamela emotionally and financially that our friendship went bitter and when I took her side. Then I made myself another Internet enemy! But who cares I have so many now lol… gregg prescott Confronting Humility?

My book “The Power of the Dragon” teaches all those “secrets” and   read for all politicians and anyone aiming for fame or the stage. A Leo Dragon position dictate UN-fame or trying to shine stealing others cosmic light or wisdom.

Exactly what happened with David Icke re-inventing himself with my intellectual property involving the Moon matrix and my UFO experiences. Simply Google “Dr. Turi David Icke” to read how and why my good friend David turned into an enemy.

While I helped David and Pamela spiritually since 1988, we both (including Jordan Maxwell and Jon Rappoport) are the product of the Truth Seeker Inc. the older San Diego, California based US publisher where we first met. This company invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch his name and career in the US  while his ex-wife invested hers and others savings when all the money was gone in the wind. He retaliated against years of friendship and FREE steady spiritual help by allying with another deceptive Neptunian psychic  radio host based in the US.

Sharing Email:

Hello DT

Read your piece on David Icke – A few years ago I was involved with another nut case a guy called Michael Tellinger .We rented a restaurant from him in a insane little railway town with much incest poverty and totally weird people. Anyhow he had close ties with this Credo Mutwa African guy.He in turn had dealings with David Icke.

To make a long story short this trio ended very unhappily because David Icke accused Michael of stealing funds intended for Muthwa and Muthwa accused David Icke of exploiting him I think quite honestly the three of them should be certified and put into a mental assylim for good. I am starting to believe a lot of these people are serious Neptune cases


Brian – South Africa

Back to Puttin, before stealing power and become the Russian President, Vladimir Puttin was the CIA Chief and many of his competitors were “eliminated” by the Scorpionic dark force making up the essence of all secret services.

“It was a reference to President Barack Obama’s address Tuesday night, in which he said that while America can’t be a global cop, it ought to act when in certain situations. “That’s what makes us exceptional,” Obama said. “With humility, but with resolve, let us never lose sight of that essential truth.”

Putin’s answer to that? “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation,” he wrote.

But again all that Puttin said is EXACTLY what President Obama should be but is NOT! and everything that Obama is is EXACTLY what Puttin should be but both powerful Leaders are neurotically and subconsciously acting out the worse of their Dragon’s Tail and this is very dangerous for us all…

Obama is a born Humanitarian, the King of the poor a Liberal Aquarius Tail while Putting is the dangerous egocentric KING who wants to rule the world and will do all in his power to reach his goal with the Middle East   terrorists he feeds and support with armament.

The current deadly Scorpius Draconis is right above Russia and  has only a few months of reign where the essence of power itself will come to the fore and will probably unfold with the 2014 Arian Draconis rulership. Is  Putin the next Hitler? But one thing is sure its only when America survival is on the line that American ally, rely and support their President… Indeed the stars do not lie, I can accurately read God’ signs and Obama was born to destroy or RE-birth the United State of America. Doing it politically and diplomatically can not work when the USA was openly attacked verbally by the Russian President and his death will come before any apology to the American people.

The deadly Scorpius Draconis rule Russia and all super powers and to those who are aware of the accuracy of my “visions”  fear of the future can only be intensified  – Remember Obama was born with a Dragon’s Tail, like America in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius and this sign rules the sudden release of energy, earthquakes, volcanoes, Japan and nukes! This is the negative Tail, meantime Obama’s Leo Dragon’s Head (luck/growth) is a protective cosmic order imposed by God *the cosmic code for Obama to bring back the integrity, power, status of America!

I have serious predictions to share with the reader but for now only my VIP’s are allowed in the Cosmic Code website to read my detailed 2014/2016 Arian Draconis predictions and I have many more in store. Join Now!

All I hope for is for Vladimir Puttin to reach his Libra (justice/laws) soul’s purpose and use diplomacy instead of his huge wounded ego or his Dragon’s Tail in Leo to dictate his feelings and politics. More than the millions of people he and President Obama rule, our politicians should develop cosmic consciousness as to understand not only others but primarily themselves.

There is a long way to go and a very dangerous time ahead of humanity and all I can do is to keep feeding your spirit with this revitalizing cosmic fluid. But ask yourself not to lie to yourself and realize that I need you to put the same commitment, efforts and your dedicated support to help me reach more people so, with your help we can beat the evil of ignorance. I keep offering my cosmic wisdom for free because I know it reaches your heart and I have only you to rely on to give me a broader cosmic voice of reason. When this is done, love, respect and peace will finally reign upon this world and all the children of the future won’t have to suffocate in a chemical war in the name of greed, power and ego.


    A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”


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