President Obama, Asia, NSA the US Fate and Nukes Predictions



“If you make people think they will love you but if you really make them think the way I do then they will hate you”  Take a chance on your spirit, claim the undiluted truth, Claim God’s cosmic Divinity,  think outside of the controlling religious, scientific and news-media matrixes in charge of the media!

Dear Readers;

 “physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

On the medical aspect of Astroforensics, President Obama is prone to heart attack and join problems. I see serious troubles with his health or assassination between I see serious troubles with his health or assassination between  (August 2015 through March  2017″) Without cosmic consciousness the secret service and the NSA (and his doctors) can not protect nor diagnose him properly!  Ingesting medications can only make his health much worse as he is also seriously prone to poisoning. Let’s pray for our President safety and good health!

Now do not blame the Messenger, do not make me responsible for humanity cosmic ignorance because the penalty is real! If you know me well, you will heed my warnings and noticed my undeniable predictions. And if you don’t then just pray your false God for protection! You are now dealing with Dr. Turi and the undiluted truth as I perceive it through God’ cosmic divinity!

This is where I seriously wish  the NSA and all FBI agents would wake up and start to pay attention to my work because; due to their cosmic ignorance, our President “advisers” are putting Obama and the US at the utmost serious risks for nuclear exchange. North Korea: Obama trip is ‘dangerous’ for future purposes.

There is no doubting my predictions and the impeccable timing offered my world wide reading audience if you take the time to review and analyze my well documented, dated predictions. “Four blood moons” April 15/16/17 and 23/24/25 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross Predictions.

Possible North Korean nuclear test looms over Obama’s visit to South Korea – NUKES?

In articles such as “Kim Jong-Un the New Hitler? Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation?” or   “New Korean War Is On The Horizon”  –  “North and South Korea, USA and Nukes Predictions”  and ‘Warnings to the FBI/CIA and the Dept. of Homeland Security!” I gave ample warnings to my readers and while many secret services agencies from all corners of the world read my work, nothing has been done “cosmically” speaking with our President “timed” trips on foreign grounds to avoid such disastrous future.

To those who just landed on my work,  I purposely “invited” a visit from two FBI agents by using controversial  titles such as “President Obama’s Assassination” ” President Obama’s Ricin Assassination Attempt” and ” Upgraded – Internal Revolution Prediction –” to name a few. But why would I be so concerned and jeopardize my wife and I life if I was not convinced and seriously concerned for our President security trying so hard to explain his fated UCI in connection with nukes?

But a particular article I wrote back in March 14, 2011 titled “Japan, Nukes, America , Obama and the Future…” has not been “ASSIMILATED” by the public, the NSA and its army of FBI agents and this scares the  hell out of me!  Nearly four years ago I foresaw this trip and while it is crucial for any President to keep his allies informed and work diligently diplomatically with them all, the COSMIC TIMING is totally wrong and very dangerous FOR US ALL.  In fact, currently president Obama (and entourage) are right on one of his utmost dangerous Personal Cosmic Biorhythms for 2014!

Why do you think my wife and I are already planning to move out of the US readers?  Because NONE of those traditionally educated heads, President Obama himself and all his army of young political advisers are constantly taking chances  with the Cosmic Code (God’s cosmic will) and REFUSES to heed the signs.

In the name of God, I’ve exhausted all possible ways to offer unarguable endless undeniable predictions of large earthquakes, natural disasters and all can easily be verified by NASA, USGS, the entire scientific community and the general public!

“A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”

I am only perceived as a “psychic” oddity using a worthless pseudo-science by 99.999% of a religiously poisoned mass battling a scientific atheist “educated” crowd! All so trapped in this physical world, oblivious of a cosmic God above regimenting their lives and their future!

But how much do I have to do and offer humanity before being finally perceived as the real thing and with it; the importance of heeding my warnings? The young souls will deny my work because there are all offended  by my “egocentric” attitude reflecting their own insecurity/inferiority complexes…

With this in mind, all I want to do is to move away from America because the religious, scientific and news-media evil matrixes are not only dismissing the facts I “speak to Cosmic God” but also working hard muting me.

I could still reverse it all with your financial help, no matter which part of the world we are in but since 1991 all my requests to start my Astropsychology school, be on the radio or invest in my reality show went no-where! Meantime billions of dollars in taxes and donations are exchanging hands everyday for Neptunian, religious archaic endeavors.

Indeed the evil of darkness has a much stronger grip on the US and the rest of world is engaged in a fatalistic dance with Satan I finally realize can not be stopped! Moving away seems the only things left for us after spending  thirty years in the US, trying to convince you to help me saving your children…

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

But evil has it that; only your false punishing God shall reign upon earth until the last days, all starting with “2014 Arian Draconis World Predictions“- But while I know my cosmic God will never abandon his cosmic conscious children but after two years, this video and my crucial message never became viral!

Indeed  the forces of evil  are real and seem unbeatable and do make any of Cyrus’s video or a toddler facial expressions will easily get viral instead.  ‘The devil has got to her’ Miley Ray Cyrus Born A Porn Star? –  Tot’s amazing hockey reaction goes viral – As long as no much use of the human brain is requested, you’ll have a huge interest and a hit! Indeed the media matrix at work making sure you do not work too hard mentally and get consumed into religions, entertainments or sports!  Anything to make both the parents and their children smarter or more spiritual is out of question!

  “Let him (and the world) who ignores this warning be cursed, according to the cosmic rites and Universal ceremonies.”

Once more readers, including the FBI and NSA, to resume; you have elected a President born with a Dragon’s Tail (negative/karmic) in Aquarius (NUKES/humanitarian) and Obama is currently traveling through Asia a geographical area ruled by Aquarius (sudden release of energy/explosions/tsunamis.) Japan is an Aquarius country (technology/genius) right on the Aquarius (Air Force One) Dragon’s Tail ( negative) of President Obama.  Do you recall the December 7 1941 “sudden attack on Pearl Harbor?

Anything SHOCKING, dramatic, unexpected, explosive HAS and will ALWAYS come from Asia (Aquarius) or the Middle East  (Pisces) because this is how the Cosmic Code (God’s will)  has cursed America and its population. Unless all the political leaders build cosmic consciousness (ASAP) humanity has only 50 years before total nuclear destruction…

It may be too late for the older “Baby Boom” Leo and the current Virgo (OCD generation) but there is hope with all the children that will be arriving on this world before then. Acknowledging and heeding a cosmic God in charge of humanity through the study of Astropsychology is the only way for them all to survive the damage inflicted by the monopolizing religious and scientific matrixes in charge of their initial spiritual education…

For our President to visit Asia on one of his 2014 Negative Personal; Cosmic Biorhythms is extraordinary dangerous him and for us all. All we can hope for is for his safety and pray meantime let me offer another warning well ahead of time where it will be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to deny my gift/curse!

While I already gave those predictions to my VIP’s, the very same negative window will force our President to undergo a tremendous difficult time and be forced to make crucial decisions… Indeed the same 911 cosmic energy prediction will be back hunting America then…


In July, 2000, astrologer Louis Turi posted some predictions on his website about disastrous events that would take place in September, 2001. Turi, who claims to make “predictions in the art of Nostradamus,” made this forecast, in part:

Original Prediction; Bad news ahead for any and all denominations where religious figures will “pass over.” In 1998 the same type of celestial energy produced a murder in the Vatican followed by a suicide, which forced the Pope to address to the world in sadness. The Middle East “US surprising bombing attack” on Saddam Hussein forces in Iraq also took place under these circumstances. This energy can affect sophisticated electronic equipment and produce a bad aeronautic accident. Deception, illusion and secret affairs are on the agenda. The same Neptunian energy produced the Valdez disaster and the sinking of theTitanic in 1912. Expect a general feeling of hopelessness plaguing the media and the church authorities. Deceiving news will take place and affect many of us; some desperate souls will fall for Neptune’s suicidal tendency and some will end up in jail or a mental institution. This trend will be very difficult for some, but do not lose faith in yourself and trust the Universe; get all the help you can to fight Neptune’s depressive tendencies; amuse yourself, keep busy and let go of the past. Life must go on. Expect anything surprising, even incredible to take place soon and see the real power of both Uranus, the planet of sudden release of energy in action and Saturn forcing THE GOVERNMENT TO TAKE DRASTIC ACTIONS.

I am particularly asking the skeptics, the atheists, the agnostics and the scientific community, including ALL security services in charge of our President’ safety to make a note of this SOS to the World window and the dates offered because, these days will be the utmost challenging in his Presidency! Nature will also speak of her destructive powers. Unless you become a VIP or work for NSA, I will not be able to reach you to refresh your memory.

“Time has and will always be my utmost trustworthy reliable witness” 

Dr. Turi

August 2014 SOS to the world windows

August 9/10/11 2014

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind  Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike

Cosmos News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Incredible / lightning / Unusual Humanitarianism / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0) / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / Cyber / Japan / Television / UFO.

The omens / news coming out of Asia  lately with “Flight 370”  and the sinking of the South Korean Ship (both predicted to the day) are quite obvious to me!

And while the situation of today’s world is quite grim I can not help to believe my real, non punishing and rewarding “Cosmic God” did not put us all on earth to experience an irreversible suffocating end! All I need is your help before moving away from the America I cherish and love, and all the people I am trying so hard for years to reach! Give me the voice, give me the support while we  still have time!

Important note: I always said to my readers, the day I leave America you may want to follow my lead and once our house  sells, Terania and I have decided to move to another country!

 Florida may not be the place I will retire to after all and while things could change, the planned trips ahead of us will tell us where we will end up! The reasons could be geopolitical, a nuke attack on the US, a terrible natural disaster or our own security being compromised! This mean only the Cosmic Code or my “Cosmic Cyber University” will be operational and become the only way to read my warnings in my cosmic code newsletters all along and from where ever we will be secretively operating afterwards!

When you notice the flux of my newsletters with numerous private VIP links or slowing down, it may be too late for you to join but we will keep steadily informing our VIP’s of all our current and future moves… You paid us for a service and we will honor it to the end. Indeed my promise to share our life, our experiences, our trips’ pictures, videos and serve you “cosmically” every months will end only when I become too old to write… Yes, as predicted for the Turi family,  this 2014 Arian Draconis is about to change our lives drastically…  Join us while you can!

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi



L’oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain

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A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”

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