Prince William Princess Catherine and the UK Fate – A very worried Queen!



From Helga Rossner Is another prediction from Dr. Turi  long ago coming to bear fruit, see the following article:… 

Recovered article published 09/15/2012 – let’s go back in time readers…

Dear Readers:

Yet again one of my prediction came to pass…but now what’s next for England or the young unconscious Royal couple the British royalty and the British people?  The pictures you are looking at are the pictures I saw with my 3rd eye November 25th 2010 when I wrote the predictions you are about to read AGAIN! Make the most of them, save them, pass them on to the world and be warned…

Irish newspaper publishes topless royal photos

Memo from prediction page 2: The century’s old man made King/Queen status and its entire snobby privilege selected children will see the beginning of a crumble induced by the humanitarian “all equals” energetic pull of the New Age of Aquarius.”  England is a Capricorn country and will undergo the same changes where many of the members of Royal family will experience dramatic experiences. The Royal family may also suffer a death by malady or accident.”                                 

                                            Britain’s Prince Philip Taken to Hospital 

November 18th 2010 – CNN – Royal engagement reveals less deferential, more meritocratic Britain.

But the fact is the British Royalties and celebrities  from all walks of life and from all corners of the world are a also a part of the 99.09% of an unconscious mass depraved of Cosmic Consciousness and I wonder how many of them read my warnings?  Things do not happen by accident and when the (predicted on Coast to Coast) biggest earthquake in the UK for nearly 25 years shook some homes across large parts of England  ENGLAND Unusual Earthquake Location I saw this a a really bad omen for the country! I saw another red flag when I read those news then…

“The fortune-tellers, at least, must have seen it coming. The biggest overhaul of consumer laws for 40 years takes effect on Monday, tightening controls on everything from door-to-door salesmen to children’s advertising.”


“there are no accidents, only cosmic circumstances unknown to science and the world at large” 

How do I challenge those people? by making specific predictions for their own country and have it posted on the Internet for ever giving them the option to do what the reader is doing today…Going back to read what I wrote before CNN posted on their website…

I sometimes wonder how people like Mister Millmore or James Randi would really react if they were to follow my and work and unarguable predictions like all my faithful readers do…Would they change their mind facing the obvious or what would they invent to deny the obvious? Like the majority of skeptics,atheists and agnostics born young souls they are only misinformed or to stupid to admit defeat…Are You An Atheist? – Religious Or Atheist?

 William, Catherine on high stakes mission for UK Inc.

“On the ground they also have backup from local diplomatic missions. The costs of (scheduled) flights and security alone will easily go into six figures, and most of this expense will be met by the British taxpayers.”


So here it is readers, and old newsletter I wrote for my VIP’s back April 29, 2011- Enjoy another obvious prediction and be prepared for the future…If you know anyone in England let them share this and hopeful my warnings will not be wasted…

Just Married! the Beginning of the End!

Wishing the British young souls the best of  “protection”

Prince William and Catherine Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are leaving London’s Westminster Abbey after exchanging vows.

But the fact is they got married during a waning moon (negative) in Pisces (deception) Aries (war). Well now there is NO doubt in my mind that the Royal Family is as informed on the Cosmic Rules as the rest of the 99.09% of the British population.

Religions, power, greed, control took over God’ celestial essence and universal purpose, the karma I foresee for the British family is already in motion for ignoring, consciously or not the Cosmic Code regulations.

Most importantly, both kids were born with a Dragon’ Tail (karma) in Capricorn (politics) and the UK is a Capricorn country. What does this mean for their country,  themselves and the Royal family’s future?

It means a wave of dramatic events is ahead for them all and could have been avoided had anyone of them owned Cosmic Consciousness or read my book 2011 Moon Power. One of the most powerful and wealthy country in the world is about to undergo tremendous, tumultuous, karmic interior political changes and this is why God chose this young couple to put an end to the Royal family centuries of  “political” abuses  – Call it karma at work… 


Indeed human will “contract” themselves or elect their Presidents because of fame, physical beauty, super wealth or because they were born great “Talking heads.” Yes human, ignorance of Divine manifestation, stupidity and envy is deceptively contagious.

And as they did with Charles and Diana “love story”  the world will run to the next British masquerade, not knowing they have been done for centuries by the British privileged selects few powerful abusive hierarchy. And David Icke sees them all turning into lizards? OMG!

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just cosmic circumstances the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.

– Dr.Turi

The fact is the “regular” human (status means nothing naked morons are everywhere) cannot make use of a latent perceptive gift and will be forced to pay the price of ignorance, all they can do is live and enjoy the “Royal” moment where Neptune the planet of deception rules.

Yes all those celebrities, Moguls, Kings and Queens rule your lives and NONE of them can see or hear God in action and this make them as important as the next door dude  in the eye of reality and God himself.


The ugly truth of how Princess Diana’s demise came about will never be divulged by her born Scorpio and Scorpio Dragon’s Tail killer husband. Note all those malicious/deadly energies are right into Diana’s 5th house of love, romance and children…

Indeed all the cosmic signs are screaming MURDER and revealing to me an extremely jealous, sarcastic killer husband instinct where POWER, EGO and GREED rule his deadly Plutonic world. If he could; his own Mother would be dead right now and she is punishing him for his previous deadly deeds by refusing to step down and offer him the throne.

But the world would rather forgive and forget the real ugliness of the “future King” representing the true face of the English Monarchy and hidden agenda. All I can tell you I spend much of my youth in the UK and all the British I know and love are truly incredible people…The best memories I have are from England while I can’t stand the web depressive Capricornus weather.

Doomed By The Stars! The Fate of the UK Prince William and Kate Middleton

If you think Charles is happy about his son’s wedding you must be again in a world of dream reader and if he was to successfully dispose of one family member, who and what can stop him doing the same with others?

Yes Scorpio mean POWER but born with the Tail of the Dragon in this sign Charles is CURSED to never really enjoy true power. Makes you think people; just because I can see pass the public unconscious dance of madness and ignorance I can assure you those two kids are in serious danger…

Sad enough both of them as predicted can only tarnish the Royal image and bring back luck to England in the long run. What they really should do is to escape the lime light, enjoy the wealth they landed on and disappear from the face of the earth in a life of total secrecy. Because both of those kids have no clue of their karmic destiny and how it will play out for the future of England and the Royal family legacy. It is indeed a curse to know so much readers but like them or any other human being I am doing my part…

Yes time will tell, just make note and save this newsletter (published April 29, 2011) because as much as I was right in predicting Diana death to the day, those two kids will NEVER be happy in the UK and will never ever bring anything good for the old secretive, powerful English Monarchy or Charles himself.   I can only hope William and Kate Dragon’s Tail (dangerous) in Capricorn (reflecting the Snobby British Monarchy) will be stronger than Plutonic Charles’ natal Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Scorpio (death/secret/drama) and will not “dispose” of them by yet another “accident.” Remember a Plutonic soul (Charles)  will stop at nothing for power and time will tell who’s right. 

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi




This newsletter was posted to the world 11/25/2010 the original is still here – The Fate of the UK Prince William and Kate Middleton but some pictures are missing and needed to be updated.

Dear reader:


Prince William and Kate Middleton set date and venue for wedding

 London, England (CNN) — Britain’s Prince William will marry Kate Middleton on Friday April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London, the royal family said Tuesday, ending a week of speculation about the date and venue.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s union is quite an interesting karmic relationship designed to mark the end of the British Monarchy especially when the powerful couple wed during a waning *negative moon.

Again being royalties, rich and famous does not mean being knowledgeable or aware of the power of the stars upon the fate of this young couple and their country. I may sound redundant to some of my readers but I doubt very much the new Cosmic Code readers took the time to read all I wrote over the years about England’ stars.

Thus this repetition is a must to bring all the readers up to date to how the United Kingdom relates to the Cosmic Code and God’s higher order.

Now we could take for example both the Pope (representing God on earth) or the honorable Dali Lama but the fact is those supposedly wide men do not possess Cosmic Consciousness and I doubt very much their aptitude to see God in action via the stars or even “read” the signs the way I do to heed my readers.

Knowing the fact that ALL religions and their leaders have lost touch with the divine (the Cosmic code and God’s universal will) there is absolutely no chances for the young couple (or anyone) to be advised properly and respect the Universal rules as to work in harmony with God’s creation and be blessed with a wonderful long lasting marriage such as the one Terania and I are committed to.

The only difference between the royal couple and us is pure, real wisdom and the blessings of God himself for respecting the universal rules, especially the moon’s fluctuations.

Moon Matrix Lecture (PHENOMENAL)

Getting married, buying a house or starting an important business without knowledge of the stars and the moon is like a farmer planting his crops in the middle of the winter and expect a fruitfullest harvest. The farmer has learned, a long time ago to work in harmony with nature (the seasons) and the moon.

In fact the peasants under the tyranny of all previous British Kings knew better then their abusive rulers, at least as far as the moon is concerned. Note also that many rich and famous people have paid the price of their ignorance by behaving like robots of the stars and paid a heavy price for their lack of Cosmic Consciousness.

Only yesterday I was watching television where the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, born with a Virgo rising could not help himself to be extraordinary rude by calling some journalist “pedophiles.” Little does the French President know about the worse trait of a Virgo which is its legendary sarcasm and this lack of awareness means his ineptitude to apply his will to control his tongue, especially during a waning moon period. Indeed a very bad habit that lead many young Virgo to souls to pay the price by destroying their relationships but when it comes to politics diplomacy is golden and Sarkozy’s sarcasm could cost him drastically.

Thus how come the Leader of any nation, the Pope himself or the honorable Dali Lama and the royal family can control others and their country using supreme wisdom, when they can not even control themselves, know themselves or the Cosmic Code or God’s universal will? And you wonder why this world is such a chaotic, dangerous jungle?

The royal family says it will pay for the wedding Cameron: Government will meet any wider transportation, security-related costs Westminster Abbey has close ties to the monarchy

DT Rebuttal: The royal family says it will pay for the wedding: I think the British Hierarchy can afford it with the trillions of dollars stolen from many countries including countless African diamond mines using the local as slaves.

England is a Capricorn sign (the goat) chosen by Christianity to represent evil or the devil’s head) and this zodiacal sign rules engineering, building, politics, the snobs and all that related to structured power, high class of super achievers and indeed politics.

The English’s genius is its organizational, structured legacy left in all the countries they once ruled and controlled, i.e. India, China, etc. Note that France, the US and many other advanced countries did and imposed the same “political structure” thus I stand for no one when exposing the truth about both the strength (structure) and weakness (use/abuse) of this particular zodiac sign.

Again I am talking stars not politics because it is the greed and abuses of the Plutonic party in power then that are to blame to take in consideration the interests of their countries first at the expenses of their uneducated trusting victims.

Much like the naive native American trusting the white man that with time exterminated their cultures, livelihood stole their land and forced them into reservations in their own country. Thus anyone born with a very strong Capricorn will be politically oriented, an engineer of some sorts and a system “manipulator.” For your information French President Nicolas Sarkozy was born a Capricorn, with a Capricorn Dragon’s Head while Hitler shared the same Dragon axis.

I am not exactly sure how the current British population feel about the millions of their tax dollars wasted in previous failed royal “love stories.” I wonder when the Queen of England will realize that her respectable, snoby, stable generation is log gone and kids will always be kids suffering their often incompatible UCI – i.e Price Charles and Princess Diana.

Yes to those readers who never read this newsletter, Prince Charles nasty Dragon’s Tail (karma/pain/suffering) and Sun in Scorpio (jealousy) was located in Princess Diana ( a cancer) 5th house of love and fatal attraction. Scorpio rules also total power, extreme jealousy, control over others, sex, death and the mafia resulting in the well planned murder of Princess Diana.

Where ever Scorpio or resides in your chart death and drama can enter your life and Diana died in the name of her children and a jealous lover. Like O.J. Simpson (a cancer) Charles’ famous status and money saved his butt but there is no difference between Princess Diana and O.J Simpson fate really.

One killed the lovers because of jealousy and for the children, *Prince Charle, the others were killed because of jealousy and for the children, O.J. Simpson. While this Astropsychology “essay” makes total and unargable sense to any of my students, other readers may lack the basic understanding of the old science to fully grasp what happened in those cases.

Thus my students realization of removing such a powerful detecting tool from the mass by the Iluminati to keep the human spirit jailed into deceiving religions and endless televised entertainment.

DT Rebuttal: Cameron: Government will meet any wider transportation, security-related costs: Again how much tax money will have to be wasted before the British national pride and respect for the Queen (and all her privileged select) fades out?

When another public costly divorce circus takes place with Prince William and Kate Middleton the very disillusioned British population will finally realize that those souls are only humans with the same shortcomings than any other English citizen, with the only difference that their precious tax dollars has once more been wasted with out of this world extravagances.

Little do the English people and the British hierarchy know that both Prince William and Kate Middleton were born with their natal Dragon’s Tail in the karmic sign of Capricorn and what terrible impact this celestial affliction will bring to the ” English Royaume.”

Furthermore Kate Middleton was born with the Sun (soul’s purpose) and the Dragon’s Tail (negative) in the snoby sign of Capricorn and she will (behind close doors) influence greatly the Prince’s decisions. The Prince receives the nasty Tail of the Dragon in his 7th house of marriage/contracts and the public’s perception while his wife to be receive the protective Head and moon on her marriage house.

As a rule Capricorn marry people either much older or much younger than themselves and born the same year this union is not only calculated but very karmic in nature. But what is worse is both Dragon’s Tails of the young couple are in serious conflict with Prince Charles which will never agree in anything and everything his children with say\think, or do in any of their political or family views, indeed this union is totally against Prince Charles wish and will.

But unless you become an astropsychologist and build cosmic consciousness you will never be able to face and see the truth as it is. Incidentally both royalties were also born with the moon (home) in Cancer (the US/France) and will probably either spend most of their lives in those countries or even forced to live there.


DT Rebuttal:Westminster Abbey has close ties to the monarchy: Actually the Westminster Abbey would never exist or better was “created” by the Monarchy, the oldest, biggest most impressive structure (Capricorn) is a perfect place chosen by those born into wealth and influence to seal their fate.

Knowing the tremendous world wide publicity of yet another royal popular wedding can only bring more attention to the dramatic failing numbers of Church attendance in the UK and this is also well planned of course.

According to a tradition first reported by Sulcard in about 1080, the Abbey was first founded in the time of Mellitus (d. 624), Bishop of London, on the present site, then known as Thorn Ey (Thorn Island); based on a late tradition that a fisherman called Aldrich on the River Thames saw a vision of Saint Peter near the site.

This seems to be quoted to justify the gifts of salmon from Thames fishermen that the Abbey received in later years. In the present era, the Fishmongers’ Guild still gives a salmon every year. The proven origins are that in the 960s or early 970s, Saint Dunstan, assisted by King Edgar, installed a community of Benedictine monks here.

When I first investigated the charts and UCI of both Prince William and Kate Middleton I immediately stumbled on the location of their natal dragon’s tail in the sign of Capricorn and a very strong uneasy feeling came all over me for the UK. Knowing that Hitler’s was born with the same Capricorn Dragon’s Tail and knowing his main concern was to eradicate England from the map I became much more aware of the damage BOTH Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Dragon’s Tail would, in time do to the country itself.

Relationship with Prince William – Middleton’s unsubstantiated status as the girlfriend of Prince William brought her widespread media coverage in the UK and abroad, and she was often photographed on her daily outings. On 17 October 2005, she complained through her lawyer about harassment from the media, stating that she had done nothing significant to warrant such publicity.



DT Rebuttal:Indeed a true Capricorn STRIVE for notoriety and her excuses about “embarrassment” from the media” is nothing else than a CAPRICORN well planned move to gain MORE publicity and fame to further her own future agenda. After all dating a Prince is a sure ticket for attention and just in case the young fool wakes up to her manipulative, cold, calculated ways she already made her move towards fame.

The proof is quite obvious for if she did not LOVE fame she would have put miles between her and the Prince’s love or chose a less glamorous modeling career? Often the obvious is too much for normal people to see the fact even right on their faces… I teach my students that where ever Capricorn is in your chart one become extraordinary astute, cold, calculated and will not hesitate to use or abuse others to climb the egotistic ladder of status.

Do you know anyone born in January that never tried to get anything for free or manipulated anyone for personal gain or position? With the Dragon’s Tail and the Sun in Capricorn, Middleton is a master manipulator in disguise set by her own fated karmic stars to attract wealth and power. Remember “the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought and a magnet will not attract a piece of wood” thus the “accident” or the circumstances took place and set perfectly by the law of attraction. After a while near the Prince, using her beauty in accordance with a protective waxing moon, and/or a perfect lucky dragon date the job was done!


Builder of the greatest towers

Holding all the social powers

Striving to climb to the highest peak

For honor has no place for the weak

I am CAPRICORN, child of Saturn

Like Princess Diana stole the light from Prince Charles, she will do the same with her husband all to satisfy an enormous Saturnian ego believing she is above all others humans, exactly like Hitler thought of himself; superior to all his entourage.

Again all I can do is to point out how the stars operate on people’s psyche and actions and expose the plain truth as it is, passing the thick wall of deception. But Prince Charles’ phenomenal scorpionic perception saw the entire game unfolding (an encore) and secretively tried to discourage his own son against such union.

But little does he know that Kate’s Dragon’s Tail terrific karmic attraction is simply much too much for Prince William to ignore or fight against and her endless tricks to get pregnant ASAP may already have brought its fruits. A reminder of how cleverly deceiving Capricorn can be to reach the top of the mountain and gain both power and recognition.

Meantime Prince Charles saw in his son his own karmic unavoidable attraction to departed Princess Diana. Again the beauty of Astropsychology is that I can see and hear what God is saying about his children best and worse traits through the Cosmic Code rules and the creator does not lie to me. Once more my gift is to expose anyone, everyone through the Cosmic Code rules from celebrities to close friends.

I have nothing against Kate or any of my friend for that matter I am just translating God’s celestial rules and exposing the future of people and nations.


As much as Hitler’ stars were extremely dangerous to England, so is Kate and Prince Williams combined fated Dragon Tails and not a single member of the Royal family including 99.09% of the world’s population is aware of such drastic celestial forces at work.

Translating honestly such karmic astrological influences may bring quite a lot of resentments against me from souls depraved of Cosmic Consciousness or Neptunian people living/wishing/dreaming the lives of such celebrities.

If the past has proven me right with the Royal family’s predictions so will the future and no one wants to digest or even accept an horrible future. I do not know anyone who would be pleased to be compared to Hitler don’t get me wrong, but please remember the references I useMUST not be taken textually but as STARS/ dragon references only.

And the fact is many people will not be able to do so and assume the worse about me when all I am doing is translating the fate and stars of UK royalties. In no way this “essay” means a total lack of respect or sensitivity to the British people but the truth (as I perceive it through my own UCI ) never intended to please anyone, period!

After all my god friend David Icke has his own feeling and rough words for his own country men and so do I with sarcastic French President Sarcozy.

The wedding date is set for April 29th, 2011 during a waning (short lived) moon when the future Dragon will be cruising the dual sign of Gemini. My vision is quite clear and enunciate a split or at least serious problems for the young unaware couple that will come public in May / November 2012 / 2013.

The future Royal break up is unavoidable and could be the result of Prince William’s natal Dragon’s Tail (negative) located unfortunately in his 8th house of death in the sign of Capricorn. Furthermore, Kate Middleton’s own fatalistic Dragon’s Tail in the same house of death predispose the unavoidable demise (and hidden political reasons) of her husband to be future demise.


The same circumstances that plagued Princess Diana are at work but I am a bit too much ahead in time for my vision to be accepted, MEANTILE MY BOOK MOON POWER GAVE THE EXACT DAY of her “accident.”

With so much power, fame and wealth involved, the cold calculated winter Capricorn latent feelings become frozen and are easily replaced by greed, ego and political manipulation to climb even higher the ladder of shame.

Hitler’s cold and calculated ascension and abuse of power is a perfect example of a soul born with the same Dragon’s Tail than Kate in the sign of Capricorn. But as much as the soul is timely allowed to manipulate others to build its highest selfish pyramid, karmic Saturn always sees to it at the end and like the German Reich, crumble everything right down to the ground…

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s fated union has a much bigger and deeper purpose for Britain and the world at large than many souls can presently comprehend but this unfortunate union marks the beginning of the end of a very deceived English Higher hierarchy where the altruistic Aquarian pull will begin to bring down the Leo egocentric self absorbed golden tower.

The future has always been my most trusted witness and all I can wish is to be wrong and all my readers have to do is to wait and see the fated future of the Royal family unfolding per God’s ultimate celestial will order… Lastly the rich and famous ignorance of the Moon and awareness of their lucky/unlucky dragon dates and lack of Cosmic Consciousness does not stop there…There is only a fatalistic price to pay for ignoring God’s signs….


Melbourne (ANI): Twitter went berserk following an appearance by Harrison Ford on a US talk show with claims he was drunk. Fans speculated that the actor was ‘drunk’ or ‘on a high’ during the show, reports Ford looked blankly at host Conan O’Brien during the interview, slurred his words and contributed no more than one word or one-line answers.

First the great actor was born with a heavy karmic Pisces (drugs/alcohol/movie) Dragon’s Tail and this mean being eating alive in such an glamorous deceiving acting environment. I often mentioned that while the head or the Tail of the dragon can be both positive or negative, working on the Tail of the dragon can and will take your life away…

Pisces is a water sign but the most significant point in Harrisson UCI is his Sun in and natal moon in Cancer becoming under the full power of the moon.Gee Mr. Harrison and 99.09 % of the world are not as lucky as you reader because they never will get the real answers of what transpired that evening and worse never got the option to download my FREE 2010 Moon Power. Did you get your copy yet to check on my claims?


Thus doing an interview on his hidden dragon’s tail drunk is the worse thing the famous actor could have done for his career and popularity. But as mentioned before being rich and famous does not mean true happiness or enjoying true wisdom and this is where my reader must realize that those very powerful, wealthy celebrities are NOT as lucky as any of my readers for the rare wisdom I am offering them for FREE is actually priceless.

Furthermore if you take the time to watch the show, note the phrase Harrison Ford used “its meant to be there IN YOUR FACE” and watch the FULL MOON behind him in the studio decor, indeed there are NO accident even on a TV set but one must be as perceptive as I am to SEE THE SIGNS!


“Knowledge is power ignorance is evil”

Are you dating when you feel like? Are you traveling when you feel like? Are you gambling when you feel like? Are you signing contracts when you feel like? Are you buying or selling when you feel like? Are you signing contracts when you feel like? Are you looking for a job when you feel like? Are you crossing an intersection when you feel like? Are you ignoring a red light or a stop sign when you feel like? ARE YOU INSANE?

  • What about knowing and using the EXACT dates of each months in 2011 where the beneficial Dragon’s Head will endorse all your moves?
  • What about knowing and planning alL your endeavors in harmony with the protective Dragon’s Head and succeed in all you do?

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