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Know all about your true mission and your fate in this world.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have ordered a product or a service please set up your appointment on Skype ASAP with Terania ( Note as soon as we receive your order via pay-pal or from our cart I start the process of dissecting your stars, this process usually takes a few hours of investigation so the best translation can be offered to our client. Note once an order has been placed there is no refund, so be careful when you order any of my services. Refund are only for products no consultations. Thank you. Dr. Turi


All  the information, predictions, guidance and teachings of the Universal Laws should be recorded at your discretion. You will interact personally with me for as long as you need, your consultation has no time limit. Call the office at : 602-265-7667 or email if you need clarification on any consultation and to set up your appointment.

A Full Life Reading involve a full introduction of your chart, all planets positions by houses and sign and involve predictions based upon the Universal and your natal or hidden Dragon.

My cosmic work is free of complex mathematics and based upon symbolism. This makes it much easier for you to understand, especially if you know nothing of the basics of Divine Astrology. 

The consultation also involve the 16th century Nostradamus Astro-Tarot methodology which will confirm all the predictions, guidance and cosmic teachings divulged to you.

1- 90MN audio tape and YOUR CHART will be mailed to you if we worked out this deal (add $10 S&H.) Save time and money by recording our session on your cellphone and receive your chart via email as an attachment.

The following is a detailed explanation to all that I will cover and answer for you, there won’t be nothing  about  your fate I will not discuss or teach you to get all your wishes!

I will make you aware of your true soul’s purpose during this current incarnation.

I will point out  your best options to make money and stimulate your potential to become a multimillionaire.

I will tell you the top gifts God blessed you with at birth  and how to use them accordingly.

I will tell you what type of energy is in your home and teach you how to cleanse it so you and your family can live happily and feel secure.

I  will explain your best shot at creativity and reaching fame I will also talk about your children or partner if requested.

I  will point out the type of man/woman will fit you best and what type of love you will attract. I will also teach you how to build more magnetism to become more attractive to the opposite sex.

I  will make you aware of the type of ailments/diseases you are prone to suffer and the correct natural healing methods you need to know to enjoy a healthier, longer life. I will also teach you how to avoid or beat cancer using my “Universal Blood Transfusion.”

I will tell you what type of partners you are fated to attract and when/where to go to find your soul mate.

I  will divulge your soul’s age and if you were born a healer, a soul Doctor or a medicine man/woman.

I  will tell point out your best shot at higher education and what to expect with foreigners or in foreign lands. I will expose your past lives residue, where you were, what you were doing, how you died and how your inherited your spiritual gifts. 

I  will lead you to the best career God has in store for you and the real possibility for you to regenerate your soul and become successful doing what you like most.

I will point out the type of friends and groups you will attract and those that will help you reach all your dreams.

I will make you aware of your weaknesses, your hidden enemies and clean off any form of possession by low astral entities.

I will also tutor you on how to make the most of your super-conscious creative forces and teach you critical Universal laws that apply to you personally.

Now to the utmost crucial information: I will point out the current Cosmic Winds and how the Universal / Personal Dragon will impose a total  rebirth in very specific areas of your life. There is no chances to escape its power and working in accordance to the cosmic code jurisdictions will become a major contribution for your success in building a wonderful future.

God cosmic Divinity speaks its power through the signs and when the session will be over, my cosmic wisdom will change your entire perception of life.
You will be grateful for making the right decision to trust my God given predictive gift. 

Email for more information on the best reading needed for your current situation or call 602-265-7667 if you have any questions. 



Full Life Reading – $300.00 – add $10 S& H: A personalized detailed reading on a 90-minute audio tapes that will be used throughout your life. Unarguable facts about your direct relationship with the universe and my guidance that will help you to establish emotional, financial and spiritual stability. An Egyptian Cross Tarot reading is part of this reading and so much more. A must for everybody! This detailed reading will be used throughout your existence. I will explain (using Divine Astrology/Astropsychology) the significance of all the planets in your horoscope and thoroughly clarify, all the vital departments of your life. In addition to adding new insight to your personality, this tape uncovers unique information based on the location of your natal Dragon’s Head and Tail and the teaching of the implacable Moon Universal Law. Keep in mind I do not practice the Astrology you know, read, practice or have studied. My work is totally unique and do not resemble any previous psychic readings or astrological work you may have experienced. All readings are taped on top quality cassette tapes. All your questions will be answered and the right direction/guidance for a successful career or specific problem will be offered. The second part of your reading is the psychic cleansing and reading of your own Supraconcious forces in time and space. All areas of your future and past life residue will be covered.

Progressive Reading – $200.00 – add $10 S& H If you already have had a Full Life reading with Dr. Turi then you need a progressive reading. This reading is usually done once a year or every two years and allows full regeneration of your spirit while offering solid direction with the current Dragon and stars trend pattern. The 90-minute Audio tape will be mailed to you within 4 to 6 weeks unless you chose the GREEN US postal money order option to save time. Like a Full Life reading, in a progressive reading I will explore the current star trend and explain in great detail what is going on in the 12 specific areas of your life. I will translate the will of the cosmos as it is right now affecting your destiny, your financial situation, your love, your health, your career etc. A full Astro-Tarot spread is always a part of a Progressive reading. The stars are constantly in motion and if you already had a reading with Dr. Turi then a progressive reading is your next step. Great attention is given to the current Dragon’s Head and Tail and how it will force the changes in two very specific parts your life. Like a Full Life reading, in a progressive reading I will explore and give more information on what is going on in the twelve specific area of your life. I will translate and emphasize how the Dragon will be affecting your destiny by houses (love/money/career) and by sign so that you can be prepared and make incredible progress almost immediately. I will look into the next two years ahead of you and do very specific prediction and even give you the exact months you can expect the changes to take place. Towards the end of your 90 MN tape I will do ‘”The Egyptian Cross” Astro-Tarot reading and this process will act as a cleansing of your subconscious in time and space and neutralizes all the negative energy surrounding you. A progressive reading is a “must do” each year so that you can get prepared for the positive or challenging changes are taking place in your life. Note that Dr. Turi readings are a mixture of Astrotherapy and Hypnotherapy and never poison the mind of the client with nonsense, death or negative suggestions and predictions. Tapes are sent all around the work and you do not have to be present to enjoy any of Dr. Turi readings. Call the office at 602-265-7667 for more info.

Comparison Chart $200.00 Per Person – add $10 S&H: Marriage / Business Partners Comparison Relationships: Improve, save or find a quality business or emotional relationship with this service. Your stars have life and like an intriguing painting, colors blend harmoniously. Understand your partner’s strengths and weaknesses for a more productive life. Improve, save or find a quality relationship with this service. Discover the differences between you and your partner and learn how to promote only the best stars. Understand how to promote the strengths and eliminate the weakness of the alliance. Realize what the difficulties or opportunities you face together are. While providing a thorough discussion of issues suggested by your charts, I will also give special attention to the fears, weaknesses and karmic residue of both. The location of your respective dragon, by sign and house can seriously promote or alter a relationship. Find out what to do financially or emotionally with that person, remember knowledge is power. Will his stars promote or disintegrate your life? Be aware, save time and money. A must for marriage or business venture’s with a new partner.

Astro-Carto-Graphy $200 – add $10 S&H: Find the best place in the US and anywhere in the world where the stars above will offer you an easy reach to the best that life has to offer. Don’t relocate without it. Map your future. Don’t relocate without it! Find out where and what the best of your stars have to offer you. You may be just a few hundred miles from a splendid Venus (love) Sun (fame) Jupiter (study) Mercury (writing) line. You might be, right now living and striving without any hope of success under a nefarious planet like Saturn (depression) or Neptune (drugs) or Mars (war). Take a chance for yourself and make your own reality, learn where those wonderful lines are waiting for you. Astro-Carto-Graphy really works! Back home in France I was under a nefarious Saturn line and the more I worked the less security or reward I had. Then I relocated under the Sun (fame) to California, in the US and anything that I touched turned out pure gold! The same goes for your home. Don’t buy a house without checking it out, as you might not be able to keep it for long. Avoid financial stress (Saturn lines): avoid locations where you are prone to lose your home because nature devastating forces (Uranus lines). Avoid fires (Mars lines) instead let me explain those lines and guide you towards happiness (Jupiter) wealth (Venus) health power and fame (Sun). Call now for information, do not hesitate, your career and your house are your biggest and most important decision and investment you will have to make. Call me for info if needed – Dr. Turi (602) 999-3010 – Read more about this service

Children Characterlogy $150 add $10 S&H : Do not hesitate to invest in your child. You might have given life to a genius or an artist. Find out how and why your child thinks or behaves with you or the world at large. Find out why your child is the way he/she is. Give him/her the EARLY opportunity to regenerate his/her spirit and get the right direction in life. Let me introduce your star children, as you never knew them before.

PROCESSING INFORMATION EXAMPLE BELOW, for your 90 mn taped full life reading ($310) if you decide to use US mail and pay with a money order or a check.

NAME: ________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________

CITY: _____________________________________ STATE: _______ ZIP: __________

D.O.B (month, day, year): _________ / _______ / _________ (EX: FEB. 26, 1950)

TIME OF BIRTH: ______ : ______ AM__PM__

PLACE OF BIRTH (City, State, Country): ______________________________________

Total amount ___________

IMPORTANT MOTE READ CAREFULLY before ordering: As soon as your order is placed, the chart is printed and put on his desk. Dr. Turi proceed immediately by studying your stars and make important notes in preparation for your reading. This process can take over an hour of tenuous detailed research work. Thus once your order is placed there is no refund. To accommodate your request for a refund, you may instead ask for any other provided services, books or subscription to the private Cosmic code website.
Thank you

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