Astro-Tarot Course




Hello my friend! Have you ever wondered if there was a deep tie-in between Astrology and Tarot and Nostradamus? Believe it or not, there is one. The Great Seer knew this and followed a DIVINE ASTROLOGY method! He absolutely understood what the TAROT Deck was about and used it when doing readings. In fact, Nostradamus even worked on developing his own Tarot Deck before he passed. His drawings were found in an illustrated codex within the Central National Library of Rome on one of the shelves. They contained his drawings of various Major and Minor Tarot Arcana.

I bring this up to show that the Great Seer himself understood this and used both systems together in his divination. My Astro-Tarot course goes through this process and how both Astrology and the Tarot deck can be used to turbo-charge your divinatory results by using both systems in a spiritually synergistic way! I will teach you about the Tarot de Marseille’s 22 Major Arcana and how Nostradamus used a table similar to the ones I have for sale that had the 12 signs of the Zodiac laid out along with the 12 houses of the Zodiac. The combination of these two systems will bring you a much more profound understanding about your divination process telling a far deeper story of you and/or your client’s past, present, future, health, career, and fate.

I, Dr. Turi, your spiritual guide and mentor, invite you to join me in this, my final Astro-Tarot course, that I will be teaching over ZOOM! Please utilize the shopping cart button to select your seat for this very special and personal training session! Once the training session is done, you can still order. The videos will be available on the Cosmic Code Membership site. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Terania at or call us at (USA) 602-265-7667 so we can answer your questions!
I look forward to guiding you onward upon your path of spiritual enlightenment!

Dr. Louis Turi