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Live Personal Skype Consultation – This is a SPECIAL reading and our top service! There is NO time limit to get the most trustworthy direction and solid predictions you can ever hope to get. The Astro-Tarot is performed at the very end of the session!



Email teraniapromodir@gmail for more information or call 602-265-7667. 

Know all about your true mission and your fate in this world.  

All  the information, predictions, guidance and teachings of the Universal Laws should be recorded at your discretion. You will interact personally with me for as long as you need, your consultation has no time limit. Call the office at 602-265-7667 or email teraniapromodir@gmail.com if you need clarification on any consultation and to set up your appointment.

A Full Life Reading involve a full introduction of your chart, all planets positions by houses and sign and involve predictions based upon the Universal and your natal or hidden Dragon.

My cosmic work is free of complex mathematics and based upon symbolism. This makes it much easier for you to understand, especially if you know nothing of the basics of Divine Astrology. 

The consultation also involve the 16th century Nostradamus Astro-Tarot methodology which will confirm all the predictions, guidance and cosmic teachings divulged to you.

Session are recorded but you can also record our meeting on your cellphone and receive your chart via email as an attachment.

The following is a detailed explanation to all that I will cover and answer for you, there won’t be nothing  about  your fate I will not discuss or teach you to get all your wishes!

I will make you aware of your true soul’s purpose during this current incarnation.

I will point out  your best options to make money and stimulate your potential to become a multimillionaire.

I will tell you the top gifts God blessed you with at birth  and how to use them accordingly.

I will tell you what type of energy is in your home and teach you how to cleanse it so you and your family can live happily and feel secure.

I  will explain your best shot at creativity and reaching fame I will also talk about your children or partner if requested.

I  will point out the type of man/woman will fit you best and what type of love you will attract. I will also teach you how to build more magnetism to become more attractive to the opposite sex.

I  will make you aware of the type of ailments/diseases you are prone to suffer and the correct natural healing methods you need to know to enjoy a healthier, longer life. I will also teach you how to avoid or beat cancer using my “Universal Blood Transfusion.”

I will tell you what type of partners you are fated to attract and when/where to go to find your soul mate.

I  will divulge your soul’s age and if you were born a healer, a soul Doctor or a medicine man/woman.

I  will tell point out your best shot at higher education and what to expect with foreigners or in foreign lands. I will expose your past lives residue, where you were, what you were doing, how you died and how your inherited your spiritual gifts. 

I  will lead you to the best career God has in store for you and the real possibility for you to regenerate your soul and become successful doing what you like most.

I will point out the type of friends and groups you will attract and those that will help you reach all your dreams.

I will make you aware of your weaknesses, your hidden enemies and clean off any form of possession by low astral entities.

I will also tutor you on how to make the most of your super-conscious creative forces and teach you critical Universal laws that apply to you personally.

Now to the utmost crucial information: I will point out the current Cosmic Winds and how the Universal / Personal Dragon will impose a total  rebirth in very specific areas of your life. There is no chances to escape its power and working in accordance to the cosmic code jurisdictions will become a major contribution for your success in building a wonderful future.

God cosmic Divinity speaks its power through the signs and when the session will be over, my cosmic wisdom will change your entire perception of life.  You will be grateful for making the right decision to trust my God given predictive gift. 

IMPORTANT NOTE – Read carefully. Before any consultation I spend a lot of time investigating your chart, planets positions, dragons, etc. thus there is no refund. If, for what ever reason you decide to cancel your consultation you will be asked to reschredule ASAP and if you do, I will proceed with an MP4 file video recording of your reading that will be emailed to you as proof of performed service as requested  by the financial institutions we use. 

Email teraniapromodir@gmail.com for more information on the best reading needed for your current situation, if you have any question. 



Relocation? Moving? Read more about this service. 

Once more thank you for trusting Dr. Turi’s wisdom because we are committed to offering you full satisfaction.


Dr. Louis and Terania Turi.

Dr. Turi’s Cabalistic Healing

Enjoy your Cabalistic Candle Ritual

Cleansing one’s environment, body, mind, and soul is a must for true peace and happiness. The Cabalistic Candle Ritual is designed to clear negative energy and should be performed after a dramatic experience such as the loss of a loved one, a lover, a pet or any difficult mental or spiritual situation you find yourself going through. This cleansing principle is also designed to prepare a group of spiritual people to reach and use the eternal Super-conscious in time and space to benefit humankind as a whole and/or neutralize an undesired group of extraterrestrials.

You may also use the Cabalistic Healing Ritual for personal wishes and/or remove negative thoughts encrusted in your apartment/home walls, blocks that could harm you by feeding evil with a continuous depressive mental attitude. Someone may have died in the house i.e. sickness/suicide or suffered emotionally severely for a long period of time the thoughts forms could be still very much alive. This negative energy MUST be removed if you want to feel good or sleep peacefully. The same type of encrusted powerful energy is also felt in Church, in jail at a busy police station, etc., and be “cut” with a knife so to speak. This is what produces haunted houses where the jailed spirit cannot exit the dense physical world. Thus this method will also FREE all lost spirits and eliminate low astral entities.

The Cabalistic Candles Ritual is designed to remove excessive accumulated negative energy and produce a channel of light allowing guardian angels and high spirits to protect and reach/guide you. In most severe cases of depression, bad luck, bad health, possession by evil spirits, negative entities will steer suicidal thoughts that can only be cured with a three to four hours Cabalistic Healing session in my healing room in Phoenix. Thus if you feel this way or experience panic attacks you are at the very door of spiritual depletion where evil sucks away your physical and spiritual vitality – The use of legal or illegal drugs *prescribed medications/anti depressants etc. can only stimulate the wandering imagination producing more fears and more diabolic invasions. If you feel “possessed / depressed/doomed/unlucky etc.” call me ASAP so I can start removing and regenerating your spirit at 602-265-7667.

The released negative energy is replaced by a dense umbilical cord of light connecting you directly from this dense world to God and his spirit of light. In the archetypal realm of consciousness a transitional dialog with your guardian angel *a departed loved one is taking place. The Cabalistic Candle Ritual allows the living soul to undergo a form of spiritual cleansing allowing a timely thin connection with your personal guardian angel where guilt, sadness and pain is replaced with forgiveness, acceptance, love and peace of mind. When practiced as a whole, in accordance with the Cosmic Code jurisdictions by a concerned unselfish group of humans, the “timing fusion” allows for a direct connection with the forces of life, God, the Super-conscious, or higher extraterrestrial intelligence.

Purchase a white, green, and blue candle during the new moon period (waxing moon) and always perform this ritual for the very first time during a new moon trend. For best results, choose the first day of the New Moon or for more power, when the moon rides your natal or hidden Dragon’s Head.  You will need your personal dragon dates for this or to make the most of knowing when the timing is right for you to act, travel, marry and invest etc. personally.

Before anything pick your alter, or the best area in the house where you can have total privacy for at least 30 mn to meditate. Grab a full hand of powdered sea salt on your left hand, and turn around in a circle (counterclockwise), dropping the salt around the entire area where the ritual will be performed. Then proceed to all the corners in your house *every room and drop just a little salt there too. The salt quartzes act like diamonds, reflecting light and all refuting energies from the outside world producing a form of protective armor shield. Do the candle ritual inside the circle of protection only. This ritual has tremendous power and will clean the inside and outside of your house and even the entire city block.

Arrange the candles in a perfect triangle. At the tip of the triangle (farthest away from you) place the white candle. The green will be to your left and the blue to your right. The candles form the base of a triangular pyramid. You will stand and operate behind it. A small bit of incense is placed in the center–any type of incense will do but the one bought from American natives or the one you find in the desert will produce more POWER and great results.

If you do not have a protective figure in your possession, you may invest in a WHITE guardian angel (and after the new moon only) and place it in front of the white candle. You may also use the picture of someone you cherish that has gone on to the other side and place it against the guardian angel facing the white candle. Chances are this soul is your protector and is in need of release, especially if the departed soul did you serious emotional pain. The guilt or pain acts as a painful chain that must be broken by both parties.

The departed soul acknowledged much more about karma once he passed away and will “stay around” trying to communicate his sorrow, guilt, pain, wrong doings with no way of closure. Thus you, the living MUST be above it all and forgive, forget and only generate steady thoughts of pure love and forgiveness. The soul will be then asked to move on towards the light, towards God, and release the human feelings that stuck him/her on earth in your own house. The departed soul has no sense of time while now and then the spiritual connection is established negatively.

Once the soul is liberated, so will the living human spirit and in accordance with the karmic laws, your worst enemy will become your most powerful protective guardian angel ally and he/she will start immediately to repay you by granting your wishes from the “paradise” you guided *freed, the soul to…Into the light of love and forgiveness.

First, light the incense you placed in the middle of the triangle of candles, then light up the white candle, the green candle, and lastly, the blue candle. One inch of incense of your choice is more than enough to last for the duration of the ritual.

The prayer or meditation is made for the length of time the incense is burning so do not put too much to burn at once. The burning candles and the incense will make a mixture of colors and smoke and produces a vacuum, a form of funnel creating an invisible but real opening to the Super-conscious in time and space and reach the entity’s protective spirit. Once liberated this spirit will grant any of your wishes and will protect you in any situation. Pray intensely and use your power of visualization to better yourself, your life, other human beings, and Mother Earth. When the incense is totally burnt, the smoke carried away your thoughts/wishes, then the ritual is over and you can extinguish the candles.

You may repeat this ritual anytime you choose thereafter; before or after a new moon. Very often, following the Cabalistic Candles Ritual, the intuition or the dreams become clearer and should be used as guidance.  If you cannot sleep well, if you are distressed or often depressed, chances are you could be “invaded/infected” and this ritual becomes a must for your mental and physical health and in no way, in such a depleted spiritual state you can help yourself or the world to get better. It starts by yourself FIRST!

I also teach my students that; if the Temperance tarot card # 14 (the angel) is drawn during the Egyptian Cross Astro-Tarot reading, the ritual is under the jurisdiction of a guardian angel and will promote all the affairs of the houses in it is found. This card also predisposes for luck, good news and protects the soul from any low astral plane entities.

If you cannot sleep well if you are distressed or often depressed, chances are you could be “invaded/infected” and this ritual becomes a must for your mental and physical health.

Lastly, make sure to let those you care about know about my newsletters, my predictions my site, and my work. I will take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous feedback and support I am getting from all of you on a daily basis.


Dr. Turi


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While precise cosmically customized health talismans work miracles to attract UFOs, protect and build the 6th house of health, they also negate the 8th house of death and reinforce the subconscious powers.

The Magical Power of Talismans!
Talismans, do they really work?

 Nostradamus, along with talismanS used also all sorts of potions made with plants, herbs, and flowers he collected in “La Provence” naturally produced by the wild South of France mountains. Read more health tips from  2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions