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dr. turi

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Know all about your true mission and your fate in this world.  


Dear Client;

Thank you very much for your trust in my cosmic work. You will be totally regenerated and very happy with your upcoming Zoom consultation and that is guaranteed!  Meantime, a lot of people do not keep their appointment impose a lot of work in rescheduling all the meetings we already have set with other clients. This gives me a tremendous amount of work forcing me to redelegate more conscientious clients who do not deserve to wait because of another irresponsible person. This is time-consuming, very annoying and this completely messes up his scheduling. Like in any doctor’s office if you do not keep your appointment Thus you will be charged $50 on top of your consultation which will be refunded if you keep your appointment. 
Thank you for your understanding
Dr. Turi 

You must provide your DOB, time, and place of birth in the order form.

You may be cursed, and victimized by your enemy’s negative thoughts, or worse your natal BLACK MOON “Lilith” location by house and sign. Without this knowledge and removing it, reaching health, love, happiness, and success is simply IMPOSSIBLE!

All the information, predictions, guidance, and teachings of the Universal Laws (Black Moon/natal/hidden Dragons, etc.) will be recorded from your end. You will interact personally with me for as long as you need, your consultation has no time limit.  You may also record our session on your cellphone at your own discretion.

Once you placed your order, please email teraniapromodir@gmail.com if you need help, clarification on any consultation, or call the office at 602-265-7667 to pay with your credit card if preferred, and to set up your appointment.  All the above can also be done via Email.

Note those who place a $700 live consultation on Zoom do not wait for weeks or months but are served the very next day! 

Your chart ( your natal UCI) will be emailed to you prior to our meeting as an attachment.  

A Full Life Reading involves a full introduction of your chart, all planet’s positions by houses and sign, and involves predictions based upon the Universal laws and involve critical information (past lives/health/karma) based upon your natal or hidden Dragon.

My cosmic work is free of complex mathematics and based upon intuition, symbolism, and the translation of all the signs in your housing system. Nostradamus 500 years ago did not use a computer or a watch or a computer! This makes it much easier for you to understand, especially if you know nothing of the basics of modern or Divine Astrology.  Time is used if you request an Astro-Carto-graphy relocation chart 

The consultation also involves the 16th century Nostradamus Astro-Tarot methodology which will confirm all the predictions, guidance, and cosmic teachings divulged to you channeling Draco.

The following is a detailed explanation of all that I will cover and answer for you, there won’t be anything about your fate I will not discuss or teach you to get all your wishes! I have more answers than you have questions for me. This is why LISTENING is critical and replay your consultation a few times is a must.

I will remove the “Black Moon” by the house and sign it resides in or, the curse every one of us is born with (ignorance of the Universal Laws!)

I will make you aware of your true soul’s purpose during this current incarnation.

I will point out your best options to make money by explaining all the planets in your 2nd and 8th financial houses and stimulate your potential to become emotionally, financially, and spiritually stable and fulfilled.

I will point out your sins and virtues and explain the gifts God blessed you with at birth and how to use them accordingly. The idea is to apply your will (the part of God in you) and correct or eliminate negative traits diminishing your potential to succeed in life. 

I will tell you what type of energy is in your home and teach you how to cleanse it from negative forces so you and your family can live happily, sleep better, and feel more secure.

I will explain your best shot at your creativity by knowing and following your natal lucky Dragon’s Head and help you reaching fame and I will also talk about your children or partner if requested.

I will point out the type of man/woman that will fit you best and what type of love you will attract by explaining Mars’ and Venus’s location! I will also teach you how to build more magnetism to become more attractive to the opposite sex. Note famous author John Gray “Men are from Mars Women from Venus” is a student of mine who took my course and read all my books! 

I will make you aware of the type of ailments/diseases you are prone to suffer and the correct natural healing methods you need to know to enjoy a healthier, longer life. I will also teach you how to avoid or beat cancer using my “Universal Blood Transfusion.”

I will tell you what type of partners you are fated to attract and when/where to go to find your soul mate. 

I will divulge your soul’s age and if you were born a healer, a soul Doctor, or a medicine man/woman.

I  will tell point out your best shot at higher education and what to expect with foreigners or in foreign lands. I will expose your past life’s residue, where you were, what you were doing, how you died, and how you inherited your spiritual gifts. 

I will lead you to the best career God has in store for you and the real possibility for you to regenerate your soul and become successful in doing what you like most.

I will point out the type of friends and groups you will attract and those that will help you reach all your dreams.

I will make you aware of your weaknesses, your hidden enemies, and clean off any form of possession by low astral entities.

I will also tutor you on how to make the most of your super-conscious creative forces and teach you critical Universal laws that apply to you personally. Read my bestseller “Beyond The Secret.”

Now to the utmost crucial information channeling Draco: Be prepared for a shock, he is right to the point! I will discuss the current Cosmic Winds and how the Universal / Personal Dragon has or will impose a total rebirth in very specific areas of your life. There are no chances to escape its power and working in accordance with the cosmic code jurisdictions (Moon Power) will become a major contribution to your success in building a wonderful future.

God cosmic Divinity speaks its power through the signs and when the session will be over, my cosmic wisdom will change your entire perception of life.  You will be grateful for making the right decision to trust my God-given predictive gift. 


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Amazon Prime new documentary: Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology
TUBI – Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology 

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Sharing email;

My Astrology Journey

Hello, my name is Amy K. Jones I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 28, 1986 born under the constellation of Cancer. I grew up in a suburban area just north of the city. My father was a master plumber and my mother was a homemaker. I spent a lot of my childhood exploring the outdoors. Fishing, riding my bike and cosplay. We were never a religious family; but I did enjoy Bible school in the summer with my Grandmother Carol. 

I never felt as if I “fit in” with everyone else. What excited other kids wasn’t appealing to me. I found more sense of wholeness while I was spending time alone. My mother and I were close when I was younger. She was very opened minded and taught me a lot about what it was it be spiritual. She is a Pisces. I always enjoyed nature and watched the celestial events with a telescope. Then when we would go to the store. I would always read my horoscope in the magazines. One day I was watching a program on television about Nostradamus. To say the least it was an eye opening experience. I had so many questions. How could he predict the future so accurately? What methods did he use? Could I possibly learn this? Nostradamus fascinated me to want to dig deeper. In sixth grade, we started studying the Mayans and Aztecs. I found a deep interest in their culture and how they built structures to line up with different planets. I always wanted to learn more about the stars and planets.

In 2012, I got pregnant with my first child. I started to really get interested in astrology and what a natal chart was. Deeply investing time in research I stumbled upon an astrologer Susan Miller. She caught my attention to how she explained the upcoming months in her newsletter. I started casting my own natal chart and dug deep to try to interpret it. To my surprise all my life events, my personality, my relationships, even my child’s due date all started to click. I went down the rabbit hole of astrology and never came out (lol) 

I followed many different astrologers and their work. Susan Miller, Molly McCord and Pam Gregory taught me the “basics of astrology” along with my own research, and books I had read. I had a pretty rounded understanding of astrology. 

Early February 2022, I came across a Facebook post on an astrology page I was following. It was a documentary called “Divine Astrology” I watched it and found exactly what I was looking for!! This astropsychologist called Dr. Turi. OMG! He studies 16th century Nostradamus methodologies. He brought it back after 500 years. To this day (2023) he’s the only one I listen to. He has explained in depth what it is to be human. Also the reason behind why people do such evil things in the world the “reptilius effect” 

His standpoint of religion is accurate. The church Inc is a corporation that owns every source of media and most brands we purchase everyday. The Vatican counsel were all taught astrology. Astrology is the universal religion like it or not! How do we have 3000 types of religion that all point to the same thing? Duh!! They stole the gold and silver from the Mayans and Aztecs to build their churches and fund their agenda. All the secrets of astrology are buried deep under the Vatican. 

It took Dr. Turi being abducted multiple times to learn all this information! I absolutely BELIEVE his work! For all those skeptics. Time tells all stories! The truth will always see the light. I can’t wait for this all the exposed. Hopefully with Pluto moving into Aquarius (astrology) the truth shall set us free! 

Dr. Turi is my hero! He went above and beyond to cast the world with cosmic wisdom! I’m forever grateful I was apart of his journey. Enjoying all his videos and Cosmic code emails. He even writes quatrains just like Nostradamus did! Blessing us with his cosmic knowledge. He’s an extraordinary man! I look forward to the next chapter of his life becoming a boat captain. I’ll be forever grateful for the knowledge I’ve learned from you my dear friend! 


Amy K. Jones

Astro Amy

Hi Terania…
 Happy New year to you both! 
No worries, it just happened to be one of those days and you know I felt God had a different plan in mind that day (for my mom); she was able to receive an important phone call that she was waiting for. She wouldn’t have been able to pick it up if she was with Dr. Turi… So, it was definitely a “God wink” per se. And it was so lovely speaking with you on the phone.
Sometimes I miss those days of just connecting on the phone with someone instead of emailing back and forth all the time. Thank you for calling me during the confusion.
I believe everything really did work out for the best and DT’s reading for my mom was amazing. Really answered a lot of questions for her.
Something has lifted and she is willing and able to move on to the next phase of her life. It has been amazing to witness, just how fast it all changed, after DT’s reading. We are both so grateful and feel so honored, to be here, with you both. 
As far as my reading went…
It blew me away.
I always subconsciously knew I was different and special. But once DT got hold of my chart- now I truly know that I was right. And he and Draco have led me on the right path now.
I kept questioning my path because I have so many interests and I haven’t lived the societal, normal way (of going to college and making a living, to make sure I make money)… I’ve been more on the spiritual path all my life and have been different because of this.
So, it made me question my future a lot.
Now I know I am home with both of you. And I can’t wait to spread the truth, light, and love for the next generation- for the children- for our future… Astro psychology was so meant for me. 
I am so grateful that this year ended with a bang for both my mom and me. I looked forward to 2021 with high hopes and excitement because now I am aware of how to live my life and learn and teach what DT and you know. And it’s all thanks to you both and Draco of course.
Once again, in so much gratitude for being here. And thank you for your support and for being here.
So much love to you both. 
P.S. I should be buying for the Astropsychology class soon! I will keep in touch for sure when I am ready. 
In gratitude,
Christy & Jenny 

Hi Dr. Turi and Terania,

Thank you for sharing your gifts and for sending the files, so promptly.

Terania, you’re simply wonderful, sweet, and kind. Thank you for getting me on the schedule, and communicating with me consistently… You’re a great representation for you both.

And Dr. Turi, your gift and accuracy were remarkable!.. I appreciate everything you’ve shared and I look forward to learning more. I plan to get the book here shortly, to start that process into the new year.

I wish you both a Happy New Year, filled with peace, joy, and blessings.


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