What is a Deceptive Neptunian?

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

“Cosmic Consciousness” is; the awareness of God’s cosmic identity, the cosmic code Universal rules and make good use of it by making unarguable predictions and guiding souls into a cosmic God’s mighty light!  Anything else is deceptiveness! Pope Francis, Bible heads, Religious leaders, Monks, Gurus, televangelists, priests and nuns including atheists are cosmic unconscious born Neptunians (or Saturnians) and unable to read the signs…

What is a Cult Leader or a Deceiving Neptunian? All the answers are provided below.

“There is only a very thin hair between pure cosmic divine  information and deceptive and imagination!”   – Dr. Turi

What is a Neptunian you may ask! Here is the answer below…

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It has been reported that Osteen stopped taking a $200,000 salary from Lakewood Church in 2005 and that his estimated net worth is $40 million. He also lives in a $10.5 million 17,000 square foot home with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, five fireplaces, a guest house and pool house. And he is not the only one to abuse people’s fear, ignorance and stupidity!  Prosperity Gospel’ Pastor Is Asking His Church To Buy Him A $65 Million Jet

 Cyrus Reed Teed, an eclectic physician and alchemist turned religious leader, was born. In 1869, after an “illumination,” he took on the name Koresh, and proposed a new set of scientific principles including a Hollow Earth theory.  Born: October 18, 1839 under the sign of Libra


Like Joel Osteen I was also born a Pisces, but in February, on the cusp Aquarius (astrology)   Pisces, (the spirit.) I am a POSITIVE cosmic conscious Neptunian, I do not endorse, nor promote indoctrination, religions, deceit, abuses and greed. Never forget God does not speak to fools and while the bible was created by men, God created the stars and the heavens to be used as signs!

 Famous Neptunian L Ron Hubbard                                                  Common  Nirvanic Neptunian

Image resultThe subject use pot use the name or believes he is Jesus, the Virgin Mary etc.

David Koresh, Rev. Jones, Joel Osteen deceptive billion dollar industry  –  Billy Graham Angel of Darkness,  Osama Bin Laden Hidden Fate  and those in a position of influencing the born Neptunians i.e. Popes Francis, L. Ron Hubbard, Marshal Applewhite to unconsciously serve the reptilius and poison the psyche of their followers.

  • The subject says he/she channels from God, Angels, high spirits and famous Ancestors. The subject also believes he or she is a reincarnation of a prominent religious or political leaders.
  • The subject uses dignified words (i.e. Great,  Holiness, Ascending Master, Grand Order etc.) and communicate with the low spirits with drums.
  • The subject says he/she always pray on your behalf, use Caps and produces typos while “channeling”.
  • The subject believes he or she has very specific religious mission and regurgitates bible verses without cosmic wisdom.
  • The subject thinks he or she is a chosen one and Jesus / Allah  and the Virgin Marie are the motivator.
  • The subject uses drugs and thinks he has a very specific purpose to save or change the world without any cosmic wisdom.
  • The Subject is a pot head, idealistic, sex oriented and possess no Cosmic Consciousness or real spiritual powers.
  • The subject hears angel”s voices (i.e. Joan of Arc) and do not use recording device to serve others with accurate predictions.
  • The subject uses several or foreign long Indian names and do not use nor understand the “Cosmic Code” jurisdictions.
  • The subject uses cannabis and its Neptunian appearances (i.e. tunic, veil, Jesus, long beard, long hair etc.) to deceive others.
  • The subject dresses magnificently (i.e. long robes, hats, striking colors, wears gold, silver etc.)
  • The subject used both legal and illegal drugs (psychoactive / traditional medicine use)
  • The subject can not converse without using religious verses (i.e. biblical sentences.)
  • The subject uses lots of caring words and make faces while ripping millions of dollars from other Neptunians  (i.e. Joel Osteen, love, prosperity, savior etc.)
  • The subject display negative Plutonic energy, use death, scary symbolism,magnetic voice, piercing eyes, (i.e. Santa Muerte leaders, Hitler David Berg etc.)
  • The subject demands money for his selfish cause (i.e. to build statues, churches, temples, etc.)
  • The subject uses physical strengths and abuses children (i.e. Maoist / Warren Jeffs
    rapists, con man etc.)
  • The subject is unaware of the working of the Universal Mind (i.e. religious people or atheists/agnostics/skeptics alike)
  • The subject or organization (s) enrich himself with donations or impose a percentage (i.e. Mormonism etc.)
  • The subject has absolutely no Cosmic Consciousness and can not teach nor explain the cosmic code or how God speak to his children through the signs.
  • The subject has not reliable connection with the divine or ET’s and promote his cult with any and all forms of expansive advertisements, facilities,buildings on national TV to “brainwash/cleanse/lure” the gullibles to join their particular cult (i.e. Santa Muerte/Scientology/Mormonisn/Witness of Jeova etc.) 
  • The subject will find all excuses not invest in true Cosmic Wisdom.

 “When suffering is on all sides and man hungers for the un-manifested mystery in all phenomenons, He seeks reflection of the Divine. God’s higher truths are cloaked in his creation and the message is in the stars.” — Nostradamus, 


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 Update – 09/04/14  ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson and ISIS Alarming Ideology! God Have Mercy!

The fact is; those who pretend to be  the experts are often the least informed on their expertise…


Psychic advertisements are all over television, Facebook, Google, newspapers, magazines but there are no publicized public predictions. Someone truly gifted, should have absolutely no problem to show his prophetic talents to the public.

Deal with any of these “gifted” people like you would treat someone trying to sell you a car! Ask questions, ask for a ride, ask for the *CARFAX. Yes psychic accidents are very real. Simply ask any of your trusted psychics, astrologers, mediums, spirituals and God knows what ascended / anointed Master from India or Peru you trust with your life; to perform before hand for you. Fame mean nothing!  

Tony Robbins, is fame wisdom?

Always call and ask for a little test of his/her “powers” and be prepared to read a lot of lies from the religious “Witch Hunters” on a mission to slave for the reptilius.  Note also those large “horoscope/psychic” Facebook websites organizations are for entertainment only, don’t waste your time or your money, you will get what you pay for at the end!

Because someone looks like or pretend to be Jesus, doesn’t mean he is Jesus and never forget there is only one thin hair between Divine information and pure imagination. Stay clear from anyone pretending or using the words “Grand Master, Ascended Master, Anointed etc.” this is your first signal for caution.

Now this does’t necessarily mean there are no real psychics or gifted people out there but the fact is; many of the psychics you deal with need much more help than you do!

Once you become a “Cosmic Coder” I will take care of you with your personal forecast, personal transits for as long as you need our daily guidance and predictions. Stay only with cosmic conscious Masters (my students) they and I, will take good care of your spirit and you are very safe with us.  One single visit to a local psychic pays for the next 12 months subscription with Dr. Turi priceless reliable guidance and that is a promise!

 Let me start by honestly saying that my work is NOT “for entertainment purposes only”. I offer true knowledge and legitimate guidance and unlike other astrology sites, I stand strong and sure of my wisdom, sharing my visions and knowledge of the Cosmic Code with you. What I do, write or say is very real and very serious. Do you have any question about metaphysics, the spirit psychics, UFOs? Then check what many radio/show hosts from abroad say about my work and I.

L’Oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain

 Questions? turitrue@gmail.com or teraniapromodir@gmail.com

The question is; are you ready for the truth? Are you ready for the real thing? Will you take the time to investigate all areas of this site and read all about my work and I? Then, after investigating this site properly, you will also trust me to guide you and truly inform you of your unique relationship with the Divine and the working of the Universal Mind.

Simply observe the true power of my predictions as they unfold in your and other’s lives, and with patience you will acknowledge my claim; YES I am indeed the real thing.

Over the last two thousand years, Neptune (Poseidon the Lord of deception) has imposed his stellar will upon the world and stimulated man”s imagination to created over 875 different religions. Politically oriented churches officials were fast to exploit the weak spirits of the “dark Ages” by controlling the information of a God fearing uneducated masses. Like all “organized” institutions their final aim is greed, control, wealth and power.

As of 1945 the planet Uranus (the God of the Skies) became in charge of this world and shaped a multitude of deceiving New Age organizations and deceiving practitioners. Like all organized religions, they must find a way to lure you to their groups (Scientology, Mormonism etc.) then control your psyche to get to your financial support. The common lost soul will be sold easily and join the popular group or religion and become an easy prey. Any intelligent intuitive person will easily see through the manipulation and avoid Neptune”s deceiving quicksand.

Before investing in anything ALWAYS investigate thoroughly the group in question or the “spiritual guide” and its claims before taking a chance with your fragile psyche. With 99% of the world”s population lacking true “Cosmic Consciousness” it is a certainty that the spiritual group and its leaders are unable to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and help you to regenerate with Cosmic Regulations. You are taking a chance to attract nefarious entities and waste both your time and money if you do not pay attention to my heeding.

But what really alter anyone’s cosmic consciousness is mostly due to; jealousy, ignorance, fears, religious poisoning, mental snobbism (scientists/atheists) or plain stupidity produced by a weak natal UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”. This celestial affliction produces a very rational mind and always involves a strong earthy Mercury location (critical thinking) in the subject’s chart. All these elements and mental snobbism breed the “attitude” hurting the integrity of a real gifted Prophet and his message to the world.

The worse form of Neptune”s expression produces a typical “Neptunian” or a religious fanatic, a cult leader, a deceiving psychic or an unethical medium or an off beam channeler.

Armed with the following information one will be able to make a good assessment of what a false spiritual Leader or a con artist is all about. A strong delusive persona accompanied by grandiose expressions will undoubtedly plague the subject”s personality and words. This Neptunian attitude masks a total lack of Cosmic Consciousness and an enormous spiritual pride.

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Vatican signals openness to gays


“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom – Astrology and religion are one!

~ Paracelsus

Update 1252014 –  *’10 Things I Hate About You’ star Andrew Keegan starts new religion

From  2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions (Public)
From  2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions (VIP’s)

Prediction #21 of 24:  Religions of all nominations will explode with billions of new God fearing lost souls joining this universal Neptunius deception .i.e. ISIS – . I see a proliferation of cults * Andrew Keegan starts new religion

 Update – 09/04/14  ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson and ISIS Alarming Ideology! God Have Mercy!

Presidential Dinner and The Hollywood Matrix Deceptive Famous Faces

Update – 05/23/14 Phil Robertson Under Fire AGAIN After Another ‘Gay’ Sermon

 “miracle man john of god” 
Jim Jones – I was a deceptive plutonic Neptunian

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they under*stand” the voice of heaven.”  – Matthew 13.13

 Bible Code Money Lie

Vladimir Putin born in  October)



Do you want solid proof of the Asia tsunami prediction and the restructure of the FBI  printed in Moon Power many years ago?  This is what I mean, read it, acknowledge it realize when it was posted to the world then look and trust only the same type of well documented work. In all honesty this type of endeavor is detrimental to a well balanced society and as much as I defend and support freedom of expression I am totally against any form of cult in any way, shape or form. I am real, I have real gifts to offer society and help mankind’s metal evolution. I have proven repetitiveness with my premonitions many times over and they should be investigated then trusted. Instead of wasting billions on ridiculous scientific experiments or studying ones brain, the system should use the financial support towards incorporating astropsychology into the educational curriculum. But they think they know better.

Thank you.

Dr. Turi


“If you make people think they”re thinking, they”ll love you; but if you really make them think, the way I do, they”ll hate you with passion!  The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.Harlan Ellison

Dear Friend;

 Once more, thanks for reading this educational material. I will ask you to take the time to read this long report, as it will change your life and may even save your life. This is serious and once you are done reading through it and if you think this information is real and can help someone else, then please forward this page to your friends.

 But first, I think it’s appropriate to introduce myself to you, so that you know a little bit more about my philosophy. Realize also, that your tape (if you ordered a Full Life Reading) will bring you to a much higher level of awareness and what I have to say may shock you and I am sure some religiously poisoned people landing on my site reading this material will be offended, too. But telling you what you want to hear or what you’re used to hearing will NOT make you grow as a person or challenge you into a new way of thinking. Thus, be ready to hear the plain truth and for your own sake, don”t let your fears, the old you and all that kills you mentally, spiritually or physically, stop you from developing into a smart, educated person. Your mental and physical life and those you care for are at serious risk if you stay in the dark. 

With me sharing my experiences, my teaching and my viewpoints, you will undergo some serious psychological changes and will “hypothetically speaking”, die to who you are and rebirth into a new you, a more intelligent and powerful person. Because of religious upbringing, many people are much too scared and lost in doctrines to ask or even perceive my work as a challenge to them and if this is your case, well you may not be ready for me yet. But I believe you ARE ready, because there are no accidents and you are reading me, thus you MUST have asked for directions. 

One thing I have discovered in my crazy life, is that the truth is NOT to be found inside you, but outside of oneself. How do I know that? Well, my own world is very empty and I have learned a lot in my rich life by stepping outside of me and looking into others. In other words, I could be sitting on top of a mountain in Peru with a guru for the next 15 years, meditating about making a better life for myself or even saving the world with love. Guess what… it doesn”t work that way. 

Jesus and Allah and Shakyamuni Buddha tried and in the process, millions have lost their precious lives. None of those deities will bring your wishes. They did try to save the world with love, but by looking at the state of this crazy world two thousand years later, it’s obvious they did not succeed.

Love alone will not work, but with education it’s a very different situation. Especially the initial Ministry of Jesus designed  to introduce humanity to “Our Father in the Heavens” before the Illuminati altered it completely…    In this age of information, people are finally allowed to feed their desperate, lost poisoned spirits and EDUCATE themselves outside of conventional accepted archaic disciplines controlled by evil. First realize that Astrology is at the chore of all religions and was taught to all Popes in the Vatican.

Meantime, with my help  normal people can now get the right information and apply their own critical thinking to make rational choices against monopolizing, wealthy, deceiving, manipulative governmental and religious organizations. The fact is, that as I am speaking to you right now, at this very moment people are dying because of a wrong doctor diagnosis or because of a religion, and all that is currently transpiring in the imploding Middle East because of a world religious war was fully predicted back in 1995 on national radio…

A lady from India wrote, “Dr. Turi, why is it that all of the prophets in all religions do not mention Astrology?” Well, the 12 signs of the zodiac represents the 12 Apostles, the 12 hours of the day, the 12 months of the year, the 12 members of a jury, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 Imams of Islam, 12 names for the Hindu Sun God, the 12 notes of music, most people have 12 pairs of ribs, there’s even 12 function keys on PC keyboards, 12 keys on standard digital phones including * and #, along with 12 basic hues in a color wheel, 12 ounces in a troy pound for measuring precious metals, there’s 12 inches in a foot and 12 is notably used in mathematics in so many ways.

There is also 12 faces in a deck of playing cards, 12 strikes for a perfect game of bowling, 12 is the number reserved for the fans in sports and as of now, 12 people have walked on the moon; so no matter where you look or your interests and fascinations, 12 is always right there in front of us. Consider the possibility of it being hidden in plain sight and that just maybe all of our deities ARE the stars and that most of the people may not know about it. 

But the fact is, that time is based upon the 12 houses making the belt of the Zodiac and this is how we distribute time equally. Thus, it means everyone reading the time on a watch (including Christians) uses a hidden horoscope or the stars. Well, 3 Kings were following the stars at the birth of Jesus. Thus, the question is, were they Kings or Astrologers? But the Bible says don”t follow the stars. The plain truth is obvious and only if you “Ask and you shall receive”.

Thus, all the wisdom of all the deities may not be as complete as you think and they can only use love to guide or save others. But who is there to teach you hard FACTS? Don”t count on your priest or local minister; he like many others is looking down at a book written by men and misses the entire spirit of the printed words. God NEVER wrote any books, but indeed, he made the stars!

In 1995, the planet Pluto entered the sign of Sagittarius; this was the dawn of a new era. Pluto rules drama, death, supra wealth, terrorism and supreme power. He is the Lord of all or nothing, the Lord Of The Dead; Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy, religion, ethics, higher values, the codification of thoughts and rules all religious books and foreigners. Pluto will be in Sagittarius until 2008. Religious fanatics are certainly an archetypical manifestation of Pluto in this sign. Knowing all about this, well ahead of time, it was easy for me to unarguably predict SARS, the church sex dilemma, the Asian tsunami and the 911 WTC attack in New York

Click for 9-11

Currently Pluto (power) is in Capricorn (government) and force governmental  power all over the world to implode and this is why I predicted once again on national radio to be prepared for a “universal revolution” well before anyone spoke, write or even think about “Occupy”. 

More importantly, there is another aspect of this powerful transit that is critical for all of us. Each of us is being asked to re-examine any and all-basic belief systems about why we are here on earth. Ruthless and powerful changes are taking place and a tough self-examination is going on and consciously or unconsciously, many of us are going through those changes. Read my 2012/2014 Universal Predictions in the bottom of my home page and jump into the future with me. Simply remember where you read it from first and tell the world…

The war in the heavens is also experienced on earth and this translates into wars of beliefs and the need to investigate the plain truth inside of us. This is giving birth to a worldwide, yet silent, revolution. Pluto will spare NO ONE and will put the facts right in your face. Not  a single President private conversations is safe! An old “friend” secretly taped a conversation with President Bush before he was elected president and foreshadowed some of his political strategies and appeared to reveal that he acknowledged trying marijuana.

The same applies for any famous people”s private information such as, “Paris Hilton”s star-studded address book has been posted online”. Pluto does not care about anything or anyone who wants to hurt you and will bring anything that will upset you to the light. He will bring all affairs involving sex, money, the church, the medical field, wealthy insurance corporations, and the police, the FBI and CIA, to the light to undergo drastic changes, which I fully predicted years ago, before the President or CNN even thought of the word re-structure. This planet rules WAKE UP CALLS and REALITY! 

That’s why ridiculous reality shows have exploded on television. All of us including show producers are pushed by the will of the stars and Pluto also rules the fear factor! Many people will take stupid chances and risk their lives at doing or eating anything that could possibly kill them. The rules of Pluto are clear, take chances and die and some people already died in the process of making those disgusting series. But, the thirst for blood and drama rules. Well, it looks like all the television producers are as aware of the stars as your local priest, your doctor or all other world government leaders are making decisions that could bring disasters and death to all of us.

Am I the only one who doesn”t need glasses? 

The same Plutonic energy regiment rules your doctor; do you think he will take the time to educate you on the power of Pluto or on your disease? Not if he wants to see you back in his office (and chances are you will, if you don”t educate yourself) and this is what I’m here for, to WAKE YOU UP! To tell you what is going on with the medical field and religion. 

The fact is that more people have lost their lives because of religions, much more than with all the diseases, accidents, natural disasters and wars combined together. No one can change this world with love alone, but with experiences and education, it is a very different story. I am glad someone like the famous writer Lyndon B. Johnson and US President thinks like me as he said, 

“At the desk where I sit, I have learned one great truth. The answer for all our national problems – the answer for all the problems of the world comes from to a single word and that word is “education”. 

One of my students once asked me to define God today. Here is my answer; the only thing that defines life is polar opposites.

WHAT IS GOD? Everything “good”.

WHAT IS THE DEVIL? Everything “bad”.

Now if God is the ultimate creator, why the hell did he create the devil? Maybe it’s because God can”t be without its polar opposite or the devil. They stand for two ideals, perfection and defective, positive and negative. How would you know what”s hot if you don”t know what”s cold? How can you have a day without a night? So what is between God and Devil? What is the “lukewarm” of this polar opposite? HUMANS. 

God is a representation of goodness; the Devil is a representation of everything negative. This also means your fear to expand the mind: phobias, guilt, pain, etc. However you portray them, in a book with children”s stories that adults have now learned to subscribe (Bible) or by Atheism, you can”t deny the fact that throughout history God has been used to provide order and dominance, though often fear-based and to the benefit of a few manipulators driven by greed and power who got the gold for their endeavors. Organized religion is the largest mass mind-control system ever developed, and it is proven. It still works to this day by putting spiritual and psychological boundaries on humans who are now afraid to question what they’ve been taught over the centuries is a sin to consider. It is undeniable and sad. If you control someone”s flow of information and instill their fears, you end up controlling their lives. The churches control all of these lives, and in some cases get 10% of their incomes every year for it. 

The facts are just that; the church is the only FOR PROFIT organization in the world that pays NO TAXES to any government. The largest single monetary holder in the world is the church, owning as much real estate as the government itself. 

More people have died for the church and for their religion than any war, disease, or natural disaster in the history of the world combined. The war in Iraq is over God and Allah as much as it is for oil and freedom. I wonder if God or Jesus has ever seen a penny of that money. Whatever happened to spiritual freedom in all of this?

 Its only business, people! Like the drug industry, religion is also a huge business! Neptune (Poseidon) rules the sign of Pisces (religious poisoning) and this sign also rules all chemicals (alcohol, all medical prescriptions, all illegal drugs, the FDA, oil companies, Ritalin and all that poisons the body, mind, and spirit of humans). 

Anyone born with a very strong Neptunian influence will be naturally deceived and/or prone to any AND ALL FORMS of addictions (religious and/or chemical). Read my observation on Mel Gibson and why he wrote the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”

Well millions have, still do and will inevitably die in the name of religious convictions and millions more have, still do and will inevitably die because of drug poisoning. A mother called me today, totally lost because of her aggressive child”s behavior (what do you expect, she is an Aries) but not knowing anything about Astropsychology and the child”s UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) she is simply listening and loading her child with deadly chemicals prescribed by an educated imbecilic doctor. 

The fight has been to elevate mankind”s spirit and allow it to free itself from Neptune”s deceiving pull. But this world is far from ready and it’s ultimately in God’s hands. Millions of innocent people will sink in the quicksand of ignorance about Neptune, referred to as the Lord of Deception in Greek mythology. Indeed, Neptune is the most deceiving and hard-to-grasp, hazy planet affecting the human psyche. Wherever this planet is located in your chart you will have absolutely NO practical judgment. You will become very vulnerable to Neptune”s illusive pull and you will not differentiate fiction from reality. In some serious cases it produces rapists, serial killers, drug and alcohol addicts, AIDS or other unknown diseases for the recipients and the worst of our society that will be put in jail or a mental institution. Souls born with a very heavy Neptunian influence in their chart will be lead to work in confinement such as hospitals, churches temples and synagogues or will be lead by the planet of deception and illusion to become nuns, priests, ministers, gurus and the leaders of an armada of religions plaguing this world. BE AWARE OF NEPTUNE!

Spreading words of ignorance will create future religious wars! The past and the present are my witness for the future religious conflicts. This is just plain common sense. 

Some might consider it a niche market, but in fact, religion is a multi-billion dollar industry selling everything from books to movies to music, spreading the word of Christ. In the days leading up to any religious holiday or holydays, we are often bombarded by information on shopping trends. Books, music and DVDs are always popular items for every age group and gender during this season. 

But there is another market out there that we, the mainstream media are often accused of ignoring, the Christian Market. The success of Mel Gibson”s film, “The Passion of the Christ” was a cultural and marketing phenomenon of the year. It’s one of the highest grossing movies of all time, and has added to its bottom line by becoming a big seller on DVD, exceeding 12 million copies sold. But it”s not just movies, there’s growing success of Christian rock and pop music that appeals to young teens as effectively as Britney Spears or any other pop sensation, but at the same time sells Christianity. The book and magazine industry has followed suit. Many of you are probably familiar with the “Left Behind” series, some of the best-selling books of all time. Everyone involved in the business is unabashed about the ultimate goal to spread the word, and they say they are succeeding. 

Well, the Age of Aquarius is supposed to change all of this nonsense, where the true Laws written by God himself from his creation (the Universe/the stars) are to finally be acknowledged and respected by us all. Yet there is the genuine divine and the falsified version of Aquarius where the elites will only want to tell you part of the story or half the truth about astrology but not the complete truth, mostly because one has to be objective to understand the big picture and that objective is what interferes with their objective.

Not to forget, Pisces is the “sole basis” of the world and will still remain some where in each ones identity. Neptune, the ruler is Pisces will still be active…Yet there is one thin hair between divine information and pure imagination. Though there will still be those who will never get it.

Now you can understand why the entire world is sutured with religions and why 99% of the world”s population is in denial and religiously poisoned. In some countries they’re all waiting for Jesus” return, hoping to watch him walking on water again. Come on, you should be smarter than that. See the facts and raise above all this crap to free yourself from fears and ignorance. There are hundreds of thousands of people over the centuries that not only lost their lives but also were abused, and it’s still going on!

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation”s Roman Catholic bishops said (02/18/05) that over the last year they received 1,092 new allegations of sexual abuse against at least 756 Catholic priests and deacons. See the facts about Neptune poisoning and deceiving powers in one”s life!

Michael Jackson”s Moon (domestic scenery and emotional response to life) is in the sign of PISCES (illusion/jail/drugs/religion/church/deception) and translates into Michael Jackson”s California mansion NEVERLAND! Why can”t people see with the 3rd eye is amazing to me, but it’s just because of IGNORANCE! Do your homework, read about it on my website, investigate the star”s UCI and his secret nature. 

Again, don”t worry, you are not going to hell, you are on hell; all these man made up stories are mythology and those myths over the centuries became accepted as fact by a God fearing poisoned mass; but it’s all because of IGNORANCE. 

“Mythology is what grownups believe, folklore is what they tell their children, and religion is both.” – Cedric Whitman

 This world is a learning ground; it”s a school so we all learn our lessons. If I did remove myself from others and the real world for many years, I would undoubtedly be more stupid… and why? Because like every one of us, maybe I need to have my butt kicked; and NO you are not going to go to hell because you’re listening to me, and why? Because you are already there! This is it, right here on earth. But with knowledge, you can turn this hellish place into paradise, because knowledge is power and this power is your option to establish emotional, financial and spiritual stability, while ignorance incapacitates and will always be true evil. 

Here on earth, people will hurt you; here people will force you to realize your errors and make you give them respect and will teach you the hard way, what you did wrong to them with your words or actions. That hurts and we have all lost people that we cared for. Thus by removing you or you removing them, it will make them or you to be more compassionate, more respectful and more loving and these lessons give wisdom. So talking about my life experiences and me is a vital part of my teachings, because you will learn more about yourself by listening to me or from someone else’s stories. 

Yes, I will tell you true stories about so many things in my readings and in this letter and the goal is for you to realize the values of my incredible experiences and I always teach my students those incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible things to teach you. So stop being too concerned about YOU just for a while and listen to me or listen to you and learn nothing new. Now I am not cocky, but fully aware of what is going on and I just want to share some facts with you. 

My work should challenge you, make you think and if I have to be sarcastic or funny, then so be it. This work is designed as an introduction to your Full Life Reading and you paid me good money to do your reading. Well, maybe you did not pay it just yet, but by investing your trust in me, you will learn some truths about yourself too, and I will guarantee you that. 

When I arrived in the US in 1984, I had only $50.00 in my pocket, no friends, no green card, no social security, no house, no car, no job; NOTHING, I was homeless. In retrospect, I certainly came a long way. I now own my own home, I have a brand new sports car in the garage, and an SUV 4 X 4 sits next to it, and yes, I am doing extremely well in my career and have true love with my beautiful soul mate, Terania. 

But, you see, the reason that I am where I am today is because I have what 99% of people in this world don’t and that is intelligence, curiosity, and a most of all, a full Cosmic Consciousness. Now remember, I am French, I never went to school to learn English, so GRASP my message, NOT my errors and be objective and if my vocabulary is not good enough for you, well then go to a foreign country with only $50 bucks in your pocket like I did, then learn to speak and write the language like I did and once you are done with that, grasp the keys of the Universe, master them, translate them and offer them to the world. 

Being into others and knowing all the secrets of the Universal Mind and using this power to my advantage, is what made me who I am today. To make your life a success like mine, you still have to listen and digest more of my philosophy, my work and get to know me. It’s obvious that if you are not happy, if you are feeling lonely or you did not reach your true potentials or haven’t found love yet, then chances are, you are missing something; and with us you will find out in time what it is, that is, if you dig deeper and that”s for me to know and you to find out for sure. 

Years and years ago, I was just where you are right now, listening to tapes and reading material like this, looking for answers on how to find emotional, financial, spiritual success, and most of all love and stability. The point is that you are not alone like I was in a foreign country and away from loved ones and friends to support you. You are lucky to be living in this great nation where all of your dreams can and will come true, if you simply ask and get the tools you need to reach all your wishes. What if you were born in Russia or Africa? Or other places in the world where war, death and starvation are widespread. How many countries in the world would spend trillions of dollars every year just to lose fat? Only in America, if you were living in Africa or Russia you may not worry too much about losing weight or have you even thought of this yet? Too much or not enough of anything is not good, either. 

So count your blessings already, because you are ahead of millions of people. Never forget that your awareness of what you already have is a blessing in itself. 

People come to my office all messed up with their depressive lives and I sit there listening to them; it”s my job. However, when I ask them how they came to me they are all surprised! Well there is a little girl in Texas named Laura and she can”t walk; she is paralyzed from the waist down following a traffic accident. I guarantee you that she’d take any one of my client”s problems in a heartbeat, if she could walk again. Now be more aware of what you take for granted and stop looking into your world for a change. Even if you are in the same situation as Laura, then DO NOT believe or blindly accept what your doctor tells you because miracles do take place regardless of your doctors” prognosis. “Click on the video about Jennifer”s story and see the facts”.

Thus, building basic awareness and later on high cosmic consciousness is two vital steps towards success and it can be done, if you have basic security around you and you have this in the United States of America. The reality is that the majority of people would rather be entertained and stay in denial, than to face reality and work towards changing themselves and correct the bad habits they’ve accumulated over the years. Being human, we are machines of habit and we are more comfortable with what we know and are familiar with and naturally we are reluctant to make the needed changes for a better life. 

Do you know what the word UNDER-STAND means? Let me give you an example; for instance if I wanted to build a second story above my house, I would have to go on top of it, walk along the roof, well above the ground and with the help of an architect to see what it would take to actually build what I’ve envisioned. Then, I would have to go down UNDER the roof to see if the walls will STAND strong enough to hold the weight of the additional floor, correct? Of course, and this is where the word UNDERSTAND comes from. But many people will not go above into the Universal Mind to see how they STAND – UNDER their stars; they are robots controlled by their UCI and what makes it worse is that they’re totally unaware of it and don’t UNDERSTAND the process. 

Well, my job is to help you to build that cosmic consciousness, so that you can apply the will of the cosmos in your favor, once you know how you stand under the celestial order. This awareness will give you the power needed to stimulate the creative forces of your subconscious in relationship to your UCI (Unique Celestial Identity). All of us were enslaved at birth by the will of the cosmos to swim back to our birthplace, and as children of the Universe, our birthplace is the stars, because this is where we all came from. 

Realize that God never came down and wrote books. But he made the stars and he made them for more than the sake of beauty; he gave them to us as signs for interpretations, so that by understanding the Zodiac, we may live a more productive and safe life. Sad enough many scientists act from the same mindset and are often very conservative in their analysis of the world around them, limiting everything to face or atomic value, therefore traditional education can offer us very little actual knowledge to expand our awareness. Science and religion have cast aside the jurisdiction of Universal Laws upon mankind. By replacing God’s Celestial Laws with science and religions, it brought humongous chaos to this world. Just look at the facts all around you where family members suffer their own little religious wars at home. These are laws made by man and YOU MUST respect those laws and finally realize that God never wrote any books. Would you dare crossing the street without looking or ignore a stop sign or a red light in the street? Yes, but only if you decided to commit suicide. Now, if I have to be sarcastic to get your attention, then so be it, I’ll gladly be sarcastic, if that’s what it takes to get through to you. 

Because you are NOT aware of the Universal Laws is NOT an acceptable excuse and will certainly bring about serious penalty. No one should believe in Astrology because it is NOT a religion, it’s a science and like any other discipline, one must find the time to reach for education in order to achieve cosmic consciousness. I am offering this new spiritual concept to you and you must reach for it and research its validity. Again, ignore all man made laws and go and play in the middle of the highway and see what happens to you. My job in this material world is to help you to reach your common sense first, to realize that I know what I’m talking about, and then you will trust me to build your own cosmic consciousness. 

The only thing you have really is your intuition and only education will bring you to respect the Universal Laws. Unless you ask, you wont receive, but if you do, then you will ascend and rise to a much higher level of awareness. It is through education that you will bring a better life to you; so do not blame Jesus, Allah, Buddha or whatever belief system and deity your country of birth has solicited to you ever since the time you were born. 

Remember the terrible tsunami that hit Asia? At that very moment, thousands of people were praying to their God and the wave killed them instantly. I was supposed to go there for Christmas to visit some friends  in Phuket, Thailand. But I knew about the Full Moon in Cancer, and other serious celestial manifestations that were also at play then. My wisdom and intuition saved both of the lives of me and my friend Owen, when I told him that I would not go after a Full Moon. I knew better, because I also know that the stars don”t care about religious holidays. 

Many of my French and Thai friends are now dead. I was on that very same beach in Phuket, Thailand 2 years ago, so I was quite touched by this disaster. Again, none of the religious books provided in any of the hotel rooms gave them a serious warning about the tsunami. But, both my books Moon Power and Asia Dragon Predictions for 2004 had all of the predictions for the impending tragedy with the deadly sign of Scorpio changing signs on the very same day as the deadly tsunami. None of the religious books had a wisdom that could have prevented their death, yet mine did. 

”Well, all of this is great Dr. Turi, but it’s against my religion,” you may say; then click on this link about “The Pope Learning Astrology”. They will NOT teach you that in Sunday School! The Pontiff was taught Astrology by the Vatican council, and he was enthroned under the sign of the kings, or under the constellation of Leo. Note also, that the Federal Reserve has an astrological chart on the ceiling and if you go to Las Vegas, stop at the Hoover Dam and look at the HUGE astrological chart on the floor by the bridge. In this letter or your Full Life Reading, I will teach you things that you will never be taught in your Sunday schools, because a lot of powerful well established organizations are not there to educate you. After all, organized religion is a billion of dollars business that rapes many families” resources and poisons the psyche of children. Is that why there are Christians schools taking care of your children’s spirit and conditioning them with fears or going to hell? 

And how do you think crusaders navigated the oceans to bring the good word of the Lord to far away continents? They simply used the stars! What about the 3 Kings following a bright star to the birthplace of Christ? Unless turbo-charged camels were available back then, it was impossible for them to follow any star. These 3 Kings were “Wise Men” and more accurately, they were Astrologers, because you can only follow a star when it is plotted on a map. There is so much more about the birth of Christ and the symbol of Pisces being subconsciously chosen by Christians than what is stated in the Bible. Well, I know many of them who would love to cook or drown me again, like they did with the Inquisition in the “Dark Ages”. But the irony is, they are also advertising Astrology by driving around with a fish stuck on the back of their cars, intent on spreading their noxious message of separation. “We are better, we are Christians, you will GO TO HELL and we are going to heaven, and YOU will die!” What a bunch of God fearing small-minded people. But those “Wise Men” or Astrologers knew that Neptune, or Poseidon in Greek Mythology, was going to be the new ruler of the world for the next two thousands years and poison mankind with an overdose of imagination that would lead to an infestation of deceiving religious doctrines and deadly religions. 

It takes 2000 years for a sign to impose it karmic resolution upon our world, and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is also called the Lord of Deception and poisoning. Before any surgery, your doctor will numb you with drugs as much as your church numbed your spirit by poisoning it with fears, but it is still toxic to your body, mind and spirit and set to desensitize you to reality and that”s what Neptune does. In the process, Universal Rules were cast aside and replaced by religious doctrines bred during the dark ages and hard medical science came soon after. Well, Neptune controls both religion and science and these are the greatest killers in human history. Religions poison the mind with doctrines, while medicine poisons the body with dangerous chemicals, same concept. 

During the Dark Ages, the church was the only government and no one challenged the authority of the Pope. He signed two deadly “Papal Bulls.” In one he ordered to kill all the cats in Europe because they were to his uneducated mind, the product of evil. Doing so, the rat population exploded and millions of people died of the plague. The second Papal Bull was ordering to put to death all of the pagans in the new world; this means all the Indians, if they would not or could not be converted to Christianity. All the gold of the Incas and many other tribes from Central America and their ancient artifacts were stolen and brought back to Europe and are still held under the Vatican, somewhere within the seven miles of it’s secret library in large air-conditioned catacombs. 

They simply erased many advanced civilizations spiritual work that embraced natural and celestial laws by melting all the gold and carvings from the temple of the Sun and the Temple of Moon into solid gold bars to support more religious wars and invasions. It has been a deadly and deceiving business since day one, where the uneducated God fearing mass became totally numb to the facts that took place against all indigenous people all over the world. 

Take the time to go to my website and read “SEDONA RITUAL”. The very last part of that newsletter is a letter sent to the Pope by an Indian legal representative and it denunciates the damage the Indians suffered because of the Pope”s order to KILL all “pagans”. Search the internet and see for yourself that Papal Bulls are part of the fabric of United States and International Law for power over indigenous peoples. While you are at it, also take the time to visit my good friend, Jordan Maxwell, “CHRISTIAN FISHES SYMBOL” and educate yourself on Astro-Theology; do your home work and see the real structure of the Vatican and the destructive and deceiving deeds of organized religions and their far reaching influence and power over mankind. Of course, you wouldn”t have been taught this in Sunday school, so be ready for a shock when you see the humongous amounts of manipulation involving the church and its poisonous traps. 

Since it’s existence, the church has used basic psychological human instincts as a form of control and continues to do so in our modern times. The whole Bible is based upon Astrology and instilling a fear of the unknown and has been manipulating people into religious robots, strictly unable to look outside of the Bible for answers. Again, Hitler did the same to create the SS or the army of Hitler Youth, while serious punishment or great rewards was a part of the curriculum. Containment, regulations, and regular prayer practices becomes a routine system of control that has been poisoning the entire human psyche for the past two thousand years. 

This practice was set this way to manipulate the uneducated masses and created a super wealthy machine, dubbed “organized religion,” bringing billions of dollars in revenue each year. True victims of religious poisoning suffers from depression and numerous mental disorders, stemming from deep-seated phobias and fears instilled in them from when they were children, fearing the worst of hell and eternal damnation. A few hundred years ago you used to be able to either pay the church in advance for sins you knew you’d commit, or you could pay them off as you did them. You would go to the priest and buy your exemptions, however I don”t think that God ever saw a single penny of that money. 

This option faded out as the church grew older and discovered that they could actually make much more money by “suggesting” 10% of everyone”s yearly income be paid to them as part of your service to God through tithing. However, the Church is one of the few organizations that’s exempt from all taxation and also is the richest organization in the world; it’s not non-profit and it retains tons of the world’s most priceless artifacts and historical documents, as well as real estate. The irony is, now it’s 2,000 years later and each year the children are waiting for Santa Claus to return on December 25’th to go down the fireplace to bring them toys, just as their parents are waiting for Jesus to return to run this world and save them. 

Well, I am waiting for Elvis to come back. Do you see how stupid that sounds? Well, give it 2000 years of enforced deceiving information and Elvis not only will become a saint or a deity, but also people will believe in his return, too. The Bible is nothing more than a fairy tale for children, with Jesus being the equivalent of Santa Claus and us knowing absolutely nothing of his actual existence. There were no pens and paper available 2,000 years ago to state his birth as fact and anything written about Jesus was wrote at least 60 or 70 years later and those 66 books they approved to be in the Bible were never complied until over 400 years after his QUOTED death. Before then, Christianity was simply considered a cult. 

Sometimes I feel like Galileo, “Hey people the world is NOT flat!” Look at the Moon, it is obviously round, but his observation sent him to jail and nearly killed him and a century later the Pope did apologize for his predecessors making his life miserable. Gosh, what good that does for the poor genius rotting away in a cold, wet cell, being beaten and starving to death. 

Well, he never apologized for other pontiffs imbecility responsible for the plague and the death of millions people in Europe or for the Indian massacres all over the planet. Note also, that the Pope finally recognized the Gypsies to be canonized and they can now have saints while Gypsies and the church always persecuted gays, but now we have gay bishops. The fact of the matter is that there is plenty of gypsies and plenty of gays in the world and they all have money and that is their main reason to accept them and to give them a chance to be saved by the Lord. My god, how can people be so blind? When will the world finally wake up to the deceiving power of Neptune that has plagued mankind for so long? When will the people realize that what has been accepted by the majority does not mean it’s true or that it ever happened? 

And what about the science of predicting earthquakes or a tsunami? Guess what, I did it all. See the facts, read what NASA students say and read my emails sent to USGS unarguably predicting large earthquakes. The same energy that killed over 5,000 people in the Kobe, Japan earthquake took place on December 26, 2004 in Asia and the printing process and television show that I did on January 1, 1995 on both Channel 10 and KTAR radio two weeks prior to the Kobe quake, giving the exact date of January 16, 1995 (and asking everyone to write it down while on the air!) it’s all taped and makes my work simply unarguable. 

Guess what? I did it again on the X ZONE radio where I am a regular guest, with the very last 6.4 earthquake that took 2/22/05 place in Central Iran. I specifically asked the host Rob McConnell to be ready for a bad quake and gave the exact date on the air. Why don”t you email him and find out if I am saying the truth? Be my guest! Click here, Rob McConnel ”X” Zone. So far USGS or the NWS have done nothing other than to waste our tax dollars. Click on this link and read more of my previous predictions, “ASIA TSUNAMI/KOBE JAPAN EARTHQUAKE/USGS/NASA EMAILS”.

AGAIN – From Moon Power 2005 for 3/20/05 – Events: Terrible tragedies such as the Kobe, Japan earthquake and many volcanic eruptions are around the corner, as the Supernova energy will display its power soon on the earth. If early, this Supernova window will force thousands of people out of their homes because of nature”s destructive forces. Let”s hope the powerful life-giving Sun will slow or stop tragedy. Be Careful Around The Water! 

On my last radio show from London (03/19/05) “Talk Sport Radio” from London with Howard Hughes, click and ask him directly. Again, I specifically told him to be ready for a large earthquake. RESULTS – 03/19/05 – TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) – A powerful earthquake hit Japan”s southernmost main island of Kyushu on Sunday, and tsunami warnings have been issued, public broadcaster NHK said. FURTHERMORE – 7.0 Quake Hits Southern South Korea – South Korea is separated from Japan by a sea, is relatively free of quakes and ON THE DOT today 3/21/05 a 6.9 quake hits Argentina. 

TO TOP IT ALL, read the following carefully – On “Talk Sport Radio” I also gave Howard Hughes the date of March 28 and 29’th. 

CNN 3/28/05 – ON THE DOT! A magnitude of 8.7 Quake kills at least 300 on Indonesian island, up to 2,000 could be dead!

—– Original Message —– 

From: David /// 

To: dr.turi@cox.net 

Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 7:02 AM

Subject: talkSPORT Radio.

Dr Turi, 

Firstly, can I say a big thank you for agreeing to come on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes. We were overwhelmed with the response you had on that night and every day afterwards! We were hoping you could come on this Saturday (02.04.05) for a brief chat about your predictions that you gave… everyone in the office was amazed and they are now using it on a trail for the show, so your predictions are being played out to the whole UK!! Would you be willing to have a quick 20-25 minute chat with Howard at 10.00pm UK time… which would be early afternoon for you, I take it we would use the same numbers as last time? Look forward to hearing from you soon, David. 

—– Original Message —– 

From: ///greta////n

To: Dr.Turi@cox.net

Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 4:02 PM

Subject: Hello

Hello Dr Turi,

You have really amazed me. I heard you on Talk Sport Radio about 2 weeks ago. When you said that that there would be Earthquakes. I have since watched out on the news for these and was astounded when I heard about the earthquakes. Looking forward to hearing you on the radio again. 

Best Regards Great /////

WHEN WILL THE SCIENTISTS WAKE UP, put their ego in their pocket and realize their IGNORANCE and learn something valuable from me or my students? 

I was also appalled the other day watching “The Science of a Tsunami” on TLC. This guy hiding behind a scholarship found the best way of all to abuse taxpayers” funds by building his own small ocean in a huge warehouse in California, so he can ride waves. This imbecile must be a beach boy of the 60’s, smoking pot and surfing all day long, to be even remotely interested in any form of Oceanography. 

But we need to do research on tsunami”s to find out all about waves crashing on the coastlines, scientists will say. Guess what Sir; a tsunami is A WAVE, just a very BIG wave that kills people. Tectonic plates shifting under each other cause volcanic eruptions, magma flows, earthquakes and tsunamis. An earthquake out in the ocean causes big waves as all the water rushes out to the epicenter of the earthquake. The huge wave then is splashed back along the coastline with all the force generated from the earth”s movement. And this BIG WAVE kills people; do you really have to waste millions of dollars making a facility for those imbeciles to ride waves, to know that? 

Although knowing what causes tsunamis is valuable, what’s the point? We have no way of controlling natural forces such as tectonic plates shifting, so throwing billions of dollars at this research is superfluous. Well, the purpose is to prevent calamities and death, correct? Did they succeed, so far? NO and when is the last time USGS gave us time to prepare for an earthquake? Save our time and precious resources and let”s invest our tax dollars into more practical research involving the Moon”s fluctuations and how she affects the oceans at large. Also, all scientists that want to surf can go to the beach in the Summer like anyone else. Man, what would I do with all of this money? Certainly use it to advertise Moon Power and give an option for people to plan accordingly with the Moon”s fluctuations, to avoid being a victim of nature by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

In March 2005 over 3,000 Earthquakes took place within 72 Hours off NW Coast. Seismologists and geologists are rushing in from all over the world to witness this event. This story has caught fire and at this time, the only press release from the scientists is, “Don”t worry; the earthquakes are not large enough to create a tsunami.” That being said, the excitement is more about witnessing a growing “volcano” right off the coast of Vancouver Island. A scientific SWAT team from Seattle will be sailing for a spot just off the coast of Vancouver Island, where they suspect an underwater eruption is under way.

“We really don”t know what to expect,” said Edward Baker, an oceanographer at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). “If we”re very lucky, we may get pictures of brand-new lava on the seafloor.” 

And again, just a few days later (CNN) reported from Vancouver, Washington, that scientists want to peer inside the crater of Mount St. Helens to locate the origins of a plume of ash and steam that spewed nearly seven miles high into the air, the day before. I say look up, not down instead!

Note my prediction written in my book Moon Power months ago for that:

URANIAN period! Environment: Uranus (surprising disruptions) not a good combination under a waning Moon and will upset the poor unaware human “scientists maybe?” on earth below. Many eruptions have taken place under this energy! RESULTS: 3/8/05 – CNN Mount St. Helens coughs up ash and a severe cyclone hits Australia!

Maybe this bunch of educated cretins should take my course and realize what Uranus (sudden release of energy/earthquakes/volcanoes) in the sign of Pisces (exotic places/body of water) is doing to the earth and the ocean floor!

I see scientists as mental snobs, well educated nerds born with an elephant”s memory, regurgitating their books and rigid schooling, but lacking total intuition or the ability to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness. The worst part is that the majority of scientists in all departments will not even honor the word science and investigate my research; missing the very essence of the answer they are so desperately looking for. Well there is hope people, read this!

UPDATE  – CNN 4/2/05: After 26-year reign, pontiff dies at 84 – Roman Catholics all over the world gather to mourn. 

FROM MY WEBSITE JUST BEFORE THE DEATH OF THE POPE – A strong message with the death of the Pope of an ending of the deceiving age of Pisces (deception/illusion/religions/poisonings of the body mind and spirit). A new light is upon the world produced by Uranus/Aquarius (genius/the future/UFO/technology/astrology) and a new level of awareness for the future of mankind. The dark religious age of Pisces will slowly die with the old Pontiff. New philosophical ideologies imposed by unseen interstellar manifestations are changing this world”s perceptions. Uranus is bringing a new dimension of discernment to this young world. Expect more news of developments involving technology, outer space bodies and extraterrestrial manifestations in the future.

CNN 4/3/05: SPACE.com – After a few close calls, astronomers have finally obtained the first photograph of a planet beyond our solar system.


CNN 4/4/05: Sloan Digital Sky Survey Supports Harmonic Structure to the Universe.

It has been found that the Universe is structured around harmonics that occurred during the Big Bang. The hidden harmonic structures in the universe suggest that astrological influences are possible and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey supports this theory.

FINALLY the scientists are waking up; click on this to read the article!

Did you read my newsletter about the television show that I did with the FBI on the Discovery channel? See the epidemic of imbecility in all of its splendor and how reluctant those educated morons really are, when faced with the UNIQUE option given to them (FOR FREE!) to INVESTIGATE true power. All that the secret service is supposed to do was NOT honored in my case and you wonder why the entire FBI and CIA had to undergo a RE-structure? Click on this link and read “UCI AND THE POLICE”. Furthermore, realize that three years ago and well before President Bush signed the covenant, I FULLY predicted the FBI and the CIA”s restructure. Would you say those people, like 99% of the rest of the people walking this earth are MISSING something? 

You see, my system is unarguable as far as timing is concerned and I have reputably proven it over and over again and predicted all major news including the 911 WTC attack in New York and will continue to do so. If I had the option and access to tap into the faults activity and use some of their sophisticated electronic equipment, I would be much more precise in finding the location of an earthquake. In spite of my many attempts, none of them will even listen to my request. But the majorities of them were raised traditionally and will believe in a deity walking on water and avoid me like the plague, because they believe that I will eventually end up in hell from dealing with the stars and the moon. What a bunch of ignorant… 

If I had this financial support, I would build Astropsychology schools and bring more sense to this crazy world. Mind you, it”s fine to teach kids about history, algebra, history, math, etc, but who is there to teach them about WHO THEY ARE and the purpose of their life? Not having the option for spiritual regeneration, those kids will kill the schoolmaster, the teacher, their classmates, then finally blow up their own depressed minds. 


They will take a school or college as the center stage, to prove that there is something seriously wrong or missing in today”s educational system and the fact is that all of the people in charge are true morons responsible for their pain and suffering and even their death.


 – The death toll from a shooting rampage in Minnesota has risen to 10. The shooter first killed two grandparents before going to school, where he killed a female teacher, a male security officer and three students before turning a gun on himself. Two other students died later of their wounds. Up to 13 others were wounded.

Here is another example of the “Death Generation” or those kids born with Pluto (death/sex) in Scorpio. Today 12/18/05 – CNN reported: Boy, 13, Allegedly Molests Girl In Local Library 7-Year-Old Said She Was Taken Into Restroom.

POSTED: 7:47 am EST December 16, 2005 – A 13-year-old boy who allegedly molested a 7-year-old girl in a restroom is expected to face charges. The girl was with her mother at the Brighton District Library on Tuesday afternoon. She told police that the boy took her into a restroom and molested her, the Ann Arbor News reported. The girl ran to her mother to tell her about the incident. The library staff called police, according to the newspaper. The boy is being held in juvenile custody, said the report.

Update 7/3/05 – WASHINGTON (AP  – The Food and Drug Administration issued a second public warning Friday that adults (What about the kids?) who use antidepressants should be closely monitored for warning signs of suicide, especially when they first start taking the pills or change the dosage.

Teachers and those in control of the educational system have no clue of what”s really going on with the kids UCI and have done NOTHING to add the therapeutic values of Astropsychology in the school curriculum. Maybe they should read all about “The Death Wish Generation” in my book titled “The Power of the Dragon”.

But like the scientists, most of the people in charge of governmental institutions and all accredited institutions are very traditional and religious and will condemn the stars, and with it the very essence of what could help this carnage. But knowledge is power and ignorance is evil…Especially when it comes to the religious/scientific matrix. Mathematics or geography, even history won’t cut it. It is a spiritual problem and the church has not, cannot, and will not be able to help, because this deadly generation is totally different than their teachers. One day I hope to see my own spiritual schools reversing the damage and PLEASE – PLEASE if in any way, shape or form you can help me, please do so, and you can start by forwarding this article to anyone that you care about! 

That is, if I make any sense to you, for if I don”t, then you need a serious overhaul yourself. Now don”t be mad at me, as I can”t spare you because I am very honest, direct and I have also a serious problem with stupidity; I was born that way. 

It’s solely for the children of the future, as the world will someday be in their hands to teach their own children the respect of all universal rules. I know you”d rather me to talk about you, but are you really that selfish as not to care about what I have to say about the children? I don”t think so! So please, keep reading and if you’ve ordered a Full Life Reading, I will get to your personal reading later. All of this information is set to prepare you for a different level of reasoning and to stimulate both your common sense and your intuition. The same applies with health and how to feel better. I know, so many people are actually tired of feeling like crap and they’re all hoping to find some answers before their disease kills them. Many people around me are always asking me about what I do to look so young and feel so healthy. 

It”s all there in my teachings and my books, for anyone to read and in the process, the option is given to you to heed my warnings and learn more about you, your body and your relationship with the divine. All that I have learned in last 35 years is available to anyone. Again, I do not write those celestial laws, I simply translate the Universal Will with my gift, for your advantage. Nature doesn”t have to kill anyone and it is NOT a God that’s pissed off at the world, doing a nasty trick on humans. God did not pick the anniversary death of his son Jesus to kill over 200,000 people.

There is so much more behind the word God, and read backward it says DOG or dogmatic teachings. That is where the problem lies, but the question is are you petrified yet? Will you ask for more? Will you beat your own fears of expanding your mind outside of dogma and explore new challenging avenues or let the church treat you like a DOG, doing just what your minister says and following nicely on your leash. The same applies with health and how to feel better; will you let your doctor kill you with chemicals? Like I said before, I know so many people actually tired of feeling like crap and they are all hoping to find some answers before their diseases kill them. 

They are telling me all sorts of things like, ” Oh, but I read lots of books and magazine articles on health and I went to some lectures and browsed in health food stores and even went to some health shows”. These people were on a mission to find answers as to live a healthier life. Many of them don”t really know what they’re doing wrong, and what to do right, so that they could be healthier and get rid of a few problems. The same applies for spirituality and many people are dealing with ministers, gurus, psychics or so-called astrologers, wasting time and money, hoping for a quick reading that leads to a better life. Well, most of those people need more help and directions than you do, trust me. The problem is that most of the people are not ready for the plain truth and are in denial and others are simply not yet ready for me. 

But the difference between them and me is; that in my gut and intuition, I rather knew what was wrong with my body, my mind and my spirit. I also knew (intuitively) what could improve my knowledge and even heal myself to live a long and healthy, productive life. Simply by taking better care of myself, but could it be that simple? Hell yes, that”s it. You see, before I educated myself with metaphysics, hypnotherapy and health matters, I felt that it all would be very complicated, and disease and illness was a part of life and only a doctor would or could really understand that. 

For some reasons, doctors seem to like complication; I couldn”t even pronounce the names of some medications they wanted me to ingest. I call it mental snobbism; after all, they have to make sure you don”t know SShhh; excuse my French! 

So for a change I listened to me, I listened to my intuition and felt the real answers to uncover what it means to be human were closer than I thought. I also knew that to be successful and healthy I would have to find the answers outside of my old self. I have a lot of friends and students that are medical doctors; surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, you name it and I only spoke with those who only had credentials, degrees, doctorates, or some medical experience. Remember what I said earlier? The truth is outside, NOT inside you. Well again, this is why you are listening to me right now, hoping that I will have some answers for you, correct? Guess what, I do! In fact, I have a lot of plausible and practical answers for you and they might not be what you expect and for sure you will be very surprised at what I”m going to divulge about you, your spirit and your body. 

You see, I used to smoke cigarettes and I could not eat fast enough or even have sex fast enough (sorry, I am French) to smoke my cigarette. Hey relax; there is nothing wrong with sex for what I know. In case you don”t know, it feels real good and God made it that way so we’d do it all the time… I do! Let”s go back to the bad habit of cigarette smoking… I had tried so many times to quit that it became a habit just trying, until one day it happened. By listening to others and watching some of my school mates speaking with a microphone through a hole in their throat, seeing and feeling their pains and suffering, I developed knowledge and it translated into an inner voice inside me that would never ever lie to me. Call it intuition if you want to. 

I heard that little voice inside me saying, “Hey you moron, how long can you stay without eating? A week, two weeks? What about drinking water? A week, two weeks? What about breathing? A week, two weeks? Guess what, in less than 4 minutes you could be dead…Your lungs are one of the most important parts of your body, for without oxygen you can’t live long.” That little voice used to say “Damn imbecile, do you think you can rent a new pair of lungs when they dry up with cancer or do you want a hole in your throat, too?” Actually, for the first time I really heard myself, but again, I had heard my inner voice before, but this day was very different, it struck a cord with me. 

I heard myself louder and clearer for the first time ever. What did I do different this time? Well I did something very simple, I listened to myself. For years I could hear myself but I was in denial and I was simply ignoring myself. I was ignoring my own little voice until it became a muted scream that I couldn”t even hear anymore. I disregarded my own common sense by finding stupid excuses like, “but I like smoking, I feel so good after my cigarette, my drink, my pill, my religion, my education, but this day my voice cried out very loud, but I could NOT ignore ME any more and I had to do something different. This was the first time in my life that I ever really listened to myself and followed my own advice to take new steps to change my entire life. 

I knew that I needed to make some serious changes to improve my whole existence, my spirit and my health. I wanted to make more money, I wanted to be healthy, I wanted to be free of the fears of going to hell and I wanted to be happy and successful in all areas of my life. But the roadblock of inertia is very strong and holds many of us back. You probably know the principle of a gyroscope, it is spinning in one spot and it takes a great force or effort to move it. I have watched many tops dig holes into the ground and spin there until they died of friction, as prisoners until they toppled over. Sadly, the gyroscope principle works on people, too. A great deal of spinning, but no forward movement, then they topple just about where they started. If you are going to progress, you are going to have to overcome inertia and your fears. You are going to have to make the effort to change your entire being and all of your habits. I always teach my students, “Only donkeys don”t change their mind”. 

It might be a little uncomfortable at first, but you will soon discover that the freedom is delightful, and you get to see a whole new world. To overcome inertia, you need the vision of a new you. You need to build a clear view of the future you want and determine that it”s worth all it takes to secure it. Then you have to move, you have to take action, and you have to start. Not just prepare to start, but actually start. You started by getting this material of mine, well listen to your intuition now and get more from me or get an education, get some products that will help you to feel or know better, tell a friend in trouble about my work, forward my work, write or forward anything that make sense to you from my website to anyone that needs help, your friends, your relatives, join a class, go to a training meeting, give someone some literature about a product or the opportunity; I am offering to build common sense and Cosmic Consciousness, but you must DO SOMETHING!. 

Start your own program to change your life. Stop spinning in one spot. Take a step, any step forward and that will kill the inertia and start you towards your vision of a new you with a rich and fulfilling new life. Traditional institutions will not respond to my demands because they are numb and prisoners of their own ignorance. I had no option but to start my own group where people vibrating to my level can contribute to help each other and the world at large. Expand your knowledge, go to my forum, talk to my students or spiritual persons there, ask your questions, exchange ideas and take this as a step, an option to kill inertia and open the door to new horizons. For every action there is an equal reaction and this is how your wishes get granted, often unexpectedly. 

At the beginning I was like you, I was blocked and I refused to go along with my little voice because, well, I am not a medical doctor, and I could be wrong and I wanted hard facts from educated and smart people that could teach me all about metaphysics and health. Of course, then I did not know that trusting this little voice and taking a chance on me was going to lead me to teach many well-educated people. But, I had to start somewhere and listening to me was my first step to reach all my dreams. The message to break my own inertia was also very strong and I felt deeply that this little voice inside was telling me the truth. Call it intuition, common sense, but it lies within all of us. So as you read this material today, it”s like returning home and may even feel like you”ve heard this before. 

Well, there is nothing new about what I am going to tell you that you don’t already know. And you also know the same voice spoke to you many times, that”s right, but once more you just ignored listening to yourself. 

You ignored your common sense, your feelings and your inner voice; you ignored your guts, hey, but don”t worry, we all do. You listened to what was going on in your head or worse, what somebody else told you, and you didn”t listen or trust what you were feeling in your heart. You didn”t trust yourself. So please, right now, give yourself a chance and listen to my message to you. I am going to give you a tip, guidance that helped thousands of my clients over the last 35 years to get better physical and spiritual health that lead them to a more healthy and productive life. 

Remember, I came in this great country with NOTHING. I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. I was alone, sad, depressed, I had given up, I was angry about my life, and I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I felt cheated because I was not rich or educated and with no social security number or a green card, I could not work to support myself. I was barely 20 years old when I left my native France for England and the same voice was pushing me away from London to the United States with only $50 bucks in my pocket and a dream; and with faith in the voice that’s inside me, I did “do something” and in the process I died first to who and where I was, to rebirth myself. 

Very often people complain to me saying, “I have lost it all, I am alone, I am in despair!” and my answer is, “There are unseen celestial forces above your head in the stars like the Dragon”s Head and Tail that conduct the world and your own destiny and also, there are powerful subconscious wishes driving you and losing everything is often a wish in disguise that will bring you into the element and the people you need to flourish and bring about the marvelous potential you were born to achieve”. Well, I am full of marvelous examples of this and I’ve done all of that and became very successful in the process. 

I learned all about Astrology, became a Hypnotherapist, and I started my own healing business. Now I want to share my wisdom with you and help you to heal your body, your mind, and your spirit. I had to clean off my old thinking pattern that I was a victim of bad karma, born to lose and suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually. I was sick of the wrong people guiding me down the wrong paths, sucking my money by telling me how to lead my life. People have to stop listening to others, including their doctors prescribing deadly drugs. Many people are very wealthy and have all the vitamins in the world, all the amino acids, all the bottles and bags of crap that fills up their kitchen cupboards, but still have no health and no happiness. 

I thought that I was punished by God not to enjoy this life for whatever bad past lives they may have had. Well, I wanted to get better emotionally, spiritually and physically, but without drugs and without ever going to the doctors again. I wanted more wisdom, better health and more energy and I wanted to be able to live my life and function without a cigarette or coffee buzz. Is this possible, I thought? Well it is, because I DID IT! Now I felt so sorry for many of my paranoid friends wondering about every little part of their body. “My God, is it cancer?” and “Is this pain in my arm a serious signal for a heart attack? Ho my God, are you going to punish me or hurt my family because I listen to Dr. Turi and deal with the stars? Is the man going to tell me horrible things about my fate, my stars, and me? Do I really want to know about the future?” Well unlike all of them, I wanted to be in full control of my body, my mind, my spirit and my life, instead of feeling totally out of control. 

So you see, been there, done that and I felt a form of despair deep inside my soul. Back in England, I worked for many years at Saint Mary”s Hospital as a trainee nurse and I really know what it”s like for people to be very sick and dying. I was also told that there was nothing that could be done to save many of those patients then and if the medical doctors had it their way, I would have had to get electrical shock when I was a child. I was going through some serious UFO abductions as a child, not knowing that during the course of my life I would deal with many other incredible UFO experiences. No one could help me or understand what I was going through during the nights and our doctor thought I was crazy. ADD and a myriad of other mental problems did not yet exist then and in those days, Prozac or Ritalin and innumerable other deadly prescription drugs were not invented yet. These ignorant doctors could have killed me or driven me insane with electric brain shock treatments, because that”s all they knew. Pretty much like the church affirming that the world was flat with the four corners of the earth. Luckily for me, Mom listened to her intuition and never proceeded with the prognosis to fry my brain and I kept my brain healthy. Many people became insane following this type of treatment, as much the innocent kids will become addicted and silent murderers or suicidal, from using those anti depressant drugs. 

The scientists are making new names everyday for drugs like ADD or attention deficit disorder; not knowing it is a true gift from the universe. Guess what, I am an ADD and so was Einstein and Clinton. Again ADD is NOT a disorder but a solid gift, forcing the soul to “escape” traditional education and aim for the truth outside of the norms, then teach it like I do to the victims of an over educated or religiously poisoned system. I trust the Universe and God himself, to be a little smarter than your doctor and its indispensable purpose to impose ADD on some very lucky chosen mental elites of this world. 

The latest disease they made up is designed to poison the parents, too and called AADD or Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. But guess what, these drugs poison the children much faster. In Charleston, South Carolina, Christ Pittman who’s only 15 years old, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing his grandparents after jurors rejected defense arguments that taking the antidepressant Zoloft drove the youth to kill. You see the jurors and the judges are all ignorant of both the Universal structure and how drugs affect children. This kid complained before the murder that he experienced burning sensations and he exhibited unusual restlessness; the usual side effects linked to any of the antidepressants that anyone takes. Science is frying the brains of children and turns them into raging killers. There are so many sad stories like Christ and so many more ahead, if we do not stop this ignorant pharmaceutical killing machine. Drugs are drugs. 

Legal or not, the results are the same; they kill and drive kids crazy. Listen to this one, in Crothersville, Indiana, Katie Collman, a sweet little girl that’s only 10 years old, was abducted and savagely killed, so she would not reveal the met-amphetamine activity that was happening in her neighborhood. 

Do you want another dramatic story? There are plenty to talk about!

CNN – 4/2/05: Refused kiss costs Elisa Hernandez, 15, her life. Diagnosed as schizophrenic at age 10, Bishop had recently split with his girlfriend of six years and quit taking his medication because it made him sleepy and sluggish, according to his mother, Lisa Bishop, 40. Bishop then pulled out the gun, put it to her head and again demanded a kiss, Blitz said. According to witnesses, she said no and pushed the gun away twice before he shot her through the left eye and fled. He had been drinking and smoking marijuana earlier that night, said Lisa Bishop, who talked to her son by telephone after the killing. This is what any prolonged use of drugs will do to anyone and turns them into killers. It certainly wont be long before another tragedy takes place because of using legal or illegal drugs.

The same poisoning energy of Neptune afflicts every one of us, as in a massacre with the drug VIOZZ killing 139,000 people in the US and the rate for kidney damage is 75% higher with people taking CRESTOR. Furthermore, Vioxx was pulled from the market on September 30, 2005 after a long-term clinical trial indicated some patients had suffered heart attacks or strokes. Similar safety questions have risen from the FDA concerning the related drugs Celebrex and Bextra. HELLO!!! Wake up scientists, drugs are silent killers, is that so difficult to understand? 

Do you know that 219 doctors purchased BOTOX KNOCKOFF – UNAPPROVED by the FDA and considered to be the most DEADLY TOXIN KNOWN TO MAN? Well, they are educated doctors, yes? So you would think they know about toxins, yes? Guess what, they don’t care if they poison you, like organized religions, they are ONLY after your money. Do you know that over 1.5 millions of unsuspecting patients used it? Do you know that many, many more doctors (may be yours too!) will get a visit from FEDERAL REGULATORS soon? How many more deaths do we need, in the name of greed and ignorance? Better do something before, I”d say. 

60 million Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease, 850,000 Americans will suffer a heart attack this year alone and over 50% will die. Be smart and STOP pharmaceutical drug addiction as soon as you can. I see my friends wasting lots of time and money with doctors for their kids and themselves. So let me tell you right away that I will not compromise for you or anyone else. You have asked for this material and trusted me to tell you the truth and the truth you will get from me. You know my philosophy of life, “there are NO accidents,” and this is why you are listening or reading me right now. This is your chance to take a chance on me, a chance to change your entire life, financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

 Well, it’s time for you to listen to that little voice inside, it won”t lie to you. Am I full of it or do I make sense to you? Chances are, you already heard that voice, for if you did not, you would have stopped reading a long time ago. For the last 35 years, I”ve worked and taught people from all walks of life, so I know a lot about human nature and your personal UCI or Unique Celestial Identity already. Astropsychology combined with Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool to judge characters and provide solid directions to anyone, in both the physical and spiritual worlds. 

I know that you”re smart and can recognize common sense when you hear it. I also know that you want to make this work and may require a tape of your Full Life Reading, to work for and benefit from the changes. In fact, your subconscious will bring about all of your wishes and, yes, you can do anything you want. Never forget that the Bible says, “You have been made in the image of God”, this means whether you like it or not, know it or not, there is NO difference between any images, and you were born with the essence of creation and as a God yourself. This means you create your reality and furthermore, your future is nothing other than the reincarnation of your thoughts. 

But one must ask in order to receive and rise above deep-seated fears, ascend towards the Divine to a higher vibration, giving birth to the new you, so that you can finally bring about all of your dreams in your life. You have been offered the miracle of life, an option to accomplish the incredible and make your mark on this world, now the question is; will you sleep through life or live life to its fullest? That is your choice, I made mine and it works very well by looking at my own successful American dream. Be a part of life, make the choice to do so and don”t doubt. 

You will be very successful and healthy, if you mean business and take the appropriate steps. Now, I know that you know in your heart when someone is telling you the truth and I am. I also know that you know when someone is being totally sincere with you. You came out to me, so NOW its time to listen to YOURSELF GOOD for a change. Listen to your guts, listen to your heart, listen to your inner voice, the voice of wisdom within you, and listen to your conscience and your intuition. 

Ask this question honestly, do you think I am really committed to my work? Do you feel my passion? Am I enthusiastic and straightforward with you? Do I make any sense to you so far? Am I honest? Do you really think I can help you? Now, I also know that you are feeling right about me, because I am telling you the absolute truth the best way that I know how, from my heart directly to your heart and that is the difference between me and other light workers or astrologers out there. I am simply real and you can’t deny it and can only feel it. 

Never, ever again stop listening to yourself, because you know better from the inside. Your inner voice is always right, and you may not always hear it, but anytime you can, you must obey it. You must comply with your intuition and your heart at all times. Listen to yourself, because its the first and most important step for change and in getting well, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn not to doubt you, learn to listen and trust to yourself. 

Once you do, then and only then, will I be able to help you to change your life. Yes, you heard me, I cannot help you get well unless you always obey your heart and your own little voice. It”s so important for you to develop the power of listening to yourself. 

For you know well that this world is loaded with people who don”t care about you. They are just thinking of money and whatever they can sell you. Well, this is life and they have kids and bills to take care of, like everyone of us. Anyone and everyone around you will try to sell you something, period! But their idea or products may be not always what”s best for you and this is where you MUST listen to your own little voice, because that”s all you really have. 

Just go with what you feel, because what you feel will always be right for you. In order to change your entire life and avoid the many dangerous traps in life, you have to learn to judge everything and everyone with your guts. You must learn to always listen to yourself first and act upon your inner voice. You must learn to develop your own intrinsic filter to protect you from charlatans, deceiving psychics, religious lunatics or anyone that could hurt you, including your medical doctor. You must filter all that you hear logically, but ultimately follow your own advice. Even if you have no clue, trust me, your guts will know. Now realize, that not all doctors are bad, some are really gifted and very committed to healing you and I will tell you more later on. 

Let me test you… If you hear on the radio that some pharmaceutical companies are looking for people to test their new drugs with the assurance of accredited doctors checking all of your symptoms, would you volunteer? Well, if you are dim enough to go for it, what about this one. You can get a free prescription for your cold, but the researchers advise you of all the side effects involving constipation, headaches or dizziness, etc? You see, it’s that simple; use your intuition at all times and don”t become a guinea pig for science and you will live a longer life. 

Don”t be fooled my friend, your doctors don”t know what is going to get you well. But, your doctor will note the terrible side affects and if you don”t die right away, the FDA will approve the drugs, but you just shortened your life of about 10 to 15 years. But who cares, this is business, like the church and this is America, where money is most of the time, the goal, not the people. 

Why do you think insurance companies will not cover you, if you are a serious risk to them or if you had a bad medical history? Because any and all organizations are in the business of collecting money until you die and they don”t care about supporting you, really; that’s why. The same applies to your car insurance, get a ticket or involved in an accident and get dropped or see the rate going up. The medical system is set to suck your money, period and they wrote the laws, not you. Same with organized religions; do you really think they care for you or the children in Africa? Only a fraction of your donations will get to the children, the huge manipulative supra wealthy religious machine needs constant oiling people and your money is badly needed. 

Again, wake up and see the facts, but I know your concern that if you are not a doctor, how can you know what”s going to heal you? You are not a trained physician, are you? Trust me, you haven”t had the education, but you”ll know better, if you listen to you. You”ll know what sounds right and more importantly, you”ll know what feels right for you. Again, common sense dictates that what feels right, simply is right. The same applies for any metaphysical study; you will not heal your body unless your mind and spirit is healthy first. Did you read my ten commandments to find a true mentor? If not, before doing any soul searching, go to my website www.drturi.com and read it carefully. 

Psychic accidents do happen, more often that what you might think. Prescribing lethal drugs is lethal to your body and will also poison the fragile psyche of you and your children. Note also, that over 78,000 Americans die every year because of doctor”s malpractices and wrong prognosis, while kids under the influence of regular prescription drugs become silent killers. I never killed anyone and never will, because I will never suggest or prescribe any drugs to anyone. 

Religion is also a serious form of poisoning and no sensible mother would teach her child to be afraid of God”s judgments and suffer eternal damnation. Are you still wondering why America has produced the most deadly rapists and serial killers in the world? CNN Update 3/13/05 – Police: Suicide gunman kills 7 at church meeting. This religious attitude with sex, being enforced since childhood, will translate into a religious fanatic, perceiving women as responsible for tempting sexual misbehavior and will punish them for the guilt of wanting sex, by raping and killing them. Neptune rules both the FDA and all religions and Neptune”s poison is dangerous for all of us. 

Look at the facts; they are right in your face; even on CNN, I read that the Bush administration asked the Supreme Court to block a New Mexico church from using hallucinogenic tea that the government contends is illegal and potentially dangerous. The fact is that both religious and medicinal cocktails is harmful hallucinogens produced by Neptune the Lord of poisoning. But how much do you know about Neptune and the rest of the planets interacting with your psyche? Do you know what scientists are doing every now and then to improve their “wisdom” of the brain? They will take the remains of Einstein”s brain and stick it on a table and look down on it through a powerful microscope, dissecting parts of it. 

Those researchers are trying to find out why the man was a genius. What a joke, there is NO difference between your brain and the brain of a killer, Einstein or mine, for that matter. Its the same piece of meat, the same size, the same functions, the same weight, the same wiring, but what’s different is the UCI or celestial legacy inherited at birth from the Universal Mind. Thus common sense dictates that all affairs of the mind start above, in the Universal Mind and those cretins should look up, not down. The problem is that no one has educated them of the Universal language of God, the hieroglyphs, the Universal mechanics of the divine, thus they can not enter the archetypal realm of consciousness of the intuitional domain of my research. 

I did a television show, which was specifically designed to help mothers understand their young adults or toddlers, where I explained what UCI or Unique Celestial Identity is all about. 

I explained to the viewers that the mind is like a computer with a unique celestial program inherited at birth, based upon previous past lives and karma. That is your Astrological Chart or horoscope. The physical connection between the mother and the child (or anyone of your family members) is genetically proven using DNA. DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acid; which is present in almost every cell in your body. DNA produces a genetic blueprint, unique to each individual (except identical twins), which determines your physical make up. You inherit your genetic DNA code from your parents. 

Where science has failed to recognize the obvious, I present UCI or (Unique Celestial Identity). This is a new concept involving the interaction of the Universal Mind with the human psyche. I am well ahead of time in my unique research and the scientific community cannot yet enter the intuitional domain of the stars and does not yet understand these facts. This is mostly due to their reluctance or inability to penetrate the archetypal realm of consciousness and the working of the Universal Mind. There is no school that can produce an Einstein or a Mozart; these souls were born with a powerful UCI and a well-developed intuition. 

I am sure you heard of Akiane Kramarik, she is an internationally recognized 10-year-old prodigy, considered the only known child binary genius, in both painting and poetry. Knowing nothing about Astropsychology and her Universal print she inherited at birth, the new Agers classified her as an Indigo Child. She wrote, ” I have been blessed by God. And if I am blessed there is one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others”. Well Akiane, you have been blessed with an incredible creativity because of so many past lives that you spent learning, practicing and teaching the arts, call it GOOD KARMA. For any of my students there is NO surprise knowing that Akiane”s Dragon”s Head (power/growth) is located in Scorpio (perception/supreme perception) in the 5th house (creativity/arts/) in Leo (children/fame. She also inherited Saturn (structure/career) in Pisces (imagination/painting) in the 9th house (higher education/expansion). 

ITS ALL ABOUT THE STARS and her unique UCI, as to why she does what she does so well and unless you rise to that level of awareness, I may as well speak Chinese to you! Those “Indigo Children” are SO DIFFERENT than their parents, in so many ways and many of them will display a lot of mental power on so many levels during the course of their lives. Building cosmic consciousness is not easy and requires people to be born very spiritually advanced, with a unique UCI in order to perceive the “manifesto”. While it’s much easier for NORMAL people to create religions for the majority of other “normal” people, but in all this ridiculous nonsense is a reflection of the excessively spiritual emptiness and lack of spiritual gifts that are missing in the natal UCI. 

This celestial gift is often missing in the large majority of people and produces a “Young Soul” a skeptic or a scientist. Real geniuses and real artists are very rare, while the large majority cannot produce such artistic results or advanced spiritual material. Note again, there are not any schools designed to produce true geniuses, they are born that way! While “educated” people are confined to the limited systematic approach produced by logic and the rationale. 

As I also teach our students, “There is a big difference between education and intelligence!” Now I will explain in the best way I can, my own conception of UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity.” Again, the mind is nothing more than a computer interacting with the outside stimuli provided by the stars (Universal Mind). Your very celestial program inherited at birth dictates all your strengths, weaknesses, fate, health and all that it means to be human. Of course, the natal Dragon Head and Tail (hidden and real) will also play a serious part in your makeup and fate, but how much do you know about the Dragon itself? 

Now there is a big difference between a “286” computer program (that would be the young souls, skeptics, religious lunatics, scientist and imbeciles) and a “486” super computer (the more advanced souls). Thus men are NOT born equal in mind, body and spirit, we are all so very unique and different. Young souls will display the worst of human behavior, such as crime, jealousy, drug addiction, lies, unproductively, and reflect a multitude of negative behavioral expressions produced by the planets worst energies. The old soul will use his natal “486” hard drive and will display, love, intelligence, curiosity, compassion, practicality, spirituality and will in time become as intended by his UCI, a very successful person. 

Like DNA, the spiritual make up or UCI between the mother and the child (or anyone of your family members) is also unique, and will become easily understood, if you raise your own cosmic consciousness by studying Astropsychology. 

However, regardless of your efforts to help some young souls to perceive the facts, you may never get through to them, as people can only perceive the world and your message through their own experiences and education. A limited UCI combined early with either a scientific or religious upbringing will seriously alter the developmental perspectives of the UCI through its unique manifestation on each one of us. UCI is a sophisticated inner spiritual blueprint, unique to each individual (including identical twins), which determines the spiritual make up and one”s true potential. You inherited your celestial code from the Universal Mind because of your karma. All the combined experiences in one”s life will lead the soul towards the positive or negative manifestation of those stars affecting your housing system. To the erudite man, those stars are much more than dead rocks hanging there for the sake of beauty. 99.9% of the general population does not possess cosmic consciousness and are robots of the stars. They are unable to apply their will, because they’re ignorant to the ultimate celestial order above. The purpose is real and in time, science will come to acknowledge this fact. Thanks to all my faithful students, as they are furthering the Age of Aquarius and helping me provide cosmic consciousness to the ill informed religiously poisoned masses. 

Now with education, you are in full control and making all of the right decisions for your physical and spiritual health and with knowledge, you’re so much safer. You’ve already been doing this all of your life already, anyway. I am just going to help strengthen you with a new purpose in mind and that purpose is to get wiser and healthier. 

I am going to help you listen to yourself, instead of somebody who doesn”t know better and by listening to yourself; you”re going to decide if my guidance is right for you. 

No one else can do this for you but yourself. Realize that spiritual and physical health demands total responsibility. I can do a lot of things, play piano, sing, fly a helicopter, build, weld, invent medical tools, even hypnotize people with my knowledge, passion, honesty and charisma, write books etc. But I can”t, I repeat, I can”t heal you. Only you can do that and only you will accomplish that. 

I am well known all over the world for helping thousands of people physically and spiritually, but they did heal themselves. They made it happen, not me, really I am just a catalyst, a drive you need to heal your body, mind and spirit only. I can teach you how to play piano or fly a helicopter, do charts and proper readings and if you want to create a healing miracle in your life I will show you the way, but ultimately, you will have to make this miracle happen. 

Listen to the facts, as there is more cancer and heart attacks killing people today, than ever before! People are dying like flies, because doctors have been lying to us for such a long time. Essentially, they said, “Go ahead and burn the candle at both ends, live life crazy, eat anything, smoke, do pot, coke, speed, drink anything and do what you want. The doctors made you believe that you can do anything you want and they”ll fix you up with a drug or repair you with a surgical procedure.” 

Well modern life can be very hazardous, would you think so? The truth is that more people today are dying from malignant cells and millions more from heart disease and there is no cure for diabetes, there”s no cure for arthritis, and there”s still no cure for so many diseases, nowadays. The reality is that medicine has been a big disappointment to all of us, while your doctors and the pharmaceutical companies get richer and richer, as more and more innocent uneducated people are dying poisoned. The same principle applies with organized religions poisoning people’s spirit with fears, when all they want is to control you, so you support the corporations with your financial contributions. Think for a minute, do you really think that you can do anything you want for 30 years and then when your body finally collapses, you can fix it with a chemical? 

I am sorry, that will never happen. Older people are realizing the shortcomings of medicine and the total failure of their poisonous medication. Hey sure, you can stick insulin in your veins, if you are a diabetic, but the insulin will make your pancreas go to sleep forever, because you”re now giving it what it was designed to supply. The reality is that Medicine is not healing us and pharmaceutical drugs are often killing us. The same with any surgical procedures, this is NOT healing. Well again, not all surgeons are bad, I realize that when I broke my elbow, a gifted surgeon put me back together by aligning my broken bones, but who really healed me? ME. 

Other surgeons will counteract a nasty defect and will give you a new nose or bigger breasts, so you can feel better about yourself, but this is not health. Other doctors prescribing drugs or doing other types of surgery are NOT helping you. This is just a temporary quick fix repair job of trying to patch our body back together for an exorbitant amount of money. The best part is that it”s a self-inflicted damage that we constantly feed with bad habits, simply because of ignorance and having a sick will. 

So the choice is yours, trust your doctor, be a victim and have your disease cut or use poisonous medications to get it out of you. Most of the time, in a few months or years, if you do not change your attitude and habits, you really didn”t do anything to change your situation and your disease will be right back at you. You know something is wrong, going to the hospital, to your medical doctors, swallowing pills and surgery is not the way. 

It did not work before and it won”t work now; all because you didn”t do anything to change you, your attitude and your bad habits. You are still living that identical life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and that”s all you need to be to create that same disease again and sad enough this is what 99% of the people do. They will not change or try anything new, they will not listen to something else other than their religions and tend to avoid anything that could bring a much higher awareness and lead a more healthy life. 

Because you pay some doctor to perform a surgery to cut or poison something out of your body doesn”t mean you are well, healed or healthy. This is no healing; this is a quick fix. The same can apply with your local priests when you confess your sins or listen to him telling you to fear God, it does not mean that you will get his blessings or win the lottery. 

There is so much more involving the deceiving power of Neptune, “The Lord of Poisoning” in the affairs of men. Note also, that Neptune rules drugs, alcohol, all chemicals; this means all the prescriptions you ingest, such as Prozac, Ritalin and many products the FDA is constantly taking off the shelves to protect governmental institutions against your legal battle. 

This planet rules deception, illusion, and places of confinement, such as church, synagogues, asylums, madness, schizophrenia, Alzheimer diseases, hospitals and jail. Everywhere there’s sorrow, deception and poisoning is under the jurisdiction of poisonous Neptune. It”s so easy to be in denial with medicine or religion, but be sure; no physical or spiritual healing took place at all. You are being blindly misled and can”t even see it. 

Have you heard of a coronary bypass surgery? Your doctor will cut your rib cage open with a saw. They will locate the clogged, diseased coronary arteries that you crammed with all animals” fat you got from the entire fast food industry and the many restaurants and bars that you visited in the last few years. Heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are diseases coming from your table and your fork. 

Your doctor will cut those arteries out of your heart, then he will make an incision from your groin to your feet and then strip a great big vein out of your leg and replace those clogged arteries with a new vein. The fact of the matter is that as soon as most of the people feel well again, they trust in their new plumbing and stop at McDonald’s, ordering another Big Mac. Well, McDonald”s has agreed to pay $8.5 million to settle a lawsuit over the artery-clogging trans fats in its cooking oils, but will this bring billions of dollars to be spent for the victims to get better and what about the millions of dead people who have already lost their lives in the process? Do you think McDonald’s and other fast food chains did not know they were killing you? Guess what, chances are they did not know, because they’re like the majority of imbeciles walking this earth, rather than people like me who don”t watch football all day long, stuffing myself with beer and burgers or coke and pizza. I can think clear and pass on the truth to others, so that they don”t readily become victims of these types heart disease. 

But, what about others arteries and those tiny veins that distributes blood and oxygen to the ramification of the brain? Do you think they could be clogged up? Well, your doctor didn”t replace those, or the blood vessels that go to your liver, or your lungs or to your kidneys, trust me those arteries are still plugged. But you trust your doctor, because he told you to keep your medications and go out and enjoy your new lease on life. Guess what, you have nothing except other unclean veins going to your heart and unless your change your lifestyle, you will clog up those veins too, because they”re not designed by nature to take on the pressure of your heart. 

What I am trying to put across is that in order to stop making disease in your body, you have to stop making yourself sick. Guess what, it’s so very simple, after all. All you have to do is stop doing what made you sick and start doing what made you healthy. So stop doing the wrong thing, start doing the right thing and you will be happy and healthy. It is that simple! 

Its crucial for you to make new changes in your lifestyle that are going to begin to heal you and give you health beyond what you dreamed. It actually comes down to YOU the key word is YOU. It is YOUR choice to eat right and think right, so make the right choice, for the sake of your own body, mind and spirit. Now if you plant a sunflower seed in the ground, what will you get in a few months? You will get a 12-foot high sunflower and you don”t need to know how it grew that tall or all about photosynthesis or chlorophyll. You don”t have to know about the workings between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the exchange nor how the sunlight activates in the plant leaves to make it grow. 

The essence of life is in the seed, that’s what you need to know. Eating the essence of life or eating all that is alive can only build you a new atomic structure and boost your immune system. Now plant a burger in the ground and tell me what you will get? Now eat only burgers, eat pigs, add mayonnaise and don”t wonder if you start looking feeling and behaving like one. See, what you need is a good dose of common sense to be healthy or spiritual. 

Why would you carry a cross? It”s a simple tool used by the Romans to put people to death. What is the beauty of carrying the energy of death around your neck? Guess what, its all about energy. Well, I am French and in my country, a Frenchman named Monsieur Guillotine invented this deadly tool to cut off at the neck, the heads of people. Do I wear this macabre device of death around my neck? Wear life around your neck, wear a precious stone that has high vibrant energy and see how this simple act will change your entire being… Its all about intuition really, you don”t have to understand your disease, also. You don”t have to be a doctor. You don”t have to have any degrees in anatomy or physiology, etc. What you only need to do is to plant the seed. Now if you don”t want to take responsibility for your mental or physical health, then be my guest, make your day and simply lay back and let the very expansive medical or religious fiasco begin. 

As for me, I”d rather be in charge of my body, my mind and my spirit …why would I let any doctor or any minister poison me with chemicals or fears? I”d rather take responsibility and be in control of myself and to do so; all you have to do is very simple, take responsibility for your spiritual and physical well being and make the changes. 

You need to realize that almost everything you”ve been taught about health and disease is wrong. There’s a book that every doctor has in the office that offers a diagnosis of all your symptoms and then they put a name to it and that is your disease or your illness. They name it influenza, leukemia, Parkinson”s disease, cancer or whatever it is you suffer. Then the doctor gives you a prognosis, such as stating you only have six months or a year to live and you must take this prescription drug or have this surgery, if you intend to kill your disease and be healthy again. 

Well, the fact is that more than 80,000 Americans die each year because of wrong diagnosis’s and wrong prescriptions. May times smart people don”t listen to their doctors but to themselves and years later, regardless of the doctor prognostics, you are still breezing along and happy. But how did your body repair itself? The key is your judgment, your intuition, your common sense and your will to live. You got much better just because you did not let your doctor poison you and changed all of your habits. 

When a doctor looks at you, he sees a normal, uneducated, God-fearing person and assumes that his educated prognosis will take place and your disease will eventually kill you, because of your eating habits induced through the general American lifestyle. 

A normal person will gorge himself with a low nutrition, high fat, and high sugar food habit. Much of the food found in your local food store is very high in over processed, nutritionally downgraded food. 

Realize, the typical American drinks gallons of soft drinks every year; close to 200 pounds of white refined sugar; hundreds of candy bars; hundreds of donuts and in their lifetime, some will eat or barbecue 12 entire 3,000 pound cows or 7 fat pigs, weighing 400 pounds each. Don”t forget the thousands more of assorted fishes and chickens you have already consumed. 

Just imagine eating all this junk food and twelve 3,000 pound cows going through your throat, then your stomach and let the fat run through your veins, your digestive tract and get all this nasty animal flab to go straightforward out of your body. Don”t fall for “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and stop feeding your kids pigs, as soon as they wake up, for if you keep this up, they will become what you feed them. I am sure your heard of the phrase, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!” 

Breakfast is really good for dim peasants working the crops behind his horses, in the cold and wet English countryside. They need the energy and will manage to burn a good part of the fat during the hard working day. How will your child burn this entire fat, sitting all day long behind a desk at school? Your child’s body, mind and spirit will decay real fast and you are responsible for their future ailments, because of your ignorance. 

Now you wonder why most of the people I know have a negative self-image, suffer depression and anxiety? With all this poison going through the body, its not surprising that the average American is physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick and will spend a fortune on dangerous medications, such as Ritalin or Prozac or seek forgiveness of your sins that made you sick, while hoping for an instant cure of divine intervention by praying to Allah, Buddha or Jesus. 

Its time to stop this nightmare and wake up to reality. Understand, that if you decide to make just a few steps to consume foods that will build your body up, instead of breaking it down, you will get better, that’s all there is. What if you were to walk more, to move your body a little more and I know this is really extreme for some religious people reading this material… freeing yourself from the fears of a punishing God that’s ready to send you to hell. What about liking yourself, and exceptionally essential if you want to be happy, actually loving yourself. 

What do you think will happen to yourself if you decided to build a healthy body, mind and spirit and invent a new you, leading a healthy lifestyle that is different from the regular people around you? Really, all you have to do to make this happen is to stop being the average God fearing American and start living a new healthy lifestyle and YES you can do it, that”s right, you have the power to heal yourself physically and spiritually. Start to LIVE right away! 

You have a choice, its either positive or negative, so take crazy chances, love more, be forgiving of others stupidity or ignorance, say what you feel, trust more, believe more, laugh more, take more risks and live life to its fullest. Travel more, work less and have plenty of sex. Fulfill all your dreams; take the leap and live life and be sure to live life to the fullest. Always listen to your heart and listen to your guts. You are always right and you are the best judge knowing what is right for you. Realize that only you can and will have to heal yourself, not anyone else who’s trying to heal you or thinks they can heal you or save your soul from damnation. They can”t. Only you can heal yourself by taking responsibility for your own body, mind and spirit and creating a new life. You have inherited the marvel of life, the miracle of living and you are much more powerful than you think. You”re stronger than you give yourself credit for being. You are more intuitive, you’re smarter and you have what it takes to turn your life around to create true happiness and lasting health. 

Here are more tips to stay healthy once you have changed your habits. Drink only pure water. Water is a very large part of what we are made of. What do you have left after cremation? Just a small pile of ashes is what is left of the body. Just drink chemical free, bacteria free, empty water. Water is the universal cleaner; it dissolves trash in your body and flushes you clean. Drink at least one quart of pure water every day. I drink fresh juice every day, its like a natural blood transfusion and I feel reborn each time I do so. Do not buy anything else than natural fruits and juice them all. Get a juicer, use your imagination, but drink fresh fruit juices every day. Learn more by going to my site www.drturi.com and click on the banner, BE SMART LIVE A LONGER LIFE! – Say No To Drugs! And read more about natural health. Stop right away, eating all animals and animal by-products. Do not eat anything dead, anymore. Ingesting animal food is committing homicide against yourself. The statistics are very real; do you want to be a victim? Read carefully; one million people in America will die this year from heart attacks produced by high cholesterol, because of the fat of the animals they ate that are clogging up their coronary arteries or their brain or their cerebral arteries. 

This fat is clogging up your blood vessels, clogging up your circulation. The vital system that delivers oxygen and nutrition to your entire body is all gummed up; it’s clogged up and you cannot call your local plumber to fix the human pipelines. 

Be smart eat more live food, more raw food. Its simple common sense, living food equals life. It is filled with enzymes, vitamins and hundreds of other nutritional substances that are totally killed and destroyed by cooking or processing food. Stay natural, eating more live food will bring health and life back into your body and your world is going to change by what you”re not putting and now what you’re beginning to put into your mouth. 

The cold water does just the opposite and drives the blood inside and away from the surface. And when you alternate them, the hot and cold, like taking a hot and cold shower, you”re basically moving the blood in and out of your body from the surface to deep inside, back to the surface. It”s more powerful than a massage and will ease, even heal arthritis or any other ailment your body suffers. Remember to take Echinacea regularly to keep your immune system at its peak power. 

If you inherited a strong Pisces or Neptune energy in your UCI, you are naturally over sensitive to everything around you. Thus, stop watching nasty television, especially the news, instead watch nature or a comedy and laugh yourself silly. Don”t bring anything or anyone into your home that is not going to promote a higher positive vibration and clean up anything that brings bad memories to you. Give it away; you are doing yourself a favor by removing a negative energy that you really don”t need. 

Magnetization is a vital part of my teachings. I am extremely popular and very happy at all times. Let me tell you how it works. Start loving your life much more by saying each day: it”s great to be alive and relearn to love yourself. Say it everyday, make it a habit, it”s a good one, shout it out! – I love my life! Make up some of your own. Hey, positive affirmations about how much you love all about you and all that you do. 

Learn to love everybody and everything around you and how great you are at doing things, until you melt into the energy of appreciation. Remember, a magnet won”t attract a piece of wood, magnetize yourself with positively and everyone will be attracted to you. That”s simple and it works. 

Express yourself at all times, so you can let out your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your anger, your rage, and of course your love. Whatever is fermenting inside of you must get out. If you don”t, it will turn into toxic waste for your body, mind and spirit, call it emotional waste. Religious poisoning, fears and guilt often produce emotional toxins and must be eliminated. Emotional poisons will grow a tumor just as fast as any other poisonous chemicals. 

So don”t hold onto them and grow a tumor, don”t hold it in and create a disease. Unexpressed emotions, even love can also make you sick, if you don”t learn to express them and get them out. Express who you are, feel it all, you are alive, so make the most of your life and say what you need to say and you will be able to live out your dreams, instead of living your nightmares. 

I know from the depth of my soul that any physical or spiritual blockage is the cause of all diseases. If you are not running properly or in accordance to the universal laws, you will create serious blockages and serious troubles in the long run. Let me take this example, you need to take your car to regular check-up, and changing the oil and the air-filter and tuning the car up and rotating the tires, and that what makes your car last longer. 

The same principle applies with your body, mind and spirit, especially if it is religiously or chemically poisoned. Be a participant of a good cause and help other people every day. It”s fun, it brings good karma and you”ll feel really good knowing that you have inserted life into someone else”s life. Be a part of a progressive group such as mine and become a volunteer for the children of tomorrow. The universe will always find a way to bring your wishes, if you become a participant of life, but do not support or endorse anything that has, will or could produce separation or death, such a specific cult or religious organization that manipulates your spirit and rapes children on Sunday afternoons. 

To promote true light, one must find the light and you are surely on the right spiritual track with me. Hav sex, too. There would be no one living on earth, if not for sex. I know orthodox religion avoids sex like a pest and wont preach to have more of it and when they do, it’s to tell you not to do it. Some religions even enforce mutilations and cut the tip of the penis off of men, while others order to remove the female’s clitoris. How barbaric and crazy that is. Sex can sometimes be bad in certain situations but not unorthodox, unreligious and unnatural? Sex feels good and I know that God made it feel this good so we would do it  and you should have sex while you can.

To really accelerate the process of physical or spiritual health restoration, you need serious cleansing and detoxification. There is no easy fix if you feel depressed, sick or if you are unhappy. Most importantly, you will never really get well physically unless you are mentally and psychically prepared and ready to make the changes that will save your life. The tips I am giving are from the “Herb Doc”. I strongly recommend you to take the time to call Dr. Schulze and request his newsletter at 1-800-herbdoc. We have learned a tremendous amount of wisdom from this man”s genius.

Remember, 99% of people fail to reach for a better health because they’re NOT prepared spiritually. Your first steps is to get your 90 MN taped Full Life Reading and realize your own Universal gifts and design, by gathering your own solid cosmic consciousness. My work will change you and this is how all of us will change the world. So friends, if you want to learn more about me take the time to INVESTIGATE Dr. Schulze healing gifts and my huge website. Also, take the time to read your daily and monthly forecast and sign up for the newsletter. Most importantly, join my forum and ask any of your questions to Kristina, my students and many other spiritual people like you. Find relief and the answers you need and join my Star family. Everyone that came to me had to start with these few steps before opening the door to your new life. If not, then you may as well read this email I received today and I HOPE that you have learned something. 

Dear Valued Producer,

Do you have tough cases that have been declined or rejected, due to being rated up due to health conditions? Here are a few case examples of cases we have found homes for: 

Kidney Transplant: 54-year-old male; kidney removed in ”98 due to cyst, subsequently client had kidney transplant, no cancer and no kidney disease, blood pressure controlled by meds, also anti-rejection medication. Our offer: $500,000 Universal Life at Preferred Nonsmoker! 

Cardiac: 53 year old male; client had a 5-way bypass in July of ”02, all vessels were significantly blocked, at present blood pressure and cholesterol controlled by meds, height/weight is 5”10″ and 190lbs, client has been without symptoms since surgery with good follow-up with his cardiologist. Our offer: $750,000 fifteen-year term at Super Standard! 

Occasional Smoker: 64 year old male; partner in law practice, smokes 3 – 5 cigarettes a day and 2 cigars a week. He also had a cardiac work up three years ago that came out normal. Our offer: $1,000,000 ten-year term at Preferred Nonsmoker! 

Multiple Sclerosis: 39 year old male; diagnosed with MS (slow onset progression) in 1996, works full time and leads a normal life without using a cane or wheelchair. Our offer: $100,000 UL at Super Standard! 

Cholesterol/Occ. Smoking: 63 year old male; cholesterol at 273 (normal 140-200) and chol. ratio at 6.06 (normal is 1.0 to 3.7), also smoked a cigar in the last 12 months, client”s Dr. is aware of cholesterol issues and is treating with diet and maintaining a follow-up schedule, no coronary artery disease in family. Other company offered standard smoker. Our offer: $600,000 twenty-year term at Preferred Nonsmoker! 

Let us help you place more cases! END

Meet your Meat – Click on the cow picture once in the site – viewer discretion advised.


As of 1945 the planet Uranus (the God of the Skies) became in charge of this world and shaped a multitude of deceiving New Age organizations and deceiving practitioners. Like all organized religions, they must find a way to lure you to their groups (Scientology, Mormonism etc.) then control your psyche to get to your financial support. The common lost soul will be sold easily and join the popular group or religion and become an easy prey. Any intelligent intuitive person will easily see through the manipulation and avoid Neptune”s deceiving quicksand. Before investing in anything, ALWAYS investigate thoroughly the group in question or the “spiritual guide” and its claims before taking a chance with your fragile psyche. With 99% of the world”s population lacking true “Cosmic Consciousness” it is a certainty that the spiritual group and its leaders are unable to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and help you to regenerate with Cosmic Regulations. You are taking a chance to attract nefarious entities and waste both your time and money, if you do not pay attention to heeding my obvious predictions.

But what really alters anyone”s cosmic consciousness is mostly due to; jealousy, ignorance, fears, religious poisoning, mental snobbism (scientists/atheists) or just plain stupidity produced by a weak natal UCI (Unique Celestial Identity). This celestial affliction produces a very rational mind and always involves a strong earthy Mercury location (critical thinking) in the subject”s chart. All these elements breed the “attitude” hurting the integrity of a real gifted prophet and his message to the world.

The worst form of Neptune”s expression produces a typical “Neptunian” or a cult leader, a deceiving psychic or an unethical medium or off beam channeler. Armed with the following information, one will be able to make a good assessment of what a false spiritual leader or a con artist is all about. A strong delusive persona accompanied by grandiose expressions will undoubtedly plague the subject”s personality and words. This Neptunian attitude masks a total lack of Cosmic Consciousness and an enormous spiritual pride.


“When suffering is on all sides and man hungers for the unmanifested mystery in all phenomenons, he seeks reflection of the Divine. God”s higher truths are cloaked in his creation and the message is in the stars.” – Nostradamus


 – Dr. Turi

The subject believes he is Jesus, the Virgin Mary, etc. (i.e. David Koresh and Rev. Jones).

The subject says he/she channels from God, Angels, high spirits and Ancestors.

The subject believes he or she is a reincarnation of a prominent religious leader.

The subject says he/she always prays on your behalf, uses Caps and produces typos while “channeling”.

The subject believes they have a very specific religious mission and regurgitates Bible verses.

The subject thinks he or she is the only chosen one and Jesus / Allah is the motivator

The subject thinks he has a very specific purpose to save or change the world.

The Subject is sex oriented and possesses no Cosmic Consciousness or real spiritual powers.

The subject hears angel”s voices (i.e. Joan of Arc) and doesn’t use recording devices.

The subject uses several or foreign long Indian names and do not use or understand the “Cosmic Code”.

The subject uses dignified words (i.e. Great, Ascending Master, Grand Order etc.)

The subject uses appearances (i.e. Jesus, long beard, long hair etc.)

The subject dresses magnificently (i.e. long robs, hats, striking colors, gold, silver etc.)

The subject uses words or religious verses (i.e. bible, immaculate, archaic material etc.)

The subject uses lots of caring words (i.e. love, prosperity, savior etc.)

The subject uses negative Plutonic energy, magnetic voice piercing eyes, private (i.e. Hitler etc.)

The subject demands money for his selfish cause (i.e. to build temples, statues, churches, etc.)

The subject uses physical strengths and abuses others (i.e. rapists, con man etc.)

The subject is unaware of the working of the Universal Mind (i.e. religious or skeptics alike)

The subject has little or no testimonials available on a cheap website and gets paid by donations.

The subject has absolutely no Cosmic Consciousness and doesn’t provide your natal UCI (chart). 

In all honesty, this type of endeavor is detrimental to a well-balanced society and as much as I defend and support freedom of expression, I am totally against any form of cult in any way, shape or form.

I am real, I have real gifts to offer society and help mankind’s mental evolution. I have proven my premonitions many times and will continue to do it over and over again!

I am also in need of your support and if you can contribute to helping me in building Astropsychology schools for the children of the future, then please do so by calling me at (602)-265-7667.

Thank you!

Dr. Turi




The Great Prophet Nostradamus


Dr. Turi does not practice Astrology as you know, read use or practice. But Astropsychology or Nostradamus 16th century Divine Astrology methodology where signs symbolism, intuition and metaphors are used. The great Prophet did NOT use a watch or a computer 500 years ago. Astrology is an ART and Dr. Turi is the true Master. Read the following and judge for yourself.









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Dear Dr. Turi-


Please…Your pages are amazing. This a.m. I read your page and it said buy a new car as you may have an accident with the old; I drove 1 1/2 hours away got off the exit ramp and the car wouldn’t stop. My old car that I loved and would have gotten rid of no other way, was totaled. THANK-GOD me and the man I REAR ENDED – WE’RE FINE; HIS CAR NOT TOO BAD EITHER. 



Hi Dr. Turi,

What a pleasant surprise! The progressive reading describes me to a tee…I hope you didn”t find me to boring with respect to my challenges; too much pride and trying to be diplomatic when talking to people. I am so looking forward to the Dragon”s head moving into Aries as this year has not been a very happy one. Dr. Turi I have one question for you…are you able to tell me who the dead person is that is watching over me (my grandmother that raised me or my biological mother)? Also, I would like to order the “cabalistic candles” as you suggested on the tape. I have not tackled the “Astrocartography” portion yet and I will probably have a question or two for you.

Just an FYI…I have purchased your Moon Power Starguide books for the past 4 or 5 years and received as a gift the Asia Dragon Predictions. Again, thank you for your promptness..

E///// H/////


Dear Dr. Turi,

It”s terrible sad news. My three stepchildren all have Pluto in Scorpio and that is part of the reason I am studying all of this. Two of their friends have committed suicide in the last year. The boys are both ADD and I am trying so hard to get them interested in something. They ARE bored, their schoolwork is terrible but they are both so gifted, so smart. At least they know I love them. I am sure they are all having sex but their dad is in total denial (he”s loaded with Virgo and Capricorn). 

love Jen


Dr. Turi,

Thank you so much for your advice concerning our son”s recent problems. After questioning him yesterday morning he mentioned that there was something that scared him and often attacked him in nightmares. He often cries in his sleep. I also checked through our home and felt it could be a certain object. Well, it was the same thing, a black standing punching bag that I would vent my stress and anger into. So, after he went to kindergarten yesterday morning I dismantled it and cleaned up. Yesterday he finally dealt with a bully at school who has been bullying him for two years. He was so happy and relieved and so were we! We also are keeping him on a healthier diet like you suggested.

Last night I also felt fresh, renewed and showered him with much love and praise. This morning his throat clearing has gotten much better.

Merci beaucoup Dr. Turi!


Dear Dr. Turi,

Thank you for sending the Moon Power and Asia Dragon books, they came today! Thank you for all of the work you have done. I was thinking about that last night while I was reading. What a gift you have given all of us by compiling all of this information in one place, and in such a simple and concise manner. We are lucky to have you as a teacher. Thank you again.

Your friend,

Jen B.


Hello Dr Turi:

I just wanted to say a long awaited thank you for the tapes + readings which I have only just recently got round to absorbing. I am fascinated. I was whizzing all over the place on my holes and I was at a detox centre in Miami when I listened to your tape and laughed at mention of my need to purge my system as I was living off wheatgrass at the time. Not sure I felt any better and the humidity was high!! I know I could make more of my life and feel this strongly sometimes but the tail of the dragon – wow!! I”m going to purchase the book ref moon. Kind regards





Hello Dr. Turi:

I just visited your wonderful website (as I do quite often) to make sure that I am not missing out on anything. Everything is simply falling in place as you have predicted it would. Your book is super, and I will be ordering the 2005 edition in Sept. Lately, I have been meditation a lot more; as I am surrounded by the ignorance of 99 Percent of the people here in this area and their programmed religion falseness…They  want to wallow continuously in their ignorance. As we know, major events are coming down, and hopefully at least some of them will begin to wake up, and start pursuing the real ”TRUTH”. Dr. Turi, would you please (at your convenience) send me info on the Cabalistic Candles Ritual….Thank YOU so very Much….And A Special Thank You for all the work that you are doing…Wishing YOU a most wonderful Day….

Love, ///




Dear Dr. Turi;

Hooray for you and an especial hooray for your response to that Christian on the Christ mutilation movie. My sentiments exactly…..!!!!!

Love ya, jean

Thank you


Dear Dr. Turi;

I just read your report on the recent dragon news. I 100 percent agree with you re: the so called passion… “bloody Jesus” is an archaic representation that needs to be done away with for it is time to move on… even the old Christian believers and others who choose to hang on to a religion must progress to the ideal … the risen Christ…this hanging carcass business is so old school…this, after all, is the new age and if these poor innocent souls need to cling to something at least we older wiser ones can re-direct their thinking that the whole point of the great lord”s teaching… that we are not flesh but in fact great spiritual individuals as divine as he was! He said ” We are all sons of the “father/mother-God” Dr. Turi as you have shown me, there is much more to this” passion” than meets the eye…the ”fear factor” alone is one reason I refuse to participate another is I CANNOT MORALLY SUPPORT IT, I will not pay my hard earned cash to promote this lie and generate fear amongst my brothers and sisters thus playing into the hands of the reptilian monsters who feed off of our negative emotions. Besides many of us who have been on this planet for a life time or two have in fact had our fair share of torture …I have had my tongue cut-out and placed in my own hand for speaking against tyrants and priests! So let us all move on out of ignorance into the light of truth. Ever since i got my personal taped reading from you last year, I have been a huge fan…. You teach truth which I value highly (as I am a Pisces)…….. You have rocked my world ever since your magnetic personality, good looks and charm are a bonus!………… keep well my brother.




Hello Dr. Turi:

I trust that this message finds you doing well and in wonderful health. I really enjoyed the latest update on your wonderful site. I read the MOON GUIDE section for this time period, and HOW SO RIGHT YOU ARE ABOUT THESE TWO WEEKS being very difficult for so very many…Here I am, down here in southern GA in this low level awareness poisoned RELIGION mass of energy, And believe me, it is extremely difficult (as you know, I certainly do not fit in, and I it even gets depressing trying to rise above all the Christian ignorance here–these people, like the masses are so clueless as to REAL TRUTH). I have really enjoyed the two readings that you have done for me. I know that the Tail of the Dragon will be with me till late Dec…..as you know; trying to swim upstream can be very difficult for we awakened ones. I”m hanging in there….several have gotten upset with me (their choice) when I told them that I would not go see the passion movie if someone were to give me a free ticket…I would like to know, when Your Book “Your are God” will be released, for I am most anxious to receive it…Take special care…Wishing you and your staff a most wonderful and special Day…Looking forward to hearing from you soon……And, once again, A special Thank you for all your incredible and most needed and special work….

Love, B///////


Fear of death – Dr. Turi, your reply was very clear and helpful. What you say makes sense to me, and your words wandered around my daily thoughts for a while. Very helpful though, thank you.


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From: Dr. Turi

To: ///

Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 10:49 PM

Subject: Re: Fear of death –

Hi Nicholas;

It is very normal to have a strong instinct of conservation when you are 20 years old. Fear of death could be a phobia established at an early age because of a lot of insecurity or religious poisoning inserted by your first teachers. This negative energy will not stay with you for long and you must apply your will and stay clear from drugs or alcohol. Here is a couple of files about you that will help you to realize your true powers. Note I am also an Aquarius and feared death for a long time. Now I know there is NO death but a different energy after this life as we are all eternal.




Thanks Dr. Turi;

Tonight I attended your Astropsychology lecture at Re-evolution that was taped by the Discovery Channel. You used the zodiac to predict the occupation of each person in the audience and you were correct almost every time. I can”t understand how it works, but there”s something to it.

Thank you




Hi Dr. Turi,

My name is Beverly//// and I just received my tape from you and you said I should request the Cabalistic Candles because you pulled the Guardian Angel card for me in my spread. The tape was full of wonderful information and I will listen to it repeatedly. Once again, thank you!




Greetings Dr. Turi,

I”m a friend of Jordan”s. I received a very accurate reading from you at the Bay Area UFO Expo last year. I have also a copy of this year”s Moon Power. Please put me on your update list. Sincerely, Stephen in San Francisco


Dear Dr. Turi

Just to say a huge ”thank you” for doing the Life Reading for Rosie and I yesterday. It was very enlightening, and felt “pre-ordained”. We feel very privileged. I am just SO GLAD we met ! I will do a transcript of the tape you kindly gave us, and give a copy to Rose, and study your book. when I get back to England, I will also look into setting up a conference / course for you to run from Bournemouth. Lxxxx


I feel inspired meeting you, Dr. Turi, and hope to now go from strength to strength. This will be a turning point in my life….I thought of a lot of the things you were saying yesterday. My migraine had gone, and I felt a lot of healing and release of negative energy going on. Nxxxx



Dear Dr. Turi

One of your predictions for 2003 came true as always. You nailed the “deadly virus to kill thousands in 2003” prediction with SARS on the rampage. Also, the Egyptian tarot reading you sent me was uncannily accurate. Nice job.






Dear Dr. Turi,

please send me k.h.r. (Kabalistc candle ritual)as per your reference on my tape as advised, I will not apply it untill perscribed time. arigato sensei, lxxx Hxxxxxxxx,Axxxxxx ,Sugai yah, you were” right on” I have 2dogs been married twice, can speak Japanese, male and female BOTH very strong, look young for my age,etc….late bloomer too! just kicked on the rocket boosters Thanx to your reading! zoooom!




Dear Dr. Turi

I look forward to reading your newsletters and check the daily forecast on your website every day.

I desperately want to get all of your readings as soon as I can. I feel this is extremely important for me in my life and I thank you for coming into the world. You are incredible.

Much Love to You,

Jxxxx Jxxxxxxx



Hello Dr. Turi

I got your website listing from Chief Sonne Reyna, who did ceremonies for us at the conference summit, for the Alliance of Transforming the Lives of Children, that happened in Santa Barbara this past spring. I am really touched by your article in this past newsletter. It is amazing how much we hurt ourselves with our own projections, and very cleansing to admit them. Love heals us in not so comfortable ways. At some point in time, I would like to get a feel from you about my having a reading. Anyway, Sonne said you were great so I want to get a feel about it.

Rxxx Kxxxx


Bonjour, Dr. Turi,

First I must say that I have had several amazing readings from you and I respect your astrological and intuitive knowledge. but, of course, that doesn”t always make us genius in other areas, n”est ce pas. Reading your story here, I see the word ” perform” as regards to your relationship with this women – you saw her as an extension to yourself and how she projected her image on you. If you love someone, let them dream and be themselves – I applaud you in being honest with this and I understand someone in your position, that it is hard for you to see that a loved one is not an extension of your ego. with Love,



Dr. Turi,

You gave us a lot to think about and work on the healing on myself. I believe has helped my prostate problem. We have both have been very busy since returning home my farms irrigation person informed me on sunday he was quitting so I have had to irrigate until today. I have not had time to digest all of your tapes. I have a new irrigation person as of today so will have some time. Linda was very impressed with your reading. I will let her email you eith her thoughts.

Best wishes,



Dear Dr. Turi,

As My TEACHER, I should be use to your accurate predictions by now, especially in My Personal Life, which gives Me an even more positive incentive to digest all of the study material! In the “JUNE MONTHLY FORCAST””…Virgo-A change of residency or a problem with the family is ahead, be patient. This prediction is extremely accurate! Within a 24 Hr. time frame, My Mother was admitted to the Hospital for testing for an on going circulation problem to Her upper body & legs. Emergency surgery was performed, a blood clot formed, blocking off circulation again & immmediate surgery performed within hours of the first. Then She stablized only to experiance difficulties during the night. A third surgery was performed this morning. At this moment She is stablized but faces removal of parts of both legs. Family has gathered together & a decision as to Home Care. As Her Daughter, I am to “pull up stakes” & move into Her Home & give Her “diginity in dying!” Both of My Younger Brothers are not in the position to do so. Problem with family, this is the same woman who gave Me away at age 11 to marry a man who would raise My Brothers & refuse Me. Moments ago, I received an emotional call from My Stepfather, asking Me to PLEASE move in & handle the situation when My Mother is released. 24 hrs ago, I would not believe this possible!

In the LIGHT,

Mxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxx


Namaste Dr. Turi,

I have visited your page twice, and read many sections on my first visit, including some of your Predictions, I think they were within the Dragon Newsletter and the Newsletter Archives. I am often astounded by the knowledge one can trip over on the Net and so far, I have been very impressed with your site for the obvious integrity and clarity of your knowledge. You are indeed a Divine Astrologer. The provision of such knowledge is a truly good thing. May God Bless You! 🙂

Kxxxx Axxx Wxxx


Dr. Turi,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for my reading…it arrived on my birthday and I have spent all afternoon absorbing every word. I write, play piano and violin, I paint, I love too much. I do all those things…That”s me!!! And, I am a bailbondsman, I get people out of jail, I grew up in the Amish religion, and use to talk to the moon when I was a child, knowing there was so much more. I read and learned that the moon is very powerful, if it can control the oceans and a womans cycle what it can do for me. You are an amazing person and you are the only PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO HAS TOLD ME WHAT I KNEW IN MY HEART WAS TRUE AND KEPT IT TO MYSELF…… NOBODY HAS THE DEPTH THAT YOU HAVE, AND I know I was directed to your website…..see …just as I searched how the eclipses affect people I KNEW THIS WAS TRUE…and I found you. Someday, I would love to meet you. Thank you so much.




Dr. Turi,

I just read your article.

I am sorry for your loss. I was moved to tears to see you express yourself so eloquently and be so willing to expose yourself to the World. I hope your wounds soon heal and you find the mate you are seeking. Even with vast knowledge, we must learn the hard lessons that our Life Plan dictates. I send healing love to you from Florida.



Hi Dr. Turi,

Your email about Cxxxxx is quite beautiful. I felt your pain. I truly hope that she reads that letter. You are a dear soul also a very busy one. I will include you in my prayers of light and love to shower you.

Best wishes,




Hello Dr. Turi,

Thank you for sharing your heart and love letter that at the very least will be cherished by Cxxxxxxx. She may not choose to rejoin you as a partner, but she will hold this love and memory in her heart with less pain. It”s a beautiful and honest exposure and one that will likely, as you hope, open the eyes that are capable of seeing and hearts that have shut down however temporarily. As to your feeling that you should have known better, given your wisdom/astrologically…if we knew all the answers, there would be no need for lessons that ultimately allow us to grow. There would be no need to physically be here. So…there need to be “blind spots” so that we can experience. With the pain and the ultimate resolve comes a bitter-sweet better knowing of who we are and who it is that we want to be. Again, so glad that you shared this and wishing you a lifetime of love and healing…and success in your work,



Dr. Turi Hi,

Hope you are doing good these days! I Read your wonderfuf heart story! Thank you for sharing it, for Trudy and I Shirley Leah have been students of yours for a L O N G time to long but we have felt we have been in this Neptunes- stary gaze of lifes confusion!! And since Trudys and mine head on car reck here in Montanna last Dec 3,o3,we are really out their!We were glad to hear from you about what was going on in your life, for every time we would call you on the phone we just knew somthing was happening with you! We were greatly concerned!!! And Love Does Make The World Go Around!!!!

Love and Light To Ya – Sxxxxxx Lxxx


Dr. Turi/Madeline,

I appreciate the openness of your newsletters, having the same tail, I can relate personally to much of what you said. Lately, I have been impressed to think alot about reincarnation and past lives. I just wanted to share some brief thoughts. I know you and Madeline are busy, so no obligation to respond. I just need an outlet being that my friends and family are not very spiritual. I must say that Divine Astrology (albeit just a tool of the cosmos), has opened some great doors for me!




Dr. Turi,

I have to say that astrology isn”t something I know a lot about, but I like your no-nonsense, no-sugar-coating (and eccentric) style. I use the site mostly to check out what to expect over the next few days. Anyone can check this at any given time on his “daily forecast” page — it reminds me to relax, hang in there, and breathe when Mercury is in retrograde. 🙂


Dr. Turi,

I have read your daily predictions and have been impressed by the accuracy of them. I think the mention of earthquakes coinciding with a huge earthquake in Turkey was particularly uncanny. Personally, as someone who has always been intuitive, what I find frustrating is the strong hunches or premonitions, but not enough specific knowledge on what to do with that information. I also read recently about pole-shift theories for may which appear to similar to the dramatic environmental changes you are predicting. Is there any credit to the pole-shift theory? Well, that”s all I can think of for now. Between your work, reading about those theories, and my experiences over that past to years which have really intensified (actually, all of my friends are experiencing changes, such as clairaudience, telekinesis, etc… including those who were not formerly very intuitive), I have a feeling that we could be heading for dramatic times. Thank you for your time in reading this, and I hope it is interesting enough to for you to want to respond.



Hello Dr. Turi

Wow, and thank you, for standing up for our kids fighting for our (mine by birth yours by choice) country. Please don”t ever stop. I am not accomplished with astrology like you are. So I simply pray every day for everyone. One of my teachers used to say. War is wrong; however some times it is necessary, because all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing. Thank you for being you. God bless

“One must be seriously deranged to support any war. I do not support war but our brave soldiers at war!”

–Dr. Turi


Hello, Dr. Turi…

Your reading was totally excellent. I like your astrology much better than the traditional Western kind… but if I hadn”t been a student of some kind of astrology in the first place I probably wouldn”t have known what the hell you were talking about. But I did, and I am much the better for it. This is a tremendous resource and I thank you for all the good energy you put into it. Sincerely,



Dearest Dr. Turi:

How are you? I hope you still remember me – I hadrequested you to help me in getting my Employment Passto Singapore – WHAT AN ACCURATE PREDICTION!!! Well, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart – YOU HAD PREDICTED THAT ALL WOULD BE WELL AFTER APRIL 2003 -Well, with your Good wishes, God has been Merciful to Grant my wish. On the 9th of April, I got my Employment Pass to Singapore. I have now applied forthe single entry visa to Singapore, which I should begetting by the day after tomorrow.

I just wanted to thank you for your kind heart and for your good wishes.

May God Bless you, guard you, guide you and shower Hischoicest Blessings on you. I am very thankful to you.

with lots of love and regards



Hi Dr.Turi !!!!

this is m/// I got the tape on Friday 4/11 and listened to it all weekend long, very good!I have been interested in astrology and now your Astropsychology. I know my calling is to now GOD and spread peace to all humanity. I do want to order all your books. I hope to get my moon power book today. Dr.Turi thank you so much for doing the reading for me I feel so blessed to have you came in to my life. Looking forward to hear from you.

Merci beacoup.



Dear Dr. Turi,

Although you most probably did not construct my reading, (I did!–D.T.) as I assume you are busy and have staff to help with such basic tasks, I would nonetheless like you to know that the description (of me) constructed from your system was quite accurate. I am not easily swayed by others” proclamations or inflated beliefs in their abilities. Still, although customarily skeptical about people”s claims about themselves, I am intensely curious in genuine phenomena and that is why I spent some of my hard-earned money to read an astrological description about myself and to judge the accuracy of the comments. I can tell you about your analysis, assuming that might interest you. It is about as accurate as you can get in these circumstances. For instance, I am a psychologist, am involved in research and teaching, have done oil painting in my youth and feel a need to return to that activity at this time in my life. I have also written one novel and will refashion my dissertation for publication soon, then write another novel and will also paint large abstract canvases. (By the way, my dissertation explored the experiences of families of incarcerated nonviolent drug offenders, i.e., the “prison” connection in your analysis.) The personality attributes are congruent also. I am very determined, will work until I drop, but prefer to have my own agenda and prefer privacy to public show. Detail-oriented and a perfectionist, I, however do not want to be a manager of others. It is an accurate observation that I always prefer to be in the background and not in the limelight, despite the fact that I take tremendous pride in my work of psychotherapy, art, writing and intimations about people. Attraction to abstract ideas is very strong. I am currently absorbing chaos theory, aka nonlinear dynamical theory, and its relationship to psychology. I have always been fascinated by astrology but upon initial inquiry found it thoroughly confusing. I would like to design my future rather than have it designed for me: teaching psychology to undergraduates, writing and painting, and applying chaos theory and astrology to psychotherapy…something physical, too, like alpine skiing or calisthenics. Very interesting, quite accurate and certainly fascinating! Merci beaucoup.

Judith ////b


Hi Dr. Turi:

Want to say a big thank you for the tremendous reading you gave me! Wow! I kept nodding my head all throughout the tape and then, after transcribing the tape, I got even more out of it. There is so much to be thankful for. I am so grateful that I grew up with my grandparents. (Father killed in WW 11 when I was 2 and Mother went off to do her thing.) Grandparents were very metaphysical and said, “You are a child of the universe. Never forget that. And never tie yourself to any one religion. Focus on spirituality! Honor all! Yet, be your own person. spirit will lead you!”

I saw events of my life noted in your reading. And I saw the powerful overcomings and positive expressions and potentialities there as well.Interesting that you mentioned metaphysical teaching, writing, etc. as avenues for me. I was in the corporate world for 10 years and teaching metaphysical classes during that time. I was ordained as a Unity Minister in 1976 and retired from that 4 years ago. No more churches! I have five published books of my own, have ghost-written 5 books for Sir John Templeton (founder of the Templeton Mutual Funds), co-authored 2 books with this wonderful gentleman, and ghostwrote 2 books for another well-known gentleman. (Who incidentally has dual citizenship in USA and England!) You mentioned favorable connections with foreign people!

I would like to order your book, The Power of the Dragon. If you need my Visa number again, I can send it Open-mindedness and further learning are treasures. I love your work and want to explore further.

Thanks again, Dr. Turi.

Rebekah xxxxxx, Colorado Springs, CO


Dear Dr. Turi:

I really hope that consciousness is raised, and people take your work seriously. I sent you a previous message regarding your information on Neptune and now I have read it all the way through and I am blown away. A while ago, I was thinking about the course and I had questions about it and whether or not I should do it and your information addressed precisely what I needed to know….I am not really surprised…and of course, you have mentioned to me on two occasions that my chart indicates natural tendencies to learn and teach Astropsychology. Wow! I am taking it in! Thanks, you are soooo great! And it is great to have you on the planet at this time!

Love, Sabrina


Dr. Turi,

I wanted you to know that I received the tapes you did for me Karen and my grandsons Ian and Sean Mitchell. They were wonderful and I am completely satisfied. Ian and Sean are the new Indigo children so I needed some insight in how to guide them. This info is also being passed on to their parents. I”m considering taking your in home Astropsychology course but I have some questions which I will address at a later date. PS. I have purchase two of your books Power of the Dragon, and Moon Power Starguide 2003 and learning lots. When will your new book “You are God” be available?



///////pl.nasa.gov> To: “Kudos to you Dr. Turi!

I surf the Internet periodically for predictions on forthcoming events, specifically relating to earthquake activities. You hit the 11/22/95 Egypt/Israel/Saudi Arabia 7.2 quake smack dab on the head, per your earlier prediction. Congratulations again! If possible, I would really appreciate your sending me a copy of your “free” 1996 Top Universal Predictions. My email address is: ////cmail.jpl.nasa.com Keep up the good work.



It appears that Dr.Turi has “hit” one…later computations on the Fiji quakes of 1/27/98 place at least one of those quakes above M6…as the cases catalog is updated, percentages etc. will appear in the regularly appearing Dr.Turi report.. Good job Dr. Turi!!!!!

Jr. John


Dear Dr. Turi…KUDOS TO YOU!!!…keep informing the public about the nature and abilities of the heavenly stars…I too support the troops and all that is necessary to bring about peace in the MiddleEast…your advice is out here for those who want tolisten…those that don”t simply don”t have to heed the warnings of their fate…may God bless you andyour family!!!!!


A student.


Subject: Re: Show — I gave you full credit on the show just after the massive Taiwan earthquake and the Turkey aftershock on Sept 20…. I got a lot of email from people who were watching the date prediction as well. Marvelous, the nice thing about it is how you understate these things and never gloat about them when you hit. I had another fine program with John Hogue last night. Be well, my friend.



Dear Dr. Turi:

I”m impressed. You were right on with the recent earthquake. On page 147-149 in your moon power book for August 17th thru the 21 you write “Pluto does not care much about the new Moon and could disturb the earth”s belly, producing a bad earthquake.”



Dear Dr. Turi

You are a true jewel with a gift in which you are able to give direction to ones life…you will help me follow the road signs of life!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!



Happy Birthday Dr. Turi;







Dear Dr.Turi,

You seem to be more knowledgeable than most western astrologers. By “western”, I mean America and W.Europe — not the western part of United States! I am from India. A majority of the Indian (Hindu/Vedic) astrologers believe that they are superior to their western counterparts, becausethey take into account the movements of Rahu, Ketu, and the 28 “nakshatras” (stars). Seems to me that the Rahu of Indian astrology is the dragon”s tail, and Ketu is the dragon”s head. Am I correct? I am curious to know how your system relates to the Indian system. Do you have anything corresponding to the 28 nakshatras of the Indian system? I suppose you are aware that in India, we have the “Rahu Period” foreach of the seven days of the week. For example, on Sundays, 4:30pm-6:00pm in the afternoon is the Rahu-period, which is an inauspicious time to begin tasks. I am curious to know how does your system relate/correspond with Indian (Hindu) astrology. Thanks and Regards…

Dr. /////yem – Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics – University of South Australia


Dr. Turi,

In 1998 I received a full life reading from you. I still listen to it off and on and it is truly amazing how your predictions have come to pass. Do. Thank you and continued success in all your endeavors! Sincerely,



Sent: Friday, March 14, 2003 2:36 PMSubject: Dear Dr. Turi – Predictions Came True

“Famous Personalities: Famous and powerful personalities will be ending or starting a very important part of their love lives. Some will have finished their work on this physical plane, and will work as guides for whom they cared on earth.”

The above prediction was posted on your website for March 12th-March 15th. On March 12th, actress Lynne Thigpen (on TV show “The District”) was found dead in her Los Angeles home. This new dragon”s head tail in Taurus/Scorpio is doing a challenging job on people. Thanks for your great work.

A Devoted Client, sh///e


I wish to share another story coming from this desperate mother and her child. Here is her letter, my response and her feedback for you to appreciate true guidance.

From: Mrs.//////

Subject: RE: Question regarding lifetime reading on a child 17 yrs old.

Hi Dr. Turi

I was just wondering if you give lifetime readings on teenagers. My son is 17 yrs old

now and has been having a very rough time. He was hospitalized 2 yrs ago for Major Depression, Obsessive Disorder and hearing voices. He”s a lot better now but still very angry at the world. He was born on 07/04/1984. I was reading your book on “The Power of the Dragon.” I”m convinced about what you say. I do notice more aggressive behavior between my son and I during a full moon. It seems that when he was in the hospital he tried very hard to control his behavior but at times he would just look at me and say that it was beyond his control. He just needed to be defiant. He needed to voice his anger out. What would be the price? So far what you”ve said about his sign is just on the button. If he does have this pull to be violent I would like to have as much help and so would he — to know what to do to avoid any events that would set him off. By the way, he keeps telling his Social Worker and Doctors that he”s felt out of sync with Society since the 1st grade. He”s very intelligent! Just doesn”t understand why everyone cannot see what he see about life and would just rather die then live in this stupid and morbid world… Please let me know how much this would cost.

Mrs. //////

My reply to her was to send her a letter from another woman with a similar problem:

From June ////////,

Dear Dr.Turi:

The work you did for my son Robert was right on the money. Your words spoke his life. He was involved in witnessing an act of another student that brought the police into our lives. Thank God and his stars that Robert had nothing to do with it, but this kid was a FRIEND of his and Rob saw him do an act that brought in the police. In this small town, the police knew that Rob knew him and brought him in for questioning. These kinds of friends, he does not need. It has been seen that Rob in truth had nothing to do with this and did indeed leave the situation, however, his just being there invited trouble and your work has pointed that out to him. Your work certainly helped him to see and better understand his strengths and weaknesses. I have also had a strong sense about Robert since he was born and it was an incredible experience to hear his chart. He is quite remarkable, intelligent, sensitive, good-hearted and older and wiser than his years, intuitive and his goal for a few years now was to get into the medical profession, either with surgery or psychology. You were absolutely right. He is an avid reader and student…but YES… he seems to always have a desireto check out what the rest of the world is doing on the other end and he is beginning to realize that it may just not be worth sticking your head around those corners. So… thank you Dr. Turi for being wonderful and right ON as usual!!!

God bless you. Love you



Dr. Turi,

The compatibility comparison you e-mailed me last Thurs (02-28) is very insightful, to say the least. The lady I referred to (you referred to her as “HERM”) is named Deborah and is also interested in your works. In fact, she informed me that she e-mailed you the next day (after reading what you sent me).She is impressed with your response to her! We are both Virgos (09-19, her–09-08, me) and have much in common and your info has reinforced our opinions of each other. Wish I”d known the positives of such a pairing years ago! I”m sending you this feedback because I believe you may be interested to know how you”ve been able to help someone. Again, many thanks!

Sincerely, Phillip


Hello Dr. Turi;

Another hit a 7.8 earthquake. Thank you for everything. I feel like I have the key to the world after taking your class. I really would like to learn how you know what plants are in charge, like Pluto and Jupiter right now. Is it possible for a Sightings listener to get the Celestial Dating Game for half price? And do you sale tapes of your lecture Thought Power, and your work shop The Power Within?

Barbara in Fairbanks Ark,


Below is an email from my brother. (–from Madeline”s brother, Dan) He tells the birthday fro the NY Stock Exchange, which is a useful birthday to have. Taurus, of course. (Does thismean the NYSE will do well with American goods this next year…..but bad with their partner”s goods….)


Subject: astro stocks

I thought you might be interested in this:

In the magazine ”Stock Futures & Options (SFO)” Vol.2, No.3 March 2003, p. 69

Article by Henry Weingarten, ”Trading by the Stars: Market timing can work with the help of financial astrology”

Of interest (besides the rest of the article):

”The stock market horoscope I study most is the NYSE born May 17, 1792 in New York City. This chart is the key to U.S. markets. In my book, ”Investing by the Stars” (Traders Press, 2000), I give examples of successful market forecasts using the NYSE chart.”

The article is given the same serious treatment by the editors that the rest of the magazine has. (I guess nobody laughs where money is concerned!)



Hi Dr, Turi,

I just completed listening to my life tape. It was wonderful. You touched on so many things that I recognize in myself. For example my having luck with foreigners, and getting into studies such as Fung Shui. I will listen to this tape many more times and really study it. Thank you so very much.



Dear Dr Turi

thanks so much for the great reading. I”ll make sure I keep referring to it. At first I couldn”t understand why the sign were in the exact opposite houses to what I would have expected from a natal chart. For example I have first house Leo and 7th House Aquarius. In another natal chart I have 1st House Aquarius and 7th House Leo. I”m curious to know why there is a difference. Well the reading was very relevant and picked up on loads of things which I need to think about. For example, how I like to be very private while at home. My bedroom is my sanctuary and I still live with my parents. I know I need to get out more and stop living in my head. My imagination does run away with me and drives me to distraction at times. Perhaps I should start writing – it”s true that sometimes it”s easier for me to express myself in writing. Its very interesting also that you mentions I am well starred with foreign people and places and that there are some big changes coming up. I am about to be made redundant. This is fine because I want to change jobs. I have decided to apply for a job teaching English in Japan. I had my interview on London last Monday 10th. (From your moon guide that seemed to be a good day as the moon was still waxing.) I am hoping by this Friday I will know if I get the job. I”ve always wanted to live and work abroad and especially I wanted to visit Japan. I went to University in London at a college called the School of Oriental and African Studies. It”s well known internationally and the students are from all over the world. So If I get the job and accept, I will be moving out from my parents and setting up in a new country. Your Egyptian Cross reading indicated that change was well starred and I was being helped. I always remember to ask my guides and angels to help me. That”s why I found you. I”ll keep referring to your moon guide to make sure I do the right things at the right time. Mind you I”m a bit concerned some very good friends of mine are flying from the UK to Chicago on Saturday 22nd. I hope there are no incidents. Yes I am interested in the Astro Psychology course. I will bear it in mind and ask the Angels to help me save up for it! Thank you once again.

Love – //////ins Bradford- England


Dear Louis:

Hello! I cannot tell you how much you have helped me in my soul searching. I am finally sure that my recipe for success is sure to come in the next two years. I know we will have many more encounters in the future. I cannot put a price tag on the valuable information you have given me. I believe you are one of my guardian angels!


Date: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 12:52 AM

Subject: RE: Quincy”s reading

Hi Dr. Turi;

I received Quincy”s reading last Wednesday. The bubble package in which the tape was put into was split open in the middle. Did someone tamper with it or did Dr. Turi mail it that way. Just curious, Quincy listened to it and was very very surprise on how accurate Dr. Turi was. He is very grateful and said it was worth the wait. Have a great day! Jacinthe

“I”m so glad you finally received it and that he liked it. Children relate to my work so easily. Their minds seem to grasp the information, they haven”t been entirely polluted…and they are seeking answers most adults can”t give them. The best to you and yours–“

love and light,

–Dr. Turi


Dr. Turi

I wanted to extend my thanks for being that wind under my wings and clearing the fog a whole lot to the road that I”ve been on in this life since birth. Before ordering a full-life reading from you, I kept a dream journal by my bed and write in it every morning after digesting the information that was being sent to me through my dreams. Since receiving my full-life reading, the interpretation of the symbolism the Universe wishes me to know has become less cloudy and sharply more clear and understandable.

After waking up this morning from a night of praying and honoring the cycle of life, I began writing in my journal of my previous night”s dreams. My dreams speak to me and show me the way when I”m indecisive. I also dreamt of you before I ever even heard of you or seen you on the internet. I am not stating all of this to boast my ego about my abilities; rather, after jotting in my journal this morning, I began reading previous journal entries.

After some browsing I was set back, I had a dream of the collision of the two jets that collided into the World Trade Center in New York. The dream I had put me on a street celebration of the up-coming Mexican Independence Day celebration (Sept. 15, 2001) and two fully-loaded fuel tankers were approaching each other head-on. They were all-chrome and highly polished like that of jet planes fuselages; they were approaching each other in slow-motion and began to buckle after touching / contacting each other. I was in the middle of the two buckling tank carriers and didn”t understand why I was there and why those tankers were in an Independence Day parade. I didn”t understand my dream then, but after reading it this morning I had a deep-indescribable realization. You have been an affirming catalyst for my abilities and my closer connection with all the universe”s creations, beauty, understanding, and purpose and we still have never met each other. I thank you again, you are; Mon frere de” mon esprit! I was also interested in taking your Astro-psychology class this fall and wanted to read your books to get an advanced and richer feel of your work before taking the course in person.

I Thank You,—Sal ///


Dear Dr. Turi;

I got your e-mail messages. I will send it along to as many friends as I can. This past weekend I was reading through my 2001 Moon Guide for this month and I was wondering what could happen, what sort of news would come from the Middle East. Unfortunately, look what happened. Your predictions are incredible and once again I will tell you how much I am looking forward to your class in October. I actually had a dream on Sunday evening of a plane crash. From you schedule on your website, I noticed that you are going to San Francisco soon. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

Love – M///


Dear Dr. Turi Louis

You”re right, I am into astrology now. I even planned my trip next week in accordance to the New Moon coming up on 1/13/02. And my traditional outlook on religion and spirituality has shifted into a whole new paradigm. Astrology (and the re-incarnation theory) has brought to the table – many legitimate questions that need to be asked concerning God and the nature of who he really is and how we relate to him and the universe….I”ve developed my ”own” theory thus far which I never would have been able to do if not for your reading. I feel my journey from this point forward will only get more exciting and rewarding. And I have to say that for the first time in my life, I feel a feeling of liberation. I feel like I just took off an old pair of trousers (traditional religion) which I have worn for 34 years and now slipped into a nice satin robe (freedom to ask questions and seek the truth).

I appreciate the gift. P


Dr. Turi,

I enjoyed meeting you at Oasis and am enjoying your book (Linda loaned me a copy). I need to buy one to get an autographed copy. I like posting friends and good things on our web site. Your book is up on our site at this time and during the next couple of weeks I will be re-organizing and upgrading our web site so it will be easier to find.


Dear Dr. Turi:

I really hope that consciousness is raised, and people take your work seriously. Again, another prediction of yours came true. You wrote (Moon Power 2001 for Sept 1-6) under Family and Friends: Spend some time with the children, teach them love and harmony as Mars may make them play rough. Be aware around water. You even gave us an example of a prediction of yours that came true a couple of years ago to reminded us which was: Remember my prediction about children playing rough with Mars. (Moon Power 1997 page 116) Memo: Water slide collapses kills one, injures 32–An amusement park water slide collapsed Monday June 2nd, 1997 after a group of high school seniors on a graduation outing ignored a lifeguard”s warning and went down together. One student was killed and 32 were injured, six critically. Be aware; watch the kids around water. Well today, September 2, 2001 the news reported a 10 year old boy dies in a shark attack in Virginia. It makes sense to me, Dr. Turi, that you could not have been any clearer in your predictive words “BE AWARE; WATCH THE KIDS AROUND WATER.” Additionally, under “Environment” in Moon Power 2001, you stated “Disturbing news from the sea.” I think a shark attack would fit that category as well!!!!! Divine astrology is so right on! Thank you, again Dr. Turi.

M ///

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (CNN) — Beaches were open Sunday just hours after a 10-year-old boy died from injuries suffered when a shark attacked him in water 4 feet deep Saturday evening.


Dear Dr Turi,

I listened attentively to your radio broadcast last night with Jeff Rense on 1080 AM KOTK in Portland, Oregon, and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for that. In fact, I am ordering the tape/s of the program last night, and have just ordered a “Full Personal Report” and a “Career Path Interpretation.” from your web site . Thank you for being on the show. I did not realize you were a monthly feature on his show. I am a new AM radio listener, and eagerly look forward to your next month”s appearance. I would like to send you my personal best wishes for your individual and professional success as you dedicate your life”s pursuits to helping others realize theirs. Much appreciation and thankfulness!

-David ////


Dr Turi,

A quick thank you. – Yesterday was my birthday. We closed my celebration by listening to the taped life reading that you did for me that was a gift from my wife, Diane. I have to say that your every word resonated with what I know about myself, and I heard nothing that was not relevant to my life situation at this point in time. What you were able to do for me is to offer a glimpse of a comprehensive context for my life that I was not aware of before. I am a seeker, and the many elements of my inner life are familiar friends — how these elements relate to each other is something that has been often difficult to integrate and reconcile. I look forward to repeat listening of my tape as I clarify the aspects of my life that need more attention and reinforcement. Thank you,

Dr. ///ey


Dr. Turi,

First I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the opportunity to learn from you. I have studied the metaphysical for most of my life, but I turned away from astrology early because it simply didn”t make any sense. It was a lot of work for very little substance and it seemed to me that the people who used it became too dependent on astrology and not on their own decision making process. (I always tell people that you”re the gift, not the book. God made you!) . Things I thought were going to happen never materialize. I tried really hard to launch my new career, but my soul has felt like it has been lost for a very long time. I had decided to die, and to make a long story short was in the process of rebuilding when I heard you on Jeff Rense. You have brought me to a place spiritually where my algebra teacher brought me to mathematically, and once again I feel new blood running through my veins.

Go with light!



Hi Dr. Turi;

Did you hear about the ship that sank in Africa yesterday? As usual, you predicted it in Moon Power and you were right once again. Full moons in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde — The STARS don”t lie!

Way to go KING Louis!!!!! Yes, you”re still the best!



Dear Dr. Turi:

Thank-you for the reading. I appreciate your work. It helped alot. I guess I have to stay with it. I feel like I know who I am more and more all the time. By the way, I am a chiropractor. I written two books and now I am writing my third book. I have deep metaphysical connection although, I would like much more. I am married 22 years and have two adult children even tho I am only 44. I feel this change coming soon and you confirmed that for me, thanks. I also had an experience about three weeks before I decided to get a reading from you of two past lives. I was out for a walk and I have a physical experience and vision of being hanged and guillotined. You said that also in the reading. That was a profound confirmation. I just wanted to thank you.


Dr. ///s


Dr. Turi:

Thank you so much for your information had mentioned to Di the fact that our resort is conducting several lectures over the period Christmas New years leading to year 2000. One of them will be in astrology and having read two of your books, I thought it would be ideal if you could conduct this lecture, which we hope to be entertaining and intriguing to the audience. Our Resort is presently amongst the top four in the world and our company based in Dallas, Texas operates a collection of five star properties around the world. If you fell that this would be possible (in principle), please let me know and I could provide you with additional details. The lecture would not be more than an hour and a half, and it is planned for December 21st 1999.Of course all travel expenses, lodging and food and the resort would cover beverage and the engagement fee would need to be arranged. Best Regards,



Subject: radio show

Hi Dr. Turi,

Thanks for your nice letter about being on my show. You did a wonderful job and I would like to have you back on again sometime. I”ll give you a call.




Good Morning Dr. Turi..

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for doing such an excellent show with me last on 9-25-99. Skylord, in particular, felt vindicated in the work she now does as a light worker. I am looking forward to another broadcast with you soon.


Dear Dr. Turi,

thank you for your reading last night on UFO Roundtable with Larry Jamison. I was the one called Skylord. The Leo who has to become like the Queen of Light–I have been working on that for 3 years now–family and friends did not understand until they heard your reading. I don”t feel crazy now, I knew I had to be this way but to hear that I”m supposed too, made all the difference in the world—you validated my path for me and others, thank you–and of course I will be ordering your book. Please come back and do the show again–sometimes I help Larry do it or co-host—your new found friend/

Skylord 8/15/51


Hi Dr. Turi,

I read your forecast with interest. Seems right on, it”s a strange week. Also, I”d like to book you again for the show. I had lots of nice comments on your last appearance. You”re very popular! My next openings are Christmas night, and New Years night. The first show of the millennium if we don”t get Y2Ked! Let me know if either of these works for you. If not, we can go into January 2000. Wow, sounds like a long time away but it”s not! Again, thanks for your participation on the show. I really enjoyed hearing about your UFO experiences, too.

Patte Purcell, the Next Dimension


Dr. Turi,

Thank you I got the reading and it is awesome. I have listened to you on Sightings and was always impressed by what you had to say. Your accuracy is 100% and it has given me much insight. The information will help me to go far. I have the 2000 starguide and use it everyday. I read last night for 1-20 to 1-23 and many of the predictions came true. I have always paid heed to the new and full moon. My sister is wanting to get a reading done and can”t wait as she has a deep interest in “true astrology” as I do.


Dear Dr. Turi:

Last February when you were going to be on Jeff Rense”s radio show, I sent in an E-Mail Paul 12-27-1952). On of the things you said, was that it involved electricity. Well, believe it or not, when I was doing some electrical work on my house, I said to myself, there”s got to be a better way of doing this. So, for three years, sat in front of my computer and designed some products I hope will make an electrician”s job easier. In fact, it is a line of products I hope I will be able to produce. I”m going to see a lawyer soon to get the patent process going. It was kind of a blow to my ego when you didn”t see anything regarding the two areas I enjoy the most, music and writing.

Merci Monsieur Turi



Dear Dr. Turi,

I just got done reading you monthly and daily forecast. It w as incredible because everything you said pertained to me in some way. I feel better to know that having fate in the decisions I am going to make will result in the long run. God puts special people on this earth to help others and you are definitely one of those people. I am beginning to understand the stars better and better. THANK YOU




Special 2001 Issue – Printed in my yearly book Moon Power in June 2000 –

The date and printing process makes the prediction unarguable.


At 8:45 a.m. 9/11/2001 EDT, the first of two airliners crashed into the World Trade Center, opening a horrifying and apparently coordinated terrorist attack on the United States, which saw the collapse of the two 110-story towers into surrounding Manhattan streets and a later attack on the Pentagon.

Full Moon – September 2, 2001 in the sign of Pisces:

Prediciton: “Because of Uranus/Neptune and Saturn impact these days, expect some surprising developments to take place in the near future. Pisces rules the Middle East, religion, drugs, alcohol, deception, the difficult abortion dilemma, the Pope, the church, oil, etc. This energy can affect sophisticated electronic equipment and produce a bad aeronautic accident. Just be ready to provide as much help as needed and do not lose faith in the future. More devastating forces producing destructive weather and flooding in the very near future. Expect a general feeling of hopelessness plaguing the media and the church authorities. Deceiving news will take place and affect many of us; some desperate souls will fall for Neptune”s suicidal tendency and some will end up in jail or a mental institution. This trend will be very difficult for some, but do not lose faith in yourself and trust the Universe; get all the help you can to fight Neptune”s depressive tendencies; keep busy and let go of the past. Life must go on. Expect shocking news with volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes etc. Expect anything surprising, even incredible to take place soon and see the real power of both Uranus, the planet of sudden release of energy in action and Saturn forcing the government to take drastic actions.”

June 7, 2001 – Printed in the United States of America Special 2002 Issue – Unlimited Edition e-Book only


Prediciton:”Pluto in Sagittarius: Pluto moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius on November 11th, 1995 and will stay in this sign until January 26, 2008. Constrained to face the horrible consequences of his own destructive power, and pay the heavy consequences of mass destruction, man turns to religion for comfort. In Sagittarius (religion) Pluto (regeneration) will promote a disturbing wave of religious fanaticism that will plague the world. In the US, the impact of Pluto in Sagittarius has already spoken with some religious fanatics, committing serious crimes, and many will have to pay the ultimate price for their destructive behavior. Some Middle Eastern residents have also shocked the world, and will keep spawning suicidal bomb attacks, on major European and US cities. The “contract” they sign with their manipulators, before blowing themselves up, surrounded by the highest possible number of innocent victims, promises “the martyrs” twenty or more virgins after an immediate entrance to paradise!”

Hello Dr. Turi!

You”re are amazing Sir! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. What”s it going to take for people to listen? When will they stop believing all the deceiving B*LLSH*T they”ve deluded themselves with, and begin to seek TRUE WISDOM in the STARS, WISDOM uncorrupted by mankind”s hands, WISDOM uncorrupted by the RELIGIOUS AGENDA, WISDOM in the STARS? What”s interesting is the date of this attack on the UNITED STATES. That date is “9-11,” or “911,” the telephone number dialed when there is an emergency. I really hope that consciousness is raised, and people take your work seriously. ///// Stay In Touch Please. Sometimes I fear the worst.



Dear Dr. Turi;

I certainly appreciate the reply you made to me on the news group. I wanted you to know how I became aware of you. I just recently discovered news groups and subscribed to yours simply because it dealt with prophecy. In spite of all the negative postings, I read enough to spark an interest in your predictions. I have now listened to some archives of your readings on the Rense show and have read quite a bit of information on your web site (as well as info. that was sent to me by a disgruntled news group poster, who seems to have it out for you). So, even though I know I will be ridiculed for saying this, I am still interested in learning more about Moon Power. The negative postings have had no impact at all on my opinion of you. This person is hot under the collar and does not deserve your replies. Just wanted to let you know…I am still reading the news group and hope that the negative activity going on does not stop you from posting the info that you provide. Thanks for all you do. Be well,



Hello Rhonda,

Thank you for the email and the gift–I look forward to reading it. It”s a thrill to be able to get a reading from Dr. Turi–I have admired him and his work for a long time! Could you kindly add 1 copy of 2001 Moon Power to my pre-existing order??? If so, please go ahead, if that is possible! I would love to read/refer to it–I have found Dr. Turi”s daily guidance on his website of invaluable assistance.


Dr. Turi:

I don”t know if you remember me or not but you did a reading for me recently. Now I am telling everyone how humbled I am by your predictions and still thinking I need to take your class. SO I am telling every one when to be careful and watch the moon. The person who fixes my computer asked me “what is a supernova window. Are we all going to become crispy bacon?” I told him that I would ask you for your personal definition of supernova window. There would you mind taking a moment and telling me what a supernova window is? Again thanks for your time. Take good care…

Brendalee W///th


I recently received as did my girlfriend a life reading from you and it was very, very moving. Thanks!! I think you were right on when describing my past and present. I have many questions but must first listen several times to your tape. Thanks Again,

L//// & P/// in NYC

– P.S. – Your “Moon Power Starguide 1999″ is great, in fact you predicted a weird happening to a personality – last night JFK Jr. & his wife + his wife”s sister may have lost their lives in a plane crash.


Hey Dr. Turi!

This is Joe the Scorpio in LA. Since the moon is in Aquarius right now, I felt compelled to say hello to you today. Did you see the NEWS today? A bomb blast in Tokyo, JAPAN killed 40+ people. If that”s not proof of the stars in action!!! JAPAN == URANUS == Explosive- Energy AMAZING!

SEE: http://www.msnbc.com/news/622404.asp?pne=msn

Bye, Joe the Scorpio


Hi Dr. Turi,

My name is S/// and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I purchased your Moon Power Guide 1999 from an acquaintance of yours, V/////ey. I think you”re extremely accurate in your predictions and very enthusiastically share with others. I look forward to meeting you your next visit to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I heard there would be a planetary alignment-taking place on August 11th along with the eclipse mentioned in your book, called a cross. This alignment is going to influence Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius more than other astrological signs. Do you have any other information regarding this alignment and its effects on people? Thank you for your time. Look forward to hearing from you. Please reply to my e-mail address at //@swcp.com or ///@hotmail.com



Dr. Turi,

Your right about the 25th of Feb. Here in Dallas we had tennis ball sized hail that wrecked some hotels roofs and houses and lots of cars. This was the biggest hailstorm seen in this area. That was the same day I was trying to send you my test too and the lightning was bad as well. I”m not to familiar with the term of Supernova Windows: I”m assuming you mean bad weather? The environmental issue is really taking effect right now with OPEC raising the price of oil it will affect this economy pretty bad. Airfares going up in price etc.etc. Will this only escalate May 3rd 2000 on your prediction of environmental Problems? Your predictions as I see are accurate.



Dear Dr.Turi;

I just received my third Moon Power book but only paid for two. I will however, send you the $ for the third one as I can give this book to someone who will just love it as much as I do.

Thankfully and respectfully yours,

Jo-Anne (from London, Canada)


Subject: Dr. Turi Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 09:45:17 -0700

Hello. My name is Denise Stevens, and I”ve been listening to your show for about 1 year now, on KOTK in Portland, OR. I actually live across the river in Vancouver, WA. On Thursday, I was able to get through and ask a question of Dr. Turi. What a great experience. He nailed a couple of things for me. I was interested in the outlook for my starting a business, and he gave me positive feedback. I want to work out of my garage, and he said, without my stating that, that it looked like I”d be doing it from home for a while! He also said I had struggled with the fact that I need to “do something else” career-wise. Boy was that the truth! For about 2+ years now I”ve been agonizing over what I want to do, and for a while, I was nearly overwhelmed with it! I am not sure how much of all the astrology stuff I believe, but Dr. Turi has a gift of some sort, whatever it is! Thank you so much for giving people the opportunity to speak with people like Dr. Turi. Under what other circumstances would most of us ever get that chance? You are a real gift to us out here!

Thanks again, Denise ///ens


Dear Dr. Turi,

In the last 3 years, I have felt a need to boost your soul. I think this is as good a time as any. There are a lot of people that appreciate what you can see and there are a few who can”t deal with having an open mind and get extremely scared. This shouldn”t make you try to retaliate or have to justify with these people. You can always say how you think and if someone would like to listen then maybe they should listen. As for the ones that don”t think that it is for them: maybe a close friend or family member will make the difference for them!

God Bless Us All!



Just to let you know before you go on the air, that your forecast for the past few days is right on! We have learned from different doctors in New Mexico, that the fires up in Los Alamos have released radioactive materials into the environment. The doctors specifically mentioned seeing problems with Plutonium! The media has said nothing but people are getting sick daily. We need to get the ///// out of here!!!!!



Thanks Dr. Turi you are the greatest. Learning to do astrology the way you do it has made such a difference in my life. I use it all day long every day. My birthday is ///, I have the stars to teach astrology and that is what I want to do, I do it all day long for everyone around me I can”t help myself, I see it in the news, the weather, everything everywhere, my cats and dogs, it”s wonderful. It is nice to know who you are dealing with, where is Nept? What will you lie about. Where is Pluto. what part of your life do you rearrange all of the time. Where is Jupt. What do you want to learn and teach, where will you expand and be lucky. I have Jupt in the 1st house I want to teach. It is all so wonderful. One of these days I am going to call Jeff Rense when you are on the air and ask some general questions, so people can see how powerfull it is. Wind, heat and fires for the next two years. With the DT in Sag. and Pl. in Sag the list is long for what this will bring. Thank you so much Dr. Turi.



Hi Dr. Turi;

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your excellent work in the Portland Astropsychology class. What memories you gave me! I will be smiling for many years to come. I have been working on the “teaching aid” in my mind and I”m about to draw it in the plane of physical reality. I am very excited.



Dr. Turi

I was looking at your monthly horoscope for the “full moon” in the world of Scorpio. I read for the month of “January” and it said that “I will hear sad and secret news from a friend”…. well my friend, you were right on the money. My best friendat the age of 37 had a massive heart attack at 3.30 in the morning on the 18th of May. He had to have an angioplasty because an artery was blocked. Now if that isn”t sad news from a friend I do not know what is… Love and Light



Dr. Turi,

I realize I am only one of thousands of people writing to you with their messages of appreciation and that perhaps I am only just another e-mail. I do not mean to suggest that you are not concerned-only that you are too busy to respond to them all. But when my “perfect” life took a drastic turn for the worst on April (I lost my new marriage, my beloved work, friends) I thought someone had “hexed” me or some sort of evil had infiltrated my life-I didn”t know, I just didn”t know why this was happening. Luckily, your tape came and now I know that the head and tail of the dragon are in my sign of Capricorn and you said never in your 25 years of work have you seen such negative signs. Now I know for the next year or so this is how the situation is and that I must not allow myself to fall prey to depression or hopelessness and that as I die to what is now a new fresh life will arise and this gives me hope. Please accept my gratitude for the time you took to guide me through these times ahead.

Sincerely, Victoria 1/8/49


Dear Dr. Turi!!!!

YOU ARE INCREDIBLE AMAZING, MAN!!! – Hidden Dragon”s Tail in Virgo — That means I could become fanatical about my health. When I was a kid, I”d sometimes brush my teeth for more than half-an-hour. My friends thought I was CRAZY. If I had ONE pimple on my face, I”d put rubbing alcohol all over my WHOLE face. The other kids would ask, “Where is that horrible smell coming from?” I can also be SUPER CRITICAL. I can have a very harsh tongue. I”ve got to learn to relax a little.

I sent my VERY Cancer friend some e-mail from your Power of the Dragon book about people with a Pisces Dragon Head / Virgo Tail, which is what he has. Dr. Turi — you don”t know this guy personally, but what”s in your book is SO ACCURATE it”s scary. You say a Pisces Dragon”s Head”s color is AQUA — His ENTIRE web site is AQUA, full of images of clean, clear, deep aqua water. You say they go DEEP into their imagination — His web site is named “IMAGINARIA.” http://www.msnbc.com/news/622404.asp?pne=msnPlease Dr. Louis, if check out this web site, it”s unbelievable how accurate you are. You say they are tremendous artists. He is so talented artistically, but he”s afraid he”s NOT. He has NO formal training. He taught himself. His natural talent is TREMENDOUS. He read what you wrote, and was AMAZED. I think he felt overjoyed, too, because he”s very intuitive and mystical. He probably thinks your message is coming straight from the Universe to him. Love You, Man,

Joe the Scorpio


Dear Dr. Turi,

Just a brief comment on your remarks concerning my ”chart” (28 July 47) during Sightings, last evening. First of all, you sparked something when you mentioned ”killed by enemies” in the past…I do not like anything close (or restrictive) around my throat or neck…my face or mouth in water (while swimming) produces panic…the fear of not being able to breath. (hanging/drowning) But, the real reason for my comments today have to do with your site comments about the tail and head of the Dragon. Several years ago, I moved to a small place in the country. And, for a lack of a better way of putting it, I am a hermit (by choice). A dear friend of mine – who studies astrology- has been saying for several years…”leave the house, get out, etc etc etc” I ”brushed off” these comment – didn”t act on them. Just the same as I ignored her remarks that this place (Greensboro, GA) is almost THE worst place in the world for me to live….of course, she suggested Tokyo. WHAT? Easy to ignore the suggestion to move a few thousand miles and into a different culture. (Smile) Today, I took a moment to visit your web site and, in turn read the comments about ”the Dragon”. The words absolutely jumped off the page…. words to the effect…leave home, get out. Self imposed isolation are not working for me. DUH! The proverbial light came on over my head. I have been ”bargaining” with the Universe….yeah, I”ll use my psychic skills/gift (whatever word….)so long as I don”t have to leave home. Suddenly, so many things fell into place…that is, if I were punished/murdered previously for such activity – of course, I”m not going to be all that willing to do it THIS time. Caught on the wheel. My thought process to moving too fast to put into words…it is enough to say, thank you, for your insights. And, while I have heard it before….I ignored it. (I don”t have to tell you the results of that choice….) When I read your remarks…listened to the archive of the show….it was a moment of realization. WOW! THANK YOU. In the weeks to come – I want to arrange for the taped Again, thank you.



Subject: Re: 1999 StarGuide-Moon Power

Thanks Dr. Turi for the update, since I still haven”t purchased my copies of the 1999 Starguide. I”m such a silly girl sometimes. How was your trip? Didn”t you go to Hawaii or Mexico or some foreign place to work some? You are so right about the police being in danger these days. In San Antonio, Tues. Oct. 12, 1999 Well, just south of SA, TX in the next county down from me, three (3) police officers were gunned down in cold blood who went to answer a 911 call at a home where earlier in the day they had arrested a husband for battering his wife. Officers had taken her to a battered women”s shelter and him to jail. Of course the judge let him bond-out and get a court date to appear later to answer for his charges. He went home, called police saying there was an emergency…they arrived, got out of their separate cars and he gunned them down from the bushes nearby with high powered rifles. Then he apparently killed h himself. One of those officers I knew because he had worked on a Intoxication Manslaughter (DWI) case of mine (as a victim advocate for MADD). That case was still pending, awaiting trial, so I don”t know how his death will affect the work like that that he left behind. All the men had wives and children at their homes. It was most sad and tragic. I remember that the Dragon”s Tail is in Aquarius now and each time I hear shocking and surprising news and the fantastic weather events of the last yr., I think of that energy and how it surely manifests in our physical world.

Love and Light to you Dr. Turi…

Diane of Light, your student of Divine Astrology and recent graduate.


Thank you for sending your link to me! Awesome page dude!! And your forecast for this week was “right on” we have a nuclear power plant up here, called El Diablo–it was the leading story on Coast to Coast last night (the Art Bell show, before he retired) It didn”t exactly explode, but due to a power failure, it went into shutdown and leaked steam into the air. And yes, it was nasty steam! That plant is about an hour from me. ——El Diablo, means devil–and its built in Devil”s Canyon, on an earthquake fault. How stupid is that?!!! You”re the best



Hello; several months ago I heard you on a radio program and you talked about an astrology chart you do for a hundred dollars. I am interested in finding out more about this. Could you send or e-mail me some information on this. I really enjoyed the program.

Thank you,



Hi Dr. Turi; I plan to obtain your services for a past-life reading…I feel haunted with such an overwhelming desire to find my soul mate. Is this in the stars for me, to find my one love that I feel is out there looking for me too. I feel the need to know and understand this…the powerful feelings I have for the one whom I believe is my other half. I do realize that you charge a fee for your readings, and you can send me an invoice for the above question… My family and friends are awestruck over your remarkable gift as we listen to you regularly on Sightings with Jeff. Anxiously, I await your response.

Respectfully yours, J/////


Dr Turi, I”ve received your “Power of The Dragon” book and I”ve read it. It is the best book ever published about the North Node and South Node. Thank you for your info on Star Guide 2000. I believe your predictions are accurate. If you publish some more new books in the future, please let me know. Sincerely,



As a client I think he is fantastic. He is even better than Nostradamus. I would like to call him NOSTRATURI!

Shurlie M/////.


Subject: thank you Dr. Turi

Dear Dr Turi; D////er of S…. here…have used your Moon Book in past when consulting couples to be married, your work is inspired and simply “excellent”. I do not recall sending $ with my request for current book, yet no bill was enclosed, so please i will “snail mail ” you a check; accept the $15, for the distributor wholesale price of Moon Power and S/H… Also i will send an additional $ 23.75 for Power of Dragon (1) and Moon Power Starguide (1) PLUS $20 to encourage you to send autographed copy direct to us when “THE POWER WITHIN” is released We believe in you and will be proud to display your works and prepare to place a larger order in the near future. Sincerely,

Rev D/////urer


Hello Dr Turi; I heard you”re on the Jeff Rense show and would like to get a reading for my wife and myself. If you could do the reading for us please let me know. I left a message on your phone today, the name being /// and the number 7/////5, in case you”d prefer to answer by e-mail instead of a return call. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



Hello Dr. Turi;

I have just returned from the July Astropsychology class. What a unique and enlightening experience! Besides the valuable knowledge given, Dr. Turi himself makes the class challenging and entertaining. By the end of the week, I could see the reflex action of intuition beginning to form in everyone who was there. I did not think such a thing could be possible. It is a life changing experience,and one can never view the world in quite the same way. When Dr. Turi says, “you will be given the keys to the Universal Mind”, he really means it! I encourage anyone who is thinking of attending, to go, as I guarantee they will be raised in spirit. My blessings to all who attend this course in the future.



Dear Dr.Turi;

We are thankful for the profound blessing of enlightenment shared with our July Astropsychology class. With your guidance, we – reunited old souls in the Arizona desert – rededicated ourselves to the vision of sharing Astropsychology with the children of the world, who will carry it forward as the only practical spiritual philosophy of the emerging Aquarian cycle. The highest of spiritual world is now in our hands. Together we are changing the human world into a world of light and awareness.

With much love Chief Sonne and Claudine


Dear Dr. Turi;

Definitely Divine Astrology for me, I have never been exposed to any Astrology before hearing Dr. Turi on Jeff Rense”s national program, but if modern Astrology is littered with mathematical jargon then it is more of a hand down Win for Divine Astrology. The favorite part for me was Dr. Turi”s great humor through out the tapes, I of course need to practice the reflex and know it will get more interesting when I receive my computer program and plug in people I know birth dates to practice with the housing system.

Thank you, Joyce


To Dr. Turi;

I have just return from the July Astropsychology class, and it was the greatest class I ever attended. Dr. Turi is the one of the best teacher I have ever known. I have learnt so much from this man. This class is a must for every one. If you want to soar with the eagles and be number one in your field as an astrologer and to help every one that will be in your life take the class. For it is truly enlightenment. Thank you once again Dr. Turi for all that you have taught me. Love&light

Alice Brooks


To all prospective Astropsychology students;

it has now been one week since I have completed Dr. Turi”s advanced astrology course in Phoenix AZ. It has been about five months since I passed his basic astrology class by mail. I am here to state that I absorbed so much more information and reflex in five days of hands on schooling, than I could ever imagine getting in months of home study. Don”t get me wrong, the home course I hold very dearly, and It was an excellent prerequisite, and I highly recommend it, but it only put me on the runway, where as traveling to AZ. to get hands on schooling, placed me in the air. I guess it depends on what you want to do with the knowledge, and how fast you want to do it. Myself I planned to make a career out of it, and I knew that the home course would eventually produce those results. Now having completed the advanced course, I now face that reality. My new career has now sprouted, and I owe it all to one incredible man, Dr. Louis Turi. There are not enough kind words to describe this incredibly gifted, spiritual pioneer. To be taught by him is a great honor, and pure enlightenment. There is no doubt that you will notice that he has a little something different to offer, something you won”t find anywhere else. With that I leave it up to you, the prospective student to find that answer.

Thank You,



Hi Dr. Turi;

There is a driving force of energy that moves and propels us in our quest for the truth, and the truth does not lie in any one area. This truth that the seeker seeks, lays scattered through out our planet. So we as we seek must be patient and discerning when we come across the path of others speaking the truth. And from my discernment and the trust of my heart, I feel very fortunate and blessed to have crossed paths with Dr. Turi in this time of life. Dr. Turi”s wisdom and understanding is a vast as the stars he speaks of. I am thankful that we taped the seminar! Thank You again for sharing your wisdom of the stars!

Many Blessings,



Thanks Dr. Turi you are the greatest. Learning to do astrology the way you do it has made such a difference in my life. I use it all day long every day. My birthday is ///, I have the stars to teach astrology and that is what I want to do, I do it all day long for everyone around me I can”t help myself, I see it in the news, the weather, everything everywhere, my cats and dogs, it”s wonderful. It is nice to know who you are dealing with, where is Nept? What will you lie about. Where is Pl. what part of your life do you rearrange all of the time. Where is Jupt. What do you want to learn and teach, where will you expand and be lucky. I have Jupt in the 1st house I want to teach. It is all so wonderful. One of these days I am going to call Jeff Rense when you are on the air and ask some general questions, so people can see how powerful it is. Wind heat and fires for the next two years. With the DT in Sag. and Pl. in Sag the list is long for what this will bring.

Thank you so much Dr. Turi.



I am interested in a prediction heard over national radio that a large event would take place in So Cal tomorrow morning – What”s Up? Well, they did set off a box of firecrackers in NYC for the Chinese New Year, but no volcano erupted in Central Park. How about out there in California? Any new volcanoes? Dr.Turi says- on the 28th of this month expect a SURPRISING EXPLOSION that will make the new on national radio and TV! This window will produce a startling release of energy. Volcanoes —— no to Mention man made of sudden release of energy!!! Wait and see


1)– January 28th, 1998 –Clinic explosion kills 1;

police search for 2nd bomb


2) –Don”t know if it relates, but we”ve got an undersea volcano going off at the moment near the Oregon/Washington border. This morning”s report is that they”re back up to 50 quakes an hour. This activity started around the 25th and we”ve had one high 4 quake a couple of days ago, relating to the volcanic activity. You can check out the volcano sites for the information, graphs, etc.


Dr.Turi says-

On the 28th of this month expect a SURPRISING EXPLOSION that will make the new on national radio and TV! This window will produce a startling release of energy. —— No to mention man made of sudden release of energy!!! Well, it is a day late, but an explosion at a Woman”s Health Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama this morning certainly is making national news, and probably world-wide. One Police Officer was killed. The explosion was not what most would call large, but the effects definitely are.



~ Thought you might be interested in this. I AM enjoying the grand adventure, thanks to your useful information within Moon Power Guide…. Love and Light,

T///rs, Fountain Hills, Arizona.


Hi Dr. Turi,

I am the /// that you did the reading for on Mr. Rense”s “Sightings on the Radio” show on December 18th (the first email reading – from Australia). Since you were 100% accurate about my life so far and you said I”d be a good candidate for your course (I don”t know what you teach). I”d appreciate it, if you could give me some details on the course and if it”s a course I can take either via correspondence or via the web. Could you also please tell me how much it costs? Thanking you in advance for all your time and trouble and for the EXCELLENT READING! – Due to the accuracy in your reading on my life so far, I figure that I should follow your advice for the future, if I am to excel and be happy.

Thanks again for the excellent reading.


—-Dear Frances-

thank you for your support- yes I have a Divine Astrology course available by mail(16 90mn tapes, video/book/exams etc)- there is special price going on now //// > www.timelink.net/drturi. –

Thanks again

– Dr. Turi


I”m very much a lurker on that group, but your forecast for January born fitted me very well (Jan 2). In particular the reference to 1997 which was most certainly a pivotal year and did involve restructuring the future. And I do believe depression and certainly work related stress played no small part in the disaster that 1997 turned out to be.


Dear Dr.

You are excellent; do you have a web page? Fondly,



I am glad you”re concerned with the right information. This must be your Capricorn perfectionism and attention to detail soul”s purpose. Hope this helps

-Love DT.

I just had to write back. the above statement is so so true. I am laughing so hard that it hurts. You are way cool. Bye the way, when is your commercial? I enjoyed being there in San Diego with all of you that day. Even if I do not make it into the commercial, I wish you lots of luck. You are a gifted person Dr. Turi. Remember I have Dragons in head Gemini, I just wrote an article that will be published next month. Because of you my whole life has changed for the better. I cannot thank you enough. 🙂 Love and Light



Dear Sir

– Here is a sample of my latest prediction – 1997 Universal Predictions are ready – are you interested in them? Sincerely-

Dr. Turi

Yes. Please send them along at your convenience. I will be pleased to “highlight” your work on my web pages, since I feel that your work is of a high quality and a positive nature.

Sincerely, A/////- The Salem Center, Salem Massachusetts – mail: a////ctr.com- web: www.salemctr.com


Hi!, Dr. Turi!

I hope things are doing well for you! I would like to invite you to view my astrology website at: http://www.rt66.com/~incident I”ve used some of your material and have put notations at the bottom of the material to reference it to your books. Please let me know what you think! With your permission, I”d like to put a “What”s happening today” category in it and put your Starguide information for the day (not the whole book, just the current day). Please let me know! Talk to you soon!

Love, R///a


Please forward me your predictions for 1996. I was very impressed by the accuracy of the past few of your “windows”, especially this most recent one (earthquake/explosion). (Feb.16)

JAKARTA, Indonesia —

A magnitude 8 earthquake struck Saturday, Feb 17th in eastern Indonesia, causing tidal waves up to 21 feet high, according to the Associated Press. An earlier report by Reuters placed the tidal waves at six to thirteen feet high. The waves destroyed many bridges and washed away 600 homes, many built on stilts. Thirty people are confirmed dead and the number is expected to rise. The quake was under the ocean floor sixty-eight miles east of Biak Island, located north of Irian Jaya (the western half of New Guinea.) Scores of aftershocks have occurred averaging 3 to 4 in magnitude, with one aftershock approx. 6.7, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Three-foot high waves were measured as far away as Japan. Damage on Biak Island is estimated at more than $4 million.

Thank You,

//lBlonde///comPath: news.goodnet.com!usenet


Dr. Turi

Explain to me what kind of readings you do for children. My 12-year-old daughter is here through August. and price. It sounds like your doing really well…



Please send me info on readings and child readings also Nostradamus in fact all that you have and prices…A friend saw you and said you are truly remarkable and a royal pleasure for me to find your email address…



Dr Turi,

I would like to speak with you on the phone.. I am 16 yr. old and want you to do a reading for me, and possibly answer some questions for as well. Thank you



Dear Dr. Turi,

Hello, I have talked to you over the phone, but you probably do not remember me. I would like to order a life reading for my family. Could you give me some proof before I order? I first heard of you on the Jeff Rense show. Thank you for your time.

L///- Portland, Oregon


Dear Dr. Turi,

I”d like to order the Power of the Dragon, for $30.00. I”ve included the info below, on the form for the life reading. I heard you on the Jeff Rense shows again. Pretty interesting. Some night I may get a call in early enough for a reading.

-//// ps Please confirm when the book can be shipped. I want to receive the book within 7 days. I will pay extra for the postage, if necessary. I authorize the following charge in the amount of $30.00 The Power of the Dragon (book, 515 pages) Discover Card # /////////////- Exp. 08/00

Dear Alex

– Thanks for your note –

Nostradamus astrology is totally unique, incredibly simple and deadly accurate. 1999 Moon power is only $10.00 from the show ($27.50 regularly)- The Power of the Dragon (515 pages) teach Nostradamus method in great detail and is $30.00. I only have a few copies left. Thanks for listening to the show. Good luck

Dr. Turi


Dear Dr Turi,

Have you published the “Power of the Dragon” book yet? If so, how much Does it cost and how can I buy it from you?



Dear Dr. Turi,

Indirectly, I found your site via Stan ///”s. These are not the best of times. I have had astrological readings in the past but nothing seemed to really ”click” with me. What would be the best time to call you concerning a potential reading for me (I”m in Hometown, IL)? Sincerely,

///s I////@flash.net)


Dr. Turi,

Recently you did me and my wife Ana”s charts and just today I sent off a check and request to you to do one for my younger sister Lisa. I know she will enjoy this. You mentioned a previous life in Japan as a pilot during World War II. You mentioned an interest in space and the stars and in fact that is one of my main interests and before I discovered rock music as a early teen I had aspired to be an astronaut. I am a very spiritual person and the presence of other life in the universe does not destroy my version of God or my place in the universe. Many thanks and much love,



Buon Giorno…

I am writing in interest to your work. My name is /////ay and I am a soul progressing towards enlightenment and Ultimate truth. I have recently moved here to Los Angeles and I have been reminded of your name. We have physically past paths once while in New Mexico and I have always kept the interest in talking with you. I am at a point of birth and I would be interested in having a reading done. An only set back would be the price. Would it be obtainable to receive a lower price.

Peace, Love, and Light,



Please send 1996 predictions. I am new to the alt.disasters.earthquake group as of 12/19. I was very impressed with your prediction for 12/14, since here in Washington DC area we had an extremely UNUSUAL situation in the late hours of the 13th and early hours of the 14th with one 25-30 chain reaction accident in Springfield VA, one 15-20 car accident on the I495 beltway in VA, another 5-6 car accident in Fairfax VA and too many 2-3-4 car pile-ups to count. Police were telling motorists to pull off any road they were on into the nearest parking lot and just sit. NO POLICE WOULD BE AVAILABLE, as all were busy. Chain-reaction accidents are rare here, and while there was sleet falling, it was little by any standards, and at a low traffic period (11:30PM, 13th to 2:00AM, 14th).




Thanks Louis for your patience and explaining that the other tape was for me. I turned it over and fast-forwarded and found the reading. I enjoyed it very much and of course shared it with Bart. I keep you Moon book in the car for easy reference and enjoy that also… Thanks again for your reading I will listen to it again… You are right on!



Dear Dr. Turi,

I have newly subscribed to your newsgroup and want to congratulate you on your new book deal. I have always looked at astrology with a grain of salt but I am very impressed with your work. My life is in a major state of change right now and the trends you forecast have been right on for me. Thanks for being available and maintaining your site.




Received you book in the mail today. What a nice surprize , pleased at the quality of it. Thank You so much for the autograph. You look much younger and handsomer than I though. Have to go read your book, We will talk again soon

—The Crystal Lady


Surprises and nasty earthquakes are to be expected. I don”t know who Dr. Turi is – but we just had an earthquake here in Los Angeles. Time: 11:10 a.m. Date: 4/18/96.



Congratulations on your successful predictions. I do not know your preferences, but I know that using Vedic Astrology has made me a believer. It is good to see the heads turn.

Health, Wealth, & Prosperity.


Dear Doctor Turi;

Please accept my greetings. Hare Krishna! Yes, you are truly an amazing predictor of events. The subject about mind disease is dear to my heart, as it deals with a great tragedy in our human society called animal slaughter. So, good Doctor we are experiencing the massive sinful karma of animal killing, and you nicely predicted it. Please chant Hare Krishna mantra, and your life will become sublime! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bhushaya dasa


Subject: Your Predictions – Dr. Turi, Please put me on your mailing list for your predictions. Your words look most promising, and you certainly do stir up the rabble. Sincerely, //rs


Dr. Turi –

please e-mail me your predictions for 1997 at your earliest convenience. I am very interested to say the least. also, with reference to your second window which has opened on may 03, 1996, please note that at around 9 pm that very day we had a 5.5 earthquake in the pacific north west, approx. 30 miles from Seattle. Looking forward to receiving your 1997 predictions soon and keep up the good work. Best regards,


KOUROU, French Guiana – Europe”s newest unmanned satellite-launching rocket, the Ariane 5, intentionally was blown up Tuesday just seconds after taking off on its maiden flight. HONOLULU, Hawaii (CNN) — Japan is investigating what went wrong when one of its destroyers accidentally shot down a U.S. fighter jet during joint-military exercises in the Pacific early Tuesday. Once more I post my work on the net to prepare you for the subtle interstellar.

Dr. Turi Louis MDUS


Thanks for posting your weekly predictions on the net. I started reading the alt.astrology newsgroup recently, and appreciate the work and love that go into your postings. Thank you again for sharing your gift.



Hello “Dr. Turi”,

Please send me your 1996 Top Universal Predictions. Also please add me to any mailing list you might have. I find your post informative and revealing.


How about the plane crash in Columbia and I believe I heard of a train wreck in Egypt. Plus the plane that skidded off the runway at JFK. Dr. Turi, ignore those jerks that try to give you a bad time.

/// @nando.net


Dear Sir ;

For the last few months I have followed your predictions with increasing interest.You have some astonishing insight in the way the world acts. In regard to your latest predictions about Pluto reigning the masses, I agree.



I would appreciate an E-mail of your predictions for 1996. Personally, I know astrology often can predict earthquakes among other events. Don”t be discouraged by others who lack understanding — and patience. It seems to me most of the sensible people I have read on alt. nost are glad to read your predictions. I hope you don”t let the few nasty people cause you problems. Ignore them. Keep on posting what you want to post. I for one (and I am not alone) have really enjoyed your predictions. Ignore fools is the best advice I could ever give anyone. Since I have been on the ”net (about 2 years), I notice how these “nasty-nuts” are managing to stifle some good discourse. Don”t be bothered by a fool my friend.

Bless you,



Dr. Turi,

After watching the flack, seeing you endorsed by some impressive people and now seeing the “hit”, I would SINCERELY like a copy of your “free” 1996 predictions. Your response to Matthew was beautifully said. The esoteric of astrology reach far beyond our small-mind conceptualizations. The magnitude of the interactions of life/energy/frequencies/will is a language in the midst of being born. Your work is taking root. Godspeed. I look forward to reading everything you write with interest from now on.



Dr. Turi,

First, let me apologize for the attacks I have seen being focused on you. For technologically advanced people, some of us haven”t a clue as to what is going on. Most of those are ignorant suckers jealous of your success! I would very much like a copy of your 1996 predictions and a list of your services. I think the next 12-18 months are going to be of utmost importance to the inhabitants of planet Earth, and would love to see what you see coming our way. Keep up the good work, Dr. Now is the time…



I have been following your predictions for awhile now and I am impressed. Do you offer personal readings, provided that you have the time. How do I find out about your services? Etc….Keep up the fantastic work……….



Dr. Turi,

Thank you. I”m also happy that you still seem to be posting in the Nostradamus newsgroup.

///tula in Finland


Hello Dr. Turi,

Remember ME? Maybe, maybe not. I ordered your book a while ago and I defended you against one of your post hecklers a while back and thought I”d say Hi. Your prediction for the 22nd is astounding! I read some of your article in Perceptions mag. I was pleasantly surprised to see your name in that wonderful mag. I wrote a summary of the crop circle lecture I attended this past Sunday and included it in this Email. If you have the time read it if you like.


Dear Dr. Turi –

could you please email me your predictions and any other information -like a listing of your books and videos. Do you do private readings? How much? You”re the best! Thank you.


Hi Dr Turi,

Greeting from the Far East. You”re a very special person! I am interested in your 1996 and all your services and prediction. Please email me.



Dr. Turi,

If I read one of your posts correctly, you have a set of free 1996 predictions. If so, would you please send me a copy. Also, please send info on how to obtain your book. I find you posts very interesting and your predictions incredibly accurate.




Dr. Turi,

please continue to post on alt disasters, I believe in you. I do cold readings myself, and you are good at it! it is always good to see a master at work. P.S. Ignore the flamers. Don”t let them slow you down a bit. They are sad little jealous individuals who should take up boxing.



BE AWARE OF NEGATIVE PLUTO”S POWER ON THE 21ST AND 22ND OF THIS MONTH. MONDAY AND TUESDAY THE WANING NEGATIVE MOON MIGHT TAKE ALL YOUR ENERGY WAY AND A DEEP FEELING OF SADNESS MAY INVADE YOU. I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your predictions for the past few weeks, and that they have been close, but not “hits” for me until now. On the 21st my father-in-law died. Also, I don”t need to tell you about the earthquake on the 22nd. They still don”t know how many casualties there will be yet. I hope you keep posting, I find you most interesting.



Reply-To: .Edu (lie

I have read your predictions for the past two weeks and been very impressed. You surely know more than many! How do I order your 96 Top Predictions? Do you do readings by email? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing.



I did receive the predictions and I am pretty amazed at the accuracy. I surely appreciate your gift and you must remember that most of the people on the Internet are educators, myself included, and there is probably no more ignorant and skeptical group in the world. Professors, throughout history have opposed any “new” knowledge. Please don”t let the skeptics discourage you-they too will understand someday. Keep up your important work. .I am a CPA and a professor of taxation. Thanks again for your predictions and please keep me in mind.



Dr. Turi;

I read with interest your predictions and the related actual happenings. So far you have been very accurate! Do you have a mailing list, web page, or other source of information where one might have access to your next predictions and your services? Thank you for your time; Memo of your post-


/ //@net.com


Dear Dr. Turi,

I read your interesting article 52287 of alt.paranornormal on Divine astrology and I wonder if you would e-mail me your “Top Universal predictions for 96” and info on your books. I have followed your predictions and you are just amazing! Thanking you in advance, cv576May the Force and the Light be with you!



Just wanted to say hello. Will keep you posted on getting you some readings out here in Philadelphia, Pa. and doing some book store events. Will be in contact with Theresa when she returns from her honeymoon. Thank you again for your reading.


D/// B/// Phila, Pa.


Dear Dr. Turi,

We are now on line. I read by your May 24, 1999 email that you are producing an infomercial. If you would like to send us a finished product, preferably in S-VHS format, we would like to review it for possible airing on The Sedona Channel.


S/// Programming Manager,


Dr. Turi,


Hope all is well. Please send a copy of Moon Power Starguide 1999 to the following: R// C///n 6// English St. Racine, WI 53402 Will send a check to you today for $12 as we discussed plus shipping.




Hello you old bugger… Howya doin”? I have an offer of work for you …how”s this sound? I have two close contacts in Australia who are putting together packages of information and a conference series in exotic places. Now, of course, being French you may not have experienced anything exotic, so here”s your chance. The location for the first conference in October will be confirmed in the next few days, but it is likely to be a cruise ship operating out of Singapore, from where I have just returned today after speaking at one of their conferences. From this point onwards, however, they are taking a different approach and format into the future. I will be speaking in October and will probably be doing the stage introductions, too. They said they wanted an astrologer and could I help them find one…and, of course, there was only one choice. The deal will be this…you will be flown business class from the US to the location and back and paid a fee, which you will have to negotiate directly with them. You will be given stage time in the main conference to explain what astrology is and why it works and, of course, you will have the opportunity as usual to do readings for people between the conference sessions on the ship or other warm and sunny location, whatever it is. Are you interested? If so I will get them to contact you on this e-mail. I am off to do a month-long speaking tour of South Africa in two days time, but I will be checking email every day. Please reply to my personal one..//////94@aol.com.

Hear from you soon, I hope.



Learn Astropsychology

The celebrated French Astrologer Dr. Turi is offering a 7-day crash course in Phoenix, AZ. You will enjoy Nostradamus” 16th century Divine Astrology method and become an Astropsychologist in a single week. Master the golden key to the universe and congregate with spiritually advanced people. You will enjoy mental stimulation and meet exceptional new friends. Gain true cosmic consciousness, open your 3rd eye, and develop your celestial affiliation with infinity. Ultimately you will realize your direct relationship with God and the Universe. Start your own career, become financially independent while bringing the light to the children of tomorrow. No complicated math involved and a 98% graduation rate. Certainly the most advanced spiritual experience of your life. Call Dr. Turi at             (602) 265-7667       or visit http://www.drturi.com/astroclass.php for all information and a yearly schedule. This will be the experience of your life; you will build a solid cosmic consciousness and congregate with highly spiritual people.


Dr. Turi


Student”s Feedback

Dr. Turi has several books out…that I have found to be very beneficial in understanding His Material & explains…very simply & in depth…how He arrives at His predictions. He is a “straight forward” type of Individual who has…through experience & hardship…been able to bring to light….a form of exact Astrology (from the Stars) termed… Astropsychology. Dr. Turi has been able to calibrate….an understanding of celestial bodies…their energies & effects…closely affiliated with a “Nostradamus” Style of accuracy!

I came across Dr. Turi”s Astropsychology…while searching for more information on…Astrology & the planets effects on daily life. In My Life quest…to understand…more of what makes up individuality…I have studied many Sciences… including Graphology (the study of handwriting, doodles& scribbles, etc.) also Psychology & Social Sciences & Behavior modifications….along with Medical effects of medications verses herbal applications & genetics. My study of the “Advance Astropsychology by Dr. Turi” has enhanced My understanding of what makes up individual make up & some good reasons as to why We often do “what We do” in certain situations…due to certain aspects of planetary involvement & the energies that effect…at any given moment in time. His “Gift” of knowledge…transferred to the written word….has simplified… (.a complicated format given in Main Stream Astrology)…with a more precise definition of “cause & effect.”

I have always questioned everything that I have come in contact with…in My Life & Dr. Turi”s Work ..is no exception! I have pulled apart…bits of information…& have searched on My own. Given My understanding of His work…through His advanced course…I have found His format to be “impeccable” in “accuracy!” The greatest advantage…to becoming a Student…is that this knowledge can be applied…on a day to day basis…not only for Your own personal use…but in every day interaction with the people around You!

I have always had a belief that knowledge forms a protection…which helps in assessing the World around Me. The more informed You are of the dynamics of the people around You…the better the options…of making informed choices in Your Life.

I wish You well in Your search for knowledge.

Marianne K


Dear Dr. Turi Louis

You”re right, I am into astrology now. I even planned my trip next week in accordance to the New Moon coming up on 1/13/02. And my traditional outlook on religion and spirituality has shifted into a whole new paradigm. Astrology (and the re-incarnation theory) has brought to the table – many legitimate questions that need to be asked concerning God and the nature of who he really is and how we relate to him and the universe….I”ve developed my ”own” theory thus far which I never would have been able to do if not for your reading. I feel my journey from this point forward will only get more exciting and rewarding. And I have to say that for the first time in my life, I feel a feeling of liberation. I feel like I just took off an old pair of trousers traditional religion) which I have worn for 34 years and now slipped into a nice satin robe (freedom to ask questions and seek the truth).

I appreciate the gift.


Dr. Turi:

Thanks so much for a wondrous education I received from you at the December class in Portland. You are the best teacher I have ever had the blessing to receive my further education from. Divine Astrology has opened my eyes further and helped me to understand more of those around me. Your classes are exciting, detailed and just enough humor to leave us classmates at ease to learn. Thanks for shooting the arrows at me for that week and may you be blessed with all you desire. I can never thank you enough. Take care as each day brings new information from my subconscious to reality.



Hello Dr. Turi;

Let me tell you that I had a dream of Dr. Turi back in mid-March of 2001. I didn”t know who he was then, nor his information, as I had never seen or heard of him. Two weeks later I had fallen asleep while listening to my local public radio station, and at three in the morning awoke to a man talking real fast and speaking of astrological symbolism. I still didn”t know it was Dr. Turi, until I went to his web site two days later–and there was the individual I had dreamt of two weeks earlier– Dr. Louis Turi. I knew that the Universe had guided me to him. That culminated with the unique and undeniably accurate method he rekindled from the Great Seer, Nostradamus. Long gone are the nights of confusion and frustration because now I have the tools to decipher the messages from the Universe. May you all find your way to the place of your souls origin,



Dr. Turi:

I wanted to let you know the Astropsychology class in Portland has changed my life! You are an amazing speaker and have incredible POWER. You are too generous to share 30 years of information in 5 days. I am happy you are a part of my life, to help me with my spiritual awareness and to help otherslearn the stars. Thank you for flying to Portland, and your time. I am forever grateful to you!

Love and Light,



Hi Dr. Turi,

I miss you entertainment. You are a BLAST!! Thank you so much for thewonderful class and time with you. I”m seeing things in a differentlight now and I feel like this is only the beginning.



Hello Dr. Turi;

I have just returned from the July Astropsychology class. What a unique and enlightening experience! Besides the valuable knowledge given, Dr. Turi himself makes the class challenging and entertaining. By the end of the week, I could see the reflex action of intuition beginning to form in everyone who was there. I did not think such a thing could be possible. It is a life changing experience, and one can never view the world in quite the same way. When Dr. Turi says, “you will be given the keys to the Universal Mind”, he really means it! I encourage anyone who is thinking of attending, to go, as I guarantee they will be raised in spirit. My blessings to all who attend this course in the future.



Dear Dr.Turi,

We are thankful for the profound blessing of enlightenment shared with our July Astropsychology class. With your guidance, we – reunited old souls in the Arizona desert – rededicated ourselves to the vision of sharing Astropsychology with the children of the world, who will carry it forward as the only practical spiritual philosophy of the emerging Aquarian cycle. The highest of spiritual world is now in our hands. Together we are changing the human world into a world of light and awareness. With much love

Chief Sonne and Claudine


Dear Dr. Turi;

Definitely Divine Astrology for me, I have never been exposed to any Astrology before hearing Dr. Turi on Jeff Rense”s national program, but if modern Astrology is littered with mathematical jargon then it is more of a hand down Win for Divine Astrology. The favorite part for me was Dr. Turis great humor through out the tapes, I of course need to practice the reflex and know it will get more interesting when I receive my computer program and plug in people I know birth dates to practice with the housing system.

Thank you,



To Dr. Turi;

I have just return from the July Astropsychology class, and it was the greatest class I ever attended. Dr. Turi is the one of the best teacher I have ever known. I have learnt so much from this man. This class is a must for every one. If you want to soar with the eagles and be number one in your field as an astrologer and to help every one that will be in your life take the class. For it is truly enlightenment. Thank you once again Dr. Turi for all that you have taught me.

Love & light

Alice Brooks


To all prospective Astropsychology students;

It has now been one week since I have completed Dr. Turi”s advanced astrology course in Phoenix AZ. It has been about five months since I passed his basic astrology class by mail. I am here to state that I absorbed so much more information and reflex in five days of hands on schooling, than I could ever imagine getting in months of home study. Don”t get me wrong, the home course I hold very dearly, and It was an excellent prerequisite, and I highly recommend it, but it only put me on the runway, where as traveling to AZ. to get hands on schooling, placed me in the air. I guess It depends on what you want to do with the knowledge, and how fast you want to do it. Myself I planned to make a career out of it, and I knew that the home course would eventually produce those results. Now having completed the advanced course, I now face that reality. My new career has now sprouted, and I owe it all to one incredible man, Dr. Louis Turi. There are not enough kind words to describe this incredibly gifted, spiritual pioneer. To be taught by him is a great honor, and pure enlightenment. There is no doubt that you will notice that he has a little something different to offer, something you won”t find anywhere else. With that I leave it up to you, the prospective student to find that answer. Thank You,



Hi Dr. Turi,

There is a driving force of energy that moves and propels us in our quest for the truth, and the truth does not lie in any one area. This truth that the seeker seeks, lays scattered through out our planet. So we as we seek must be patient and discerning when we come across the path of others speaking the truth. And from my discernment and the trust of my heart, I feel very fortunate and blessed to have crossed paths with Dr. Turi in this time of life. Dr. Turis wisdom and understanding is a vast as the stars he speaks of. I am thankful that we taped the seminar! Thank You again for sharing your wisdom of the stars! Many Blessings,




Dear Dr. Turi,

I cannot express in enough words how I enjoyed your class. I did not want it to end. I could have gone on another week. I was not ready to leave. I had to leave right after the test to catch my plane at the airport. I looked for you to say good buy, but you had gone. The only thing I regret is that I missed the Jordan Maxwell lecture Friday, because I got lost and could not find the conference hall. I learned more about astrology from your class, than I have learned over the last 35 years. I will never go back to conventional astrology. You are an excellent teacher. You made the class very interesting, with your very witty, and funny personality, and sense of humor. I feel very comfortable around you. Your warm personality made me feel right at home. I feel like I could tell you all my troubles, and you would listen, and give sympathy. Also, Madeline and the other members of your staff were really great. They were warm, friendly and very helpful. I could listen to your talk all day. Your French accent is very soothing, and a joy to listen too. You”d also make a great hypnotist with your soothing voice. You showed up in my astrocard reading. It was my first reading, therefore, I don”t know what it means, but I am happy to know that we will connect sometime again in the future, for whatever reason. Have a blessed day..


Theresa Carol Wood


Thanks Dr. Turi you are the greatest. Learning to do astrology the way you do it has made such a difference in my life. I use it all day long every day. My birthday is ///, I have the stars to teach astrology and that is what I want to do, I do it all day long for everyone around me I can”t help myself, I see it in the news, the weather, everything everywhere, my cats and dogs, it”s wonderful. It is nice to know who you are dealing with, where is Nept? What will you lie about. Where is Pl. what part of your life do you rearrange all of the time. Where is Jupt. What do you want to learn and teach, where will you expand and be lucky. I have Jupt in the 1st house I want to teach. It is all so wonderful. One of these days I am going to call Jeff Rense when you are on the air and ask some general questions, so people can see how powerful it is. Wind heat and fires for the next two years. With the DT in Sag. and Pl. in Sag the list is long for what this will bring. Thank you so much Dr. Turi.



Phoenix July 2001 Class


Portland December 2001 Class

My Background

Hi, some of you have asked me and wondered what I am a doctor of. I generally just say, “Doctor of Metaphysics.” I use the name “Dr.” because I am a healer. I am not a physician nor do I have a doctorate from an accredited medical school. I got my Metaphysical Mill Doctorate from the Light Church Institute In Sacramento, CA and it is recognized by the California Board of Education. My good friends called me Dr. Turi because of my powerful healing gifts and it stuck. I use that as my professional Stage Name.

There is NO school that produces an Einstein or a Mozart and no accredited University that would teach me what I had to learn the hard way last 35 years of life. There is a huge difference between education and intelligence. Hiding behind a degree doesn”t mean a person ultimately “knows it all.” Very qualified doctors get sued everyday for malpractice and over 78,000 Americans will die each year because of medical Doctors who are educated in accredited Universities. I never killed anyone, just the opposite. Because I am NOT a Medical Doctor, I do not prescribe dangerous drugs that may poison you in the long run and I also instinctively know they are all harmful to your health. I have many students and some of them appear in “Who”s Who in America” in the latest cancer research surgery, including doctors, practitioners, surgeons, who are very educated people from all walks of life.

One psychiatrist student told me, “Dr. Turi I have learnt more about human nature in your Astropsychology crash course by mail than seven years spent in college.” He also honestly added that he had enough of trying to solve people”s problems with drugs. My course is quickly spreading all over the world as more students realize the true value of my work by investigating my past, my work, the feedback and my huge website thoughtfully. Many of them tell me they do spend hours regenerating their spirits learning and reading my newsletters.

Numerous people have devoted many years to getting degrees. If I had done that, I would have also wasted many years instead of pursuing the true knowledge that I now possess, as there are no schools to teach me what I had learnt the hard way. A rigid traditional education and a degree does not make anyone better then you or me. I have HANDS ON experience with such a rich adventurous life. The incredible became a reality and that is priceless. This is why I am a teacher of teachers! I did it all my way in the school of life, where pain and suffering was a part of my life. This became a sure way to really learn faster anything and everything about human nature…

My findings on Astropsychology have been extremely useful to heal people and help them understand their own selves and fates. Judging by the thousands of letters of support I have received, (and keep receiving on a daily basis) I must be doing something right for the world – see Testimonials.

I do have other degrees however. I have an ASME section 9 degree in welding engineering, which I used on the San Diego and Pearl Harbor naval bases. I spent years of hard work getting my certification from the Royal School of Music in London and received the top Distinction Cup of Musicianship in a class of 400. I have studied many rational topics, and even learnt to fly helicopters.

I am also an inventor of a new eye technology called ONMT or Optical Nerve Muscles Trainer. This research involves a very serious protocol designed for “accredited” eye surgeons wanting to investigate my new tool and its preventive therapeutic values. I am not a eye doctor yet I designed tools for those doctors and will train ophthalmologists to use the technology properly.

However, metaphysical pursuits have always been my passion and I became a Hypnotherapist. My feelings, my stars pushed me in that direction from a young age. I found the work of Nostradamus to be most attractive to me. I have spent the last 30 years dedicating myself to revamp his methodology, and I developed his astrological methods to fit into our modern society. With the help of software company in Los Angeles my work has been incorporated into computer technology thus making Astropsychology available to all.

While working very hard on the US naval bases in San Diego and Pearl Harbor in Hawaii to make a living, I kept dedicating myself to incorporate the medieval practice of the great Seer into my own life and career. It is sad that I have in so many ways had to endure the same fate as Nostradamus suffering ignorance with small-minded people judging him, discrediting him because of his interest with the stars. And he was actually an accredited doctor! There have been many other smart people interested in the incredible and set by their stars to understand the worlds of subtle phenomena.

They all have suffered from the ignorance of closed-minded people who harassed them; and many of them made history…

My legacy with books, CD”s, DVD”s televised shows and my future schools will also make my name stand apart in my field of endeavor and in all, my aim is to promote spiritual education that will benefit the children of tomorrow and the world at large.

The majority of people judge me with their hearts and bring me to their cities and to their very home. They recognize the real me, my gifts, my services and trust me to work on their children. Many of them are extremely wealthy and successful and do trust me with heir business and finances. A magnet will not attract a piece of wood, and only when one”s vibration reaches mine can we “connect”. Only when the student is ready will the teacher appear. The young soul not ready for the light has not much to offer others. All it can do is promote forms of destruction to stop the light and other advanced soul”s messages. These tainted desperate souls will find no use for my wisdom; their own ignorance and hate becomes a blinding veil poisoning all, reflecting the darkest depths of evil. Knowledge is power. However, this sort only keeps itself from gaining understanding even happiness, and lives a poor lonely life of hatred where frustrations and limitations are the reward.

The reality is that many people don”t really care if I am a “doctor” or not, but will stop at nothing to hurt my integrity and me. It is just the nature of their lower evil spirits and the ultimate fight between good and evil, intelligence and ignorance. However the fact is that; my accomplishment speaks by itself, and I suppose in some way that the price I have to pay that comes with fame.

I am a true light teacher and I have taught traditionally educated physicians with accredited doctorates and I am proud of this fact (and their letters of support!) This is why I so desperately need your help to reinstate the old science back into our colleges where it belongs. So that in the future, well-educated doctors and teachers alike will make good use of my life”s research and pass it on to their children and the society at large through accredited Universities.

Unless one knows and deals with the real Dr. Turi and not the one depicted by the forces of evil, you may never know the real me. That”s for me to know and you to find out!

Love and light,
Dr. Turi