Radio Host Delilah Reveals Her Teenage Son Killed Himself – The reptilius are after your children…


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He who conquers the stars hold the golden keys to God’s mysterious universe… “And God created the stars and the heavens to be used as signs…” 

Dear readers;

First the latest news…  Memo from “Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi.”

“I knew it was just a matter of time before my Internet god fearing enemies, (the cyber ISIS) who hate my guts and predictive gift would find a way to remove me from Google and so many other popular websites.”

Update: 10/11/2017 –  Even my show on “Paranormal Central”  was removed…  Like offering undeniable dated predictions of my earthquakes above 6.0 predictions is something science can do!  Check my latest and LAST publicized earthquakes predictions!

 “Director Travis Hamilton and the movie “Legends from the Sky”, and also Dr. Turi returns with with MORE predictions after his prediction of a 6.0 or better earthquake happened on the date predicted!!! “ 

A lot of people requested  this show TO BE REINSTATED but its gone!  NOW : “Comments are disabled for this video?” 
Reptilius infected people will do all in their power to mute me readers… 
I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME ANYWAY!  INDEED  THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST ME IS VERY REAL and you should help me fight this injustice by emailing the host and supporting my work!


Luckily for me the Internet  is used against us but can also be a blessing and we found the ONLY link to this show…  LISTEN!


Radio Host Delilah Reveals Her Teenage Son Killed Himself in a Heartbreaking Facebook Update.


Radio Host Delilah“My dear friends, I need to share some devastating news with you. In the early morning hours, Tuesday, October 3, my son, Zachariah, took his life.

He was being treated, counseled, and embraced fiercely by family and friends while battling depression for some time now. My heart is broken beyond repair and I can not fathom how to go on…but I have to believe he is at peace with the Lord and that God will get us through.

I will be absent from the radio and on social media for a time as I grieve and try to process this loss with my family. In the mean-time we’ll be playing some of my favorite shows from the recent past. I’ll look forward to my return, as you all lift me up so very much!

Please pray for my beloved Zacky, and I will pray for all suffering from this debilitating disease called depression.”


Dear readers;

I have one question for you… Do you recall the phrase I wrote below  in “Justin Bieber, children and the reptilius infestation?”

The reptilius are after  FAMOUS PEOPLE and  your children!”

While it is impossible for science and society at large to accept the reptilius universal infestation, it is something very real! When I mention the reptilius are after famous people and children, its time to pay attention to my warnings stop ridiculing my claims and share my work! 
All reptilius infected souls  are involved in an evil dance that is forcing true spiritually gifted  people like us to be muted.  All of our well known “friends” have abandoned us!
The majority of people  in major networking websites are either atheist or religious and many complained  about our eye opening, controversial  articles. 
The “witch hunt” lead to  a constant  firing  from those popular websites I used to write for! All for exposing the reptilius’ agenda and we have been removed from  our public life. 
From top read author, to non existent on LinkedIn, not to forget Wikipedia etc…  

“Hi Dr. Turi congratulations! You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012. LinkedIn now has 300 million members. Thanks for playing a unique part in our community! Recently, LinkedIn reached a new milestone: 300 million members. But this isn’t just our achievement to celebrate — it’s also yours. I want to personally thank you for being part of our community.

With sincere thanks,

Deep Nishar – LinkedIn Senior Vice President.”

While I used to be invited for radio  and  invited to speak at UFO’s conferences… Those like C2C also “dismissed me” thanks to all the people who can not deal not accept the truth about themselves…
The good news is; my live stats are still at the top as my cosmic work is read by thousands of people from all over the world… Check my live traffic at 
No more Coat to Coast am, where I used to be appreciated and a regular guest offering undeniable predictions. The reptilius have reached them all and destroyed the connection to reach you with my warnings.
Even my show on “Paranormal Central”  was removed… Like offering undeniable dated predictions of my earthquakes above 6.0 is something science can do!  “Director Travis Hamilton and the movie “Legends from the Sky”, and also Dr. Turi returns with with MORE predictions after his prediction of a 6.0 or better earthquake happened on the date predicted!!! “
I FOUND ANOTHER ONE I beat the reptilius on this one, but I do not know how long my gift and accuracy will be “posted” to the public as legitimate!
If you experience the same challenging times, you are also victimized by those entities using your natal stars to  hurt you.
The idea is for them to induce serious depressions, fear and chaos in your life then seek medical help which will make your situation much worse!
Without cosmic consciousness I would have succumbed to the reptilius a long time ago.  I also experienced  cancer because of those depressions then I suffered another medical ailment that nearly killed me.  It was on my hospital bed that I realized the reptilius were winning the depressive battle against me and this is when I started fighting them.
We are  today still battling the forces of evil and Satan’ children trying to stop our important information which will one day, (in another generation) will become common knowledge.
I am convinced Radio Host Delilah, like 99.9% of the people who read “‘SNL’ star Pete Davidson: I’m depressed all the time – I am scared and enraged, what’s going on? ”  would ridicule or even laugh at me explaining what produced  Pete Davidson  depressions! 

In the article titled; “Las Vegas deadly shooting – SOS TO THE WORLD! “The reptilius are after your children! I also wrote Until it all comes down right in their faces and suffer the predicted calamities personally.”

Delilah did, and she is also a  very religious, loving person. Yet the man-made god she loves and fears never heard her prayers to spare her son. And regardless of all the so called medical “experts” and all the her friends and family support, “Zacky” succumbed! 
While her career was to help others with positive vibes, this is how “god” rewarded her?  Critical thinking is not applied nor does anyone know how to seek real cosmic wisdom.
Logic starts to kick in and some people realize the religious  deceptive indoctrination serves no purpose and distracts humans from God’s cosmic divinity. 
Delilah can never expect the real God to hear and answer her prayers, when she (like 99.9% of humans) do not speak his cosmic  language, ignore the signs and ridicule  my ET’s claims and the cosmic code jurisdictions.  
It doesn’t seem she will ever change her habits, her beliefs and  learn about the reptilius and heed my warnings. Will the reptilius take another of her children forcing her to think out of the box?  
Those entities plague the mind with dreadful fears, suffocating panic attacks, induce interior chaos, serious depressions where the soul can not rest or sleep! The infected victim can only seek peace and freedom through death! 
NO doctors and no prescriptions can fix this mental degeneration with any of their services or medications… Just the opposite!
For goodness sake, will you ever get it once and for all?  Science, your doctors, and your friends will NOT help you or your child against those entities.  Only YOU can help YOURSELF. Thus, once and for all, it is time for you to seek the right  spiritual people to  help stop the reptilius  sucking your life away.
Millions of people  already suffer a steady psychical  degenerative situation which can only  end by killing oneself or others in the process and again, ONLY a  real soul doctor  can help! 
This is where they should have me on their radio show to offer revitalizing spiritual help to their listeners. But even then, so many people can’t handle the truth!
I started my career in 1991, at about the same time as Delilah and Dr. Laura. In fact I was on the air as a regular guest with San Diego ex Mayor but a religiously poisoned Dr. Laura complained to the station manager and took my spot in California. 
Yes she complained with her religious views and values and got me fired! The reptilius were against me right from the get-go readers… Read the full sad story  with Dr. Laura
While I have had the will to help humanity’s lost souls, the world doesn’t have the will to help themselves or see through the Soul of the Cosmos… I shouldn’t be responsible for your welfare! And I am for what really? Think of the karma you’ll own for helping  the children of the future fight the reptilius… Join us here and show your support.
Remember the reptilius need your fears, chaos, insecurity and your negative thoughts to survive.   Those who are doing the best for humanity (and their children) are forever targeted and Delilah is a victim of forces she could never believe or imagine! Yes the devil she was warned about in church took the sons and daughters of so many unconscious human beings…
The reptilius are  traveling through black holes in “Dark Matter” and the latest  astronomical news  support my claim  that the reptilius  are getting much closer to earth!
An artist’s impression shows the exoplanet WASP-12b — an alien world as black as fresh asphalt, closely orbiting a star like our sun.
Astronomers discover pitch-black planet orbiting distant star – Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered that a planet orbiting a star 1,400 light-years away reflects almost no light.
You may ridicule  and ignore my perceptive gift  because  like our oblivious infantile science, my cosmic pearls of wisdom are  much too advanced for today’ society! 
Once again, only a soul doctor can help by checking your natal UCI  to stimulate the natural mental regeneration process.  Because you are not cosmic conscious and know nothing about my work does not mean I am wrong and my cosmic wisdom should be ridicule.
Do not wait before it’s too late…Let me help you while you still have time.
If you are obsessed with a person or a situation, if you are resentful,  refuse to socialize, help positive people, lonely, addicted to legal or illegal drugs, sad, lost hopes, see no future,  fed-up with the world, can not sleep (or sleep too much) feel lost, suffer panic attacks or dementia, you are infected!
A famous or not, your personal case is different  and can’t be discussed publicly. I can help you, Your health and your life should be worth, $310,  $700 or $1000 for a 
And if you are suffering an advanced stage of reptilians infestation you may need a talisman! 

Universal Talisman

The Magical Power of Talismans


No much is or has been done to help us SINCE 1991, thus may be I should let the reptilius infect more oblivious human beings and instead concentrate on my VIP? If you miss me and my cosmic wisdom you will have to join us…

There is no fee to join thousands of subscribers on the cosmic code website, ITS FREE! and get my newsletters, warnings, and most of all our SOS to the world deadly windows right into your mailbox! 

Then, later on, once you are convinced you are dealing with a real, modern prophet, nothing stops you to become a VIP and let Terania and I offer you solid personal and universal (daily/monthly) guidance and predictions. 

Lastly, do not let the reptilius infect and control your body mind and soul! The part of God in you (your will) is stronger then those entities using all the destructive cosmic winds to create natural disasters and enslave countless  people from all walks of life into fear and to behave emotionally, irrationally  and destructively.  

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

 Join, become a VIP  to read all about the cosmic code jurisdictions, what it means to be human and enjoy our daily personal/Universal guidance and predictions.

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“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

The reptilius are winning the battle against humanity as no one supports or pays attention to a modern prophet!…Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order

The Magical Power of Talisman  

Cabalistic Healing  

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