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 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dear  readers;

While I decided to stop giving my rare pearls of wisdom for free to the public, I am keeping my words, thus here is your promised Sunday FREE cosmic code newsletter sample… If you like what I divulge join thousands of Cosmic Coders  because I write endlessly! I offer personal and universal guidance and predictions and so much more if you are ready for the truth!

I received this email from a wondering VIP named Paul from Africa and I decided to share my rebuttals with you. I hope you will find some of the answers you may have if you have had such questions or experiences…

Sharing Emails;

My hero!!! Dr T

 Mozambique wrote:

Hi T and Dr T

I had a difficult choice this morning as money is running low. Petrol or a book.Well the book won and I purchased

The complete Prophecies for The Future
By Mario Reading

Fascinating stuff I can’t put it down.I am currently gearing myself for study with DT …….when that money eventually arrives. I find one aspect of Nostradamus lacking ie info regarding Africa?

 DT Rebuttal: I am not sure if you ever read ”Nostradamus Curse” Paul but the chances of having a correct translation of Nostradamus’ verses are minim to say the least! There are thousands of non cosmic conscious writers doing so and all use modern astrology methodology. Nostradamus primarily used Divine Astrology and specifically the Dragons, something only my students and I practice with Astropsychology. Thus  I trust investing in your  OWN “Lucky Dragon Dates” or my “2013 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast For All Signs”  would have offered you much more in terms of personal  and universal predictions.

Note “I find one aspect of Nostradamus lacking ie info regarding Africa?” This is wrong my friend, the  “2013/2014 Scorpius Draconis” explanations covers the entire world including Africa, and if I read your email correctly it seem to be covered… You need more objectivity my friend but once you take the course you will understand Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology, my students and I much better when it comes to do predictions…

Memo –  DT

I wrote you the other day stating that many of your predictions etc have little to do with South Africa and requested more news on the African front regarding predictions etc.

Boy was I wrong. I am sitting here comparing notes from your postings recently and what’s in the weekly Sunday paper here in South Africa. As you may know my home language is Afrikaans.It’s derived from a Multitude of languages including dutch flemish Latin Spanish etc etc dating back to 1652 when Jan Van Riebeek a dutchman from the East Indian Holland shipping company sailed past the Cape of Goodhope and landed ashore.They opened a trading post and harbor for ships passing via the African shores to conduct trade in the East.

I am digressing more later. In any event your monthly predictions thus far are spot on!! What I am trying to understand at this point is the following In cases where you do not mention specifics in terms of countries dates names people etc I now find that your readings are so accurate in terms of specific general occurrences relating to any area that may include Africa etc etc.Your revelations in terms of political scandal political people falling well known personalities

People dying scandalous behavior in religious circles corruption in the government and police force murders rapes suicides its all here in black and white !!!

DT its all here its all happening in real time!!

I am sitting with a copy of the Rapport newspaper our Afrikaans Sunday paper comparing notes.I am humbled to be in your company.

Yours sincerely

Dr Brian Faul
South Africa

Continued: I also had a very weird experience this morning that scared the crap out of me around 2.30 am I was in a dreamlike state when I felt something heavy pressing down on my chest.I couldn’t move and whatever it was was chocking the daylights out of me.I shouted but had no voice I felt paralysing effect all over and then almost as if my soul wanted to leave my body. I mentioned this to Anthone this morning and she thinks it funny I don’t I used to have these experiences many times as a child but not for more than 30 years now.

I don’t dream this stuff up I am not into amusing people with tall stories. Anyways have a fantastic weekend and do comment please.

Love blessings and light to you and DT

Brian Faul
South Africa
1970 1111

Ps btw I just read something interesting about Nostradamus his Aniversary to Anne Ponsarde Gemelle is on my birthday 11 November the years are a bit off LOL 1547

DT Rebuttal:

As a Scorpio you become a Pisces in your 5th house of speculations, love and romance… Pisces is ruled by Neptune who regulates all affairs involving the subconscious *and remote viewing… Thus it is “normal” for any water sign (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) to own the gift of astral projection. In fact my *Scorpio born niece and I shared quite a lot as I educated her on the subject of regularly “flying above the house.”  The psyche of a child has not yet been *trained / formed/limited by scepticism and questioning the phenomenon always comes after the experience of “flying” away from the body.   In your case, because of my highly spiritual material,  you are experiencing a “reconnection” with the Divine   and your Scorpio powers!

Sometimes you may feel your entire body is made of steel, you can not more then you may also be brought back at the speed of light (a little noise will do it) right into your body and wake up scared to death.

You can not be born unless you die or vice versa… When the surgeon cut the umbilical chord  he “kills” you from the warm, safe watery womb of your mother, you become then an independent entity. There no independent life while being conceived, the spirit is “missing” per say. Only the physical shell is being build. Its like a bran new car in the factory without a driver, all parts are being placed to burn karma the soul need to re-pay God and/or others. Once the Doctor remove you, (after 9 months) the cold or the room or a tap on your but is all is needed for the spirit to enter the body.  I truly believe abortion is murder  after the body is removed from the foetus after birth and the connection is made between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Once you arrive on this dense physical world (hell) after 9 months, the doctor “kill” you from the physical uterine life of the mother and THEN only then the spirit enters the body and become independent.  I explained quite a lot on this disturbing controversial phenomenon  HERE!

The government conducted a lot of secrets experiments during the “Cold War” and erroneously thought scientists could investigate and teach “psychics” to become mental spies for the US Army/Navy by practising remote viewing or astral projections.  But today’s remote viewers teachers, like science and 99.09 % of psychics or Prophets wanna be are still cosmic unconscious unable to auto analyse themselves accurately cosmically.  This mean, without the proper inborn psychical traits, pure imagination override the divine.

This mean they do not know anything about the karmic inherited UCI that depict the “born psychic” or the gifted souls blessed with the natural tool to practice the remote viewing (astral projection) trade. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Madame Vladasky were all born with the cosmic gift and were naturally, easily able to enter the archetypal real of consciousness. Edgar Cayce used it to “MRI” the human body while sleeping while Nostradamus and Madame Vladasky used it to move through time and space to visit/report the future.

Many cosmic unconscious false prophets or souls born Neptunian  do not have the inborn psychical tools needed to make accurate predictions or educate others on the divinity of the Cosmos or how God speaks to his children via the signs.  I explain it all in “UCI or Unique Celestial Identity” because human are much more than body, bones and flesh, sad enough there is no much real material involving the spirit and the cosmic code, especially when 99.09% of the world is totally religiously poisoned and fearful of God himself.  

“Consciousness – is the awareness of being awake and aware of a divine cosmic  power  and make a good use of it” anything else is deceptive enlightenment! Psychics, modern Prophets wanna be, Religious leaders, Monks, Gurus, televangelists, priests etc. are cosmic  unconscious  born Neptunians who can not read God’  signs…

Remember my expertise as a cosmic conscious human detector is to expose “Friends and Foes” of their sins and virtues and unarguable translate the news using the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, something impossible for you to  deny if you take the time to check my claims

Knowing currently the Scorpius Draconis rule the world all the way up to February 2014, there is NO room for lies or secrets and no chances to hide the truth for long…the question remain as always can you handle Dr. Turi’s undiluted truth?

The sad reality the “educated” non cosmic conscious rational born scientists did not have the mental aptitude nor the ability to “pick” the right candidates allowed to enter the intuitional domain of the Supra-conscious in time and space and this project was dropped and ridicule. Nowadays scientific technological advances assure a more precise and condensed bird view of what is happening all over the world. This scientific perception of reality brings more “separatism” and a much wider gap between the physical and spiritual manifestations. In my upcoming book Dr. Turi’s Prophecies – The Next Fifty Years”  I will elaborate on what this psychical imbalance will bring humanity… 


Dr. Turi on the radio tonight – don’t miss it!

DT and the Paranormal… UFO – Scorpius Dragon 2013.

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A thought or two from a relative newcomer to your world.

A few months ago I was in a very bad space.I wrote to many people
In desperation.I was virtually at my witts end.I was living in my car with my girlfriend and two dogs.I had no cash and was stuck in a foreign country no job no food no nothing.

You were the only one person in the world that came to my rescue.
You were the only person that said without expecting anything in return to hang in Brian.
You were the only person in the world that made any impact whatsoever in my life without asking upfront for a wad of cash like that moron Adain Powers and a few other who categorically stated they hold the keys to changing my existence if I paid over a huge number of dollars.

People in desperate situations do desperate things and having the be Jesus scared out of you by using subtle powers of suggestion they have perfected they are fooling the masses by using free numerology software free astrology software and good sales tactic by scaring the daylights out of people like a few other so called psychics I forget their names madam Zara madam Tara medium and so from Romania etc etc.Recently some of these people have been exposed one guy was acting as madam so and so and offering gypsy like readings and tarot readings etc etc turns out he was actually a guy posing as a psychic female!!

That’s the underbelly of the psychic underworld DT.One girl even claimed she works with the FBI in solving missing persons cases or assisting in solving cases of homicides etc etc.I wrote to her 2 years ago asking assistance in solving the mystery around my brothers death on the 4 th March 1994 oh ofcourse she could help at a price you know.Her name is psychic T or something like that.

The long and short of it is that when real people like you get lumped in the same basket as these people by default because of ignorance and lack of education into the field of the divine science things go bump in the night.

I am waiting for some money to begin my study with you.Not because I have no other choices in teachers etc etc but because I believe in you Dr Turi.I am a small man in a big world but I am Sharp as a knife regarding my intuition.

The sad fact as I see it with my current outside look into your universe of which I am by no means an expert and only met you and Terania a few months ago and therefore can only give my opinion based on my personal experience with you guys is that if you give in to the dark forces plaguing you at present by making you unsatisfied or unhappy and willing you to give up your God given duty and talent because of the excuse they planting in you ie lack of financial reward.Dear sir I can only urge

You to reconsider for the sake of humanity at large.Your talents have not even began to be recognized in Africa for eg simply because people don’t know of you!!
I for one in my own circle promote your divine intelect and talent at every opportunity possible.For God sake you my hero man!! You saved my life DT

I am awaiting cash to begin my study with you.This is taking longer than expected and my girlfriend is munching away at the little money I have at present so I need to wait there is nothing else I can do.In monetary terms your course offering is highly affordable even given it costs nine times more in my own currency

Kind regards and please let me know you get this letter

Dr Brian Faul
South Africa

Ps the crux of the matter DT is I want to put you on the map in Africa.I can only do this after studying under you.It’s my small way of thanking you for literally saving my life.Scorpio don’t forget ever

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