Rising MMA star Victoria Lee dies at 18 – More details on her untimely death!


DSC106[1]“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity… I’m offering its secrets before I die. The purpose of my years of pain was to build cosmic wisdom and offer universal guidance and strengths to others” Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

I received many emails from people very close to me, such as the one below, please read it before moving forward!

Hello. I have listened to your podcast, and read your newsletter. For some odd reason, despite your intelligence, you have given every other possible reason for Victoria’s death than what we all know to be the main cause— her getting shot with those Vile Vials !!! 

If she did commit suicide it was after going through hell on earth suffering the intended effects of the bioweapon they call medicine.   Why are you ignoring this? No UCI or Dragon’s tail would result in a healthy, athletic young woman dying suddenly had she not been so poisoned !!!   You don’t come across as a coincidence theorist, so why are you in denial regarding the medical inquisition ?????!!!     David 

My answer… David my friend, I realize your emotions and respect your opinion. Please remember I deal with Astrology and Astro forensics, not politics, religions, conspiracies, or scientific convictions…  It is not my position to take only a stand for what I know best and that is God’s cosmic design something you know nothing about since you’re not a student of mine! 

At this point, I will try once again to clarify my position on Covid vaccine and hopefully, I will make sense to you. First your natal UCI  or “Unique Celestial Identity” makes us VERY different! In fact, while you are 100% genetically and physically related to your family, parents, and kids, they are your biggest strangers spiritually! 

Your spiritual cosmic code depicts how you will react to any situation, your likes and dislikes, your test of food, your God-given gift, your drive to succeed, your inner fears, your political choice, and your religious values, and depict your karma and specific fate on planet earth! 

Be sure my friend, or at least I hope for your own sake that you already realize that none of your loved ones or friends, will react the same way, think the same way, endorse the same things, experience the same “sins and virtues, or the same fate!

The hard fact is you are an unconscious robot of your stars yet OBLIVIOUS of this fact by forcing me to accept your personal views, likes, dislikes, conspiratorial acceptance, and religious values or the intended effects of the bioweapon they call medicine (ALL dictated by your personal stars).

Remember you can only relate to someone else because of your education, your intelligence, your experiences, and most of all your natal UCI. Something you know nothing about because it involves STUDYING Divine Astrology and you never did! 

All I can tell you as far as experiences are concerned is… Please pay attention because at 73 (02/26/23) I had plenty of time to learn a few things that should make sense to an intelligent person!

First, my dad died of TB when I was only 11 years old, and believe me, to this day I am very glad that a nurse came home and inoculated my entire family (8 siblings and me!) against TB and polio. I am also convinced if we did not have “science” we may very well all be dead by now! 

I am fully aware that; indeed nefarious chemicals and legal or illegal drugs including Covid have killed and will kill millions of people from all walks of life all around the world! So you see David, you can not assume anymore, I already know this as a fact!

Now you may wonder why like you and millions of oblivious people I do not engage in enforcing my fears or belief of what you correctly call bioweapon they call medicine or the medical inquisition!”

But if you were more knowledgeable as I am or my well-educated cosmic-conscious students, you would also know that; because of our karmic UCI, not everyone responds to drugs adequately or in the same way as you and I! 

I had so far five covid shots and 2 flu shots! I am glad I did because I already lost two very close friends to Covid of my age and both did NOT get the covid vaccine! I am perfectly sane, mentally and physically, and will probably outlive many of the people reading our exchange today!  

Fear and uncontrolled emotions are evil and your biggest enemy David, and this could be due to your disdain for governmental institutional power, fueled by a subconscious fear of death and diseases… Who knows I don’t have your DOB to check on your natal UCI and can only use my intuition and cosmic wisdom based on our email exchange… 

Furthermore, you, like all our well-read physicians and society at large, never studied the medical aspects of the stars and know nothing of those born “Neptunians” who are seriously prone to die from Covid or the vaccine!

Those souls are very vulnerable since Neptune (Lord of the seas, gas, oil, chemicals, confinement, religious buildings, temples, religions, hospitals, jails, prisons, poisoning, uncontrolled imagination, movies,  madness, the subconscious creative/destructive forces at work, gurus, deceptive psychics and false UFOs “contactees is VERY STRONG or prominent in the chart my friend! 

“Dolly Safran has been a fully conscious UFO contactee her whole life. Beginning at age fourteen, she has been taken onboard hundreds (if not thousands) of times. She has spent days, weeks, and sometimes months with the ETs, learning from them, working with them, flying the craft, interacting with various ET types, traveling to other star systems, and more.” 

Right there, readers, smart people will read the red flag of lies and stupidity, and others will simply buy this junk! A contactee does not only offer the “gift of the gab” and lies but is left with something tangible, in my case a predictive legacy that is unarguably provable! 

So when I write, “There is only a thin hair between pure fertile imagination and reality” I made my case with this case!

May I ask you to pay more attention to the critical words of the Father of Medicine and maybe realize your lack of wisdom is what stimulates your fears due to the “reptilius effect?”  

Wow. So unless I study with your Royal Highness, I could never comprehend such mysteries!  How could any of us understand God’s design w/o  your teachings !!    C’mon now … you can’t seriously believe this ..David

This reply clearly enunciates an inferiority complex and your current ineptitude to understand my cosmic work, since again, you never studied the cosmic code secrets! yet this does not mean you can’t grow spiritually! 

In the case of Victoria Lee…

10928079057?profile=RESIZE_710x Rising MMA star Victoria Lee dies at 18 – RIP.

Do you recall the words printed in my 2023 Nostradamus forecast for all signs? “Souls born in May or November or those born with a rising, moon, natal, or hidden dragon in these signs are the targets of the 2022/2023 Scorpius dragon!”

Victoria was a TAURUS born in MAY with the natal Dragon’s tail (negative) in SCORPIO (death!) No one was there to discuss her UCI, she did not know me and could not read her forecast and how to regenerate!

Unless you are incarnate in this dense physical world with such powerful deadly Plutonic energies, in no way can you feel the despair of being STUNG every day by her intense destructive Dragons tail!

You never walked in her shoes my friend and never felt her despair as the reptilius slowly but surely hijacked her body, mind, and soul! 

To make her situation worse, the ruler of her dragon’s tail is located right in her 8th house of death and that is simply impossible to fight unless you apply the will on a daily basis to survive.  But how could she do so when she was ingesting legal or illegal nefarious drugs and did not know what was going on with her mind?  

You have so much to learn my friend yet as always, it is only when the student is ready that the teacher will appear! and it seems you still have a long way to go before gaining anything (or supreme cosmic wisdom) with me!

In her Instagram post, Angela said her sister had died on December 26 but did not say how.

With Mars (red/blood/danger/violent death) and Saturn (career/the great malefic/depressions) in FALL, in her 3rd house (the mind) she was born a fighter and aimed for violent sports!

But with the super emotional sign of Cancer regulating her critical thinking and Neptune (drugs/poisoning) in her career house, how could she survive not only the physical blows received in the hexagon but the endless stinging of her deadly tail in Scorpio?

This is probably Chinese to you and so many people reading us…

I tried to give you a push and wake you up but your rational conspiratorial convictions, fears, and ego or your natal UCI are on the way David!

Luckily many advanced curious souls vibrate at my cosmic speed and many prospective students are ready to spend the time and efforts to raise above the indoctrinated, fearful, oblivious society you are stuck in a hole of ignorance and follow my friend!

Unless a miracle,  no words I will say will change your mind or the inherited celestial karmic program God has enslaved you with! And it takes courage to delegate God’s cosmic design and seek the truth… And in your case, like all of us, you have eternity at your disposal to do so!

Bible verse of the day: God’s understanding is ‘unsearchable,’ he gives ‘power to the faint’

 Nothing could be more wrong!

Divine Astrology has all the answers God enslaved all his children to search for! God’s cosmic secrets do not belong to the feeble-minded, the faint, and the weak but to those spiritually advanced souls able and willing to search for the truth! 

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