Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mike Broomhead, Sean Hannity, Joe Arpaio racists at heart!


If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dalai Lama Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

I picked this title for two reasons, first because tomorrow its Father’s Day and secondly to educate parents and teachers alike on their children’s inner sexual “cosmic” make-up.

In no way, regardless of the number of collected PhDs, will any non-cosmic conscious teacher remotely understand nor offer you the main reason for our children’s psychical deterioration or sexual preferences. How can anyone teach anything he or she does know nothing about?

Did your kid’s teacher take any or my Astroforensics course? If he/she did not, this does not mean all teachers are idiots and their teachings are worthless and I, alone know better Okay?

It simply means their traditional education is incomplete and does not involve my 64 years of independent research on the human mind’s cosmic connection with the sublime. What science erroneously assumes is only a wasteful pseudo-science does not mean it is!

It is through my “Cyber Cosmic University” and outside of the traditional, incomplete educational system that you will find the real answers to what it means to be human.

Millions of radio and television  hosts, from all walks of life, express their own feelings on how to proceed in educating the kids about sex or how to avoid the next school tragedy.

Shameful Waste Of US Children This is becoming the norm’ — but will anything change? NEVER Unless… 

Both guests and hosts are projecting a myriad of powerful emotions, from total disgust to simple acceptance.  Rest assured the children will behave as taught by their parents or more precisely as imposed by their natal UCI.

With or without their contentment, thus if you are a concerned parent may I suggest you to read and learn something new about sexual education?

Let’s talk about sex: teachers back call for sex education to be compulsory

A sex education lesson at Chelmsford grammar school. One boy puts his fingers in his ears when sanitary towels are mentioned –  – one boy at this highly selective school puts his fingers in his ears and his head between his knees.”  

They are millions of religious or conservative parents totally unaware of their own UCI, and never heard of it! These concerned parents are the first ones to IMPOSE what their children should hear and do at home. And that is wonderful and a responsibility that should be taken seriously by any responsible parents.

But in your mind, God forbid, what if your child was born DUAL or gay?  “Were You Born Gay?” Or worse what if your child attends regular Sunday School with this type of moronic dangerous teacher? “Christian Pastor Calls For Atheists And Gays To Be Put To Death? Amazingly Human!”

The problem is very real readers, the world’s population has already been already “educated” by the religious matrix and the two thousands of controlled information and its accompanying fears (going to hell)  is deeply encrusted in the subconscious of all pious parents.

One thing sure, if your child was born with Pluto (regeneration principle) in Scorpio (sex/power) your child can and WILL only regenerate with sex or any profession that offers power (the police.)   Chances are you already experienced his/her powerful gaze and a bottled up emotion that can explode anytime and this scares the hell out of you.

These children WILL aim toward any form of sexual activity and investigate the tools/toys associated with the power to control others (or be controlled) with or without your approval. Unless you micro-check their every move, your kids will engage in sexual behavior because this is only a natural reflex to pro-create.

In some kids, those urges are very powerful and start much earlier than anticipated and concern the unaware parents. Religious or not, conservative or liberal here is another fact…

“God made sure, sex feels really good so that; you do it as often and as possible… I mean, one doesn’t have to allow themselves to get old, but we all will die someday; so enjoy it as much as you can while you can.”

I listen to the radio every day and I am blown away by so many unconscious puritanical talking heads trying to make sense of yet another dilemma they will never acknowledge because, to them, Astrology, is either evil or a pseudo-science.  The reality is; all the answers they are looking for are written in light by a cosmic God they know nothing about!

There are millions of human beings on earth and each one of us has inborn sexual “preferences” or fantasies, all written in the 8th house regulating all sexual endeavors.

But if one of the parents himself was born with Pluto (sex/power) in the puritanical sign of Virgo (Virgin Mary) political Capricorn or earthy Taurus, sex will be perceived as a very private thing, taboo, dirty, unsanitary, dangerous and something that will send you to hell if you become promiscuous. Of course, too, there is still a line between classy and trashy.

Now do you think it is an accident for Glenn Beck, born February 10, 1964, Mike Broomhead born June 4, 1967, Sean Hannity born December 30, 1961, Sheriff Joe Arpaio born June 14, 1932, and Rush Limbaugh born January 12, 1951, to share the same “conservative” hearty,  rational, puritanical, cleansing   UCI  Virginal Dragons?

Now, this is not an attack on them, I am only using Cosmic Forensics of the future to expose their psyches to the public so you can understand those celebrities “idiosyncrasies” better. All my “cosmic” articles are educational in nature, especially if you are listening and enjoying their wit and critical thinking like I do every day on the air.

I can only hope they will take the time to read about themselves and, God willing, in the process learn about their critical Unique Celestial Identities. And maybe ask for more?

Cleansing impurities large and small
Don”t think yourself immune, for I see all
Attending to every chore and task
Perfection being all that I ask
I am VIRGO, child of Mercury.

Do you wonder why they “attract” each other and think much the same about sex, politics, women, and everything else under the Sun they only perceive is a glowing fireball?

Where is the soul of the universe gone? 


Is it another accident for supremely spiritually advanced individuals such as the Prophet Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet), and Madame Vladasky to own the exact OPPOSITE Pisces highly spiritual dragon and deal with the subconscious instead?

All fated by the cosmic code to deal with the intangible and the spirit itself… Is it yet, another accident for me to be born with a Pisces Sun, do predictions, teach metaphysics, and teach the reality of a Cosmic God?

Are all those famous radio TVs “talking Heads” really smart, ingenious, different, challenging, unique, futuristic or are they set by God to work and deal only with this low dense physical plane, politics, religions, the past, and the present?

But can Glenn Beck, Mike Broomhead, Sean Hannity, Sheriff Joe Arpaio born June 14, 1932 and Rush Limbaugh EVER realize their psychical/perceptive limitations without reading my work? And they DO read it because I make sure they do!

But I have an idea of what all the people mentioned above think of my friend George Noory Coast to Coast am radio show and I can’t help wonder how they feel about my warnings explained in his TV show!  Or even this one with  William Shatner offering them the option to check the undeniable proof of a Cosmic God above…

Those hardcore souls can only do what a cosmic God designed them to do, think, feel, believe and talk mundane affairs and this does not make them bad or idiots! Just unconscious and while I am older than them all, they are ready to immediately deny my life work instead of offering me a chance to prove my claims.

While well-read and educated, smart and successful they are nothing else than ROBOTS of their stars/UCI and totally oblivious of a Cosmic God dictating their fate, all written in the light! It’s amazing how those who truly think they know better about God and life, in general, are so blind to what it means to be human and God’s celestial divinity!

These souls reach millions of people every day but there will never be room for Dr. Turi. Yes, the format is not designed for advanced spiritual studies, only plainly human with “advanced conservative studies” and plain archaic religious teachings and politics… Don’t you think you need better, or at least different? Something that promotes something else than a false God and man’s imaginative folly leading you straight to hell?

Imagine for a second if I had access to the media with my cosmic radio or TV show, will this world be challenged and change fast! Or would I be killed by the forces of evil stopping me every step of the way to reach you with my cosmic wisdom?

My spiritual ingeniousness is not yet accepted nor understood by those spiritually underdeveloped souls talking to the media they battle every day. But I have my own worldwide Internet audience to educate through my Cyber Cosmic University where all curious, progressive, muting souls are welcome.


“God created the stars and heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

Now the real problem is with the teachers in charge of your kid’s sexual education readers… First, be sure, if a male/female teacher becomes a sex educator or work as a police officer, her UCI is Plutonic in nature.

There is no way around it but how can I prove my claim when all those “educated” people are either religious or atheists?  Will they be able to exit the religious and/or scientific “box”  they are trapped in?

But it would make perfects sense,  to the scientific community (after careful analysis,) to find out that; when Pluto, the planet of sex resides in the sign of Pisces it produces people who develop foot fetishes.

But again how is this possible to accept this fact when the scientific community knows NOTHING of the medical aspect of Astropsychology? Can the “educated” honor the word science and show both intelligence and curiosity and investigate the mother of all cosmic science? The sad reality is, their natal UCI is in charge of their advanced or limited mental faculties and they know zilt about it!

For any teacher to be involved with children, the planet Pluto (regeneration principle) will subconsciously direct the soul towards them. But first, you must acknowledge that PLuto is much more than a dead rock and has a spiritual purpose upon our local solar system.

If you were born like me with Pluto in Leo (children/light) you would easily recognize the incredible passion, dedication, and fixity of purpose  I own when teaching your kids about their cosmic identity, and God’s cosmic divinity.

My wife Terania was born with the Head of the Dragon (luck/growth) in Leo (love/light/children) right in her 7th house of marriage. Now knowing Leo rules France and Italy and I am half French and Sicilian, does God cosmic will surprise you for us to find each other and become soul mates?  But when mechanics have not been trained to work on Mercedes and lack the tools to make the repairs, how can he do anything?

This is where I am with science and 99.99% of the world’s population… There are 12  signs of the Zodiac, 12 specific houses regulating the 12 areas of the human experiences, and various planets aspects to the 8th house of sex. This means your perception, learning, teaching and handling sex is UNIQUE to you because of your inherited UCI!

This means your children can and will respond to their UCI just after puberty as they become young adults. The question is WHAT THE BLEEP DOES YOUR CHILDREN TEACHERS KNOW about the cosmic sexual makeup of your child when you know nothing of your own?

And you expect everything to go smoothly when the “hormones” kick in?  But do you wait and trust the scientific community to dig deeper into the rat’s depressed minds to give you the answer? Come on readers, don’t you think it’s time to wake to reality?

The fact is obvious readers, very often a negative Plutonic soul (bad cops, bad priests,  child molesters, and rapists) are subconsciously  “attracted” to your children because they regenerate with their youth, their innocence, their purity, and young developing body to abuse them.

Like vampires thirsty for blood, they prefer to operate secretively or during the cover of the night.  Your streets, your schools, your churches are loaded with such Plutonic people and there is no way for you to discern them because you have been taught not to deal with the stars?

And do not expect the cops to help you either because they do not know, the police force and the criminal element are also ruled by Pluto. I say let’s waste more cops in the name of their superiors cosmic ignorance…  But like the US Department of Education, the police Administration see my work and I as an oddity to laugh at!

Police Requiem


This where you are at readers, all those unconscious souls can only further ignorance and fears all furthering their false God’s aim to destroy humanity.

While we are all very busy with our own life, it is through my Cyber Cosmic University that some of the answers about your experiences on earth will make sense to you. All you have to do is to practice the mental gymnastics to assimilate the reality of a Cosmic God regimenting this world from the above by reading (and sharing) more of my articles, but time is running out!

Father’s Day only! SUPER DEAL 50% off on a VIP consultation.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had a Dad… God removed him from me IN 1961 when I was only 11 years old. I saw him only a few seconds when he escaped the hospital to see us for the last time, he died a few weeks later from tuberculosis…

Thus if you have a Dad, realize how lucky you are, and if you don’t he is watching/protecting you from the heavens. If you have a “bad” dad, chances are, he is a cursed Neptunian, a drug addict, in jail or in a mental institution.

Or he may have simply left your mom when you were very young because their UCI was much too different and too challenging for them to get along!  In any way shapes, ways or forms, do not be sad or resentful for your fate.

Just because YOU CHOSE your parents, your countries, your karmic UCI to experience life on HELL… then learn and grow into a better, wiser, smarter human being. You may even look like your mom or your dad, but never forget, you are a very unique human being, and your spiritual “DNA” or UCI will never ever be the same as any of your loved ones…

This is why, very often the war starts at home, the worse possible place inducing all sorts of psychical problems, your non cosmic conscious parents and teachers alike can not attend…

yes, Adam Lanza was homeschooled by a religious fanatic Neptunian mother and we all know the damage he inflicted upon other innocent children being in the same school. Nothing can save you from the adults‘ ignorance because they all rule your young lives and trust me, your parents and teachers are trying their best…

The reasons for God to make your life hell are for your own growth and even if you enjoy a good or suffer/miss a “Bad Dad” the reasons are all cosmic in nature. While I can bring you all the answers to you, your dad, or any of your loved ones, it’s a choice YOU alone must make if you are 18 or older!

Offer your Daddy the real option to know how God designed his psyche and know all about himself and his children.  What is your Daddy most powerful traits exposed and what a cosmic God has in store for his future? If he can’t make it, a 90 mn taped Full Life Reading or a live Skype session is a wonderful present that will stay with him forever. Tell him to call me at 602-265-7667 for a 5 minutes “test drive” because your dad is a smart guy able to recognize the truth and Dr. Turi’s God given gift!  

But when some of my readers are annoyed because my articles are too, too numerous and perceived only as SPAMwhat are the chances for me to save the children from the laziness and cosmic ignorance of the adults?

June 14, 15, 16, 17 – August 9/10/11 2014

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind  Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike

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Update 06/14/14 –   Update 06/14/14 – IRS: Computer ate e-mails Technology? shocking?

Update 06/14/14 – SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN – Magnitude: 6.4 Earthquake (Read more)
Update 06/14/14 – Tourism flights closer to reality  – Aeronautics?
Update 06/14/14 – Official: Ukraine plane downed; 49 killed – Aeronautics?
Update 06/14/14 –  Russian bombers fly near California –  Aeronautics?
Update 06/14/14 – ‘Miracle’ pooch survives 15-story fall – Shocking?

ANY DAYS NOW, I will STOP posting for the public and only those who ask will receive the true essence of a real cosmic God!



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