RUSSIA/PUTIN SOS TO THE WORLD June 28, 29, 30! You Have been Warned


DSC106[1]“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity… I’m offering its secrets before I die. The purpose of all my struggles was to build cosmic wisdom and offer universal guidance and strengths to others” Dr. Turi

June 2023 SOS to the world deadly windows Posted May 30, 2023 

9155023081?profile=RESIZE_710xPLUTONIC WINDOW

June 28, 29, 30, 1st (Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)

Hidden secrets, sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface 
 Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign 


Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic Death News / Mass death / Police news / Police brutality / FBI / CIA / Secret services / Secrets to light / Mob / Scandals / Terrorism / Assassination / Cyber-attacks / Abduction / Finances / *IRS / Super wealth / Sex / Porn / Prostitution / Life and death / Serial Killers / Undiluted truth /Dying/Rebirthing / Nature and Man-Made Wake up Call.  

My windows always depict quakes at or above 6.0
6.9 magnitude earthquake near Neiafu, Vava‘u, Tonga
Check my earthquakes predictions

Memo – “Avoid large gatherings especially at night during any of my 2022 deadly Plutonic windows!”   The reptilius are after the police, government officials, and children/teens! Policing will be so dangerous that many brave servants will quit and the number of cops getting killed or killing citizens will explode in the months to come. Infected criminals will get bolder and wilder committing crimes against the police and the public never experienced before!”


Memo –“Avoid large gatherings especially at night during any of my 2022 deadly Plutonic windows!”

Multiple fatalities reported in mass shooting in Baltimore

Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Police news / Police brutality

Confrontation flares up between police and protesters in France

The quatrain and keywords used in my newsletter and video are undeniable, “cops will be killed or kill innocent people”and sad enough a few days later my horrific vision with the police took place. While people get killed everyday, its not everyday that cities in France get on fire! One can only wonder when my warnings will be taken seriously and my cosmic work  perceived as legit!

Famous death?


Robert De Niro’s grandson Leandro De Niro Rodriguez dead at 19

He was reptilius infected and died of OD (hanging!)  Leandro was in one of his 2023 negative cosmic bioryhthms and no one was there to help him regenerate his depleted infectes spirit.  This abnormal crazy lifestyle is unnatural and deadly since the reptilius are after teens!

Dutch driver, 18, dies after crash
Alan Arkin, Oscar-winning actor, dies
 Wrestling star paralyzed in tragic in-ring disaster dies at age 54

Dramatic Death News

“1,175 impressions – Only you can see this post. It’s been removed because it goes against our Professional Community Policies.”


MEMO  From the nation’s capital to Fort Worth, Texas, from Florin, California, in the west to the Bronx, New York, in the east, the Fourth of July long weekend in the US was overshadowed by 16 mass shootings in which 15 people were killed and nearly 100 injured.




Dear reader,

Unlike my supporters, reptilius infected religious, insecure, envious souls on Linkledin (and so many on so many other popular websites) are dedicated to mute my voice and stop me warning the world!

Can anyone tells me what is offending or against any proffessional communities policies in this newsletter Why aliens are more likely NOT to relate to AI over humans”or this video?

Professor reveals why aliens are NOT likely to relate to AI over humans  – Artificial intelligence (AI) is being employed in this endeavor to determine whether aliens exist. Simply stated, I do not need AI or SETI to know ET’s and UFOs are real! The critical information on UFOs and ET’s agendas imparted in this newsletter is the critical difference I can make and offer those willing and able to seek the truth I own.

Is it because I offer links leading people to read more and educate themselves further about UFOs and AI and the vexing facts I own about religion imparted by my incredible experiences?

I got fired from Coast to Coast am by my “good friends” George and Tom and my UFO’s movie was removed from Amazon Prime because I accurately predicted that Trump would not be reelected and Covid would kill millions!   

I was right all along but the reptilius evil of fear and stupidity still curses the pitiful mind of so many oblivious possessed humans on earth!

My work is FREE, and I can only wonder what those young souls who have nothing to offer to the world are thinking!

There is always a heavy penalty to pay for stopping the truth and in time they will remember the curse! “Should You Fear Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo?” 

Never EVER think for a second that you can hurt anyone (especially me!) regardless of your beliefs or motives and think you can get away with it! 

Once again if you read my latest newsletter, and you are concerned with ET’s agenda AI and UFO’s, you should get some conforting answers…

AI limitless possibilities can be both extraordinary constructive and devastating destructive to humanity’s future. 

Yet, without cosmic consciousness, the reptilius will use both science and religions to the max to fulfil their agenda…

And without my critical warnings an oblivious – obnoxious mass will simply oblige into the deep hole of fear and ignorance!

The sad experience I just went through trying to eliminate fear and uncontrolled imagination (and the critical psychical fuel those nasty entities need) on Linkledin, has once again proved my claim…

Correctly autoanalysing oneself or applying any form of critical thinking simply is impossible for any religious or educated idiot! And their oversensitive, egocentric, anal mental attitude does not help either!

Luckily for us all those envious insecure idiots are a minority!

Hi, Dr. Turi congratulations! 

You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn now has 740 million members with over 55 million registered companies. Thanks for playing a unique part in our community. But this isn’t just our achievement to celebrate — it’s also yours. I want to personally thank you for being part of our community.  With sincere thanks,

Deep Nishar – LinkedIn Senior Vice President.


MEMO from Russia, Putin’s fate – SOS TO THE WORLD WAR!

I warned many of you about the entrance of the new dragon Aries/Libra axis  “Change of Guards” for July 18, 2013 but it seems my international audience needs more information on the subject!   Putin was born in October, under the sign of Libra!
Memo: Those born in October and April (and Aries and Libra sun-signs) or those born with a moon, rising, natal or hidden dragon in either sign will be directly affected by those new cosmic winds. You may be born under any other sign of the Zodiac and still be forced to retructure the affairs of the houses where Aries and Libra are to be found!


Once Putin’s regime is over Russia MUST AND WILL DIE and REBIRTH internally in so many ways… The younger population is taking risks never experienced before in this country and many will not survive resisting an authoritarian deadly regime.

August 2023/2024 will be critical for the world as Putin may be assassinated, suffer a heart attack or be dethroned by his competition.

Note this sentence was written BEFORE the attempted coup against the Kremlin and Putin by Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin 

Continued! The upcoming Scorpius Dragon SOS to the world deadly window of February and August 2023/2024 will speak of the reptilius agenda for fear, discord, death, and drama upon the world! Since the current Scorpius dragon is right on top of Russia and the reptilius own Putin and Trump’s body, mind, and soul.

I do not see an end to this conflict before August 2023/2024! Pay attention to the critical news about Trump, Russia and Putin on those dates and let’s hope for sanity, intelligence, diplomacy, and peace! Be prepared for a Dance of Evil!” Read more and share pls

Memo 2: Feb 24, 2022 – Russia invades Ukraine prediction!

The video speaks of Putin’s stars and fate upon Russia and the world where specific dates and more of my visions are shared. I can only ask my supporters to share my cosmic work and others to, at least sign my petition! Show me you care and reward my endless efforts o help you gather more cosmic consciousness. Read more, share pls.

The purpose of writing this newsletter today is to help all truth seekers to make the difference between divine revelations/predictions and pure imagination…

Posted to the world on September 3, 2022

Memo from Nostradamus’ 2023 Personal Universal Predictions 

 Knowing Mars (The Lord of War) will be in charge of the world as of July 18, 2023, here are new and old quatrains I wrote for you must remember and share.

Scale of justice trembles
Armed villains seek blood
Red dominates rainbow
Power tears judges fight dies 

Posted to the world on September 3, 2022


German/Vikings Skin Alike
Black and White Red Blood
Fire War Violence  Passions Rule
God Nowhere To Stop Fires
Hitler’s Evil spirit reborn

Posted to the world on June 12, 2013 

Prepare Month of Blooming June icy *December
White Moon Ninth Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
Cosmic God May Grace Humanity

Posted to the world on January  26, 2015

Trump and Putin are targetted by the reptilius and death is foreseen through poisoning, assassination or heart attack! Again pay attention to August 2023/2024 since “the future has and will always be my utmost reliable witness!” Dr. Turi

The new “Change of guards” will take place on July 18, 2023!

The new Dragón’s Head (progress/imposed changes) will enter the sign of Aries which is ruled by Mars (The Lord of War)  (war/aggressivity/fight/fires/Germany.) 

The Dragon’s Tail (negative/karma) will move from Scorpio (Russia/Ukraine/death/drama/rebirth) into the sign of Libra (the law/justice/emigration/Supreme Court of the United States.)

This dragon axis Aries/Libra will last all the way to January 12, 2025, and its karmic work is all about establishing justice, (Putin/Trump) balance, harmony, and impose new guns laws and regulations with weaponry and a full restructure of the Navy/Army world wide. Pay particularly attention to the month of August.

Mass death, drama revolution, and war may be the only way for countless infected human beings in power (Putin/Trump etc.) and from all positions and all walks of life to pay unavoidable karma!

Those in charge of our lives must learn the hard way that life is a process of constant changes and peace, respect, love, success, and happiness belongs to us all!

I do not foresee a nuke war since the benevolent Draconis are also responding the positive thoughts of human beings and will not allow the reptilius to destroy their experiment!

“God created the stars and the heavens fort more than the sake of beauty (or for science to marvel). He gave them to us for interpretation (Astrology) so that we may live a safer more productive life!”  Paracelsus 




“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life!” Paracelsus 

Memo – “Souls born in April and October or under the sign of Libra/Aries or those born with a moon, rising natal or hidden dragon in either sign like are targeted by the new 2023 dragon.”

Cyclist Gino Mäder, both Pelosis, Tina Turner, my own son, countless other people and today the Titanic sub’s crew were victimized by this dragon!

Find out where those cosmic winds can curse or bless your life if you are able and curious enough to delegate God’s cosmic design and heed my warnings…
Reading the future and making accurate predictions is an art that demand some studies… I am here to teach those who have the gift or the desire! 

Astro -Tarot Zoom Training (Final Class)

Jul 17, 2023 at 6:00pm to Jul 20, 2023 at 8:00pm

Location: Via Zoom Universal

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If you are interested in mastering Nostradamus’s Astro-Tarot please Email: 

The difference between psychics and the value of their channeled information varies drastically.  

A good psychic is blessed with the natural ability to access the subconscious but a truly gifted cosmic conscious psychic is much better equipped  and able to tap into the Superconscious in time and space to deliver precise information and accurate predictions.  

The difference between the two lies in building cosmic wisdom earned by mastering God’s celestial design or the ancient divinatory art of the  great Seer’s Divine Astrology methodology.  

To reach such a higher level of perception, one must diligently study to own the highest level of cosmic consciousness and with it, the critical difference between offering divine information instead of pure imagination…

The fastest way to become a rare and very precise Astrophile is to learn how to perform the Astro-Tarot as did Nostradamus 500 years ago!

 The typical Tarot uses 78 cards but the  Great Prophet used only the 22 major arcades or the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and placed 12 of them on his Astro -Tarot table following the rules of the 12 signs of the the Zodiac. 

The housing system represents the 12 specific areas of the human experience and the deep wisdom imparted by both Astrology and the Tarot give the practitioner of those ancient arts formidable powers of Divination.

Each card, from the original Tarot de Marseille deck of Nostradamus, is pulled with the left hand (spiritual hand) and no minor arcades are used since they are only 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet making up all the major tarot cards.

This methodology is extraordinarily simple and very accurate and especially to intuitive people born psychics.

Whereas combining the main Astro-psychology (Divine Astrology) class and Nostradamus’s Astro – tarot, leaves nothing hidden about a person’s past, present or future, health, career and fate.

 But knowing not a single human being UCI “Unique Celestial Identity” is the same, some gifted people would rather stay with the intuitional domain of my teachings and choose the Astro-Tarot over the more structural aspects of Divine Astrology. 

The choice is yours to take the study you feel comfortable with but before making up your mind, let Terania and I check on your stars and offer you the critical information you need before making up your mind.

Simply call (602) 265 7667 for a mini reading and get  more information on your nativity and inherited spiritual gifts.

If you are unable to attend the July 2023 live class via Zoom, all four – daily sessions will be recorded/converted and uploaded to the Cosmic Code private website for current and future prospective tarot students.

You must register first by emailing – Read more about those courses from our website and sign up right away to secure your spot.

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 You can get a really good idea on how to practice the Astro-Tarot on my YouTube channel presentation with Terania. Something only a  highly spiritual person owning an advanced UCI. can master. 

A non-cosmic conscious psychic can easily fall for Neptune’s deceptive powers while the cosmic conscious educated Astrophile will use legitimate cosmic wisdom and offer real guidance and solid predictions to his trusting clients. 

Most of any spiritualists, psychics, medium, and astrologer’s clientele comes from the “word of mouth” of satisfied clients thus becoming a cosmic-conscious Astrophile is a sure ticket to constant growth and a successful career. 


All responsible psychics use tools and/or ancient disciplines and those who do not may be extraordinarily gifted at birth with a unique UCI i.e. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Madame Blavatsky who shares the same exact Pisces (natural psychic) karmic natal dragon.  

A 600-page book titled “The Power of The Dragon” and 3 others, ” And God Created The Stars” “I Know All About You” and “Beyond The Secret” are part of the courses offered and is a must-read since there is more power in the location of the dragon’s head and tail alone than the entire complexity of your astrological chart.

The dragon’s tail also enunciates the past life residue of a person, his inherited gifts, and karma. 

So far, I have designed 3 Astro-Tarot table samples and another called “Divinity” will also be available soon but much better-quality products will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturers or from us.

Each artwork has a name, Divinity, Ariel, Orion, and Galactica

Wood top tables

Samples of two tarot tables in my office




Do not hesitate to call us at (602) 265 7667 or email for more information.





“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life!” Paracelsus 

Free your spirit with a live Zoom consultation with Dr. Turi. 

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