Sanjay Gupta, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Turi discuss the inner secrets to the human mind!


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There is only a very thin hair between Divine information and pure imagination, where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy, and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only subtle cosmic consequences at work the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” Dr. Turi

CNN+ Sanjay Gupta and Deepak Chopra discuss the inner path to wealth


For $60 a year, you will only enrich Sanjay Gupta and Deepak Chopra and gain nothing truly valuable from the spiritual world!

Both men are rich, famous, and well-educated but, cosmic unconscious, and totally oblivious of the critical words of Hippocrates II, a Greek physician of the Age of Pericles who is considered the most outstanding figure in the history of medicine.

“Dr. Turi, I have learned more about what it means to be human in your week-long crash course in Sedona than in the 7 years I spent in an accredited college.” Dr. in Psychiatry student feedback.

Both well-read men were born in October under the sign of Libra (partnerships / the investor / the professional student pothead!) and like Putin, also a Libra, the current 2022 Scorpius dragon is imposing a full re-structure of their financial endeavors.

In Astrology the 2nd house rules money and self-esteem and both Sanjay Gupta and Deepak Chopra can afford nice cars and expensive houses! Indeed, you will feel quite different driving a bicycle or a Lamborghini, this is why money also builds self-esteem! 

Do you know all about your 2nd house of money and any of the planets you can use to turn you into a millionaire? Do you know if lucky Jupiter is there and how to use your karmic blessings? Do you know if Saturn the great malefic cursed this house and how to beat him?

Both men become powerful Scorpio (other people’s money/legacy) in this particular house and Scorpio rules corporate endeavors, investment, the medical field, the police, and the criminal element (drugs Lords!) 

Remember where ever Scorpio (or Pluto) resides in your chart you will be regenerating and at your utmost powerful position! And like a smart rat, you will ALWAYS find your way to the fridge (in this case gullible people signing up for their “wisdom!”

With the progressive dragon’s head (corporate endeavors) in Taurus ($$$$$ money/banks/Merryl Lynch Corp,) their high-profile position on CNN can only make them much richer! And that is pretty much what Libra, as a rule, is after! YOUR MONEY!

In the case of Putin, playing Russian roulette with Ukraine was a bad idea and he is paying the karmic price for his cosmic ignorance. Learn about his cursed stars!

Remember electing a President means also the population who gave him the power will be benefitting or suffering from his own stars and fate!

Note Biden is a Scorpio which means the US and the entire world, since he is the most powerful man on the planet, will be forced to experience drama, death, and a full financial rebirth!

Indeed the rich will become poor and the poor will become richer in so many ways! The supremely wealthy Russian oligarchs who lost everything because of Putin’s karmic stars and horrific decisions/actions should ring a bell to the smart mind!  

It may be a good idea for the smart and curious reader at least to invest in my 2022 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Predictions For All Signs and benefit from their natal dragons instead of suffering since knowledge is power and ignorance is evil!

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It is not an accident for both doctors to associate with a new financial endeavor idea but God’s higher-order imposed by the cosmic code jurisdiction (God’s cosmic will) something they know nothing about!  

While the scientific community has accomplished technological obvious miracles in the world of medicine last 50 years, the “dedicated skeptical idiots” would gain so much more by combining the Divine (cosmic wisdom) and the rationale (science.) 

Cosmic unconsciousness seems to reign supreme with many popular “talking heads” like Tony Robin and James Ray who have been sued for hurting or killing those who trusted their “wisdom!”

Tony Robbins, does fame mean also wisdom?”

In my world, it is simply impossible to help anyone if you lack Divine Cosmic wisdom of your own self! Had Sanjay Gupta and Deepak Chopra, or any psychologist/psychiatrist followed the wise word of Plato and auto-analyzed themselves outside of conventionally accepted disciplines I would give them the credit they deserve. 

…perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it and having seen it, to find one in himself – Plato

Einstein’s and Tesla’s quotes should resonate with the rigid “scholastic” mind of millions of “indoctrinated” doctors who erroneously assume Divine Astrology is a pseudo-science! But it seems spiritual “educated” pride can’t be tamed even by those men’s indisputable mental superiority wise words.

Dr. Turi found the secret of the cosmic code and  Use it to guide people  and the world by making unarguable predictions  on radio and television

Image result“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.” Albert Einstein

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Chasing the Secret of Life? Learning from a Soul Doctor!
Deepak Chopra Versus Dr. Turi Secrets to a Cosmic Conscious brain

I am convinced only a wise “Soul doctor” can decipher your cosmic nature and provide the critical spiritual regeneration you need to avoid depression and suicidal thoughts.

For both Sanjay Gupta and Deepak Chopra to endorse, use, prescribe and promote legal or illegal drugs such as cannabis is a disaster for their patients who will become “possessed” by the nefarious reptilius with time.

The real reasons why Dr.Sanjay Gupta changed his mind on cannabis
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Deepak Chopra , NeildeGrasse – Dr. Turi

Meantime, since the reptilius have hijacked millions of oblivious human beings’ minds, bodies, and souls on planet earth, escaping the painful reality of life seems to be the primary choice. 

Yet the cosmic unconscious, unaware “Neptunians born” are naturally prone to various addictions (religion / drugs / alcohol / sex /  vice / evil / greed etc.)  

My advice to you is simple, if you lack hopes, feel depressed, suffer from addiction, and need real guidance, follow the path of countless clients from all walks of life who, somehow trusted their intuition and faced me on Zoom… 

You are much more than bone, flesh, and nerves my friend, you are a powerful human being stuck in a physical body in this dense physical world where you will be tested by God himself to find your own salvation and your own power! 

Without traditional doctors, I would be dead today because of cancer! Do not throw the baby with the water reader, I do recognize the incredible accomplishments of modern medicine. The true power of science is limited to the physical manifesto where medical miracles are accomplished saving millions of lives daily!  

But if you think traditionally educated and committed famous doctors like Sanjay Gupta and Deepak Chopra can help society at a spiritual level and rebuild your sinking spirit without Astrology, you are in for a severe costly, and deceptive wake-up call! 

If in any way, shape, or form you FEEL Dr. Turi can help it is because I can but it is only when you’ll be ready for me that I will appear in your life! Acknowledging your cosmic identity, all your sins, and virtues is part of God’s higher order to better your existence!

Until then it is me, a truly dedicated, wise Soul Doctor to know and you to find out!

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Frank Morano N.Y. Radio Warning May 15 SOS To The World DEADLY Windows

in case you missed; DT’s radio show, from the other night; with Frank Moreno (77 WABC AM)…

Here’s the link: 

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Sharing emails:

Once again Dr. TURI shows why he is the greatest astrologer in the world! You are the only astrologer to predict Putin’s behavior just as you predicted so many other world events. No astrologer in the world can match your record!
Once Again Dr. Turi Nailed it with His foretelling of Russia! Excellent choice to put up the visual of Putin’s chart, that alone should go a long way of people understanding what’s behind your Cosmic Wisdom. Don’t know how anyone can deny Dr. Turi’s Wisdom and Truths that he is unselfishly Sharing with the World! Continued Blessing for your due Diligence Dr. Turi Much Love and Happiest Birthday 🎉🎁 🎂 To You
Wow, thanks, Dr. Turi! You called the invasion before anyone else .



Good morning /evening Terania. It has been a long time since we chatted. Dr. Turi correctly predicted that I would have some issue with the head area. I have been having terrible headaches and the hospital has done some scans and they found some blood cloths which they say they need to operate on. I just need to find out if it is fine to operate within the next couple of days? Unfortunately, I need to find out pretty quick as they need to put my name down for surgery.b Kind regards 


Thank you very much, Dr. Turi, for guiding me and advising me during our session on my chart and relocation follow-up… Once again, thank you beyond words for your incredible predictions, warnings, time-consuming and precious wisdom you’re offering and teaching all of us… ” I have been a VIP for many, many years…I’m not a Facebook poster but I make sure that people know about Dr.Turi’s work and his products, including videos/movies that can be watched exposing the truth on UFOs, books that are divinely written with a wealth of information and showing us the way; to regain the right Christ consciousness…You and Terania are trying to make this world a better and safer place within our impermanent life, thanks to your most accurate predictions, your words of inspiration, and all the healing knowledge you have been providing us with … Your cosmic biorhythm report is life-saving and great guidance… Because of your constant guidance and persistence in saving us and our beautiful and abundant planet in the most genuine way, you offer some hope and I’m humbly grateful and blessed for all you and Terania do…

 With my best wishes always



Google User – Wow, Dr. Turi you predicted rightly about 1/6/2021, Dr. Turi. Your astrological report was the only and most accurate of all the ones done by other professionals on Coast to Coast am!


Congratulations for predicting things before anyone else has.  A new story just broke in the NY Times that Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner were laundering money for the Russians.

It may not be so long before we see the Presidents tax returns!  Trump’s kids are also in trouble as you have pointed out. When the Dragon changes signs into Scorpio, Ivanka Trump, a Scorpio, will face Karma!

You are a true prophet!

On July 9, on C2C they have a man who says he is an astrologer. William Stickevers predicted last September on Coast that Trump would be re-elected and Republicans would win the House and Senate! George never mentioned any of that!  Stickevers could not hold a candle to the incredible Dr. TURI!

 I cannot believe George has this FRAUD on his show!  You always said the IRS would nail Trump. Now it is starting… Well Done!

I know people who know George and, like Trump, a two-faced Gemini…  I listen once in a while to the podcast the day after a show on Coast. The astrologers and psychics that he has had on since January are a joke.

None of the predictions ever happen!

Without your knowledge and wisdom, the show is an absolute joke!

Another psychic said war was imminent.  I no longer bother to listen to Coast, if I am up late at night; driving home from Connecticut (part-time truck driver).

Please continue to provide your loyal followers with your remarkable predictions and insights into world events. I am forever grateful to you for your advice over the years. 

Your greatest witness will be history.

Live long and continue to prosper!

Be Safe and God Bless.



Susan –  I subscribed to Coast to Coast and I have heard you on Coast to Coast in the past. I recently found you on YouTube and I subscribed to your YouTube channel now. I no longer will listen to coast-to-coast your information is more credible than coast-to-coast. I had a coast insider subscription which I am now canceling. I am so disappointed they didn’t bring you on more. I’m saving up money so I can get a reading from you. keep the faith there are many people out there that need to hear what you have to say.

Jennifer  –  Dr. Turi I just saw you on the Amazon Prime movie today & KNEW you were the REAL DEAL!! Used to listen & support Coast to Coast. They lost all my respect and they have no integrity!! What a scam they ran on you!! I will support you, Dr. Turi!! I know you speak wisdom & truth!! I see what happened to you & it’s disgusting! And I hear your SOS loud & clear! May God continue to bless you & may His light continue to shine on you & your divine astrology.




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