Saoirse Kennedy Hill died of accidental overdose bull!


“You are a child of the Universe and there is a karmic reason for you to be” Dr. Turi



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Demi Moore’s daughter on mom’s relapse: A *reptilius monster came!

Demi Moore was born November 11, 1962 and like all Scorpios she needs to remove the stinger and KILL the destructive Lizard eating her soul and her family alive! Copy/paste and share pls

Dear readers;

Since Mercury is currently retrograde, (affairs and people of the past) this is a perfect time for you to revisit my work! Back in August 2nd, 2019, I wrote a newsletter titledSaoirse Kennedy Hill OD, she was reptilius infected!and I also made a You Tube video assuring you that Saoirse committed suicide.

Using forensic Astrology I could have saved the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars “stolen” from law obedient, gullible, indoctrinated, pious, hard working US citizens who’s majority would rather trust the Coroner’s findings and science than Divine Astrology! 

Yet I am offering you the proof that, three months ago, I was once again right no only by offering an impeccable timing for large earthquakes “SOS to the world November 2019, You Have Been Warned by Dr. Turi” but also delegating people from all walks of life!

The You Tube video I generated yesterday about two firefighters who were lost at sea…” clearly enunciated the dramatic deadly cosmic winds used by the reptilius to bring death and suicide to their  victims!

But unless you build enough cosmic consciousness and  “investigate” both men’s UCI’s, all you can do is to assume I may be right or totally deny what you can not understand using your five limited  rational human senses only…

“Dr. Turi I have learned more to what it means to be human in your Sedona week long crash course than the 7 years I spent in an accredited medical school!” Dr. in Psychiatry! 

In no way can vulnerable, unevolved famous teens handle the abnormal tasking lifestyle imposed on them… Being rich and famous in today’s world is the worse thing that can happen to a young, immature person who will succumb to the reptilius goodies they can not escape nor refuse!

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Saoirse Kennedy Hill, granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, did not die of accidental overdose!

This is pure bull! Kennedy Hill had acute methadone, diazepam, nordiazepam, fluoxetine, norfluoxetine and ethanol toxicity in her system at the time of death, according to the toxicology results revealed in the death certificate.

How can this amount of various drugs be accidental? Much the same with a bunch of oblivious idiots who, to this day, still believe Art Bell did not commit suicide! “Verne Troyer and Art Bell suicide explained.”

My friends, your world is totally infected by those entities and what is alarming only a minute fraction of my supporters share my cosmic work because the fear of the ridicule paralyze the vast majority of you slaving for the reptilius… Yet children and people from all ages are suffering a suicidal plague that can not be stopped unless you help me!

Being part of the solution is a must, regardless what your friends and peers may think of you, because at the end, endorsing the truth, respect, education, faith, hopes for the future, love, light and the Draconis will work in your and in the world at large! 

Take me as an example, see my dedication, realize my commitment and the powerful drive to create, educate and serve you everyday. Using that wisdom for your own selfish end is not helping anyone, including you! You have a Facebook page don’t you? Or you are part of a group aren’t you? 

I am not asking you to type for hours and do You Tube videos, this hard work is my load, all I am asking you is to copy the title and the link and post it for me because the reptilius have muted me! You are my only connection and 9000 of you have enjoyed a FREE sign up to the Cosmic Code to receive my bulletins directly in your mailbox. 

Again ITS FREE, JOIN NOW! and God willing once you are ready to benefit from the Cosmic Code Jurisdictions and our daily guidance and forecasts, then you can become a VIP!  

Thinks of all the children of the world you could help by fighting evil! A 7-year-old is in critical condition after being shot while trick-or-treating.” Not knowing about the reptilius hijacking their body mind and soul, many of those lost teens will join gangs and kill more innocent children. Don’t think you are powerless, I am with you and so are the benevolent Draconis!  

Unless you help me, not only your kids but all kids of the world are in danger!”Police: Two people in Ohio found razor blades in their Halloween candy They need to hear why some evil souls would do such a thing and try to hurt or kill them. They have no real answers and this confuse the hell out of them and many over sensitive souls will not want to live in such a terrible world and commit suicide! You can help me avoid the next victim and help me provide the answers they need to survive on such a negative planet!  

Let people from all walks of life, including any Jury that justice has to prevail! Five men acquitted of rape because unconscious teenage victim didn’t fight back.” The next victim could be your daughter, all teens should know about all my future SOS to the world deadly windows for if they don’t pay attention of my warnings, they may not survive rape and end up killed! 

Help me teach people that human are machine of good and bad habits and infected, greedy corporations do not care about anyone! Family seeks answers in mom’s vaping death.”People from all ages must be educated and apply their will while they can! “How deadly is smoking pot?”

Help me reach people and teach them to apply their will instead of listening to the voice of evil in their heads and support the reptilius agenda to destroy as many humans as possible! She allegedly told boyfriend to kill himself and he did. Did she commit a crime?”

Help me reach more cosmic unconscious people and teach them to be aware of my SOS to the world deadly windows to avoid a premature death!Two women were killed while climbing a steep, icy mountain in California.” The reptilius will use technology and ego to kill anyone, help me pass on the information in your group!

I could go on all day and all night gathering an endless chain of dramatic, deadly news reflecting my quatrains and obvious keywords yet, fear of the ridicule or skepticism override your own drive to help me helping others understanding God’s cosmic Design manipulated by those nasty ET’s… 

I am offering many of you the option to do good for the world, but, much of the time, Terania and I find ourselves  alone to battle such powerful forces of evil! Only an extreme minority of  “Super-Humans” have showed their support and  joined the Cosmic Code and our honorable movement.

We have so much to offer and help you either avoid or remove those cancerous negative thoughts, yet the reptilius seems to own much of this world! You can not give up or let fear of the ridicule stop you helping us saving the planet by upgrading humanity psychical welfare…



“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom” Paracelsus


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“If you are not happy it is because you do not live your destiny!” Nostradamus

A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all cosmic laws and universal order!” Dr. Turi


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