Scary, damaging, costly but real predictions hit Dr. Turi’s home!


Dear Readers;

Indeed the Turi’s family is not immune to the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, and the power of the stars directly hit home this weekend!

Do you really think the stars affects only human, think again!  Mercury rules general transportation, wheels, legs, car, buses, planes, buses, anything and everything that move! Including animal paws.


Damn this hurt I can not run and take pain killer and antibiotics now! 

Thus,  do you think it is an accident for my own dog Macho to hurt his paw and lose a nail last week? 

Mercury retrograde and paw

Could this have been prevented, yes if the door that confined the dogs was not a dog nail trap I had to fix to avoid my other dog to suffer the same type of “accident.” 

Thus watch your pets, this is where they will injure themselves or get lost! 

And there is more…



The wind was so strong that a huge branch of our neighbor’s tree snapped and landed on the electric, telephone and Internet lines cursing us and thousands of other SRP clients to endure two full days without power! 






As you all know readers, there are no accidents, so why would my precious cosmic God PICK us to suffer this nasty cosmic trend?

May be to elaborate more, to offer more proofs, on what a “Cosmic Super Nova Window” is all about and help the billions of young, unconscious young souls (religious and atheists alike)  to wake up to the divine?

While my expectation for them to grow up spiritually is at best minim, the more intelligent souls will always benefit from my personal experiences.  Indeed I lived in this house for nearly 10 years and ONLY during this predicted trend, did I experience a power loss!  

Yes I am aware, a hard core logical Saturnian (scientist/atheist) or deceptive Neptunian (Pious/Christian) cursed UCI can never “upgrade” that easily, regardless how hard you try to present them with unquestionable facts! It all can be easily explained by science and damage is to be expected with any storm…

The point is I wrote and warn about this “solar storm” on 9/11/2014 ( and countless others) and that is what makes the difference!  Do I have to refers your memory readers? 

Full moon may disrupt may Dr. Turi says it does

“The energy from those two CMEs is heading toward Earth. Space weather experts aren’t sure yet what this solar storm will do. “This is a pretty strong solar storm and we just won’t know until it gets here” what it will do, said CNN Meteorologist Chad Meyers.”



Concentration of negative celestial energy approaching Be extremely prudent in driving, and expect chain-reaction accidents. Be prepared for delays, – strikes, and nature producing awful weather, including hurricanes , Hurricane strands tourists in Mexico  – volcano eruption 

Volcano erupts in Japan


‘Volcanic unrest’ shakes California – Bardarbunga volcano eruption  ,  very large earthquakes  –  GUAM REGION Magnitude: 7.1 and 6.7,  and tornadoesTornado rips through neighborhood  Tornado rips through neighborhood 


2014  Third SUPERNOVA window –  From 09/28/2014 through 10/31/2014

Many crews are still at work all over the city, and I am glad I called 911 to report the dangerous lines on the ground making our situation more of an emergency.  If I did not do so, our area would be last on SRP list!

This experience is also a “wake up call” for preparedness, just in case it happens to you.   Luckily I have all we need in case of any emergency but, we lost much of the food we stored in both our refrigerators and the pool is a total mess that I need to attend.  

We spend the first night at home but it was impossible to for us to sleep because, even with so much cooling rain, the house feels like a hot heaven without a working AC.

I could not help myself to wonder what all the people I had scheduled for their mini reading “test drive” would think of me, when calling the house to speak to me! All without any answer. There was no way for me to reach anyone via the Internet either! 

This is where I had to remind myself about the article I wrote 9/11/2014 titled “Big solar storm heading toward Earth” were I mentioned!

“Those predictions do not have to affect you directly as they unfold. Instead, they are printed to prepare you for setbacks and frustrations, thus advising you to be patient and prudent during this trend.” 

Knowing a “Cosmic Super Nova Window”  is an option offered to human by a cosmic God to improve spirituality and check into the past, the next day, I decided to take Terania to Jerome AZ, a place we visited before and enjoy some well deserved fun! 

Sad enough, Terania deleted the beautiful pictures I took of her, just because of a hat. LOL So here’s one she took of me.

Terania was on my side but now gone :-(

But I am here in the beautiful romantic restaurant perched on the mountain!


I guess it is a woman thing to feel ugly when you are truly beautiful lolol  – I blamed it on  the current “Cosmic Super Nova Window” stopping anything, even those great pictures to get to you… 

In any case, we are endlessly serving our large clientele and this small trip was well appreciated! 

Sharing our own good or bad experiences can only help the young souls to realize how solid my work truly is. But as usual, my confidence must not be interpreted as an ego trip by those who feel inferior to me or anyone else!  

With such obviousness, there are only two reasons for anyone to deny my work! Its either total denial, or the individual is so unconscious that, he/she can not acknowledge, or relate nor accept how those stars, somehow affects their own life too!

The good news a “Cosmic Super Nova Window” is designed by a cosmic God to look INWARD, and learn to discover and appreciate the unknown! With a teacher like me, it is impossible not to grow psychically, unless you are a complete idiot trusting only science and the five limited human senses!  

All you have to do is to recall if you experienced a loss of power (thousands did in Phoenix) and many other US cities, if you got stuck in an airport (thousands did) if you experienced an accident, a mechanical or appliance failure, if you met with your past, if you plans got messed up and the list goes on and on.

You can check the undeniable facts I collected for you right here with all the explanations of a “Cosmic Super Nova Window”  the public and our infantile science is secretly learning from me!

As for all the VIP’s and those who “missed the boat,” all you have to do is to email to schedule your new “psychic” test drive with Dr. Turi.

Now remember there are NO accidents, if you thought getting a mini reading and, for whatever reason did not proceed yet, then, this “Cosmic Super Nova Window” will serve you as another chance to find out I am real!  And if you think I am real, please vote for me! 

This is another cosmic God sign for you to join my Cyber Cosmic University  and gather more than what you bargained for! 


I am not  a psychic, nor a guru or a Neptunian born, I am a different type of scientist,  I am a soul Doctor and use a modified software I translate with my gift to make predictions and guide people to uncover their cosmic identity.

 I strongly suggest you to tape our telephone conversation because my channeling has no limit and my guidance and predictions are worth saving!

Me to know, you to find out! I promised all my VIP’s to offer mini readings at each New Moon of each month of the year, but as you all know, I was pretty sick last month and could not work. I am now back to full health again and ready for all my VIP’s.Its  that time again for so many new VIP’s to find out personally how accurate I am dealing with the Supra-conscious in time and space…

Putting the green where the mouth is what ALL so-called psychics, astrologers and mediums alike should do by offering you a “test drive” of their talent.I am extremely confident to impress you, not because I am an egocentric, but because I have been doing consultations professionally since 1984 when I was in England, and for many more years before, helping all my friends!

In fact I know more about you than yourself or your own mother! There is no sparing, this would not help for me to hide anything from you, even about your health and fate, but the good new is; I always offer a way out or the solution you need to live a long and rewarding healthy life.Indeed I can only speak of the various cosmic laws in charge of your destiny and will not be able to teach you all you need to know nor perform the vital Astro-Tarot.

Because there is only one thin hair between divine information and pure imagination. Testing your spiritual leader or psychic is also protecting yourself from psychic accidents and deceptive Neptunians. Many people have been truly impressed by my work and a true gifted person should have tons of amazing references for you to investigate!

All I can assure you is, I will electrify your spirit and take good care of you when we meet on SKYPE!

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If not she will make some suggestions of my availability. ALL must and will be done via the Internet, again NO phone calls please.

Meantime she may ask you to call her at a specific time, if you need more information.See you then VIP’s

Cosmic Blessings
Dr. Turi

Teach me all about my cosmic relationship with God marvelous Universe Dr. Turi

Please vote for me, help me make my cosmic mission a reality!



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