Scientists link 60 RIDICULOUS genes to autism


Genetic research has been used to treat all kinds of disorders and diseases.

Scientists link 60 genes to autism

Continued Rise in Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers but not Dr. Turi!

Dear Readers:

Again the scientific matrix at work trying very hard to find the imaginary gene responsible for autism preparing the gullible unconscious mass to invest in  the experimental nefarious drug soon available on the market. The reality is; this “scientific cocktail” is over medicating and poisoning all mothers and their unborn children right in their wounds.

But is there any return from such a mass poisoning?  I could ask the same question about the religious matrix poisoning the spirit of all the gullible, cosmic unconscious trapped pious souls! No, sad enough I do not think so! In the name of all greedy corporate religious and scientific matrixes, both the physical human genes (and spiritual DNA (UCI) is deteriorating really fast.

Indeed we have much less than 50 years to turn things around or humanity will self destruct!

Can We Stop Science Destroying The World?

When will the world realize the abusive, deceptive corporate religious and scientific matrixes do not have your best interest at heart?

 STOP the Epidemic of autism in the United States

 Recovered Article published March 29, 2012

 For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dear Readers:

Epidemic of autism in the United States, really?

Do not expect your traditionally educated doctors fresh out of college to remotely understand the mystery behind the explosion of autism plaguing too many children. The next generation to come in power is the “Baby Busters Generation” or souls born with Pluto (fanaticism) in the health consumed sign of Virgo. This gave birth to the dry OCD Generation or the mass of new “educated” scientists, atheists, agnostics kids who have lost the connection with the spirit and reject God cosmic Divinity! 

 “A Generation of Born OCD | Dr. Turi M.D.U.S

Meantime many of my articles and the truth about all the matrixes are  purposely and “electronically” eliminated because the conspiracy to stop me reaching and educating you is real! I am a serious threat to the establishment and all the pot head born famous doctors whoring around with the news media and the pharmaceutical corporations.

In fact more and more of the links directing you to my educational, articles are dead and this is why now and then I “recover” those I need for your eyes. The good news is thousands of my articles are all available in my Cyber Cosmic Code University for all my VIP’s to enjoy and share privately!  But my work is intended for the smart and curious souls who can assimilate it and not for the pious God fearing feeble minded!

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This generation is made of health fanatics, puritanical born scientists and skeptics alike who have a tendency to “miss the forest for the tree” being over-concerned with details. So before I explain the phenomenon behind the “disease” lets’ give a deeper look at the crowd of scientists conducting those researches, their aims and who they work for…While many of them are truly concerned with the children health many of them are much too focused on the microscope and miss the obvious… 

Scepter from my book “The Power of the Dragon. 

Pluto in Virgo: “The Baby Buster Generation” Pluto moved into the puritanical sign of Virgo (health) from 1957 to 1976, and this generation is next to take governmental power. This generation is fanatic about nature, perfection, work and health. Smokers have already suffered the impact of this “Baby Buster Generation,” as this generation must upgrade health and perfection in our society.

Unlike Leo (life) Virgo is dry and sterile, thus fewer babies were produced during this era. Since Pluto entered the sign of Virgo, facilities for health programs and exercising boomed to satisfy a generation that craves fitness. The health businesses (body/ mind/tools) were launched and are still booming with Pluto in Virgo.

This generation is banning smokers from restaurants and public places, only yesterday in Phoenix AZ they voted the NON smoking law outside local colleges and universities, they also voted many tobacco tax increase and more rigid health oriented regulations are ahead of us.

Note –This section and its predictions were written and published in the 1995 Moon Power edition.

On a more positive note, this age group will fight hard to preserve nature, animals and the remainder of the rain forest. Many powerful computers and microchips developed by this generation as experienced in Operation Desert Storm, are deadly accurate.

Their ideal is very pure in thought and action, but this generation must guard against Pluto’s (fanaticism) subtle power for “perfection.” If the power of Pluto in Virgo is exaggerated, it becomes as deadly as the poison they try so hard to avoid.

Many of these souls will lose their lives by being too concerned with health (anorexia, hypochondria), turning rapidly to vegetarian diets, thus upsetting their naturally weak digestive tracts. They must understand that cats and dogs were born with strong claws and long, sharp teeth to tear apart raw flesh as intended by nature, while cows, horses, lambs, etc. are herbivores and were designed by God with flat teeth and three stomachs to eat only “salad.”

They are none of those. They are omnivorous and must eat meat as a vigilant balance for their sensitive metabolism. Some souls who are overwhelmed by Pluto are overly crazy for carbohydrates. They are also protein paranoid. Some starve themselves after 6:00 p.m. Others take their heart rates much too seriously, some have a penchant for pain, and more are victims of the fat-burning syndrome.

Because of the inborn critical attitude and a strong desire for health and perfection, those natural “puritans” will not find someone good enough for them and many will end up alone in the game of love.

Note: Insurance Companies DO NOT have your best interest at heart! When Pluto (investigation/insurance) went thought the sign of Virgo (health) more of our private information went to powerful organizations. From Dr. Williams licensed practicing medical doctor.

In the practice of medicine today, insurance companies don’t pay your doctor to spend much time with you and give you all the information you need about your disease. As shocking as it sounds, your insurance company may even forbid your doctor from telling you all there is to know about your condition and all of the available treatment options.

Information about you health is priceless, and the less you know about the treatment of your child’s condition, the better the insurance companies like it, because it saves them money for treatments and newer, more expensive medications.

Note: Do you know that, for insurance purposes, if you apply for a credit card, not only your driving record, tax record but also your entire private health record is divulged to those organizations? Now that you have a better understanding of whom is doing the diagnostic and why they need your tax dollar for their researches (and survival) I hope you are ready to deal with the truth about autism. Furthermore depraved of Cosmic Consciousness none of those new educated kids on the block will ever own the golden keys of what it means to be human or fully understand the psyche of your child.

The numbers show there is an epidemic of autism in the United States.

“It’s not known whether these increases are due to better counting or should be blamed on something in the environment, or, most likely, a mixture of both Peter Bearman, a Columbia University sociologist, says…”

DT Rebuttal: The fact is; without Cosmic Consciousnesses  your infantile science elites do not know anything about the human psyche and can only assume of the reasons for autism. This is going to be a long very educational health oriented Cosmic Code newsletter readers and only if you become a VIP will you get the answers the Illuminati do not want you to know! I am about to spend hours writing about natural health and explain what autism is all about, where it comes from and what to do naturally.

Thus before your doctors decides to poison you if you suffer depressions or your child with dangerous chemicals get the facts!

Early diagnosis can mean a world of difference

STORY: Research: Autism treatments fall short

 “It’s not known whether these increases are due to better counting or should be blamed on something in the environment, or, most likely, a mixture of both better awareness has something to do with the increase but “I don’t believe the whole thing is diagnostic.” Bearman studies autism rates in California and says his data, up to 2008, is consistent with the CDC’s count.

Autism Speaks, an advocacy and research funding agency, says the figures mean that the U.S. needs to take fast and immediate action to help families and children on the spectrum, and invest in the kind of research that will help better explain why the numbers are rising so rapidly.

DT Rebuttal: Yes this is exactly what I mean readers, investing in a kind of research that does offer answers that can not be gathered otherwise. But as always the problem  is the science community is still unable to assimilate the very words of a genius who has proven his worth worldwide.


*The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

 ~Albert Einstein*

 The idiocy of science nowadays is to expect different results about autism (or anything else for that matter) using the same accepted methodology! How ridiculous is that? This is why regardless of their PhD’s not a single scientist know what the heck is going on!

All those well read people can do is to use their own limited logical UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” and should be blamed on something in the environment! Gee they have so much to learn and understand about the environment…

Mind you to a certain extend they are right because all they can perceive is the physical environment they live in because the cosmic environment is something their natal limited UCI forbid them to consider. Meantime when I wrote about my “visions” back in 2010 of a form of  “dementia” afflicting the US population  due to the passage of the nefarious Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Gemini (general communication, critical thinking, the mental process) right in the 12th house of the US chart I can now see the full results of such dragon impact upon society “Doomsday Preppers Folly and now the Epidemic of autism in the United States,

And if science could / would acknowledge, use or predict behavior within the UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” software system I developed, might they (our politicians/the police and humanity at large) not also find a way to control their mental shortcoming?

Dr. Turi

Continued“Clearly we have a national emergency and clearly, we need a national plan,” said Mark Roithmayr, the president of Autism Speaks. That plan, he said, should include:


Better, earlier diagnosis of autism, which can be helped more if interventions are started early.

Better insurance coverage to pay for those interventions.

More federal funding for research into autism.

Greater pharmaceutical company investment into drug development to treat symptoms.

And a stronger commitment from employers to enable parents to work while providing extra care for their child, and to hire people on the autism spectrum.

DT Rebuttal: Exactly what I expected, nothing NEW at all but the same type of endeavors where using your fears lead them to benefit from more taxes for more futile researches. In fact the “PhD’s researchers” can only continue the same doomed route and survive if the wealthy pharmaceutical corporations provide them with financial support to generate and sell more vitriolic new drugs all at the expense of your kids’ fragile psyches. If you can not see the hidden  devious manipulative ways performed by this self interest groups you really need to wake up to reality readers.

Continued: “It’s time for us as a nation to see these numbers for what they truly are, and for us as a nation to commit to doing much more than we’ve done for date,” Roithmayr said. Roy Richard Grinker, an anthropology professor at The George Washington University in Washington, said he’s not surprised — even relieved — that the CDC’s autism rate is rising, because it means more children who need help are getting it.

DT Rebuttal: What a shameful logic! who cares about your kids mental aptitude as long as we can sell and addict your children with more harmful drugs. Do you think Roithmayr, Roy Richard Grinker Eric SchoplerRobert J. Reichier, and Barbara Rochen Renner or any of  of the millions of “educated” people involved in this poisonous financially oriented pharmaceutical masquerade are concerned with your child’s mental welfare or  more interested in their own greedy financial endeavors?  Why can’t you see the facts like I do and refuse to have your kids treated as guinea pigs?

Continued: States like Alabama, for instance, have long lagged behind others in autism diagnoses, because it is a large, rural state without a lot of services for children on the spectrum. The CDC count is based on the number of 8-year-olds getting services in a state, so if rates are rising in Alabama, that means more children there are getting help, he said. “It doesn’t mean that there’s a true increase in cases,” said Grinker, whose 20-year-old daughter is on the spectrum. “Sometimes the numbers reflect an increase in cases, but sometimes the numbers reflect how much we’re identifying people and giving them the services that they need and deserve.”

DT Rebuttal: The problem with nowadays researches is that all children are sought as physically or mentally “equal” which is the first serious mistake. No human being born is born equal, physically or spiritually and this is where the UCI comes to play. But what the heck do science know about UCI?  I was myself diagnosed as a serious case of ADD  as a child and ADHD was not yet “invented” in 1955 when I first became a very handful child. Luckily for me this type of armful researches and medication such a Prozac, Ritalin etc. did not exist, instead (shock therapy) was the only mean of fixing a kid’s brain. Luckily for me my intuitive mother refused the electric shock treatment prescribed she saved my sanity.

Her and my Grandma knew better than any and all sceintists combined then and told them, “let Louis run till he comes back home angry and tired” then he will be more manageable.” In fact not a single member of my family would “baby seat” me for if you would try to stop me moving or screaming I would simply pass out. After so many scary episodes they realized soon they could not handle me and found many excuses not to deal with me.

The same “disorder” got me fired from school at the tender age of 14 years old because not a single teacher could handle me, regardless of how much incredible devastating physical and verbal abuses I suffered.

Read the incredible facts of my deplorable upbringing and get a different perspective of what ADD/ADHD or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is all about. In fact these are NOT disorders but in some cases, priceless God given gifts. Read it all in my book “Beyond The Secret”

Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi
Common Disorders and Astropsychology – Dr. Louis Turi
Dementia, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Science
Annie Murphy Paul: A Writer Explores Fetal Origins

Continued: Alabama still has the lowest autism rate among the 14 states measured in the CDC numbers, with 1 in 210 considered on the spectrum, compared with Utah with 1 in 47 diagnosed. The largest reported increases over the last two years were among black and Hispanic children, who have lagged behind whites in previous counts. More children are also being diagnosed at younger ages, the CDC numbers show.

DT Rebuttal: Now let’s use logic so the scientific crowd can finally assimilate the obvious. The biggest billion dollar business is coming from the drug Lords in Mexico and Central America correct? Now how many people do you know that do NOT use drugs? This “Neptunian” illegal business plagues the entire world and a good chunk of the American population of all ages. This mean you like it or not, you know it or not, you accept it or not the fact is;  the Neptunian “legacy” is passed on to your progeny. I wonder how many young or older mothers uses legal or illegal drugs and worse how much of these nefarious drugs have been consumed before,  during or after pregnancy?

Souls reincarnating on this dense physical world (hell) are already contaminated through the mothers’ blood and how can you expect a newborn not to suffer the consequences of his unconscious, uneducated, unaware or worse, uncaring moronic parents? How can you not expect those poisonous chemicals affecting  the child’s own brain chemicals and produce a serious imbalance?

You are witnessing the results of extreme stupidity, ignorance and abuses of  a greedy scientific community on a rampage working overtime to poison your children even more! Indeed I saved you the tax payers billions of dollars of ridiculous, wasteful scientific researches solely designed to slowly destroy the human genes.

Think of a terrible oil spill and how it destroy the marine life that somehow will end up in your plate.

Think of the chemicals ingested by livestock  turning into the hamburger a pregnant young mother and her child will consume at your local MacDonald? Do you really think you need more poison into your life?

But this serious human decay is also taking place at a psychical level with the enormity of dysfunctional reality show television programs –  Children and Dysfunctional Television

With such a deadly mixture recipe there is no wonder why human are decaying at the speed of light and your children are the the obvious target you can not ignore.  My God, how can 99.09% of the world be so blind or what is going on? I can guarantee you that I was the worse case of ADHD and ASD combined, where to this day, it is still impossible for me to remember a simple name or a telephone number. But do you think it is an accident for God to have designed and cursed me this way?

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

Continued:  “Unfortunately, 40 percent of the children in this study aren’t getting a diagnosis until after age 4. We are working hard to change that,” Coleen Boyle, director of the CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, said in a prepared statement.

DT Rebuttal:  And those children are the ones that will be saved as long as the system does not engulf them into this poisonous mass hysteria. These kids will in time burn their young endless battery and nature demand them to use time in their favor. Time means also the option for the human body and its brain to FREE itself from their parents legal or illegal chemical substances “inheritances.” All they have to do is to sign up for a healthy, natural lifestyle, nurture a positive attitude because God, the Universe and the power of life is much smarter than any living scientists.  All Coleen Boyle, director of the CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities and comrades are working at is; to gain more money to endorse their ridiculous studies to survive and keep the fearful propaganda alive.

Continued: Autism-spectrum disorders include three major categories, autism, Asperger’s and Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, or PDD-NOS. To be diagnosed with autism, a child must have deficits in three areas: communication, social skills and in the ability to shift focus — children tend to perform repetitive behaviors like hand flapping. Those diagnosed with Asperger’s learned to speak at the appropriate time but communicate awkwardly; those with PDD-NOS are considered to fall on the “higher functioning” end of the spectrum.

DT Rebuttal: Autism-spectrum disorders include three major categories etc…guess what I had them all and some! But my mother never drank, smoke or ingested legal or illegal drugs, thus my turbo charged mind got a really good start without nefarious “inherited” chemicals. The same chemicals that did not exist in the fifties when I grew up and stuffed myself with all sorts of wild natural fruits growing all over La Provence, in France.

Earlier I wrote “Gee they have so much to learn and understand about the environment…”  While growing up I did not know what a Nintendo was and I did not spent much of my life sitting down in front of a computer or texting nonsense to my friends. I was burning gas all day long…My friends were the wind, the Sun, the Moon, the river, the forest, my dogs and mother nature and fresh air were my blessings. I did not live in a gang polluted city playing cop killing other kids in my safe natural neighborhood.  Nowadays kids have lost this simple “luxury” and this is why they need much more spiritual regeneration than we “the Baby Boom” generation enjoyed. Do you really think the educated nerds’ assumption, diagnostics and prognostics making up “The Baby Buster Generation” scientific community can help you and your children? You dream…

Continued: A professional group is now considering changing the diagnosis of autism-spectrum disorders, eliminating some people on the milder end. If the formal definition is changed next year, the rate of autism will certainly fall, experts said. As that change is being considered, researchers across the country are busy trying to understand what in the environment might be causing so many cases of autism.

“While we’re not completely sure of what is driving the rise in autism cases, it is certainly striking enough to warrant exploring in detail the possibility that environmental exposures contribute to this,” said Marc Weisskopf, an epidemiologist and associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, who is studying a possible link between air pollution and autism. “There are plenty of other reasons to avoid chemical toxicants, but we can’t yet pinpoint whether one of these is a culprit in this rise.”

Continued:  Incidentally I write as I read the article and I think they finally realize that exterior poisoning play a significant part of the problem, now why in the name of God can’t they see the damage they inflict on the children from the mental interior by prescribing more poison?  But how can they make a living prescribing pure air, more exercises, decent diet, supplements and general positivism?

The parents who gave life to these victimized children will hate me and find many excuses not to auto analyze their past, present and future habits just because they are themselves the product of a global manipulative machine controlling the information. These interest groups have no responsibility nor integrity and are consumed with greed and power over you.

The supremely wealthy and powerful insurance and oil industry are working hand in hand with NASA political Lobbyists and the Vatican to maintain the suppression of supreme wisdom and the promotion of natural healing.

Its time to reconsider this alarming multitude of diseases aiming for your children, created by the ego, materialism, greed and inconsideration of the scientific community limited perception of reality. Human are very complex machines made of flesh, nerves and bones and while science has accomplished many miracles in technology and medicine the essence of what it means to be a human spirit is gone…All replaced by a crow of human who truly believe they are better than you because they are still “Piling Higher and Deeper” instead of dealing with God’s spiritual reflection of the divine and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions.

Man’ egotistic spirit has gone astray since science pretend to one day have all the answers…All they need is to simply get back to the source of humility and curiosity, because this is the only golden door that will open to all the mysteries they are all enslaved to uncover.

Someone today in AZ will win the 530 million dollars, I wish I landed on this money because ultimately I would build many of my Astropsychology schools that will reverse the damage inflicted on your children by science.

But the chance of me winning this money is ZERO but this does not mean I did not try because…

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Your donations to beat the EVIL of IGNORANCE and  save this world from total spiritual collapse are welcome…

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Boys with autism continue to outnumber girls 5-to-1, according to the CDC report. It estimates that 1 in 54 boys in the United States have autism. Mark Roithmayr, president of the advocacy group Autism Speaks, says more children are being diagnosed with autism because of “better diagnosis, broader diagnosis, better awareness, and roughly 50% of ‘We don’t know.'”

He said the numbers show there is an epidemic of autism in the United States. 

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From:  Heather

Just signed up to become a Cosmic Coder.  I’ve followed your work for several years, in fact, I used to purchase your Moon Power book every year.  I stopped because you were too accurate.  In 2003 you predicted, I don’t remember th exact prediction, but it was something ending, shocking.  Well, that year, March 21st, my beloved son committed suicide.  I couldn’t bear to read further predictions, as I really didn’t want to know!  However, now I am ready once again to participate with you. You are definitely the most accurate and sensible of all the predictors, using only science, and not descending into personal guesswork.  Thanks for your commitment and your work, and I’m looking forward to working with you once again.


Hello Heather;

 I am so sorry for your loss and I wish I had you son’s DOB and took care of his depleted spirit before succumbing to the stars…This is why it is so important to trust me if fears or depressions plagues your or your loved ones’ spirit… I am glad you decided to face your fears and with my help you will conquer the evil of ignorance and misinformation… The deal is for the next 12 months from the day you join. Please go to  to sign up. Please choose the $24.95 option and thank you for your trust in Dr. Turi’s gift. Tell all your friends.

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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