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Dear readers;

 If you watched the cleverly advertised video about Scientology on CNN a few days ago, the three main points mentioned are about living an eternal life, gathering trauma and lastly clear the soul through a practice called “auditing.” 

Indeed the perfect “technological” practice opening the door to the reptilius infestation… If my words do not make sense, may I suggest you to read first;  Cyber Spies / reptilius Target Your Child and Justin Bieber, children and the reptilius infestation! – Doing so will help you understand why a reptilius infected person like  L. Ron Hubbard finally  became insane.  

The gathering of reptilius infected vultures: “On January 24 1986, under circumstances that can at best be characterized as ‘suspicious’, L. Ron Hubbard died. Although his condition had been steadily deteriorating for years, even the coroner noted that there were irregularities surrounding his death, including the presence in his body of vast quantities of Vistaril, a powerful ani-psychotic medication.”

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was a “Neptunian” born March 13, 1911 and inherited a Pisces very vulnerable “nirvanic UCI” that was easily manipulated by the nefarious reptilius group of ET’s! (Click on the links!) 

What is a Neptunian you may ask! Here is the answer…


               Famous L Ron Hubbard                                                      Common  Nirvanic Neptunian

Image resultThe subject use the name or believes he is Jesus, the Virgin Mary etc.

David Koresh, Rev. Jones, Joel Osteen deceptive billion dollar industry  –  Billy Graham Angel of Darkness,  Osama Bin Laden Hidden Fate  and those in a position of influencing the born Neptunians i.e. Popes Francis, L. Ron Hubbard, Marshal Applewhite to unconsciously serve the reptilius and poison the psyche of their followers.

  • The subject says he/she channels from God, Angels, high spirits and famous Ancestors. The subject also believes he or she is a reincarnation of a prominent religious or political leaders.
  • The subject uses dignified words (i.e. Great, Ascending Master, Grand Order etc.)
  • The subject says he/she always pray on your behalf, use Caps and produces typos while “channeling”.
  • The subject believes he or she has very specific religious mission and regurgitates bible verses without cosmic wisdom.
  • The subject thinks he or she is a chosen one and Jesus / Allah  and the Virgin Marie are the motivator.
  • The subject thinks he has a very specific purpose to save or change the world without cosmic wisdom.
  • The Subject is idealistic, sex oriented and possess no Cosmic Consciousness or real spiritual powers.
  • The subject hears angel”s voices (i.e. Joan of Arc) and do not use recording device to serve others.
  • The subject uses several or foreign long Indian names and do not use nor understand the “Cosmic Code” jurisdictions.
  • The subject uses drugs and its Neptunian’s appearances (i.e. Jesus, long beard, long hair etc.)
  • The subject dresses magnificently (i.e. long robes, hats, striking colors, wears gold, silver etc.)
  • The subject used drugs both legal and illegal (psychoactive / traditional medicine use)
  • The subject can not converse without using religious verses (i.e. biblical sentences.)
  • The subject uses lots of caring words and make faces   (i.e. Joel Osteen, love, prosperity, savior etc.)
  • The subject displays negative Plutonic energy, use death, scary symbolism,magnetic voice, piercing eyes, (i.e. Santa Muerte leaders, Hitler David Berg etc.)
  • The subject demands money for his selfish cause (i.e. to build statues, churches, temples, etc.)
  • The subject uses physical strengths and abuses children (i.e. Maoist / Warren Jeffs
    rapists, con man etc.)
  • The subject is unaware of the working of the Universal Mind (i.e. religious people or atheists/agnostics/skeptics alike)
  • The subject or organization (s) enrich himself with donations or impose a percentage (i.e. Mormonism etc.)
  • The subject has absolutely no Cosmic Consciousness and can not teach nor explain the cosmic code or how God speak to his children through the signs.
  • The subject has not reliable connection with the divine or ET’s and use UFO’s or technology and death to “cleanse/lure” the gullible (i.e. Santa Muerte/Scientology.) 

And yes this Neptunius reptilius cosmic wind is still operational until May 2017! Indeed, four years later, another of my predictions came to pass with both Scientology and Santa Muerto “EXPLOSION” if you care to investigate my claims… 

Memo  published February 11, 2013 in 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public)

“Here is my interpretation for this Grand Cross but the main cosmic energy is Neptunius, this mean be prepared for important and deadly news involving the Middle East, the Pope, churches, religions…”

First, not only Scientology or Santa Muerte but all religions created by man’s folly; believe souls are eternal, or somehow will end up in hell or paradise. Common senses dictates so many lives can only bring trauma (or karma) and cleaning it all off through auditing (or repenting, forgiving taught by Christianity. 

Auditing (Scientology)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – (Yes I was also “fired” from Wikipedia!)

“In the Church of Scientology, auditing is a practice wherein an auditor asks a question of another individual, known as a “preclear”, and then acknowledges their answer in a non-judgmental form. Auditing began as an integral part of the pseudoscientific movement Dianetics and has since, with the addition of the E-meter, become a core practice in Scientology. Auditing is defined by the Church as “the application of Dianetics or Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor.

One formal definition of auditing is: The action of asking a person a question (which he can understand and answer), getting an answer to that question and acknowledging him for that answer.” Auditing is considered “a technical measure,” that according to the Church, “lifts the burdened individual, the ‘preclear,’ from a level of spiritual distress to a level of insight and inner self-realization.” The process is meant to bring the individual to clear status.

Some auditing actions use commands, for example “Recall a time you knew you understood someone,” and some auditing actions use questions such as, “What are you willing for me to talk to others about?”

Explaining why Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Commits Suicide

Sedona, Arizona is a definite draw for non cosmic conscious cults leaders

The fact of the matter is; the Neptunius dragon (current and inborn) induces a form of “nirvanic” deceptive cosmic winds making people more “unworldly”  irrational, religious, deception and illusion rule supreme! And the misinformed, uneducated, unable mass of humans becomes the perfect target of the poisonous reptilius acting from the heavens (dark matter!)

A serious upsurge of imagination, fears, insecurity, deception and manipulation benefits the religious matrix and its growing religious cults world wide. All was fully predicted in 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public) but as the reptilius infected corporations and lost children are after me, only my wiser readers can appreciate the truth without fear!

All people in power without exception are infected mostly because their “religious” conditioning or “traditionally educated, rational scientific indoctrination. And Putin, as a Libra, is already set by the stars to suffer the unstoppable infestation… Vladimir_Putin_with_bishops_of_Russian_Orthodox_Church

The rise of the Russian Orthodox Church

“Putin is a true believer and he sees Western culture as morally weak and Godless.   This fact actually matters to Mr. Putin and it is the driving force of his ambitions and  his moral convictions are the anchor of his confidence.  And Putin is  not timid about lecturing the United States and the West on the subject of God and morality.” 

Putin’s words on faith have surprised the world. Media, including conservative religious magazines, find it hard to believe that  Russian society is transforming into a Christian nation.

From “The Stars and Fate of Putin, Trump, The US and the Fate of the World published 12/23/2016

You can only relate to my cosmic teachings because of your education, your experiences, your intelligence and most of all, your natal karmic UCI! Dr. Turi

Can you handle the truth about yourself and are you curious enough to take the challenge? You may go to and click on your sign and if in any form or shape my cosmic wisdom reach you, you better pay attention to my warnings and help to battle the reptilius while you can!

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  Help to fight the reptilius

Those nefarious entities are the SOLE creator of all religions cursing humanity and their goal is to make sure you never know who and what a cosmic God is all about!

Religions induces gilt, confusion, chaos, separatism and ultimately death.  There is no good in any and all corporate / politically oriented religions challenging each others (i.e. ISIS!) 

They will do all in their power for you to never find out that you are a GOD in training in this dense physical world and learning all about building your fate, environment, experiences or gatheringcosmic consciousness. They want you to build guilt, support a false god and keep you in total darkness. They want you to follow the same book your parents, grand parents and generations before you wrote, respect and fear! 

They want to keep you submissive, in fear, confused and psychically unevolved and keep the truth of your own divinity and power a secret! 

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

All religions as practiced today will in time implode. Yet the world has a long way to go before assimilating God’s cosmic identity and use the signs productively…As Neptune (Pisces) is the sole basis of the world, it will always remain in ones UCI and has the potential to make one Neptunian or not?  Remember that there is only one thin hair between divine information and pure imagination.

 Should and can Putin be trusted? Is the Russian President luring Trump in his web to rule the world? How will this new relationship affect Europe and the world at large? This is where the “natural selection” is taking place between the dunces and those “chosen ones” to realize the blessings of knowing and using Astropsychology / Astroforensics!

Revealing Putin’s UCI to the world!

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Vladimir Putin October 7, 1952  

The following will be translated in a simple and pure English fashion where my visions will be  revealed to those able and willing to handle them.  Join us to read April full forecasts and so much more!

Caution: If you are a VIP DO NOT share nor post this article to an unprepared public. Doing so will result of an immediate firing from the private Cosmic Code website. Thank you DT.

The Stars and Fate of Vladimir Putin, Trump and the Fate of USA.

  Read the full article! 

Predictions – Vladimir Puttin A Plea for WAR From Russia

Sun 14Lib02 (1) fall
Moon 04Gem17 (9)
Mercury 23Lib21 (1)
Venus 11Sco50 (2) detriment
Mars 26Sag34 (3)
Jupiter 19Tau44 (8)
Saturn 17Lib28 (1) exalted
Uranus 18Can24 (10)
Neptune 21Lib10 (1)
Pluto 22Leo44 (11) exalted
MNNode 19Aqu59 (5)
MSNode 19Leo59 (11)
BlackMoon 21Leo24 (11)


DISPOSITORS: Sun disposited by Venus
Jupiter disposited by Venus
Moon disposited by Mercury
Saturn disposited by Venus
Mercury disposited by Venus
Uranus disposited by Moon
Venus disposited by Pluto
Neptune disposited by Venus
Mars disposited by Jupiter
Pluto disposited by Sun

ASPECT PATTERNS: Stellium in Libra Sun

Yod Jupiter – focus

Talent Triangle, tight Pluto
Mercury – focus
Neptune – focus

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet Points Percent
Cardinal 6 50 %
Fixed 3 25 %
Mutable 3 25 %

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent
Fire 2 17 %
Earth 1 8 %
Air 7 58 %
Water 2 17 %

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon):

MOON PHASE: Disseminating
MOON DISTANCE: 384204.3 km. Average Distance
MOON SPEED: 13.1971 deg/day Fast Speed


ODD LOWER-ORDER: 7 0.98447
9 0.99483

6 0.99442

ODD HIGHER-ORDER: 73 0.85614
105 0.96510

EVEN HIGHER-ORDER: 100 0.96006
50 0.96158

Join us  to read the full article on Putin’ stars and fate and blessings to all our readers.

Dr. Turi

Check how those 2017 SHOCKING stars will affect you and those you care personally in this upcoming crazy cosmic dance? Knowing all about those celestial winds will allow you to be ready and prepare for the changes a cosmic God has imposed upon the world, America and all its children…


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