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Note ALL students must perform the  “Holistic Candles Ritual” before settling in the room in which you wish to cleanse. A table may be set by the door and must be used each time one enters the room.  All you have to do is to touch the black ball (negative) to demagnetize your atomic physical body structure for about 10 seconds. Both hands must be used while the white crystal ball (positive) is designed to re- magnetize your body /  mind  and cleanse the soul with the smell of the the incense.

If you are a psychic or want to become one, Astro – psychology is exactly the type of information you need!

I will introduce the attendance to the belt of the Zodiac and Nostradamus 16th century  Divine Astrology, which is the essence of “Ophiuchus

The reality is your natal UCI  could be much more psychically advanced than the psychic you are asking predictions or directions from.   

I will use these artworks below…

Mastering God’s Universal Mind

When you are facing the cosmic wheel you will show you will learn how to accurately read anyone by knowing only the month of birth.  In fact after a few days watching this artwork, my students impregnate their subconscious (and my teachings) with all the symbols, unknowingly  building a very precise reflex to the Cosmic Code channeling.  

Many of them told me they saw the wheel in their dream state and this mean, unknowingly you are keeping learning while sleeping. Visuals are extremely important and with my teachings it is impossible not to learn and over they years  all my students graduated.  

Medical aspects  of Astropsychology 

Many of my students are graduate medical doctors, psychologists even psychiatrists and if you are into health and unwilling to use dangerous drugs this section will become a focus point to you.

You will learn all the physical and spiritual  blockages leading to deadly diseases.

I will also educate the attendance on the “Universal Blood Transfusion” that allowed me to beat cancer.

The difference between any psychics and the values of their channeled information, varies drastically.  

A good psychic is blessed with the power to access the subconscious but a truly gifted psychic feed from a much higher vibrational system or the cosmic code (Supra-consciousness).  

To reach such a higher level, one must diligently study to own cosmic consciousness as to make the difference between offering divine information against pure imagination…

The fastest way to become a very precise psychic is to learn how to perform the Astro-Tarot – The Tarot uses 78 cards but Nostradamus used only the 22 major arcades or the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and compiled them on his Astro -Tarot table following the belt of the Zodiac.  

Each card is pulled with the left hand (spiritual hand) and covers the 12 houses or the 12 areas of the human experience.

This methodology is extraordinary simple and very accurate. 

If you would prefer to not take the full course but only learn the astro-tarot, this  could be done via ZOOM, after you have had a reading.

This part is only $500 and you can start your psychic career by reading people and impress them all  the very next day.

You must register first by emailing – Read more about the full course and sign up right away to secure your spot.

 You can get a real good idea on how to use the Tarot on this You Tube presentation with Terania. Watch it to learn more about the technique

I will teach the students!

The cosmic rules are based upon rigid disciplines and a specific order, mastering the trade is a must even if you are gifted by birth with an advanced UCI.

A spiritually advanced, sensitive inclined soul can easily fall for Neptune deceptive powers while the cosmic conscious educated soul will offer its true pearls of wisdom and real guidance and predictions during a session.

 But how many legitimate psychics knows about “Psychic Accidents?” Handling someone fragile psyche demands you to become a responsible – educated, cosmic conscious practitioners, so the experience can only be safe and productive.

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.