Shameful Waste Of US Children This is becoming the norm’ — but will anything change? NEVER Unless…


dr. turi

If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dalai Lama Dr. Turi

Dear Readers:

In the wake of yet another anticipated massacre, I feel like a scientist who has discovered the miraculous vaccine to save all the children from the adults’ ignorance, but I am unreachable because I am still, thousands of miles away  in the middle of the jungle…

Memo from UFO Conspiracy Against Dr. Turi –  “There is such a wealth of information which is totally discarded and even ridicule by science… This mean, its just a matter of time before another lost kid or some adults in Las Vegas,  act out, neurotically, subconsciously their incontrovertible deadly  UCI!” 

The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism by Dr. Turi 

Obama waste $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain

School shooting: Will anything change?

“Everytown for Gun Safety says there had been 74 school shootings in the 18 months since Sandy Hook.”

Oregon shooting victim a ‘sweet boy’

NO nothing will ever change because scientists keep doing the same ridiculous mind “rats experiments” and refuses to look at the human mind cosmic legacy because it is against logic or their religions and something to ridicule. Realize readers, because the scientific community can not relate to my work just yet does not make it unreal or a pseudo-science!

“The victim was a 14-year-old freshman Emilio Hoffman. Police haven’t yet disclosed the shooter’s identity – or, more importantly, what compelled him to carry out such a horrifying act”

But the police Elites are part of this immeasurable shame too, because since 1991 my “Police Requiem” warnings and options to save countless cops lives received NO attention what so ever!

This mean, the “disturbed” mind of a 14 year old kid (and so many others) challenges ALL supremely educated PhD’s and mind doctors from all walks of life and yet NO one has a plausible answers or a remedy to fix this deadly phenomenon? This is what it is…

I gave an hint to the world on how to fix this problem on the George Noory Gaiam TV show and before then, I offered all the cosmic reasons for our children to suffer a steady psychical depletion in a You Tube Video posted December 17, 2012.

But this video, like my Facebook and Twitter accounts are kept technologically “frozen” by the  Iluminati! They are making sure my lifetime work on the human mind and the cosmic code does not infringe on the scientific and religious matrixes turf. If you go to my Facebook page, you will notice one of my post received 20.208 hits and only 100 people liked my page?  Do I have to say more about all my others public profiles?

Only a few years ago all my public pages had reach its maximum of 5000 limit friends and only one, dating to my single wild days (20 years ago) remain with the correct amount of over 99000 friends. I do not use nor post any-longer there, but I can not access it anymore and serve my enemies as a mean to hurt my integrity and make me look like a jerk in the public.

Cosmic consciousness offer much of what my enemies can only dream of and envy me for!

If you think only the UFO event promoters and  a few “Talking Heads” are against me, you are wrong readers, there is an army against me, all working overtime to mute my voice and  my cosmic wisdom to reach you readers.

Remember, if you happen to know better and offer legitimate material to the public you will be despised by those who knows less, its just the low human nature at work, forcing you to stay at their pitiful level… God thanks there are countless of smart people reading and learning from all my articles…

I am soon to retire and exit the rat race mostly lead by a bunch of  “depressed rats” but I will still do what I do best in words and actions from a far away exotic location. The only good news is… while I fight the dark forces of evil, the Internet is not only getting wider and better each passing day, but will further my presence! The door to my “Cyber Cosmic University” will always be open to the curious.

Watch this video Obama: No monopoly on ‘crazy’ in the US

President says mass shootings commonplace in America He said public opinion must change or “we’re not going to change” Obama spoke as nation reacted to another school shooting — this one in Oregon (CNN) —

Our President was born under the Leo Sun  sign (children/love) with a positive Leo Dragon’s Head.  America shares also a Leo (king/fame) Dragon and Obama’s work to save children is like mine, from a total dedication and from the heart.

But like I battle my enemies daily, Obama has to battle the NRA matrix unwilling to let go of the billions of dollars at stake. What is the lives of those children to them, only insignificant collateral damage.

Much like the pharmaceutical matrix forced to pay millions in legal disputes every year by advertising deadly products. Again its only collateral damage they could not care less when they make billions on the gullible moronic, uneducated, religiously and chemically poisoned mass.

Corporate America, scientific, news-media and religious matrixes can only exist and maintained with deep fears.  Millions of people were born with Saturn (the fear principal) in different signs making fears a reality to every human beings.

For example if you were born with Saturn (fears) in Capricorn (government/political structure) you will naturally fear any form of power, particularly the government. I.e. David Icke  and all conspiracy “talking heads.”

Those people can only maintain their own matrix by stimulating more fears… And many human beings own the same Saturn (fear) position making “magnetizing” them to their material. This does not mean there is no conspiracy going on or nothing to gain following your chosen “fears promoter” because I am only exposing the stars at work and the billions of UCI’s  making the mass of followers unconscious walking robots…

  •  If you were born with Saturn (fears) in Taurus (banks/security) you will naturally fear any form of financial crash, the question is how much do you know about your Saturn location by house and sign?
  • If you were born with Saturn (fear) in Cancer, (food) you will spend all your resources and turn yourself into a prep maniac!
  • If you received Saturn (fear) in Pisces (religions) you will nurture an endless need to repent and fear spending eternity in hell and the list goes on and on…

When is the last time you went UNDER your stars and realize how you STAND in your cosmic nature? Do you UNDER-STAND me reader?

As a soul doctor, my job is to free you from your fears induced by Saturn power and turn it into productiveness instead. In fact a live Skype taped session will open your mind to your cosmic nature and change your entire perception of life and totally regenerate your body, mind and soul. Do you think I wrote all those endorsements myself or do they come from my client’s hearts?

But asking anyone to exit his/her scientific or religious safe zones and face Saturn fears is not an easy task and it can only be done when the soul is ready to move upward towards the light and ask for the truth.

I can lead many horses to the water by writing articles everyday, but at the end only a few will chose to drink at the cosmic source of pure wisdom…

Fears is what motivate and stimulate people to act or freeze them right in their tracks… “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” has to be respected! I would hate losing this right and all my guns but what do you think the old wise men who wrote the constitution so many years ago meant?


Image result for a k 47


Yes time have changed but the human psychical status is still stuck 2000 years ago! The physical world, through science built all those marvelous, deadly, accurate weapons, while the spirit is still stuck into archaic religious teachings…  Evolution is rapid but not with the spirit is seems…

Taking the guns away is not the answer, knife, cars, hammers, machetes even a screw driver can be used to kill too! Thus the problem resides in handling weapons and/or allowing lost souls to access them and go on rampage with them.

So how do you fix this situation and make everybody happy?  Again the eternal battle between conservatives and liberals or religious and Atheists born! All are robots regurgitating their fears and totally oblivious of the subtle cosmic scheme of things above!

OMG! In what a young unconscious world did I land on?  Indeed the realization of a universal cosmic God would bring the balance, love, peace and respect for all, but humanity has more work to do to benefit from such future blessings.

When I was living in Europe, the very word or sight of a gun used to terrify me but since I moved to the US,  I understood and used them carefully. This changed my fear into respect handling those dangerous tools.  Billions of people are everyday driving moving weapons of all sizes on the road but all were trained to use them carefully. Still, ” Acts of God” and accidents that could be avoided will always happen…

There are still people terrified to drive a car or even board a plane, it is the location of your Saturn (fears) that will dictate your inner fears. If the restrictive power of the Great Malefic Saturn (fear) afflict the progressive sign of Aquarius, you will fear open space, lightnings, flying, elevator, new Age matters, UFO and Dr. Turi!

But how can you rationalize and control/turn your fears around if no one teaches you? Indeed you have so much to gain from me if those fears consume your life, because at the end, the Supra-conscious  will take them all as WISHES!

Thoughts are things, the more you unconsciously “feed evil” the more power to the devil to mess up your life and alter the good working of your body. But do not expect to be taught metaphysics reality in your Sunday schools because the religious or scientific matrixes (atheists) won’t let you go that easily!

In the case of many “born killers” fear of rejection, fear of the future, fear of life itself lead to a lack of self esteem and become a disproportionately nightmare that usually get out of control. There is no positive cosmic food or spiritual grounding available but medications or the bible which can only make matter worse with time. Some lost kids and adults will kill because the devil told them so, and you need to considerate this fact because it is!

The problem America’s children face today is purely psychical and traditionally educated mind doctors (or priests) are non-cosmic conscious and can only make the situation worse prescribing anti-depressants or the bible to read to those kids. There is so much more readers you know nothing about and learning here with me!

Much of the reasons for young killers to act out their fears are very similar in nature, primarily a lack of self esteem! Some will be bullied to the point of committing suicide to punish their heartless perpetrators or turn their anger outwardly and become the Adam Lanza monsters.

Obama waste $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain

What has been done by our President and science to fix this deplorable mess, NOTHING! Regardless of the immense fortunes being wasted on science investigating “rats depression! Like Humans, Rats Experience Regret, Study Suggests?

Human are not rats and I can only ask the scientific community, again and again to stop looking thought the microscope at rat brain tissues and instead look above, in the Universal mind for the answers they are enslaved to uncover! But how do I reach them knowing they have absolutely no clues of what I am talking about? Now do you understand how I feel reader ?

“In the wake of yet another anticipated massacre I feel like a scientist who has discovered the miraculous vaccine to save all the children from the adults’ ignorance, but I am unreachable because I am still, thousands of miles away  in the middle of the jungle…”

Student kills another at school

 Shooting at Oregon high school Student’s parent: We just panicked! Obama said the United States was the only developed country on Earth where mass shootings occur with regularity, adding that “if public opinion does not change, we’re not going to change.”

Obama added that politicians from both parties were “terrified” of the National Rifle Association, saying the organization was well-funded and able to influence elections to prevent any significant new gun regulations from becoming law.

DT Rebuttal: That’s all students and teachers can do, PANIC and run for their lives! Changing the public opinion will never work because the media and the NRA matrix own too much support, money and power.  What need to change is the US Department of Education’ perception and instead of firing bad teachers ADD the good ones. This mean good teachers will be allowed to learn and teach Astroforensics or Astropsychology to all their students!

U.S. schools chief calls California ruling ‘a mandate’ to fix tenure, firing laws

Los Angeles (CNN) — A California judge ruled as unconstitutional Tuesday the state’s teacher tenure, dismissal and layoff laws, saying they keep bad teachers in the classroom and force out promising good ones.

Obama also rejected the contention that mentally ill people were the reason for mass shootings, saying “the United States does not have a monopoly on crazy people … and yet we kill each other in these mass shootings” at much higher rates than other countries. His comments came while taking questions online about education, and as the nation reacted to another deadly school shooting — this one near Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday. Fast Facts: U.S. school violence.

Ultimately readers, the experts and our President have no clues because they ALL HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT IT MEAN TO BE A CHILD, to feel like one, to reason like one and to behave like one.  How can I remain modest and be allowed to save US children when my disgraceful  Internet enemies were all born with an undeveloped UCI? Because you or the experts can’t relate to my work does not mean it is worthless…

Who wants to hear the undiluted truth about himself and who’s willing to face its own psychical imitations when my cosmic ingeniousness, my direct approach to life and confidence is interpreted as an ego trip by over-sensitive insecure people?    I can not blame them for being human can I?

I know so many concerned parents and countless powerful people in position of power are reading my work everyday and FEEL with me the “educated/egocentric” evil of ignorance stopping my cosmic wisdom reaching your children and the US Department of Education.

Asking you to help is all I can do but this is all I did since 1991 and since then, I saw only more kids killing each others, killing their  own parents and end up committing suicide!  WHEN WILL IT END?

NEVER readers NEVER! unless you acknowledge my mission and, like me dedicate yourself to change the educational system. I was not and probably never will be part of any future presidential discussions on education because this is how God cursed me.

While I own the golden key to salvage the spirit of the children, I would probably become the laughing stock to this mass of unconscious educated human beings cursed to watch their children psyche deteriorate further each passing day!

I am today, close to 50 years into the future! I can only hope your children will realize the mistakes of all the “educated/accredited” adults, teachers and experts of the mind alike, unable to think and reason like a child!

So much for the 7 years of college spent reading so many books that do not fit the present nor the future anymore! Its pass the time to think and act differently readers…

Getting rid of the guns, adding more security, investing in more religious buildings, more psychiatric hospitals, more prisons and medicating the children and the adults or spending vast fortunes on dead rat brains is NOT the answer! The answer is less costly and quite simple but obvious only to my students and I, but not to the rest of the world just yet!

Oregon shooting: ‘This is becoming the norm’ — but will anything change?

It is only when I see my first Astroforensic/Astropsychology school operational or when my lifetime independent work on the human psyche is introduced to the US Department of Education and accepted as a serious discipline by all that I will have faith for the children of  humanity!

Meantime, as I wrote so many times now;  “There is such a wealth of information which is totally discarded and even ridicule by science… “its just a matter of time before another lost kid or lost desperate souls act out, neurotically, neurotically their incontrovertible deadly  UCI!” 

I am proposing those changes and they are the ONLY ONES that will bear its fruits in the long run and I need your help yesterday because the next psychically degenerated kid is lurking around, and it could be yours!

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.” 

~Albert Einstein*

Give us a chance to make sense to their lives,  to ground their spirit, to offer them a reason to be because it is NOT normal for any kid to kill others or commit suicide, something is VERY wrong readers! Do not expect religion, science or your President to come up with the right answer and realize what I am up against!


Oregon shooting victim a ‘sweet boy’

Please contact George Noory and ask him to have me on the air again before we move to a foreign land…Though, I can do the radio from anywhere. I really need to talk about children and education today,  this is how you can really help me to reach more people and help the children. Once more watch George Gaiam short TV show

 – Author Dr. Louis Turi explains the importance of spiritual education in our evolving world. How can children comprehend a world that has evolved years before them? Will spirituality play a role in the decline of the human race? Find out more by watching the full episode at and sign up for your free 10-day trial – 

Thank you all



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