Shape-shifting Mormonism, Scientology and the Reptilius

February 25, 2019

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“There is only a very fine hair between Divine Cosmic Wisdom and pure imagination”Dr. Turi

Dear Readers;

WARNING, Age of Truth TV management and associates, do not support, agree  nor endorse any of claims and strongly disassociate with comments directed at other guests invited in their great shows. I am the sole responsible for offering you the undiluted truth as I perceive it through my 69 years of incredible experiences! Note also, like all my articles, this cosmic code newsletter is subject to various updates, check it often and share it please! Thank you.  

There is no denying the reality of such diabolical psychical phenomenon, yet it always start and will always finish in the cursed mind of those who suffered the full impact of a reptilius infestation… An unhealthy mind is still an extremely powerful tool which, under some specific cosmic influences, is able to create its own reality.

Note the date of February 24th was also given on Joe Montaldo syndicated radio show on 01/16/2019 – Locate it in this article!

Image result for say a mother and daughter killed 5 family members. The mother says they all wanted to die.

The reptilius hijacked the body, mind and souls of those two infected souls! The police, the scientific community and society at large can not understand this obvious phenomenon. I desperately need your help to warn others!  

Any dramatic life changing experiences such as; the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, suffering a deadly diseases like cancer etc. can only lead to suffer deep depressions that often end in suicide. 

Those events could be accidental or self induced through years of abuses of legal or illegal drugs and alcohol due to deep depressions leading to serious addictions! And anyone of us is prone to suffer such dramatic fate! The sad reality is, the ever growing number of suicides i still plaguing the world… 

When I was a young man, (I will turn 69 tomorrow February 26th, 2019,) I used to work as a trainee nurse at Saint Mary’s hospital in Eastbourne Sussex, England. I was always wondering why the terminally ill, very old patients I was taking care of, were often talking to things and people only them could see. A few times I saw pure terror in their eyes as they were following horrible “shapes” flying all around the ward!  

They were seeing Satan, evil figures, horrific faces and they were terrified holding on to dear life trying so hard to avoid the “hell” they could see all imposed through years of religious indoctrination.  I was barely 20 then and could, like all the Filipinos nurses, only blame the steady doses of medications slowly poisoning their mind… 

I could not help to recall my own “evil” abductions as a child when I was locked up in the attic wondering who and what those small monkeys with big eyes were all about! Meantime, the fright I experienced in the dark wishing those “grey” to disappear was painfully real. 

Meantime there are good and bad ET’s at work above influencing humanity for good or for worse and you must acknowledge this fact! 

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At 7 years old, I was pure and innocent and did not yet taste alcohol or ingested any medications.  The following may help you to acknowledge how a reptilius infestation can be induced early in life! 

Infected Cult Leader!

At the tender age of 7-year-old, “infected” Joseph Smith, the founder and first president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, contracted typhoid fever during a local epidemic. Smith Jr. was born 23 December 1805 in Sharon, Vermont under the sign of Capricorn (Head of the goat/evil in Christian theology!) 


Builder of the greatest towers
Holding all the social powers
Striving to climb to the highest peak
For honor has no place for the weak
I am CAPRICORN, child of Saturn.

Smith was infected from a very early age and became a “missionary” to the reptilius’ propaganda, creating a new religion and with it a lot of pain to thousands of oblivious people…  

Smith  was confused about religion during a time of revival in the state of New York where he lived in 1820, 14-year-old Joseph read a passage in the New Testament and went to the woods to pray. Joseph records that God and Jesus Christ appeared to him. “I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head,” he wrote, “above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me.” Within that light, he saw two personages…”

As explained to Lucas in Age of Truth TV show, I also saw three “personages!” and I was like him, also in a remote area, and those guys were very REAL and not the product of my imagination…  The crucifying pain experienced after the meeting enunciate a real and solid meeting took place… Yet I did not know then the karmic purpose of this UFO’s 5th kind encounter! 

The reptilius are “psychically” able to create an entire scenery and those nasty entities worked their magic through Smith’s illusive Neptunian Pisces (religion) 3rd house (critical thinking.)

The reptilius used the deceptiveNirvanic Age of Piscesto induce a new religious cult witch is designed to create misinformation, separatism, deception Top Catholic cardinal admits church destroyed documents on clergy sexual abuse” death and all sorts of physical and mental abuses… 

  • The facts are obvious… Joseph and his older brother Hyrum were shot to death on 27 June 1844 by a mob of 150 to 200 men. 
  • Warren Steed Jeffs ) is the President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints(FLDS Church). In 2011 he was convicted of two felony counts of child sexual assault, for which he is currently serving a sentence of life plus 20 years
  • “A woman says she is shocked by a Utah judge’s comments in which he called a former Mormon bishop convicted of sexually assaulting her an “extraordinarily good man” during his sentencing hearing.”


Cardinal George Pell walks to a car in Melbourne on December 11, 2018.

Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell found guilty of child sex charges

On the other hand, another abusive cult  “Scientology” was created  by L. Ron Hubbard December 1953. In this case, the reptilius used the “New Age of Aquarius” electronic vibrations to infect those who, like Hubbard, a science fiction writer, would rather sign up for scientific researches instead of religion… The Church of Scientology calls itself a ”new religion,” not based on the worship of a god.

In 1951 Hubbard published Dianetics: The Original Thesis. His reptilius infected legacy comprises tens of millions of published words, recorded lectures and films, with over 250 million copies of his books and lectures in circulation, he has inspired a movement spanning and infesting all continents and all cultures.  

Hubbard was born March 13, 1911 under the sign of Pisces, he swam upstream towards the stars (like me,) away from religion but this was a smart “adapting” new move induced by the reptilius.

The reptilius used his rational Taurus Dragon’s Head  ($$$$$$$$$$) and his Dragon’s Tail in Scorpio (GREED/sex/power/secrecy/sex/control) to infect his psyche. Furthermore Hubbard was not cosmic conscious, he did know nothing of Astrology, or God’s cosmic design due to his rational, earthy scientific oriented Virgo Moon (emotions!) 

Furthermore, Hubbard’s UCI point out Uranus (technology/science/NASA/originality) was located in the down to earth scientific BUSINESS oriented sign of Capricorn (practicality) ruled by Saturn, (the career engineer!)

This is why Hubbard’s natal Unique Celestial Identity produced a “weird/mad” rational, scientist atheist rather than someone like me, blessed with true Divine cosmic wisdom! 

According to his death certificate, which was signed by Dr. Eugene Denk, a Scientologist who had been Mr. Hubbard’s personal physician for many years, he died of a stroke. But can this be? The reality is, using forensic Astrology, like my dear friend (RIP Larry) who shared the same Plutonic dragon, Hubbard committed suicide! 

Image result for suicide

More than 800,000 suicides a year? What wrong with humanity? The reptilius at work!

Chemicals alone can not be blamed to “see” what “normal” people assume is; the product of a vivid imagination alone. Why some people like me, loaded with Uranic energy in their charts attract UFO’s and the Divine is far from being an accident. There are celestial winds at work that science and society at large could never either accept or understand… 


You are either a “chosen one” commissioned to a perform a very important mission for humanity or end up abducted and a victim of the reptilius you attracted because of an endless amount of fears generated. 

The reptilius are both cosmic conscious and deceptively smart and will poison the body, mind and soul of anyone who, willingly or accidentally use any form of chemicals. In some cases even a “safe” behind the counter medication used innocently for common cold or headaches will do the trick.

I recall a few years back a paralyzed, very religious Lady came in my office in San Diego, helped by her two more liberal daughters who heard about me on national radio. She wanted to find out, using astrology,  why God punished her in such a dramatic way, after taking a cold medication, she ended up in a hospital, then paralyzed…

Knowing nothing of her sad situation, as soon as I found she was born a Libra, in October, the first thing I asked her was “ Did you take any behind the counter cold medicine lately Joanne?”  Those three Ladies were totally blown away by my acute astrological perception and my correct diagnostic…  I did all I could to explain that she stimulated her subconscious with fears and guilt and attracted “bad luck!”  During those days I did not know nothing of the reptilius though… 

Prolonged isolation like David Icke did writing his first book on the reptilians, alone in the Ile of Wright for weeks or months at the time, is also a sure way to lay the red carpet and invite the reptilius.

September 11 attacks is not an “inside job” induced by the US Government,  knowing I fully predicted it over a year earlier in my 2010 Moon Power book “Dr. Turi 911 famous prediction!”  and in 1995 on Art Bell syndicated radio show ALL because if the stars pattern, something all cosmic unconscious conspiracy “talking heads” knows nothing about! 
There is a BIG difference between real Divine cosmic information and pure conspiratorial imagination!  Read the facts! 

And his quote below is totally wrong, nothing can be further from the truth! Incidentally,  a very rare tiny group of cosmic conscious Super-humans or my precious students can really appreciate this fact! 

99.9% of an unconscious world’s population will accept this quote as true, yet it is not!

Image may contain: text that says '"We are all expressions of the same consciousness in the same infinite state of awareness as everybody else." DAVID ICKE'THE HUMAN UCI IS EXTREMELY COMPLEX

We erroneously hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are …Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The fact is, you like it or not; we may be all equal on the pursuit of happiness in life yet men NOT born equal in mind, body and especially in spirit and this is the dilemma in explaining to a hard core scientific community and  the “norm!”

No one has inherited the same cosmic program and no one will react to the Universal mind the same way!  If that was the case I would subscribe to religious, atheist or conspiracy groups! On the other hand, ants and bees do react, think, behave the same way because their will is unified in a single unit but humans are wired totally different!  

In all honesty if you are unable to realize and accept this fact, there is no much my advanced, spiritually inclined cosmic work can ever achieve with you and you belong to “the norm!”

Neptune or Pisces rules the subconscious, jails, prisons, asylums, hospital, mental institutions, temples, churches and all the legal and illegal drugs associated with any form of confinement…  A perfect recipe used by the reptilius to distort the mind and reality of their victims.

I also know for a fact David, like I do, enjoy refined red wine and if abused, alcohol will also trig a reptilius infestation. This does not mean David is a drunk OK?  But by experience I know loneliness and/or depression leads to alcoholism and create also pot heads. 

 The reptilius’ PSYCHICAL phenomenon is very real and under specific cosmic, physical or spiritual circumstances,  anyone can accidentally jump into the super-conscious in time and space and SEE those terrorizing awful evil entities.  

Educated facts or imagination, YOUR choice!

Join my You Tube channel and see what will happen in a few days from today and if I will be allowed to educate you on the cosmic code secrets, talk about David Icke and offer you more dated predictions for March 2019 – I always said David Icke is all about money and I know this to be true because I also know his stars!

I am glad to know I am not the only one who can see the truth of what it mean to be born in April in the constellation of Aries  and regenerate with investigations, power, secrets, conspiracy and MONEY!

Jesse Ventura, like me can not be fooled by David but he is also reptilius infected! Watch the video and judge for yourself his thoughts about David!   Note the day of the taping the cosmic winds were Plutonic right in David’s 8th house of money & secrets (to light) and this mean a serious wake up call for him and some… 

Image result for shapeshifters definition

David Icke, the Reptilius and the Shameful Australia Ban!

Be sure reader, no one has ever and will NEVER shift into a Lizard right in front of your eyes! This nonsense can only be accepted by blind faith and in the total trust cursing an infested, unconscious “teacher” who vibrate at a very low, very rational cosmic speed. 

Yet, those awful entities are very REAL when stimulated by fear and fabricated by an infected mind! As a professional hypnotherapist, I can assure you readers, a manipulated, unhealthy subconscious will create its own hypnotic reality and open the door and tread on forbidden and very dangerous parallel worlds. 

Image result for reptilian suicide

“In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” Dr. Turi

Heavily conditioned fanatics infected people join or create their own religious groups .i.e. ISIS. Those lost souls can never use critical thinking anymore and are lead to believe apocalyptic or conspiratorial junk only and often die in the process. (David Koresh/Rev Jones etc.)

The same apply to those who have been feed with conspiratorial material for years, they can never be “saved!” Only a miracle can save them and I am not God to make such miracle happen…

Until they manage to exit the box and free their conditioned spirit, their lives will always be tainted with conspiracy, fear of power and never, ever will they be able to trust their government or anyone around them.

And not all politicians are infected, greedy and aim solely for fame power and wealth! 

Their passionate beliefs and humongous trust in their infested leader is so strong that NOTHING and NO ONE can ever change their radicalized mind! History has proven to be right with Hitler’s Youth dedicated NAZI’s killers, yet when critical thinking is gone, only deep encrusted beliefs and rogue emotions reign supreme! 

Offering a plausible information to those “lost souls” (who never read) is a total waste of my time, yet I can only try to reach parents blessed with a more intuitive UCI who can perceive the gravity of the reptilius universal infestation dramatic situation.  

The Reptilius uses technology to addict the human spirit into entertainments, sexual debauchery, *porn, politics, sports, religions, science, atheism while nurturing hate, confusion, fears, chaos, discords, fights, suicides stealing your attention and altering your psychical awareness to stop  your psychical interaction against them!

Infested souls from all walks of life are everywhere on TV, on radio, on the internet, particularly on You Tube and Facebook. Those unconscious popular reptilius slaves are doing a tremendous damage to their followers and particularly the fragile psyche of your children.

Social media, the reptilius and teens’ depression

All I can do is to offer you with my critical warnings hoping you will participate fighting those nefarious entities by supporting and signing my petition

The reptilius can only survive with fears, chaos, universal misinformation, religious separatism and human idiocy! And when the leader of a powerful country like the US is infected, what are my chances for my non existing voice to reach the masses? Indeed not only unconscious, brain washed idiots are laughing at me, but particularly the reptilius… 

In a world where leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions, or prioritize entertainments, sports and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity. Dr. Turi

The reptilius are relentless in their  agenda designed to infect those who own and handle most power! These are, from top politicians, abusive corporations to any and all popular yet, cosmic unconscious “talking heads” slaving for their evil masters.

If you care about humanity’ survival you MUST join me to defeat negativity of all shapes and forms with positivism, love, respect, cosmic education, faith in a Cosmic God who speak his will through the signs I translate endlessly for you!  

Backed up by the reptilius, all those lost souls can only infect more people with fear of power, fear of your government, fear of the apocalypse, all stimulated by a great dose of ignorance. 

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
– Albert Einstein

But time are changing fast as the Age of Aquarius imposes a new awareness of the Divine, UFO’s reality and God’s cosmic presence! The Age of deceptive Pisces is over, the new Age of Aquarius, as of 1945 is leading humanity into the future where all the stolen secrets of the past will have to be reinstated for future generation to use wisely! 

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom” Paracelsus-

The World’s Cosmic Consciousness Is Changing!

God do no engage fools, you can only speak ONE cosmic unifying star language that will; in time  bring peace and harmony on earth and replace man’s religious folly induced by the reptilius… Sad enough, all pious, God fearing lost souls run away in fear from my cosmic teachings, yet they are the ones who need me the most!  

dr. turi

 The soul of the cosmos

On the other hand, rational, critical UNCONSCIOUS atheists people would rather trust science and read conspiratorial material because their down to earth “educated” natal UCI can only dictate science and logic as the only mean to get the answers they seek! 

Those people will never check my undeniable predictions an immediately ridicule and erroneously assume my cosmic work is nothing more than a wasteful pseudo-science! While God fearing souls will dare NOT to read anything related to Astrology in fear of burning forever in HELL! 

It amazes me that those brainwashed victims actually believe such a reptilius junk knowing WE are already living in HELL on this tasking training ground we call earth!

Age of Truth TV February 24th 2019 Predictions
Age of Truth TV February 16th 2019 predictions

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal “religious or scientific” education. – Albert Einstein

UFO’s and ET’s are very real, but as explained to Lucas on “Age of Truth TV” it is a VERY personal experience and until you, like I did 5 times, deal psychically and physically with those beings, you have all the right in the world to be skeptical! 

“Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share” Dr. Turi


Here you go readers at the end, will you be able to avoid or exit the reptilius BLACK HOLE of ignorance in front of you? A question only you can answer I guess…

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

After watching this educational video, if you do relate to my cosmic mission to upgrade your cosmic consciousness and save humanity from the evil reptilius , please sign my petition…

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While I am still healing from a bad fall in the Marshal Island last August and may undergo surgery, I  should be able to attend all my future conferences. Please join us and have a blast in the process…

Lastly the reptilius are working overtime through my Internet enemies (religious fanatics, conspiracy heads & “educated” atheists.) Thus if you vibrate at my cosmic speed and support my work, please share it widely! Thank you all. Tomorrow is my BD, if you are a supporter I will take all blessings I can get coming my way from my Facebook page… 

Blessings and thank you to my world wide reading audience.

Dr. Turi

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