Shark gives ‘virgin birth’ The reptilius and Humanity!


Shark gives ‘virgin birth’ 

Although this phenomenon of “virgin birth” is quite rare, it’s not unheard of in sharks. Virgin births have been observed in other sharks in aquaria and in the wild. It has also been seen in other types of animals, from snakes to invertebrates.

Dear readers;

The scientific community will never be able to accept what their perceive as “bizarre” theories or claims that can not be proved rationally. Yet the above “unconventional” birth, speaks of the reality; of various ET’s  groups manipulating the genes of all living things on planet earth!

Indeed the five limited rational “educated” human senses are inadequate to perceive the divine in action. And the subhuman underdeveloped idiot is always fast to judge those who own a turbo charged mind perceiving the incredible!

Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke WHOOPI!!!!! Still at 28 whole contributors!!! Hey Frog! Can ya just drown yourself in the pond? Better yet, quit posting your crap here. There’s more believable stories about big foot and little green and grey men, that have WAY more credibility than your sorry arsed ‘predictions’. I mean really, how many CUSTOMERS are you going to get out of BINLAND? Take a marketing hint… GO AWAY!!!

My live traffic feed speaks the fact of my worldwide reading audience interest in my work and not all the people on BIN can be idiots unwilling to accept the facts even when it is right in their faces!

Geniuses and artists’ mental creativity is also stimulated by those entities and so are the infected morons and criminals who have lost control of their vilify psyches.  Some snakes are also able to reproduce without sexual contact and humanity is slowly acknowledging what was previously sought as impossible!

There are billions of questions science will never be able to answer nor comprehend and it is through the assigned karmic work of spiritually advanced rare “soul doctors”  and prophets alike that; the agnostic, the atheist and idiots will be able to upgrade their perceptiveness to the miraculous process of life on planet earth. Science calls it evolution, pious people, God’s creation.

Without countless of  ET’s interactions, this world would never have it made that far and the traditionally “educated idiots” truly think they own or will be able, in time; to offer all the answers scientifically!  Gee, this world is so young and humans are so immature and much too quick to assume anything without doing any form of investigative mental gymnastics!

The reptilius agenda is clear… Remove all humans from planet earth! And to do so they will use all in their power to reach their goals. Without a lifetime, carefully planned series of abductions, they can not physically interact with selected humans without hurting them.  As a legitimate commissioned MJ12 I can assure you, ET’s can not help or interfere with human evolution on this dense physical world physically!

Thus if you assume the government is working with ET’s and exchange technology or any other ridiculousness you need to realize anti matter is not allowing this possibility.  ET’s are taking as much risks as any NASA astronauts would when launched into space! With the difference that ET’s technology can not be used safely without an incredible amount of “out of this world” preparations.

ET’s are all cosmic conscious. They know what planets cosmic essence will endorse traveling through one of the trillion billions of solar systems and infinite galaxies. And all solar systems have their own particular cosmic vibrations and specific cosmic code jurisdictions but none of them resemble our solar system and our encompassing unique planet earth.

Scientists are and think like humans. They can not delegate such advanced psychical spiritual terms, making them totally inept to comprehend the archetypal realm of supra cosmic consciousness in time and space.

Especially when the art and science of astrology, magic and the spirit have been removed from the equation. The scientific community low rational intellectual vibrations stop them all to deal and comprehend ET’s intelligence and their subtle psychical interactions with humans.

The reptilius are able to psychically manipulate, interact and interfere with all life genes found on planet earth, would it be human, animal or vegetal. They can stimulate a genius mental powers, artistic creativity, human physical and spiritual endurance and are responsible for humanity’s sins and virtues! Only in the safety of their spaceships can they purposely and physically use technological surgical instrumentation on humans.

And how do I know? I have been there!

They are creating or destroying  life on earth through us. They manipulate the human spirit for good or evil. They created major matrixes ( political, religious, scientific, entertainments, sports, medical etc.) to keep the human spirit indoctrinated, mesmerized, amused and under their control!

They lead greedy and unconcerned scientists to conduct experiments on animals and human guinea pigs to create more powerful drugs, to make more money knowing very well you are slowly medically poisoned.

They need you to stay gullible, unaware, fearful and influence you to ridicule people like me while following infected celebrities from all walks of life – Brexit leader and Donald Trump’s Infestation – Tony Robbins hot coal walk idiocy!

They do not want you to think on your own. They created all sorts of famous cosmic unconscious  “teachers” that many think are geniuses. The reptilius facilitate the misinformation and offer a large platform to those who are unknowingly infested.

They created a devious, abusive system; designed to stop you think independently, outside of religions and science… All cleverly designed to stop you investigating God Cosmic Divinity!

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

They have indoctrinated, brain washed humanity to adhere solely to their systems. They infiltrated the US Department of Education, the police, the secret services, the medical and pharmaceutical corporations including all the governmental organizations you depend on.

Those nefarious entities want you to accept and recognize only man-made reality, while keeping their true identity hidden away.

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

They are making sure you can not escape the blind “herd’s” mentality and lead the majority of you straight into the pit of ignorance. I understand people’s fear and skepticism because the “indoctrination” started with the rise of humanity and never stopped since then!

To accept certain groups of good and bad ET’s using and abusing our solar system’s cosmic regulations to invade and control your spirit for good or for worse,  is a very far fetched proposition! Yet it is TRUE! But the human will, or the part of God in your celestial make up should be stronger than the reptilius.

As human our will is stronger than the stars, period! But it’s not easy to fight something you can not conceive and refuse to accept. This is why, to win the battle you must know your enemies and learn more about them!

Life could not be without death. The day could not be without the light. God could never exist without evil reflecting the principle of life based upon opposite polarity or the the yin and yang (positive/negative.)

The old fearful, unconscious you must give room to a more curious, stronger, wiser, better, more advanced spirit or the essence of the benevolent Draconis, who need the human positive thoughts to win the battle and kick those entities back into the black holes were they came from!

Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order

Those entities are creating all sorts of fears, discords, chaos, diseases and traumatize humans because without “Dark Matter” or all of the above, they can not survive in our negative polarized solar system! Get a compass, it will point out north!

This is not a physical phenomenon, far from it. Its a psychical one. Something science can  not assimilate and far from what David Icke teaches! David is unconscious himself and infected but oblivious of the imposed agenda upon his own fate. The more fears he generate, the more fame and more infestation generate more fears. Very much like Donald Trump does! Brexit leader and Donald Trump’s Infestation

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Look around you. See the crazy world you live in and the type of insane news popping up on CNN everyday! Drugs addiction, horrific crimes and suicides are exploding. Something is very wrong? Police: Mom fatally stabbed 4 kids 

“One of the most difficult questions in any investigation always is, why did it occur?” Oldham said, according to CNN affiliate WMC.” I am offering you the real answers readers! And by letting your own fears or skepticism rule your life , you become a part of this dance of madness.

An Ohio court sentenced 21-year-old Emile Weaver to life in prison without parole for the killing of her newborn child in April 2015.


Those “monsters” are guilty of a committed crime but they are also part of a Universal Infestation and the victims of an infected system who has no clue to what’s going on! The simple fact to join us and become a VIP  is your fist step to read and understand much more about all ET’s, their agendas while mastering the secrets of the Cosmic Code.  Then, “Psychically” YOU BECOME ONE OF US to battle those cancerous entities.

Reptilius confine the human spirit into entertainment, religions and scientific atheism convictions designed to nurture fears, chaos, discords and doubts, steal your attention, stop your psychical awareness and  stop  your spiritual interaction against them!

Christianity and all other religions, for a lack of true wisdom, call the evil reptilius “Satan, the Lord of Darkness and hell.” Terms for something much illusive and so much bigger. I am simply offering you a better understanding who’s the “Devil” is and how his  evil spirit operate, infect your body, mind and soul!

As you read this article, if it makes sense to you, may my words of cosmic wisdom reflect on your decision to join us and share my work with those, who like you want to free their spirit from this evil!

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