Should God Forgive the Sinners?


Maureen Frances OConnor (born July 14, 1946)

Dear Readers:

I really hope you enjoyed the full explanation and cosmic obvious reasons involving ” Oscar Pistorius Draconus Scorpius Fate” because if you read CNN  “Few details as Pistorius denies charge” the world is still baffled!

Universal admiration for his sports achievements turned to global shock following his arrest, with more questions than answers: What transpired in Pistorius‘ upscale Pretoria home?  What led to the killing of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, a platinum-haired model gearing up for her reality television debut? And why on Valentine’s Day?


Now on to another case I decided to make public hoping for the readers to realize how much they should know…

It amazing what the legal hyaenas will come up with to save the fate of born manipulators and killers. Let me bring you more “cosmic” light in the case of Maureen Frances O’Connor.  Born in July, all Cancer souls i.e. billionaire Ross Perot, are set by the cosmic code to “shine” with money and possessions and O’Connor is not different. But when the moon (emotions/family savings) opposes a manipulative Capricornus Moon use and abuse is the results. Remember Cancer is very emotional while it polar opposite sign Capricorn is cold and calculated – Note also she becomes a Capricorn  or a Snob attracted to politics  power and wealth. But this evil, manipulative politician, act out its power from her seven house (facing the world) and her husband. And this is why she even abused him and the funds he created through his lifelong work.

Thus hiding her manipulative nature behind a brain tumor disease is her attorney best shot for her defense to send her where she belongs, rotting in jail.

Furthermore Astropsychology teaches that Sagittarius rules gambling and “accidentally” THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS) O’Connor was born with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in this sign making her prone to the Jupiter natural pull for “exaggeration” and gambling addiction. Thus she was born a manipulator doomed to suffer gambling addiction. The terrible reality is is like ALL your politicians cosmic unconscious and in charge of your life, taxes distribution and the fate of your children. Her actions are unspeakable, disgusting but the system is set to reward the abusers with too many criminal Lobbyists who could not care less about you or your children. This is your world, your politicians, your scientific community  and your religious leaders…

Indeed the world descended to HELL but not as those cosmic unconscious religiously poisoned souls could ever comprehend…

America is Plagued with Curses Published by Crutcher-Hall Management Trust

$$$$$$$$$$$$$ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY!$$$$$$$$$$

 Dr. Curtis G. Hall and Dr. Carolyn Hall chronicle here the long list of plagues and curses on humanity that they see affecting a world where many so-called Christians no longer represent God.

October 16, 2012 – Denver, CO, and Stafford, VA – Dr. Curtis G. Hall and Dr. Carolyn Hall announced today the release of  America is Plagued with Curses, From the “Out House” to the “White House,”published by Crutcher-Hall Management Trust.  The Halls use their combined “Eighty-Years” of experience in the gospel Ministry to list out the Satanic contamination of God’s world from their continued Ministry by God Almighty to proclaim His holy word.

 The authors, Dr. Curtis G. Hall and Dr. Carolyn Hall emphasize and point out that humanity is unfortunately endowed with many diseases, sicknesses, and ailments which are mostly underlying ”Bloodline Generational Curses” which spans from their father’s bloodline and their mother’s bloodline back to at least 3 and 4 generations and possibly deep into their ancestries as well.  Additionally, the authors outline steps for individuals to “Spiritually Deliver” themselves and their families from “Bloodline Generational Curses” which sets them free.

My answer to all this nonsense is…

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just cosmic circumstances the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.

– Dr.Turi

In the name of abuse, power wealth and control, humanity has lost its connection with God’s celestial divinity where those who can read and heed the signs are such an incredible minority.  The great Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC) said: ‘Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.’ There is a reason for this but rare is the soul born with the gift!

In this physical world people speak and transmit vibrations These vibrations are picked up by the human ears of the receiver and transmitted electrically to the brain to be decoded into words. This is human talking their daily affairs…

But everything is an information field and so it is with the 12 Astrological symbols and its billions of aspects, not to forget the natal and hidden Dragons. They are information fields recognized by the  “3 wise men” who were astrologers following/translating Jesus’ stars and fate. They knew this cosmic phenomenon that represent what they are meant to symbolise and are cosmically transmitted to the brain stimulating the robotic/neurotic actions of all human beings under the jurisdiction of the cosmic code. Indeed today’ science is far from accepting this fact not knowing the inner connection between the human mind and the universal mind.

The difference is that when we hear physical sound such as words our conscious mind is aware of that, but when the information fields that we call symbols access the brain they do so subconsciously. Even if one or two register with the conscious mind only a few people realize what they represent and are covertly communicating. It is all happening subconsciously. This is why only cosmic consciousness through the study of Astropsychology can breach this humongous cosmic ignorance.

In short, symbols are a secret gateway to the human mind coming from the Universal mind and rare as those who can read this sophisticated, subtle cosmic code… Jesus was trained by many “wise men” to do so as to introduce humanity to “Our father in the heavens” but the Illuminati were right there, at the very beginning to hijack the human spirit trapping it into ridiculous man made religious doctrines. The results for perpetuating ignorance and interfering/ignoring God’ structural, cosmic celestial will is the continuous endless religious wars still plaguing this world…(as the Church taught, four corners…)

While I am convinced, the Illuminati lost the essence of cosmic wisdom, some may know this and that’s why they have their own language of symbolism to control you and why they place their symbols throughout human society.  Learn more  read “UCI or Unique Celestial Identity

But those symbols are only a reflection of a much higher power/purpose my students and I own, and why the typical cosmic unconscious conspiracy “Talking Heads” (and they are many) is no different. Because explaining logically what the symbols means and do does not offer a way out of humanity hijacked spirit.

But I am here to  offer you my rare pearl of wisdom, and as you know, you can take the horse to the cosmic river but  this does not mean he will drink at the cosmic source of pure wisdom.  All you have is your intuition and my words, the rest is all about “Ask and you shall receive.”

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