Halloween – Should You Fear Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo?


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“Turn off your TEL- LIE-VISION, and turn on your 3rd – EVIL- EYE-VISION!

End of religions the birth of a new Cosmic God

 The Magical Power of Talismans! 

“Victimus Reptilius Dritus Satanus” – The spell cast upon my enemies…


jknbt – start gathering your rock pile, now!

Pulsating Gelatinous Pillow in a Fish Tank
Great idea. Some people should be beaten with rocks.

DT rebuttal: You are a disgrace to humanity. The subhumans are no better than ISIS and all of you are targeted by the cosmic karmic forces you could never understand until they reach you. Be prepared for the same very forces of evil speaking through your tainted, reptilius infected souls which will never  beat the light I own!  Time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness… 

Google, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi

God’s Evil Children

For years I have been fighting the ugly forces of evil generated by various people, particularly the religiously poisoned sub-humans. Greed is an evil force forcing the putrified mind to try getting away a well deserved karma and my expertise with witchcraft! While I could ignore stupidity, I prefer trying to educate those lost souls and can only respond to those unevolved tainted souls psychically!

But the greedy souls, the atheists, the skeptics, and scared pious souls do not believe, nor do they know of the evil forces they created witch will always come back to the ones who generated the evil flux!

Create a negative though and be ready to suffer it in time. Call it karma or the perfect justice imposed by the universal rites and cosmic ceremonies that so many young souls ridicule!  Little do they know that; there is no space in time and the “force” they fear so much or simply deny will always find its creator.

My cosmic wisdom is real and astrology, magic spells,  witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, and  The Magical Power of Talismans! may be sought (like my cosmic work) as pseudo-science only, but the fact is the power coming from the underworld is as solid as the world you live on. The power can be channeled for humanity’s progressive purpose or ones’ personal gain.

In fact, I had a few “forced” occasions in my 66 years of metaphysical endeavors to thread on both sides of the coin. I tested and witnessed this awful power in action and the results can only scare the hell out of any unlucky recipients. It is only when you experience it mentally and physically that you realize there is much more to the world of metaphysics than science could never explain!

Countless people are victimized daily by reptilius infected people’s envious, destructive thoughts knowing nothing of the dreadful channeled Plutonic energy poisoning their lives. But before explaining how the force of darkness (negative) can be cleansed out or channeled safely, let me start by explaining how the forces of light (positive) work through white magic.

“God created the stars and heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

While I am a master in handling all forms of metaphysics, I was born with the gift of a true “light worker” and I refuse to teach Witchcraft to anyone and for good reason. In life, we are forced to cross the path of certain evil people for specific karmic purposes that can and must be fulfilled with their interaction.

Some souls are real blessings, sent by God to offer true help and further unselfish wishes while others are sent from the infested dark forces to stop your progress.

But in all, a very serious lesson has and will always be learned from all parties involved,  usually imposed by the unfolding drama. Maybe you know someone who never had to deal with enemies or someone who has not been a victim of a con man or got lured into a situation where he/she becomes a victim of an abusive greedy soul.

Certainly, everyone has and while karma always takes its sweet time to show its ugly face to the perpetrators, only a real gifted metaphysician has the cosmic wisdom to direct and control both the constructive or evil dark forces at their advantage.

So if you are doing something wrong, you do not need me to tell you about it. Your very conscience (your safeguard) is just trying hard to save your butt.  And if you think you are safe from karma or the evil eye, think twice because there is no time or distance in space!

Once launched, the evil eye will reach its target and its victim forced to experience a streak of bad luck, sleepless nights, cold sweat, depressions, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, health problems, accidents, and in extreme cases, even death.

Some people rely on a deity and pray to God to stop the poisoned flux to reach you, but most of them do not have the wisdom needed to stop the evil. They will begin slowly deteriorating from the inside out as soon as the dark spell is carried away in the insidious Plutonic wind.

 One of the utmost metaphysical rules is very clear reader. Shared knowledge means also loss of power unless you are me of course and know more about the supra-conscious, the stars, metaphysics, and the reptilius agenda! The unevolved, pious, skeptic, common, unwise soul maybe lead to a cross path with me but can never benefit from my supreme cosmic wisdom, period!

So much power hidden in this symbol.

But before going forward and explaining more about the Plutonic sinister world, realize that life itself; is based on two equal forces, that could not exist without each other’s or its equal counterpart: i.e.

God – Devil

Good – Bad

Day – Night

Yin and Yang

Male – Female

Front – Back

Positive – Negative

Astrologers – Astronomers

White Magic – Black Magic – etc.

Thank you world for your “white witchcraft!”

As predicted then in my newsletter titled Astrology Versus Astronomy,“ Gabrielle Giffords made significant progress and was moved to a rehabilitation hospital in Houston.

That’s good news but God isn’t really the one making the miracle, it’s the part of God inside each person and their thought who did the job!

But as explained in FEARS feeds Evil, in the “accident” she suffered is a form of powerful  “Wicca” against her own self. Only our VIPs are allowed to read this section by clicking on the link above.

However the doctors the scientific community and the world at large were perplexed and very clear, Giffords’ progress ‘not normal.’ So what really happened there, magic?

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy, and religious imagination does the rest. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot perceive.” Dr. Turi

Rep. Gifford magical recovery had to do with forces she and science could never assimilate because the “Soul Doctors” are nowhere to teach society! Indeed the “magic spells” of millions of positive healing thoughts geared towards her fast recovery paid off and did the job!

This is why it is important to avoid doing wrong things to people you do not know, because some people are naturally set (gifted) by the stars to stimulate the subconscious manifesto and do direct those energies to produce things you could never imagine!

Evil and good people alike can and will  “use” the super-conscious and subtle thoughts forms you know nothing about to work for or against you!

I deal with hundreds of thousands of readers that are wishing us well on a daily basis and when my supporters found out I was battling colon cancer, all the “white light” poured to me and my doctors were also wondering how soon after my surgery, I recovered fast and the cancer is now totally gone!


Avoiding karma is like throwing a rock above above your head and hope it will never go back down and maybe you’ll be e smart enough to stay clear from it. This means as much as a person can be nice to others and give the world his best, the same person can become reptilius infected and “switch” then do the extract same opposite.

Intensity, steadiness, pain, passion, revenge and guilt are the perfect fuel to channel the power like a laser beam right to the target.  In other words, the more pain, wrong doing or guilt a person inflicts to others or generates upon himself; the more hateful psychic  “fuel” is available to launch and maintain the evil wind.

 Usually this intense telepathic hideous soup is cooked on a subconscious level and NOT directed willingly, safely and steadily by the “novice” thus taking away a good chunk of power in the process. Do you feel lucky?

There’s more to learn about handling and generating this power in my 550 pages book “Beyond The Secret.” But remember it is all at a karmic risks, because the stars and the subconscious will not rationalize with you! Thus make sure you read the sections properly and understand the risks involved in dealing with Plutonic forces!  

The good news is; Some evil eye reptilius infected souls, while interested in using witchcraft  to destroy their enemies, do not have inherited Plutonic UCI needed to handle the sinister forces properly nor  they possess enough of the “deep dark” cosmic knowledge to safely avoid the karmic repercussions.

Indeed hurting someone from distance is dangerous for both the evil creator and the unlucky recipient. But there are vengeful situations so intense that true evil spirit  do sell their soul to evil in order to become Voodoo Master dedicated to psychically destroy their enemies. These people are busy fulfilling diabolic requests. Time to wake up reader and learn a few things from this, free again; cosmic code newsletter sample.

Now remember, as a proliferated writer reaching many people every day, as soon as I expose one of my enemies wrong doing; the very mass supporting me generates thoughts against my enemies!  And the super-conscious evil forces  does not need a physical address to find you…  And the evil wind act as a solid spiritual wake-up call that will do quite a lot of damage to them.

But in a million years, any young soul will never connect his “bad luck” with themselves as the receiving karmic generator!

Indeed all my enemies have “infringed” the universal laws and brought to themselves an inescapable well deserved karma! Google, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi

Those “young souls” are lucky because while the positive side of my soul help humans from all walks of life, these fouls have absolutely no idea of the  destruction that can be done to their spirits and lives in general. I do not have to add to their own karma unless I am pushed to do so!

So to summarize, Rep. Gifford and I, including any other well known people, i.e. actors, singers etc. politicians, they are tremendously loved and hated by the public!

The human spirit has its imperfections too. Ultimately I used the examples of what happened to us, to show and prove to you that, black or white magic exists and can be manipulated for good or for worse, period. You can learn to master the power at your advantage with good intentions or you may stay in your comfortable religious or atheist zones!


End of all religions, birth of a real God


This may be a sensitive but very real “witchcraft” topic that may easily offend or scare the uninformed or god fearing religious reader! But understanding the conscious or subconscious process involving witchcraft practices should be taken very seriously, because its happening all the time and is very real.

Again this is one of my last public cosmic code newsletter samples and you do much more for yourself if you become a VIP and learn about metaphysics and the cosmic code jurisdictions with us! And with it, all about the real cosmic God will!

Deciphering the mechanics of  Astropsychology, magic spells, wicca, witchcraft, black magic and voodoo, divine astrology etc. is only for the wise older souls! Again my bookBeyond The Secretis a good start.

While I teach how to generate and control the creative and destructive forces of the subconscious and how the supra-conscious works, I do not teach how to channel the dark forces of black magic to anyone!

  Yes I can heal and offer real guidance and predictions, offer hopes and love to people but never forget a razor blade has two sides reader, at least when it comes to Dr. Turi.

The right “Wicca/Astropsychology/metaphysics” education is the only key to apply such power over others, and this is why the Illuminati use, own an guard the mysterious black key secretively.

Imagination play a very important part in directing the “evil” Plutonic energy and some well read black magic practitioners use or draw pictures and stab it repetitively at a very precise time.

The power intensifies drastically when the “incantation” is performed during the victim’s negative cosmic biorhythms, especially after midnight and after a full moon on the day commanding the hidden dragon of the intended victim. At least this is what the Draconis do to all unconscious humans to control their thoughts and actions…

There is such a thing of being at th e right/wrong time and the right/wrong place reader. Like a well oiled gearbox the Cosmic Code rules are impartial and knowing when and how to use those celestial winds can be used to channel the power to avoid or “create” what human call accidents.

Again when write “Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil or do not feed evil” the reader must understand and acknowledge these words to their full extend. Would you trust a drunk or bran new pilot to fly you and your loved one across the US? Would you trust someone with legitimate wisdom to guide and help you to handle those dangerous forces?

All I have to say  to the scientific community and skeptics alike is; beware because you are not informed on certain subjects does not mean the essence of these phenomenons are not real, nor can be applied to benefit or hurt you in our daily life.

Now because our infantile science classify astrology, magic spells, wicca, witchcraft, black magic UFO;s the universal reptilius infestation and voodoo as a joke; does not mean it’s true, because scientists are well known to “retract” and constantly prove themselves wrong.


In the medical aspect of divine astrology, the location of Saturn “The Great Malefic” in a chart can also be used to pin point the weakest area of the body. Because Virgo rules the colon, the elimination principle and nefarious Saturn is in this sign, Astropsychology medical aspect dictates a natural weakness in the digestive track.

Mars “the Lord of War” is also perceived as a dangerous evil planet by the ancients and Rome Master  Astrologers used this planet devastating energy to successfully win all battles.

Mars was surnamed “Gradivus”, which has been translated as he who precedes the army in battle”. In the late 1st century B.C., the emperor Augustus erected the Temple of Mars Ultor (“Mars the Avenger”) in Rome, to give thanks to the god for his victory over the assassins of his adoptive father, Gaius Julius Caesar.

“To Thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul: in Thee, O my God, I put my trust“

Thus in the hands of a cosmic conscious evil master, the location of Mars by sign and house can be channeled to create an accident, break a leg or become the victim of a violent death.

Neptune “The Lord of poisoning” can be used for bringing infectious organism to the intended victim who ends up dying mysteriously.

Uranus can be used to create a freak accident and those cosmic winds are used by the reptilius ETs to curse humanity!


If Mercury (driving) is badly affected in the victim’s chart with Mars (danger) then this celestial aspect can also be used to create an “accident” and the list goes on and on. But again unless the practitioners has your date of birth and owns cosmic consciousness, understanding of the dragons, housing system, planets, and aspects etc. the black magic side of Wicca astrology cannot be used quite efficiently.

Again, one must be highly skilled on the supra-conscious forces at work, paganism, astrology, hypnotherapy and the medical aspect of Astropsychology to perform this type of evil work from distance.

Great consideration must be taking place, especially in the avoidance of the returning residual karmic energy. Remote viewing is also a form of white witchcraft, where the subconscious is used to psychically travel in time and space and spy on the enemy.

What can I do for you Dr. Turi?

The immense power of the Hidden Dragon is the utmost destructive conducting energy to use in black magic. Mostly because the soul is already stuck in the pool of negativity, fears, guilt, uncontrolled imagination etc. and that is where the soul must swim out or avoid  it like the pest. So its location by house and sign is deadly and a vital information at the hand/spirit of your persecutor.

Thus using astropsychology and armed with the date of birth there is a myriad of aspects and possibilities available to start the evil work and get rid of your enemies. And while I am offering the reader the “Wicca for Idiots” this practice is common in Africa, the US and many other places in this big world.

The purpose of me explaining such dark forces is to make the reader aware that; not only karma but the evil forces you ridicule or deny will always reach you if you do evil to anyone around you, period.

Again when I write “the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of EVIL or POSITIVE thoughts” I mean it…

Damn, why me?

For instance someone born with the dragon head or tail in certain signs is very vulnerable on the heart area and the black flux can be channeled rapidly to produce a clog and a heart attack. The more skilled and focused the “Magician” is, the more power will be generated for or against a person! Very much like a dynamo generating a slow or fast, but steady killing psychic electrical current.

Being fully aware of the housing system and the sign ruling a particular house can also act as a “spiritual” dagger carefully directed to hit the far away target.  Other evil souls stick needles into a puppet endlessly, subconsciously looking for the perfect celestial energy and the perfect timing. These evil souls obsessive infected mind will only stop channeling the power when they are notified of their victim’s demise.

Remember reader there are no accidents, heart attacks are not only coming from bad eating habits, lack of exercise or what science wants you to accept, heart attacks can also come to you because someone wishes you evil for what ever damage you did to that person.

And you thought you won a battle and it is all over with them? How wrong you are! Thus let’s say you screwed someone of $2000, be sure you will have to pay thousands of dollars worth of stress, depressions, panic attacks, bad luck and medical bills! That is if; you are lucky enough to escape with your life.

Life is NOT all about love and Light

With me as a  paying VIP, you will get only the truth to what’s really going on behind your rose colored loving glasses. All I am doing is giving you a chance to assimilate another world! The one I deal with everyday and  where I shine and reign supreme by helping you to correct your thoughts and actions as to avoid the karmic Wicca’s  power.

As  a rule, the  more skeptical or fearful an infected person is; the easier the target will become to feel the hideous Plutonic power flowing through their doomed spirit.

Most of the time, the evil power is practiced subconsciously; But when the wisdom and the will is applied precisely and steadily the results are guaranteed. Only a spiritual cleansing, a powerful incantation or a “anti possession”  talisman can reverse and stop the spiritual damage.

Thus if you feel you have done something wrong to someone and you feel somehow guilty, chances are you are already under this person’ conscious or subconscious spell.

Hello is this a evil or healing spirit reaching you?

  The Magical Power of Talismans! 

Think for example of a person and, all of a sudden the telephone ring, or think of someone and it appears in your dreams or in real life just around the corner. This happens all the time but you are probably unaware of it.

This is nothing else than a benign form of witchcraft all humans are able to generate, experience and handle at a subconscious level.

And you think just because you are a Jew, a Christian or sold your soul to Neptune’s deceptive religious world you aren’t dealing with the “occult?” Think again!

Do you think your local cosmic unconscious religiously infected minister or priest knows about metaphysics and will “sermon” you on how to understand the forces of the “occult” (or your prayers) at work and teach you how to avoid getting hurt from the underworld? How much does an ecclesiastic know about Pluto, the cosmic code, the supra-conscious, the reptilius infestation and Astrology? Here is your answer readers!

Stolen light

In time,  the Plutonic demonic, possession or karma will reach its creator and the perpetrators alike!  If you are not educated in metaphysics, your fears and cosmic ignorance will bring about more depressions, dementia, panic attacks, schizophrenia even suicide.

I can only hope for you to never cross and experience the awful destructive power of a real witchcraft Master. To all who offended me and those who will, in the name of your innocence I can only warn you!  Be very aware of the serious karma you brought to yourself by nurturing and propagandizing evil against anyone. And to the skeptics, just wait and see and if you happen to be a victim of such evil power disturbing your dreams at night!

White healing Moon Stone Positive


While I get paid to service my clients and patients with God’s healing white light I sometimes come upon some very peculiar requests.

Once this gentleman called me from New York and asked me if I could do a love spell on someone he fell in love with.

While I do perform physical, spiritual cleansing and healing with a series of Cabalistic rituals, I have also collected over the years tremendous amount of nefarious energy in a rare black crystal ball that can be safely used/channeled for *black magic purposes if needed.

To charge the negative battery while cleansing the person auric self and accumulate the negative Plutonic energy! The person MUST hold on to a black ball *vacuum and empty his/her aura before *recharging the ethereal body, with the white Moon Ball.

It’s pretty much like your telephone battery, you must let it completely die before recharging it. This black ball gets its DIRTY power with the awful collection of many years of spiritual dirt removed from my clients” spiritual residue and wrong doings. Thus my black ball gets a supercharged  surplus of Plutonic energy under certain astrological auspices that I can use against my enemies if needed.

The power intensify, drastically  especially at night during a full Plutonic moon while the white crystal ball recharge itself endlessly facing the full hot Arizona day Sun in my backyard.

While I could make a conscious use of my accumulated *black powers against my enemies, and able to handle the karmic residue safely, I would rather use love and understanding than to battle them. Dealing with jealousy, ignorance, envy abuses or stupidity is not my forte.

God’s power is within the cosmic code secrets and becomes the only safe and reliable way to handle life and my hidden enemies.  I trust forgiveness and  love is the  only answer.

But in a few cases, I was cornered and had to use Wicca to make a point; And what is any sum of money stolen from me compare to your health, your fate or your mental sanity?

Time is the answer reader and as much as the Voodoo or Black magic practitioner try to control himself consciously, the subconscious deep emotional connection accentuate the motivation and become more problematic! Too late, the witchcraft process is already gone and already reaching its victims.

In this case, the telephone session was set for the next day where I advised this gentleman to avoid any form of difficult love rituals. Rituals can be used for money, career, health and protection against evil forces and like the majority of people he had no cosmic consciousness and no awareness of the Wicca power. Thus I strongly suggested him to invest in my “love Talisman.” The Magical Power of Talismans!

Of course science can only deny or even laugh about this nonsensical witchcraft pseudo-science but rest assured, no one is safe against the force. Ask any voodoo or witchcraft (spared) victims for more information if you want to learn more about such a diabolic energy.

There is a “magic” ritual and the right talismans for absolutely anything you need, but most people are all unconscious and will not request the information. meantime, subconsciously (or consciously) all are performing these rituals daily.

Thanks God, it is more on autopilot that the majority of people operates and practice witchcraft. I also explained to him that forcing love spell is sometimes okay but building the seat of attraction would be my first choice.

I suggested him how to improve his own *animal magnetism and attract her *naturally by drinking the Universal Blood Transfusion and using a love talisman. He was perplexed and interested in my “Wicca” expertise and even though I can perform both good and evil at will, I will always steer my client to a more safe approach.

It’s more demanding, more time consuming but very much safer and with time the results are the same at the end.


It is of French and Old German origin, and the meaning of Louis is “famous warrior“.

Many people instinctively realize or feel they are recipients of a nefarious evil wind, some are directed consciously or subconsciously at them by other gifted but often unaware souls *God thanks for that! But ultimately the results are dreadful where the soul endures a physical or spiritual hell bringing challenges and setbacks regardless of the will used to turn things around.


With the dragon’s tail moving soon in the US chart and more evil thought generated by billions of envious people against America “We the People” must unite against the upcoming reptilius attacks. My visions will unfold because I do not have the stage and the support needed to change the thought process cursing this great country…

Conscious or not, many of you will fall for this nefarious power and if you feel you and America are victims of such evil forces, chances are you are!

First make amends and do the right thing ASAP, the reptilius can not survive with positive thoughts and hopes.   STOP the evil force poisoning our lives… 

The US is not  doomed but the enemy is intangible and desperate for troubles, discord, guilt, anger, fears and your inaction against this cosmic evil is unacceptable. Dealing with God Cosmic Divinity is re birthing into a wiser soul, protecting us all against all evil forces!

Start by investigating how those 2017 cosmic winds will affect you and your loved ones!


Dr. Turi

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science,  my message to them is;  this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with love, respects, peace and harmony.


Dr. must

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