‘SNL’ star Pete Davidson: I’m depressed all the time – I am scared and enraged, what’s going on?


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Memo, do you recall? “The reptilius are after  FAMOUS PEOPLE and  your children!”

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‘SNL’ star: I’m depressed all the time

Pete Davidson was born November 16, 1993, under the  sign of Scorpio,, he is an American actor and comedian.

“When a true Prophet appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” 

Dear readers;

First the latest news…  Memo from “Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi.”

“I knew it was just a matter of time before my Internet god fearing enemies, (the cyber ISIS) who hate my guts and predictive gift would find a way to remove me from Google and so many other popular websites.”

Update: 10/11/2017 –  Even my show on “Paranormal Central”  was removed…  Like offering undeniable dated predictions of my earthquakes above 6.0 predictions is something science can do!  Check my latest and LAST publicized earthquakes predictions!

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Luckily for me the Internet  is used against us but can also be a blessing and we found the ONLY link to this show…  LISTEN!

There are  millions of  human beings from all walks of life, using legal and illegal drugs regularly! Some think they need weed, other drugs, alcohol or medications to survive or to deal with reality! But all suffer an addictive personality and are unable to regenerate spiritually. Thus drugs is the “nirvanic” effect they desperately need to deal with a challenging life!  Some are  famous, very wealthy people and others lead a normal or miserable life.

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Pete Davidson shares his challenging mental situation because he can not hide it anymore and because he desperately needs help. Something the experts will never be able to provide because our infantile science sees the brain through their five limited human rational senses only. 

Those traditionally “educated” souls were indoctrinated by science to ridicule anything spiritual or  metaphysical and are unable to enter the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness!  Therefore, what can not be touched or seen does not exist! 

Much like a child standing by the ocean saying to his mother, “there are no fishes in here Mom!” just because he does not see them!

Memo from “Stephen Paddock, “why I did it!” The life and fate of an Infamous soul…  

“The rational reasons to why Stephen Craig Paddock committed such an act are endless… He took too much  legal or illegal drugs, he was possessed by the reptilius, he suffered heavy depression, his dad was a criminal etc. etc. However you can be sure, the scientific “experts” will never, ever give you the “medical” answer to why Paddock “lost it” and will be somehow and as usual, forced  to make it up to save their faces! Opinion: The mystery of Stephen Paddock’s brain

Obama waste $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain 

Born in  November  under the powerful sign of Scorpio Pete Davidson  has never been taught how  to control his powerful destructive emotions and to be aware of the deadly dart of the scorpion.  An unconscious soul does not know that’ the Plutonic deadly fluid can turn against its owner, much like a Scorpion  trapped in a ring of fire will sting himself first! 

Pete Davidson says he was formally diagnosed with  by polar and/or borderline personality disorder last year. 

What’s going on is very clear to me, the reptilius are directing the Plutonic deadly Scorpius power against their intended, unaware victim. This is why in the interview he mentioned, “I am very scare  and very angry  (rage!)  I do not know what wrong with me, I know its a mental disorder…” 

The medical cosmic unconscious experts have no clue to  why or where any and all  mental diseases come from. They can only assume after looking  at MRI scans and will always make the situation worse  by prescribing potent medications!   

The brain fluids are already “unbalanced” and  combined with drugs and their traditionally educated guess can only lead to more depressions, panic attacks, dementia and ultimately, a slow and painful demise.

Combined with the regular use of pot and/or alcohol, those antidepressants will swiftly poison an already degenerated brain. The subject’s mind then becomes very vulnerable and a wide open door to a total reptilius infestation.  Then the results are deadly, as experienced with the predicted  mass shooting in Las Vegas. 

The infected victim can not control the flux of deadly obsessive thoughts. He  then becomes possessed and then lead by the reptilius to kill people before committing suicide.

While the situation changes each time, the scenario is always the same.

While the scientific matrix will waste more millions in tax payers money to conduct more brain dissections, all they an do is to come up with a new name to classify something they know nothing about. 

Those “educated idiots” separate the human brain from the universal mind and actually believe all start and finish in the human brain. But what they do not know is that, the brain is nothing else than a “programmed,” fleshy computer protected by a bony box.

There is nothing in the brain but a complex, bloody wiring system responding to the UCI or a unique celestial identity outside stimuli, coming from the universal  mind. 

But scientists will never bother to honor the word science and check Astropsychology / Astroforensics. Their immediate response is always predictable. They think that this is only pseudo-science. Not realizing  there is nothing to believe in Astropsychology. Its not a religion but an art and science that demands rational investigations. 

But only a  small number of smarter, curious people or the super achievers  can relate to my cosmic teachings. The ancient art is not for the dunces addicted to sports, religion and entertainment!  

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination offers no real answers. There are no accidents just  cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” Dr. Turi

Thus disassociating the human brain to the cosmic code (the universal mind) will never offer unconscious people the real answers to  the secrets of the mind.

But again asking any scientist to bypass their rational education while accompanying their spiritual / traditionally “educated” pride,  and pay attention to a real geniuses quotes, is something they will never do!  

“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.” Albert Einstein 

They simply assume they know better and like NASA, those scientific corporations will keep sucking billions in tax dollars, hoping one day to send suicidal idiots to Mars!  The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA

So now that the experts have done there diagnostics, let me do the prognostics.  Pete Davidson, like  countless of famous and normal infected people, will end up committing suicide if he does not change his bad habits and get rid of his doctors. One can only hope he wont be forced by the reptilius, who now own his psyche,  to  kill people people in the process.

I am still amazed of the lack of support.  when in the article titled “An omen of shocking news to come!,” published 9/25/2017, and  a full week before the Las Vegas deadly shooting. I warned the world!

As usual, I must  keep a well documented record of my predictions, as to serve a more spiritually inclined future generation. seeking to reconnect with God’s cosmic divinity and willing to learn to read and heed the signs.

Only repetition can  make the reader think  outside of the box!

Memo, from “Stephen Paddock, “why I did it!” The life and fate of an Infamous soul…”   

do you recall? “The reptilius are after  FAMOUS PEOPLE and  your children!”  

Memo, from “An omen of shocking news to come!,

 Even when using  obvious sentences like “ “Be ready for one of the most shocking man made and/or natural disasters to curse humanity!” it seems , those who never bothered to check my claims, do not realize the gravity and veracity  of my visions… Until it all comes down right in their faces and suffer the predicted calamities personally.

You probably don’t know any scientist who predicted hurricane Harvey  and gave the EXACT date of its  devastating effect ,TWO WEEKS before its formation over the ocean. All you have to do is to investigate the dates and READ my articles. 

 Pete Davidson and his doctors do not know what’s really going on in his brain and you, my reader, are still in the process of finding out!  But if you think deeper than usual, do you think you  or can science come up with a plausible answer to why the world is becoming insane and some people, up a sudden,  decide to kill innocent people? 

Of course you will, because your answer can only based upon your personal experiences, your education and what ever you read or heard and of course, your fears!

Thus, I can stand on my head to attract  your attention, yet your own cosmic program or your  UCI, will be the sole factor deciding your final acceptance (or rejection) of the reptilius’ Universal infestation! 

And unless you experience and deal with  UFO’s and  ET’s like I did, you have the right to remain where you are  at mentally  in life!  All I can do is to lead your spirit to the reality and acceptance of the extraordinary  and realize at sixty seven, I have better things to do than to make up wild stories, to satisfy what  idiots assume as “a constant need to feed a huge ego!” Gee,  those vicious infected people have nothing to offer humanity.

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

Cosmic Consciousness and all unconscious famous UFO’s “Talking Heads

Thus if you feel depressed, unhappy,  lonely,  seriously angry with the world, envious or jealous of some people, desperate and unsuccessful in life, be sure you are not the only one! 

Do not assume  famous people who are supposedly financially and emotionally secure, really  are!  Look at how many famous people we lost in 2017 via suicide so far… Care to check?

Now, how many “normal” people ended their lives in 2017? Certainly much more because of legal an illegal drugs, leading people to get  involved in deadly situations  imposed by the reptilius, who hijacked the mind of  all those degenerated souls. 

You may even call them losers who died because of their stupidity, lack of education or did not have the drive to aim for real opportunities to advance in life! 

Anything you believe and accept, is what it is, period! And for you to assume you are right,  because you can not or will not accept the reptilius agenda is also your right to defend! 

This is a very dense physical world or more precisely hell, where humans are nothing else than peons of their karmic stars and manipulated by forces they could never comprehend, and that’s fine by me.

But in your refusal (or cosmic unconsciousness), you are making yourself much more vulnerable to the endless negative flux, you are forced to deal with everyday.

It’s only a matter of time before  the reptilius manage to grasp and invade your body, mind and soul and start the irreversible, down-spiral depressive effect!  How, when and where will it start and most importantly, where will it end?

Here is your answer… Is your mental health worth $5.00? I don;t know why I think I have to offer priceless cosmic information,  to so many  unconscious  people who have no idea what they would gain in the process… We are only talking about your mental sanity or your life people and if you think your life is not worth $5.00, it is YOUR decision! Dragon Forecast 2017
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Hopefully you will not have to experience Pete Davidson’s depressions or Steven Paddock’s fate, because you were victimized by a scientific (atheists) or religious indoctrinating system. 

I realize the critical information we own are exceptionally far fetched and scary  to some. But if you think your corrupt government and those greedy, infected pharmaceutical corporations enslaving doctors are there to  help and guide you, think again! 

Like you, those in power are unaware of the reptilius and will refute my cosmic work.  While all infected sub-human religious slaves will battle to mute us.  Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi 

And in their fear and ignorance, the reality is; Satan’s evil children are everywhere and much more active and dedicated than our super-human followers.

I am sure many of you would already have quit trying to elevate the human perception to something so inadmissible but if someone is saved today, I served my fellow human being productively and that’s enough for me. 

Pete Davidson depressions or Steven Paddock’s deadly act, speaks of a phenomenon the “experts” are not prepared to deal with nor will they find solutions to stop the next possessed soul to kill  more people.

Thus, if you read again  a warning such as;  “Be ready for one of the most shocking man made and/or natural disasters to curse humanity!” then experience deadly man made mass murder in Las Vegas and deadly unusual natural disasters, may be its time for you to pay more attention to a real, modern prophet’s warnings and share my visions! 

Some situations demand critical actions. If you feel you are possessed  and need help there is a few things you can do, deal with me through a reading  and/or invest in a protective talisman!… The Magical Power of Talismans   

That is if you trust my cosmic work  and if you feel your life is worth one of our services offered below!  

I am thinking of stopping wasting my time dealing with all the idiocy out there.  I already stopped offering my SOS to the world deadly windows because the very last one  offered to the public, speaks the truth of a gift turning into a curse.

There is no fee to join thousands of subscribers on the cosmic code website, ITS FREE! and get my newsletters, warnings, and most of all our SOS to the world deadly windows right into your mailbox! 

Then, later on, once you are convinced you are dealing with a real, modern prophet, nothing stops you to become a VIP and let Terania and I offer you solid personal and universal (daily/monthly) guidance and predictions. 

Lastly, do not let the reptilius infect and control your body mind and soul! The part of God in you (your will) is stronger then those entities using all the destructive cosmic winds to create natural disasters and enslave countless  people from all walks of life into fear and to behave emotionally, irrationally  and destructively.  

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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The reptilius are winning the battle against humanity as no one supports or pays attention to a modern prophet!…Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order

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