Social media, the reptilius and teens’ depression



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Researchers at <a href="" target="_blank">UCLA's Brain Mapping Center</a> found that when teenagers' photos get lots of "likes" on social media apps, such as Instagram, their brains respond in a similar way to seeing loved ones or winning money.

Link between social media and depression stronger in teen girls than boys, study says

There appears to be a connection between social media use and depressive symptoms in 14-year-olds, and that connection may be much stronger for girls than boys, according to a study published in the journal EClinicalMedicine on Thursday.

Dear readers;

I don’t think a degree in psychology is needed to figure out the above sentence as fact but what the scientific community does not know is that: the reptilius also use technology to induce  discord, chaos, ego battles and fear to hijack and degenerate the human spirit. And no one is safe, this includes all male and female adults and not only teens I may add!

But as soon as UFO’s, ET’s, the reptilius  or Astrology is mentioned, the deeply vexed spiritual pride of this “educated” crowd will immediately refute and ridicule anything they can not assimilate, accept or even consider… 

As mentioned  countless times in all my radio shows, dealing with the extraordinary (UFO’s ET’s) is a very personal experience that can only take place if the subject is open to the possibility. This is why, in a million years, scientists, skeptics, atheist and religious fanatics alike, who vibrate at a very low cosmic speed could never attract such extraordinary experiences. 

Indeed a magnet will never attract a piece of wood and those well read “young souls” have a lot to digest during the course of their current incarnation on this dense physical world. 

The accepted words classifying the reptilius by a religiously indoctrinated society are; The fallen angels, Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the Beast etc. and this disruptive cosmic phenomenon is perceived as “nonsense” by the atheists who have accepted science as their only logical God. 

Teens are an easy target to the reptilius because their developing psyche is extraordinary vulnerable and easily manipulated. Science will blame the hormones, deep encrusted emotions since childhood and a variety of scientific studies results conducted and sponsored by powerful pharmaceutical corporations. 

Indeed the same very “creative idiots” are used as guinea pigs to test an endless chain of nefarious chemical products which will end up for sale in your local store. If you read the fine lines mentioning the scary list of “side effects” and yet, ingest the poison, consider yourself reptilius infected and unable to apply critical thinking anymore.  

May God bless their lost souls

Image result for 5 of the 7 killed in Florida interstate crash were kids headed to Disney World, official says

5 of the 7 killed in Florida interstate crash were kids headed to Disney World, official says

Sad enough the parents of those children did not know the critical timing imposed upon their fate… They knew how to stop at a red light and respected man made laws and all stop signs always… Yet they did not know nothing of the red lights or stop signs involving the cosmic code regulations and paid the ultimate price in the process…  You do not do “things” when ever you feel like, because it is your birthday or your only day off!

The reptilius are cosmic conscious and used the current 2019 SOS to the world deadly window to kill them all… How much do you think all people involved (alive and/or dead) would pay me to avoid such a tragic fate?  You are so lucky to have this option with me, they do not anymore! Respect the Universal laws or pay the price of your skepticism and cosmic ignorance. Join us and benefit from our daily guidance and forecast! 

I will elaborate much more for our VIP’s on the subtle reptilius’ phenomenon using technology and medications to hijack the body, mind and souls of our children and adults alike. And unless you are totally aware of the reptilius’ agenda and fully prepared you may yourself become addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a multitude of other popular social media platforms. 

Memo” And no one is safe, this includes all male and female adults and not only teens I may add!”

Indeed the US President himself is a victim of the reptilius blurring his judgment (and printed / spoken words) yet it is much too difficult for the scientific community, religious fanatics, atheists and idiots alike to perceive this fact! 

Society as a rule is dogmatic, slow to react, often unable to accept the “impossible” and getting the “sub-human” out of his comfortable, safe and low intellectual zone is a formidable challenge. People do not like to be challenged intellectually, humans are machine of habits loaded with fears of changes, fear of the future and fear of what they erroneously perceive as taboo!

Predicting Suicide: The EDOR® Reptilius Enigma
Las Vegas – Ohio & Texas shootings the reptilius use religion and technology

The Reptilius uses technology to addict the human spirit into entertainments, sexual debauchery, *porn, politics, sports, religions, science, atheism while nurturing hate, confusion, fears, chaos, discords, fights, suicides stealing your attention and altering your psychical awareness to stop  your psychical interaction against them!


Humans feel safe in their particular pious or scientific zones and will regularly congregate with their kind in various reptilius infected religious organizations (or cults .i.e Scientology, Mormonism, Witness of Jehovah, etc.) where they feel comfortable and where critical mental gymnastics are not accepted nor required!  The same apply for the atheists who lack the curiosity to investigate God cosmic Divinity or their own UCI cosmic design. 

“OMG! In what a young world did I land on?” Dr. Turi

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Since I stopped offering my cosmic wisdom to an unwise, selfish, religious and/or atheist public, those information are still critically important for your psychical welfare! But only a few curious and wise souls will invest and benefit from my teachings… 

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