Something extraordinary defying logic is happening to me!

June 29, 2019

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“Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share” Dr. Turi

Before getting into the “divine,” lets talk about the news produced by the current SOS to the world deadly window date of June 28, 2019, used by the reptilius creating of sorts of drama!

As always, all my articles are subject to regular updates thus, take the time to catch up with what’s going on in the world by reading  the updated Cosmic Code newsletter titled: Dad punches, kills 5-year-old son for eating Father’s Day cake… The reptilius at work!”

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Willow Smith reveals previous struggle with self-harm

If you take the time to watch this short video, you will realize the words used by “infected” Willow as she describe the effects of fame through “Dark music/dark place/drugs” and the reptilius forcing her to cut herself!

More in the video below!

Note also she is a mixture of Libra (addiction/religion) and Scorpio (passion/destruction!)

Furthermore, born with a dragon’s tail (negative) in Capricorn (career) all that happened to her was fully predicted in my 2019 personal dragon forecast for all signs… 

Sad enough, this 20 year old kid killed himself because he owed for two tickets of £65 that debt collectors escalated to a £1,000 while his job paid less than minimum wage and as a delivery/courier he got 2 parking tickets. 

Watch the sad video and realize how vulnerable teens are, when the reptilius hijack the body, mind and soul of their victims. 

Yes there is justice against popular “talking heads!” 

Sandy Hook dad wins suit against massacre deniers.”

I personally think it is a shame for those people to use conspiracy and your FEARS, to maintain their celebrity status and laugh all the way to the bank, while endorsing the detrimental reptilius’ agenda.

Those infected speakers must lie and entertain you, by denying obvious facts that hurt all the victims of this tragedy!

David Icke Sandy Hook was a blatantly staged 

 Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed As a Fraud – David Icke – FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook:…

The fact is; the majority of people falling for those speakers’detrimental junk (and the reptilius), all lack basic critical thinking and let their negative emotions, fear of the government, fear of foreigners and fear of power override their logic!

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Incidentally some idiots also believe that 911 never happened and it is also a conspiracy promoted by David Icke and so many cosmic unconscious “talking heads!”

Like the Sandy Hook massacre, they are certain that all was created by the government!

If that was the case, how come I predicted it all (and some) a year before and in great details using Divine Astrology?

Indeed there is a big difference between Divine Cosmic information and pure fearful imagination, and you wonder why the ET’s are after me? 

Racism is seemingly induced, by the stars of President Donald Trump! And my predictions of the racist legacy, cursing the world is becoming more obvious, each passing day! “Explosion in White Supremacy.

I will soon produce the 2020 Personal and Universal Nostradamus forecast and I can only and strongly advise you to get both, the 2019 and the 2020 versions so you will be prepared for my visions pertaining to a seriously infected world! 

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Its very hard to “re-set” anyone’s mind into positivism and hope once it has been indoctrinated by religious or conspiracy cosmic unconscious fear mongers…

Sign my Petition To Beat The Reptilius  While We Can And Save Humanity


The pic below was taken just after my cancer surgery…

Note, there is NO line!

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In the two other pics below, I shaved my arm… See the difference?

A line is visible and growing…

This picture indeed defies logic and the only explanation I have, is the Divine is telling me something about longevity or an eminent change in my life is on the way!

 READ THE FULL STORY further down – By Terania
“Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share!” Dr. Turi

UFO’S – Touched by the Divine and another picture (and orbs) to prove it!

~Terania Turi

Let’ start with the orbs!

I wonder how many of you assume those orbs are the result of photo shop!

Guess what they are REAL, read the full story! 

This is the day, Draco the benevolent Draconis, re-entered my body, mind and soul through those immaculate orbs making me an MJ12!

Those pictures taken May 21st 2012 are frozen in time and space offering you the light and a rare cosmic wisdom we own and so share  with the world.

It happened on this day! 

Watch the video!

The succession of live orbs are guided by the divine spirit for a karmic task the young souls will refute, deny or envy but dedication and goodness always prevail…


Coming closer…And closer…

And closer…

Entering my third eye…

Serving you through my heart!

 The sad reality is that; some “young souls” born with an inferiority complex can never attract the Divine.

Thus, when faced with someone like me they can only deny the obvious.

Why him and not me is what puzzles them all!

Incidentally, popular UFO researchers share the same enviousness and dream of attracting this type of extraordinary experiences. But why would someone like me attract UFO’s and ET’s like bees on honey, while those well known speakers never did and never will!

Because their mental process is scientific, rational, logical and always involve “future technology or artificial intelligence!” (i.e. ALL Ancient Aliens guests!)

Others truly believe the government work with certain ET’s and keep UFO information away from them!

The reality is people truly believe if the ET’s decided to visit us, they will immediately reach for those, like the White House and the President!

How can this happen when the majority of the scientific community and the president, does not believe in UFO’s? 

“A magnet will never attract a piece of wood!”

its a simple as that and the  Army/Navy and government officials have NO CLUE to what UFO’s are and what they agenda is all about!

Therefore, being silent because of ignorance, is sought out as conspiracy by the majority of misinformed people!

Let alone, accepting the fact that I am channeling my inner ET, named Draco! 

ET’s are NOT interested, nor are they attracted to rational, scientists oriented humans who are on the way to become “master of matter” and supreme rational engineers!

They could care less about your education, position, accomplishments or reasoning! 

But they are definitely attracted to original, “abnormal,” spiritually inclined human beings, who were born with a “uranic” supremely advanced UCI! 

And you can ask any UFO’s researcher about the human UCI and 99.9% have no clue, because ALL lack cosmic consciousness and know nothing of the cosmic code jurisdictions!

The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA and greedy billionaires want you to believe one day man will walk on planet Mars, when after wasting trillions of dollars all humans did was to jump to the moon or travel 238,900 miles…

Why would any human explore infinite space when they can only reach 1000 feet under water on earth?

The scientific community know NOTHING of the “Soul of the Cosmos” and our local solar system spiritual conception (astrology)…Yet, they want you to believe humans will one day colonize the universe?

Where is critical thinking and logic?

How can anything involving the scientific community’s rational explanations of the stars can benefit your life?

Meantime the current SOS to the world deadly “sexual” window speaks volumes!

Kim Kardashian lingerie line sparks angerWall collapse kills 15 people!” – “Woman accused of killing her twin daughters” “2-year-old boy dies after visiting the San Diego County Fair”   – “9/11 first responder dies” Famous death? Russia plans to tow a nuclear power station”.  Russia?

How can anyone expect to be safe when they know nothing of the cosmic code rules?

God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that you may lead a safer more productive life!

Become a VIP, Cosmic Coder,…

Be safe, be warned, master God’s cosmic language, respect God’s initial cosmic ministry, reclaim your cosmic identity and make a good use of the creator’s immaculate universal design!

Be aware that the reptilius created ALL religions to bring about confusion,  fear, chaos and endless religious wars! 

Furthermore why would scientists waste billions when those precious resources should be used to save a depleted mother earth, our dying wild life, combat undeniable climate changes, “Climate change: Record-breaking heat wave in Francedefeat the reptilius hijacking the body, mind and soul of infected souls “Woman accused of killing her twin daughters”  educate our kids Teen allegedly beat mom of classmate who reported tauntsand help destitute humans to live a better life?

It is part of the reptilius’ agenda to make sure, those who are supposed to be the “experts” in the Ufology world are the least informed on the true purposes of ET’s and the vital part they play in the “Soul of the Cosmos!” 

Once my health is back and I return speaking about UFO’s and ET’s agenda, be ready for spiritual information that will revolutionize conventional accepted UFO’s theories, through my UFO’s slide presentation and Draco’s immaculate healing powers! 

Now on the the rest of the story…

Watch the video at the end of this article and share it please! 


 When Louis was about 14 years old, he tattooed him self with a road ending up in the sun on the horizon.

He used three needles with black inc to puncture and mark his skin permanently, with this symbolic artwork below.

Indeed, at a subconscious level he was then fated to travel the world, live and work in exotic places and will finish the rest of his life by the ocean…

Years later after contracting and beating cancer, he decided to “revamp” the black lines of the old fading away tattoo.

Watch the video about him beating cancer in 2010 and if you have questions about the shades he wore during the show, do not assume and please read below the video…

He had no idea of what the tattoo artist would do and he went over all the fading lines and came up with an entirely new captivating design.

The road was gone and replaced by a blue ocean with the sunlight reflecting on the water in a beautiful colorful sunset… 

He was happy about the design and the color and soon after, for some magical reasons he can not still explain rationally, right at the bottom of the tattoo (see pen marks on the pic below) and to our stupefaction, another line began to appear!

He did not notice it right away but when it was barely half and inch long…

When he mentioned it to some critical friends, some said he used a razor blade and mutilated him self…

Why the hell would he do that is his usual response to all the skeptics who would assume the same thing!

No, he did not and would not cut him self to attract such negative attention!

He does not need this type of “attraction” I may add!

So, this is a close up to the mysterious and STILL growing line which is now over two inches in length!

Will the edge stop there or keep growing?

All we can do is to keep an eye on this divine “manifesto” and eventually, write again about it in the future…

Many of you will come up with various answers, while there is absolutely no way for me to convince idiots and skeptics alike that; he did nothing, whatsoever to himself to produce this unexplained line.

Once again, it appears he has been touched by the DIVINE and I am sharing this with you!

And this fact will vex religious fanatics and “traditionally educated” atheists alike, who will assume I am full of it or cursed by the devil…

One thing is sure readers, we DO know the real reasons to why and where this line comes from and for sure, have ALL the plausible answers to the questions, which will be divulged “down the line.” 

Because the secrets of physical and spiritual omens can be yours too…

Read the latest updated article and predictions and share pls… 


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A different kind of music…
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