SOS- Phoenix AZ Police

January 28, 2019


Over the years, the police has grown drastically with technology and weaponry but not an inch in spirit… There are cosmic reasons for them and their public victims to invite a premature death!  Astroforensics must be taught at the Police Academy to save precious lives.   Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

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Continued: The 28th of January was one of the dates offered to the public via previous radio shows and also crystallized in the current SOS to the world deadly window.  While I was expecting dramatic news involving the FBI, the police, various secrets to come to light etc. in a million years I never thought I would be DIRECTLY touched by my own cosmic wisdom and deal with the police that day… But like you, I am subject to also experience those nasty cosmic winds.

Indeed, I just proved to myself that my work is undeniable and now the challenge is to also prove it to the police to help them avoid an untimely death! 

“Cosmic consciousness is the awareness of a Cosmic God speaking his divinity through the signs and use them wisely to guide and serve humanity! ” Dr. Turi.

It all happened as imposed by the star and my only regret is that I did not use my cellphone… For if I did it would have turn viral on You Tube. I tried for years to reach the FBI and the police and will still try to reach my goal, and that is to help them build more cosmic consciousness, warn them and save their lives.

I got myself a good early night rest and left for San Diego where I was invited to speak about the Super-conscious. In order to drive I had to take pain killers and stop every so often to release the pain in my hip and my back. I wish I never drove that day because of the pain but I was too far in to comeback home and because I made a commitment and I had to go.

Just before leaving, my wife Terania, warned me about traveling during a SOS to the world deadly window directly related to the police. No worries Hun, I always respect the speed limit and all will be fine. I replied.  “Make sure to call me when you arrive please or if you need anything OK?” she said…

I booked a room for the 27th and planned to take all the time I needed to drive to California and rest before my lecture presentation. Being in the past a proffessional Class A OTR experienced driver, I was  quite confident that nothing wrong could never happen to me.  So, I left for California around 4:00 PM and on my way, my GPS warned me to change route because HWY 10 West was closed because of construction.  

About one hour or so later I was still in the city stuck in a very congested circulation. I was listening to the radio and safely proceeded with the heavy traffic.  Then I saw a sign leading us off the very congested highway and took the exit.  Countless drivers were frustrated and in a hurry to go to their destinations and many took chances driving erratically. 

A few minutes later, a frustrated kid decided to “Jay walking,” it was dangerously  stupid for her to try crossing the street in get stuck in the middle of the road, in an unsafe place with so many cars flying by!  Thus, I turned my lights on and stopped the heavy traffic long enough for the kid to cross safely. Then, I turned them off and drove on. She also thanked me for the improvised help as she walked in front of my car…

But my “good Samaritan” act attracted the attention of a cop who radioed other police officers’ support thinking I was impersonating the police. He followed me for about 20 minutes and I knew he was checking me using his computer. I also understood driving a black Mercedes with “police lights” would get me in trouble, but not only the law was on my side but my intentions are also honorable.

He tuned his lights on and I knew I had find a safe place to park ASAP. I turned into a gas station and to my stupefaction I was cornered by a bunch of police cars and maybe six or seven cops.  The first thing one of them said to me was “I know you have a concealed weapon licence, where is your gun?” “Its right here officer on the side of my door” I replied politely. 

Those cops behaved cautiously but also professionally with me because you can not own a concealed weapon licence if you are a criminal. While I knew my powerful LED lights were the reason for the police stopping me, “What’s wrong?” I asked.  By now I was surrounded by a bunch of cop kids aged between 25 and 45 years old and none knew I was a safe 69 years old driver law obedient citizen yet. 

I was asked to stand in the back of my car and one of the cops precociously removed my loaded gun, removed the clip and took my wallet to check my driving licence. They realized that I had a proffessional  class A driving licence with HAZMAT which you can only get if you have no criminal record and no warrant for my arrest. I don’t even have a parking ticket and this diffused the situation considerably. Yet there was a lot they did not know about me, my “police car” my lights, my purposes etc.

You are impersonating the police and you are not supposed to have those lights,” he replied! “No officer, I am not a police officer, I am not impersonating the police and my warning lights are legal,” I told him. He was quite perplexed from my answer.

I told the cops that I have two cop friends living in New York, a retired police officer and his son currently in the force.  And both told me what I could or could not do if I wanted to have a police plate in front of my car or what type of lights I was allowed to use in AZ knowing lights colors changes in some states because we were then, planning to move to Florida and I wanted to be on the side of the law.

I insisted for the cop “interviewing me” to read his voucher or call him directly on his 24/7 cellphone but he did not. While I gave up about the “police plate” I am more interested in the “emergency legal lights” installed on my car.

He answered saying “why should I call him when you are here answering my questions?” 

Sharing email from

Police Captain 056 in N.Y.

Dr. Turi & Terania,

Between my son and I, researching the Tripple A Hand Book and the Florida DMV law.  This is how both the Tripple A & Florida terminology  the way we see as a law is.   It mentions a license plate. A License Plate means only 1 will be displayed on a Florida Registered Motor Vehicle, the 1 plate would be located, on the rear bumper…So yes the D.T. can Display Police, on the front license plate bracket. 

Then again there could be a legal problem Yes & No how a police officer approaches this issue. Meaning Yes I Like It  and No I Do Not Like It, because I think that you are impersonating a law enforcement officer.     Up here in NJ, that POLICE PLATE Would Have to be Mounted below the front NJ License Plate and Not Blocking anything of the display. 

It would have to be mounted with extension brackets and would be legal.  A Police Officer really here would arrest you, if you said verbally to a cop or civilian, that you are a COP or  Police Officer. Also, if your Hummer had a name of a law enforcement agency displayed and that would be a impersonation of COP or Police. 

Like I said to you last week, DT, II would vouch for you. 

Here is my 24 – 7 & 365 days a year contact number.   //////////////////////////// 

Update live news…

Image result for

Paul N Haggerty Hagg’s  Just in,  indeed you are 100 percent right and they have death ears many Brother Officers. I just read about the 5 Texas Officers today.


Note, just before living for California I BLASTED dozens of FBI websites with today’s dates and my warnings, I did it countless times before, but no one is listening! Indeed building anyone’s cosmic consciousness is not an easy task, particularly for the secret services indoctrinated by traditional education.  I even used offensive titles in the past trying to their attention, it never worked but attracted the FBI for all the wrong reasons…

Continued: Since then I dropped the idea of having a police plate mounted in the front of my car but the emergency lights are much more practical and valuable for me and my desire to help in a critical emergency situation if needed. 

Well my “psychology worked” in my favor even more when I told him I also work with many cops and their families worrying about their loved ones involved in such a dangerous job. He left doing more research and while he was gone another cop engaged me. “Are you a cop” he asked me, “No I said firmly, I am a spiritual healer, an astrologer and “worked” with a lot of police officers and their concerned parents as a clinical hypnotherapist. Check their feedback and support at the bottom of this article… 

Then he asked me why I stopped the traffic earlier attracting his attention. I explained what took place with the kid stuck in the middle of a heavy traffic, in a very dangerous situation and unable to move forward! “I may have saved her life and why would the judicial system would punish me for it” I thought! 

This kid could be yours or a cop’s kid and I acted by concern for her life and not to play cop! In fact when the FBI visited (twice) they asked me the same ridiculous questions!

“What’s up with all this police stuff in your car, are you a cop or trying to impersonate the police? the cop kid said!

“Hell no” I said again, I like to listen to what you guys are up to and it is not illegal!  I am trying so hard to help anyone and this includes you and save the lives of cops but you guys are too indoctrinated with religion or science to make a good use of my cosmic work!  Indeed I must be the first “cosmic cop” trying to teach the Law Enforcement Agency their vulnerability ignoring the cosmic code rules… 

Then listening to our previous conversation, he asked me if the gun laws were the same in AZ then in New York, again I told him no, rules varies by states and I was fully aware of this fact!

He asked me about the machete located in the back seat of my car, I told him there are as many crazy people in AZ  as they are deadly snakes lolo and when I go in the wild, I always carry it on my side just in case I get lost or a rattle bites me! And if I am too far for help, I would make sure to kill him before I die.

He asked me about hypnotherapy and I gave him some examples, like in this obvious case of “tunnel vision.” I explained to him that the human mind play tricks and get focused on what the perception of a situation should be instead of what it really is…

I also told him if you get in a room with a criminal, you must learn to dissociate yourself with the dangerous situation because his friend may enter the room with a loaded gun and kill you.   

He was satisfied with my answer and I did not know yet, the same smart kid would take my side with the very skeptical cop who stopped me. 

In my case this is exactly what happened with the cop who saw me earlier stopping the dangerous busy traffic to help a kid in trouble! He was totally convinced my lights were white, blue and red when they are are yellow green and white and totally legal. 

His mind played a trick on him, he was convinced he saw someone impersonating police car and this is why, in front of all other cops he made me activate all switches and turn my lights on to double check! 

He asked me if I used those lights for something else in the past! How ridiculous is this question, yet some crazy people are in fact impersonating the police and as much as it sound insane, they also stop people. 

Never EVER stop for anyone if the vehicle is suspicious and call 911 right away and always chose a safe, busy place if you must do so like I did at the gas station. 

I would never, ever in a million years take a chance on my freedom or stop people anywhere using those “legal” lights!  But in extreme case (s) be sure I will use them again if I can protect or save a life! 

When I was an OTR driver, travelling all 48 US states, I saw so many preventable accidents. Chain reaction accidents happen because unsafe people drive too fast in terrible weather conditions and even if you manage to avoid a collision, your car or truck’s emergency lights could never compare to my LCD powerful lights which can be seen from miles.  Thus a warnings is offered to the public with adequate equipment that will save lives! 

You could find yourself in a situation where a person or a pregnant woman needs to go the hospital in an hurry, getting stuck in traffic is not an option. Thus “impersonating” an emergency vehicle by turning my lights on and firing the siren in extreme situations could mean the difference between life and death!  God thanks  for years now I never had to do so and always used my lights in many occasions and for safety purposes only when absolutely needed! 

Remember, I could be carrying your sister, your brother, your mom, dad or your child in my car and by the time the cops or the emergency service show up, it could be too late! 

I know to never touch or move a person who suffered a bad accident, this could make me liable and cost me greatly. But I have been trained in various areas and I know my limits when helping people. But those cops do not know anything about me and I wish they knew so they could benefit from my lifetime cosmic work!

I personally think, other concerned law obedient citizens like me, should take my example because saving one single life is worth taking a chance and being stop by the cops! Be sure, I always check the speed limit and never go above it, thus when people see my “police car” antennas and lights on top of my car on the highways, THEY ALWAYS SLOW DOWN for miles and this is again offering society my own ingenious and legal way to use more caution and be safer on the road! 

My “interrogator” came back  and he seemed OK with his findings about me and I then gave him one of my business card and when he read the word Astropsychology / Astroforensics and he sarcastically said “Astrology?”  This is where the “WAKE UP CALL” took place for this courageous civil servant.

I looked at him straight in his eyes and said”…………………………………………………………………” (private)

“How do you know?” He said totally mesmerized! This is where the other young cop rationally answered for me’ Well he is a Doctor, that’s why!” lol Yes I am a “soul Doctor” and the first “Cosmic cop” I may add trying to help those kids to learn and respect the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, and until this is done, many of those brave police officers will pay the ultimate price! 

He was blown away that; a stranger like me, someone he met less than an hour earlier could tell him private health problem his “accredited” only doctor, he and close family members would know. But if that was not good enough, I got him right in his heart and soul when I added”…………………………………………..”(private.)

This skeptical police officer could not do much than to realize I was right but no one before me offered him “the wake up call” he needed to assimilate and accept Astroforensic as a real and solid discipline!  Let alone talking to him about UFO’s!

Thus while I made predictions about the police for the current  01/28/19 SOS to the world, this “encounter” was quite unique and beneficial for me and all the cops reading this article because TUNNEL VISION can and will hurt innocent people or kill unaware cops!   

Just in case this particular police officer lands on this article and for respect of his privacy, I will not elaborate on his health nor anything else I said to him. He certainly does not need another shock from me!

But this encounter has changed his life as intended by God’s cosmic Divinity speaking to me through the signs I translated for thousands of my readers world wide!  

Just before leaving, I told the police officers that the FBI came in my house twice and to google “FBI dr.turi” to find out more… I am sure many of those cops were wondering who I was and what’s going on with me, hopefully they will know more by now if God decide for them all to read this cosmic code newsletter! 

FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction

Indeed incredible experiences breed incredible people who have an incredible wisdom to share! Dr. Turi

Meantime I have tried for years to reach  and educate those cop kids and supported the Phoenix police all along  and they saw the proof of my good deeds from the stickers on my windshield!

It doesn’t seem they will ever realize how critical my cosmic work involving the police should be heeded because when  Pluto “The Lord of Hell” the planet of power, who control the secret services, the police force and the deadly criminal element is in charge, the cops are targeted and people DIE! 

There are NO accidents, only cosmic circumstances at work society and science have no uncovered yet! Dr. Turi

St. Louis officer charged in fatal shooting of fellow officer

Building cosmic consciousness is a MUST for anyone and everyone’s safety especially the police…

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so you may lead a safer more productive life. Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.”  



I guess after time, when we wake up, things that this, is  for real.  This is a Huge Gift, from GOD!   So after getting and listening to Dr. Turi over the years, I did purchase many Moon Power E-Books & other Books,  from his web site. But a little time later, I then got the nerve up and made telephone contact, with him over the last several years, due to my government professionalism. 
Let me tell you the Dr. & his Lovely Wife, rolled the  Gold Carpet out to me.  Yes you can put Dr. Turi, in a room of 100 people, with negative thoughts and when, by the time he leaves, people minds are changed, into a positive side. 
Everyone out here, should just take a few minutes, of their time and do a little more research, into Cosmic Mind , instead of playing with their I-Phones & Computer Games!    
When he puts out a SOS to the world deadly window, he means real business, it worked for me, during my days, as a police officer.  Yes those were dangerous tours of duty, which I worked under. My job, as being a Supervisor, bringing the troops home safely. 

Now on to another incredible cop story!


It happened years ago driving way back  from Las Vegas to San Diego during a very cold winter night a few years ago! Brigitte (my ex) and I then used to travel all over over the US where I was speaking on our latest August 1991 Los Angeles dramatic UFO experience and doing astrological readings. UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy!

We decided to drive through AZ and just before the CA border, right in the middle of nowhere my old car started over heating.  Soon the heat indicator was dangerously close to the red zone, I reached for my flash light on my door side,  then stopped the car on the side of the highway admiring for a second the brightness of night sky…  I opened the smoking hood and realized the belt driving the fan and the water pump had broken…

Brigitte was scared to hell wondering who could help us in the middle of the desert, and in 1991, GPS, laptop and cell phones were a luxury we certainly could not afford.. Gee, I am getting old – lol (I’ll be 69 on February 26th, 2019.)

I was raised in a construction business family and it was time for me to make a good use of my engineering back ground. It was so very cold, I could not think clearly and went back into the car to report to Brigitte. Spending the night on the side of the high way did not appeal to us and only a passing cop could “save” us because no body would stopI thought.

Then I thought, German made cars like Porches and Volkswagen are all air cooled… If I could only find a way to cool the head of the engine I should be able to save the  head gasket long enough to reach a hotel along the way and call for help.

Then I had the brilliant idea  to open my trunk, got two of my thickest books, used some rope, then I closed the hood tight. The gap was good enough, I thought of using the very cold air night would work for me, and it did!

By then the motor cooled a bit and I started it up again and drove away… But soon enough the indicator got close to the red mark again and blowing up my engine was out of question. I realize driving a 50 MPH would never work so, thus I took a chance and pressed the gas pedal all the way down! It worked and the engine was operating safely, barely under the red line but I was driving close to 95 MPH well above the posted speed limit of 65 MPH during those days.

I had no other way to move forward and kept the engine cool enough, and went on “flying” through the night… Then out of nowhere, I saw some read and blue flashing lights coming fast behind me and I knew it was a cop about to stop me. I stopped on the side of the road with my car emergency lights on and soon enough he knocked on my window.

His first words were “Do you have any idea how fast you were driving Sir, did you had any drink tonight? May have your driving licence and registration please?” During those days you did not have to show prove of insurance…

I tried to explain my situation but he took my papers and when right back to his car checking on his computer if I had a warrant. He came back more relaxed knowing I own a spotless driving record and told me I was speeding, and doing over 100 MPH and finally asked me why I was such in an hurry?

I told him was I was trying to cool my engine and what I had to do with my books to do so. He was perplexed and I saw him with his flashlight through my windshield looking at the front of my car.

To my surprise he asked, “Did it work?” “Yes it did but that’s why you stopped me officer, I must drive fast enough and above the speed limit to cool it down.” “You’re amazing” he said, I never heard of this before…” I knew I owned his respect when he noticed my foreign accent and asked. ” Where are you from?”

I answered “I am French and my wife and I came from a UFO conference in Las Vegas where I was speaking and doing Astrological readings in my booth.”  He laughed and jokingly said “do you believe in astrology and UFO?”

“Yes officer I do! in fact the way you look and talk you must be born in June under the sign of Gemini!” I said.

At that very moment his jaws dropped and got his full undivided attention… “How the heck do you know I was born in June?” he asked. “That’s a long story officer” I said politely “but trust me, extraterrestrials downloaded me with the Cosmic Code and the gift is very real.”

I knew, naturally all Gemini are born very curious and this sign rules communication, radio, driving and all Gemini work best at night and many are born cops… Indeed it is not an accident for George Noory, Art Bell and Mike Broomhead to be born under this sign and work on the radio…

Sad enough the police matrix is not yet aware of the values involving my work and still today, the police elites are missing out on what could save the precious lives of so many of their courageous law enforcement officers.

Then I said, “officer I can tell you so much more about yourself” and he said “how?” I told him I only need your DOB and I was going to go in my trunk and look for my ephemeris (I did not have a laptop then) to check on his natal stars… He said “OK” and the next thing I know, with the help of his powerful flash-light, I am reading this smart cop’ stars right on top of the hood of his police car.

All the while Brigitte was still in the car and had no idea of what was taking place outside. I froze my ass for nearly thirty minutes doing his stars but it was worth it. As incredible as it may sound, he asked me for my business card and told me two more cops were secretively stationed along HWY 8 West! He begged me to very careful and to drive to the nearest hotel just a few miles West and call for help there.

The fact is I never stopped to any hotels and made it back home safely to San Diego. I drove well above the speed limit all along, and no cops stopped me! Did he radioed his friends and gave me a “free” pass?”  Did I magically disappeared on the HWY that night or did the cops saw me speeding and let me go? No real cops would do this and I will never know but this story is very real and non fictional…

Cops are human beings too, some are smart and curious, some others are crude, non spiritual and power driven, all responding to their natal UCI. Had I landed on a less spiritual cop I would have been paying a huge fine and my broken car impounded that night.

But I just landed on a Gemini and this sign rules my 11th house of wishes and friends and while  this astrological “nonsense” means nothing to any of the cops reading this article, true cosmic knowledge means real power… Being cosmic conscious allows me to know why at 64, all my best reliable friends were all born in June.  And still to some, Astrology is a pseudo science?  This story makes you wonder of the world we live in and how unconscious human are of their  natal cosmic load…

 There is a lot of cops in Phoenix, so if you see me remember I am on your side because reaching your superiors and add my 64 years of independent research on the human psyche and save countless cops lives has been a tremendous challenge.  If you are a cop, please read more and join the cosmic code website, its free for you. Email*****

Be VERY careful of what you say, where you go and what you do during a deadly Plutonic window! Unaware police officers and/or criminals will meet with their death. Many other unprepared souls will pay the ultimate price by losing their precious lives too. Please DO take my warnings seriously!

Please make a copy of those dangerous Plutonic windows dates depicting extreme criminal activity, terrorism and police VULNERABILITY. No one is safe when EVIL reign on earth!



 Listening To Dead Cops!

Please be part of this movement, do not expect the FBI or the police administration to remotely understand or accept my far fetched cosmic work just yet! You are the one that must uncover the reality behind my research, please join other police officers, their parents and submit your concern and support to

 POLICE OFFICERS FEEDBACK (Check my 911 prediction

Dear Dr. Turi and Terania,

Thank you for sending the link to last nights radio show.   I plan on working maybe a few more months and then finally after a 31 year career in Law Enforcement, retiring and enjoying a more peaceful life. All that I know, is that my career as a supervisor keeping my police officers safe and returning home to their families each day, means a lot to me.

Since I have been home for many months now, when I listen to my police radio here with all of the bad police responses to robbery calls and police pursuits, I pray that these officers do not get hurt and make it home to their families.  Last year, Amany NJ Police officers were shot and never made it home to their families.  Due to budget restraints there have been many lay offs and retiree position’s haven’t even been filled, in this entire Metro Area.

 Well, anyway, I had Stage 4 colon cancer and I had the best support and many Prayers were said for me.  I had the best Doctor’s that anyone could ever want during that bad news time. When I was told the bad news about my wife, I just about dropped to the floor and I stayed positive to get this over with ASAP. So, lets get this operation over with!
I can’t find the 2012 Moon Power Star Guide e-book can you send me the link for it?

Have a happy new year you two and your great dogs.

Thank You, Paul /// Lyndhurst,NJ

DT  – Hello Paul:

 Well I know how you feel.. Neen there and you will be fine. Chances are the stress of your job or the inability to provide more help stimulated the cancer growth because all disease are coming from a “blockage.” Make sure to offer this link  to the cops you know and they can become VIP’s for free and get access to Plutonic Dragon Dates by signing up. The 2016 forecasts are ready for you… Dogs are fine Paul and I wish you and your family many more New Years of a happy, healthy life.



Dr. Turi,

 Yes, one of those officer’s from Jersey City Police, NJ are a cousin to one of my own brother officers, on the Lyndhurst Police Dept, NJ, who I have been best friends with him & his wife for years. His CAT scan as of today, says his brain is dead. But he is breathing on his own. 

Also another NJ Police Officer, from the Hasbrouck Heights Police Dept, is  in serious condition, after being run over, while doing a traffic detail, on NJ Route 17, since a new fast food place was opened, which is a Sonic Restaurant. Reports now, doctors are saying that this officer may not be able to walk again. PS – I know that you always look out for the law enforcement officers, on certain dates and all of the dates that you give out, NJ seem to have casualties of police officers. NJ has been very hot with all of this negative energy, the last few months. I do spread your words to my officers on a daily basis but not all listen. I’m hoping for a promotion to Captain sometime this summer. 

Good Bless,

Lt ///// Lyndhurst Police Dept. NJ 

Dr. Turi,

 Thank you for these dates, for cops. I will review it later on. Also thanks for Your guidance. Since these 16 Promotions of the Lyndhurst PD, NJ, on 09-1-2009 we have been out in Full Force, on all of our main roadways, enforcing Traffic & Safety Laws, and School Zones. We Are Watching Out for Our Younger Generation here. On the day of my promotion, I had a lot of emptiness in my heart, because of my best friend, in life died on 9-11-01, at the WTC. I miss those days, because we both would guide one another, during bad working conditions.


 DT – Dear Paul: First my prayers are with you. We can only admire your concern and bless your support. With your and other souls’ help, more police officers in the future will benefit from knowing and respecting the cosmic code jurisdictions. 



Dr. Turi,

 Police officer killed near Albuquerque while on a stake out at approx. 4 am while attempting to apprehend a man who for about 10 years had been terrorizing people in the area. Both the officer and the assailant were killed. The officer was a good solid police officer and family man who had been on the force a number of years. This story is quite big news here. I live in Santa Fe. Every time the Dragon’s Tail energy is in the air I feel it strongly. There is always an unusual tension. I feel “wired” and can see an intensified agitation in the people around me and in the situations they are in. I use quantum physics in my work and heal people around the world, so I am much more aware of the energies, even the most subtle ones as they change in the cosmos. The Dragon’s Tail is perhaps the most intense. Sincerely,

L//// Santa Fe, NM 

DT – Sad news…Very sad. Had this soul knew about the *Deadly Plutonic Window and be more cautious on the given dates he may have been able to spare his life. Thank you for the support.



Dear Dr. Turi,

 I have been a full-time police officer for 25 years. I am now a sergeant in the patrol division. I have been involved in several incidents in those 25 years whereas divine intervention could be the only reason I wasn’t killed or seriously injured. I work different shifts and have had the fortune to hear you several times on coast to coast throughout the years. I am a strong Christian and at first was very cautious of your work.  I believe that the knowledge (blue print) on interpreting the cosmic code had been given by God to man. However, I believe ancient religious leaders and others have concealed to this day or destroyed specific scriptures and writings that contain, if you will, the cosmic code.

 Everyone loves the firefighter (me included) but few people really like the police outside of the police family. It is a blessing that someone with your knowledge & gift has chosen to devote the amount of energy you are devoting to ensure that police officers take all necessary precautions so that they return home to their loved ones. I constantly caution my officers, whereas complacency is their worst enemy and that violent events are going to increase dramatically as well as the level of violence that people are going to resort to. I am now 54 years of age. I stay as strong and as fit as someone my age can, but I’m still at a disadvantage when dealing with the younger criminal element. I missed your special police show on coast to coast and I’m not quite sure what is available to me in regard to the “Plutonic Window” dates. But any knowledge that is available to me would be greatly appreciated.

 I work a second part-time police job and assistant coach a local football team along with trying to be the best husband, father and grandfather and tending to two elderly parents. I am not crying the blues, what I do is a labor of love. Ifby some chance you find time to respond to my email, I was born on /////.

Thank-you Dr. Turi, really,……Thank-you. 

Sgt. G////

Poland Township Police Department

Poland, OH

 DT – Dear G; First let me thank you for your support and trust in my work…The good news is that you are perceptive and  details oriented and this add to the protective natal Node. Just be aware of any and all domestic calls, especially after the full moon where you become vulnerable with speeding. You are subconsciously running way from your own disturbing tough upbringing and my book Moon power should help you understand the fluctuation of the moon. Pass it on to your friends. You are a very emotional person and stress will get to your stomach and knees do not eat when upset. Be safe,





Dear Dr. Turi;

 I am not a VIP, but am saving my $$$ to become one. I am the Mother of a Deputy Sheriff born //// on a Sunday 12:34 p.m. Negative things are happening in his and my life. I read all your newsletters and think you are right on. So naturally, the law enforcement windows have me very upset. Can you help me. My birthday is////. I am terrified, can you help?

Thank you JO 

DT – Dear Jo, as the mother of a police officer I can understand your fears, however right now the Tail of Dragon is right into your 3rd house (critical thinking) and mess up your thoughts. Note also your very sensitive natal Node in Pisces (imagination) does play havoc on your mind and makes you very vulnerable intellectually. First never forget the future is the reincarnation of the thoughts and learn to send your protective thoughts (thoughts are things) to your son while at work. Your dare devil must use patience and diplomacy dealing with others on the road. He is a great driver but danger is coming from speeding and coming from water and/or drunk drivers. Advise him, he will listen and thank you for his courage facing crimes on a daily base. Ask him to email me for the free book and the 2009 Plutonic dates. 



Thank you Dr. Turi for your quick response. I will have him go to your site, as I am his mother I am so concerned. He is a helicopter pilot, and water could be so possible as we live in /////. Thank you so much. 

Dear Dr. Turi;

I heard your radio show on Coast-to-Coast AM the other night. As a police officer, I appreciate you giving all of us brothers and sisters a heads up. This world seems to be changing by the minute and it is getting very dangerous for us out on the streets nowadays. I was on your web site and wanted to get personal dragon window dates for my birth date of ///.

Thanks and God Bless.


Baltimore Police Department 

DT – Dear R; Indeed the world is changing rapidly but the Police Academy archaic teachings are not helping any brave trooper to rapidly detect the dangerous UCI of a criminal. You share the same natal positive Node in Scorpio than one of the local Police Chief I am working with and this is very lucky for your profession as a Police officer. Use those dates cautiously and be very aware close to banks or anything that involve crooks and cash, especially at night. I am also emailing you a copy of my 2009 Moon Power to master the section “Universal Law”. Thank you for risking your precious life for society…Thank you for risking your life for society…



Dr. Turi;

 How do I go about ordering my window dates? I am a police officer and was working the graveyard shift when I found myself intrigued after listening to you on Coast to Coast with George Noory on 4/7/2009. This year has been especially violent, lots of fights, car crashes, complaints, etc. It feels like someone is trying to kill me…but like I said, this show resonated with me. I’ve been a police officer with Payson City, Utah since 2003.

Thanks, R//. 

DT – Hello M; We have a very similar UCI *Unique Celestial Identity, I was born Feb 26 and both our career is “Plutonic” this mean life and death, investigations, police work and healing type of energy. The risky node (dragon) is located on your 6th house of service to the world and you are strongly advised to be VERY careful when responding to any domestic disturbance calls, especially during a negative window dates and when the moon is waning or full. Your high critical observing nature is a plus but your emotional response to life for peace and harmony makes you too nice to some dangerous people you may come in contact with when you arrest them. Be aware when dealing with any gang members and make a good use of your 2009 Plutonic dates and my book 2009 Moon Power. By the end of the year you will understand how important it is to be aware of the *Cosmic Code. Thank you for your dedication to serve and protect all of us and good luck to you my friend.



Dr. Turi;

My husband is a police officer and I want to know how to get the free information you mentioned for police officers but I can’t figure out how to do so. His name is R/// and his birth date is ////.


DT – Dear Anne; Like any concerned wife advising your husband and reminding him, of those dangerous days is a MUST to make sure he returns home safely after his shift! Trust me my own police officers friends have recognized this dangerous *energy and today are still alive. Tell him to be particularly cautious with foreigners, animals and anything related to religion and politics to avoid the worse. Thank him for risking his life daily to protect us. Go to and click on the *cosmic Hand in the sky and tell your friends to do the same.



Dear Dr. Turi;

 Although I have never heard of you, my mom is an avid listener of George Noory. Tonight she told me about your show last night.06 APR 09. Being a sheriff’s deputy with the Cook County Sheriff’s dept (Chicago),Il I am very concerned about the universal windows, especially for myself personally. I was born on /////. Please inform me on my personal dragon windows dates. I work in the warrant unit for the dept., and our job is very critical at times, not to mention Chicago leads the planet in murders. Please advise, any info would be greatly appreciated.



DT – Well S, Your Mother, like mine, is  concerned with all their children safety and welfare and I am glad you listened to her accurate intuition…While investigating your UCI *Unique Celestial Identity would require some time I will only point out the major aspects of your Divinity. Your Sun sign in Libra (Justice) becomes your soul’s purpose for you to enforce both the laws of men and those of God. Your perceptive, highly critical, perfectionist mental aptitude will always work for you, as any type of investigation becomes your spiritual regeneration principle. Your highly advanced UCI is set by birth to learn and teach all about the Cosmic Code too. You are indeed a  valuable element to the curriculum by investigating your own personal Plutonic window dates. FYI my top students were all born in September! Thank you for working hard bringing security to all of us.



Dr. Turi:

 I am a police officer in the City of Batavia, Il. I work the midnight shift and heard your program on Coast-to-Coast last night. Thank you! How do I receive the forecast? Thanks in advance, Officer////

Batavia Police Dept, Il 

DT – S, you were born within a Plutonic window right on yourself, subconsciously you feel you are in grave danger, please be VERY careful during your personal Plutonic dates. Armed with this rare wisdom you will be well prepared to avoid the worse by applying your will. Your most dangerous months are May and November during the full moon period. Thank you for your courage and dedication to protect us in your dangerous profession. I hope your Superiors will make it mandatory for  police officers out there to learn and use Astropsychology software to avoid fatalities. Blessings.


Dear Dr. Turi;

 I am a Police Officer in New York and spoke to you on the phone about obtaining my personal dragon window. I was born on ///// 1968 in the city of Buffalo, NY. As a law enforcement professional I appreciate all that you are doing to protect the men and women in law enforcement. Thank you, and I wish you and yours the very best.


R///- East Aurora Police Dept. 

DT – Dear R – Your natal lucky birth node in Aries protects you from violent death my friend if you use your personal Plutonic window dates carefully but be aware of the moths October and July (for ever) as the Plutonic energy intensify then. Don’t drive too fast and be very careful doing so, your tendency for speeding could be fatal. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for risking your life daily to protect all of us.




ATTN: Chief of Police; Lieutenants, Detectives, Sergeants:

 Due to the massive amounts of officers killed in the line of duty lately, it is imperative that methods even unusual as they may seem be employed to protect officers. Back in 1992 I worked as a victim advocate for a large city police department and was married to a K9 officer. Around 1998-99 I worked at a radio station co hosting a program which the guest was Dr. Louis Turi. Being rather ignorant of astrology, I was startled and shocked at what the good doctor had seen in my astrology chart. Amazed by this information, I began to look into it a bit more only to find out that Dr. Turi’s method was far more accurate than the mainstream form. I wouldn’t say he ‘predicts’ rather, I see it as his ability to read a ‘map’ (so to speak) and thus he is able to see the ‘bridge is out’ sign and helping others detour from a deadly situation rather than ignore the sign and end up in the river. I would highly recommend him to lecture, teach and with his concern for helping others, to be a light in a dark world that is so full of ignorance. His talent to foresee ‘something coming’ is uncanny and very accurate! If those of you in Law Enforcement took time to examine Dr. Turi’s knowledge, many families of officers may not be shedding tears for their loved ones. Personally, I have found him to be informative and intelligent thus, I do believe those who need ‘proof’ much like myself, would be impressed by how Astropsychology works!


A Vision For the Police Of The Future:

 Hey DT,

I just had a though as I really hope your work is being heard by Law Enforcement. Just imagine this fictional story some day in the future; A police car with two officers gets dispatched to a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. The persons involved in the domestic birth dates are entered into the police computer at the station. While the officers are en-route, an Astropsychology computer analysis is done and recommendations are made to the desk sergeant. Given the fact that the current date falls in a deadly Plutonic window and a waning full moon and the two persons involved are at a deadly intersection in their UCI’s , all officers responding to the call are required to wear heavy body armor bullet proof vests no matter how minor the argument seems. 

Note that in this future story, all police officers UCI’s are stored in the Police database and the computer recommends that one of the officers in the patrol car is in a very bad personal window and ordered to stay in the car. A back-up car is sent and an officer with a much better UCI for today is assigned to go up to the door with the first officer. They ring the bell, the door opens, one officer takes a direct shot to the chest, but luckily his body armor saves him and they both retreat. A SWAT team is called in to subdue the man as SWAT is prepared to handle such situations and no-one dies as a direct result of an Astro-analysis computer at the station. End of Story….. Some day DT…..Some day….!!!!! I would love to see a movie based on this scenario. 

Do well on C2C my friend.

 Talk soon,


Dear Sirs:

 Far too many cops are losing their lives as of late. People in general are behaving very erratically for all kinds of reasons. Some are losing their jobs others their homes and many are emotionally unstable to start with, and a crisis of any kind is triggering irrational behavior. The police are called onto the scene and by so doing are putting their lives in danger. As a concerned citizen I am taking the liberty to inform you about a man by the name of Dr L.Turi, who lives in Phoenix Arizona. I got acquainted with his work about two years ago. He is an Astro psychologist who has spent over 35 years studying the planets and their transits and can tell with uncanny accuracy the times of the month when certain planetary energies are at their deadliest. I believe it would be very beneficial to invite him over for a lecture so he can advise the police department when these deadly forces are at their peak. I am certain it can save the lives of a great many in the police force who are called out during emergencies. His accuracy is remarkable. I have read all of his books and I must say they are all extremely informative. As a retired person who has worked as a professional in the medical field I must admit that Dr. Turi knows what he is talking about. So I hope that you will give him a chance to lecture to the department and also the chance to get to know him as a person. I can assure you that you will not regret it. Thanking you and the department for all your efforts in keeping us citizens safe. 



 Dear Dedicated Police Chiefs,

 Thank you for being open minded and giving Dr. Louis Turi the opportunity to teach you and your valued police officers his incredible knowledge. I am a teacher, counselor and mother of two sons. My oldest is 18 and has friends who will be joining the police academy. It is my plea as a mother that urges the tremendous need for the safety of the officer’s precious lives. I’ve been a supporter of Dr. Turi for over 5 years after first listening to him on Coast-to-Coast AM radio show with George Noory. I did my own due diligence and read his work on his content filled website. I ordered a full reading and have read his life-saving Moon Power books. To my astonishment, I found him to be a true messenger of God. He’s by no means a Ms. Cleo type pseudo-clairvoyant. I am passionate about saving lives and tell as many people as I can to investigate his works to help themselves and their families. I’ve been successful with friends, acquaintances and members of my own family even though I met some resistance from a few skeptics who called it wackology until they realized that it is the truth that Dr Turi is all about! Now they don’t even book flights without conferring with him 🙂I will continue to avidly advocate Dr. Turi’s work, which will spare all of our police officers, firefighters and children’s lives. There’s so much to gain and nothing to lose by giving him the opportunity to share with you his scientific software and true knowledge that will save your lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Liz //// NY 10704 

To The Police

I have been following Dr. Turi since 2000 – I first heard him on Coast to Coast radio. I receive his emails giving warnings and advise . I have always had a  respect for police officers and firemen – not just because family members have been in both but because they put their life on the line every day. Nothing is too good for these individuals. We need to pray for our officers and firemen every day – they are our Angels on Earth. Thank you.


To the police Dept. 

Dear Sirs;

 You should to read everything Turi has to say.  Without a doubt he’s 100% accurate, everything Dr. Turi has predicted has come to pass when he speaks I listen and I spread the word to all of my friends and family. Please read his newsletters and join his VIP not only for your day at work to be safer but your family also, Doesn’t your family deserve to be safer, to be forewarned is to be prepared for those bad days when it pays to listen to him. He is not by any means a cult leader. He’s a wiser man that knows the planets and the UCI of everyone on earth. His predictions in his book moon power should help you plan for the future with 100 % accuracy. You will not be disappointed at all please give him a try and read up on his newsletters. You’ll be happy you did! Thank you.


To the Police Chief;

 Dear Sir:  I first heard Dr. Turi on Coast 2 Coast radio program.  I knew he was sharing with the masses. He was telling us how it really is. Ever since then I have been a VIP member and also read his books and receive Moon Power. I follow Moon Power every day and have educated my family about him.I don’t make an appointment, a doctors’ visit, even my court dates without following him. I have not be let down once. He tells you how to get thru what is coming your way, be it good or bad. There is no flying without making reservations during the new moon or you could be in trouble. My thoughts and prayers are with you.  My brother is a former police officer. I know what you go thru on a daily basis. Him showing your force how it should be and should be a blessing to the rest of us also. 


Please forward this note to the Police Chief Dr. Turi.

I have been reading Dr. Turi’s books, VIP newsletter, and personal requests for a number of years now. All you have to do is follow his newsletter for a while and you will understand that he knows what he is talking about. FYI I am a 70-year-old woman, married, has children, and grandchildren and worked in the Real Estate industry until I retired. I am a very down to earth person, and have had a successful life.

 Thank you for your consideration. 

Cheryl in New York 

Please forward this note to the Police Chief Dr. Turi.

 Dear Sir (s), I have a nephew that is a Sheriff and another nephew that is a Firefighter. I have sent them information from Dr. Turi to make them aware of how intense/dangerous their jobs are during the Full Moon and especially when Pluto is around. Yes, it all sounds Greek, it did to me too, but I take the risk of them laughing at me for listening to the stars, if it will spare their lives. He has taught us what can happen during these times and how to possibly avoid it or be careful. The knowledge will not hurt any of you and will save lives.

Sincerely, a student of Dr. Turi,


Dear Police personnel,

 I’ve spoken to many police officers regarding the moon and its trends. And not a one officer will controvert that your crime goes way up in degree of severity and frequency in concurrence to the full moons and the immediate wax thereof. I’m not kidding, start watching the trends for yourself of waxing, waning and full moon, be mindful of when you do your transactions and chart just like a scientist the date results of all your major transactions to this moon trend. YOU will see and hopefully retool your major transactions initiations, once you effect your own proof of how hellish it is when you don’t go by/plan by /transact by major lunar trending cycles as you are taught the lunation cycles of the moon. 


Dr. Turi, 

Yes one of those officer’s from Jersey City Police, NJ are a cousin to one of my own brother officers, on the Lyndhurst Police Dept, NJ, who I have been the best of friends with him & his wife for years. His CAT scan as of today, his brain is dead. But he is breathing on his own. It’s so hard to get through on C2C, to do a worldwide prayer, for both of these Law Enforcement Officers, see below! Also another NJ Police Officer, from the Hasbrouck Heights Police Dept, is also in serious condition, after being run over, while doing a traffic detail, on NJ Route 17, since a new fast food place was opened, which is a Sonic Restraunt. Reports now, doctors are saying that this officer may not be able to walk again. PS – I know that you always look out for the law enforcement officers, on certain dates, and all of the dates that you give out, NJ seems to have casualties of police officers. NJ has been very hot with all of this negative energy, the last few months. I do spread your words to my officers, on a daily basis. I’m hoping for a promotion to Captain, sometime this summer. 

Good Bless,

Lt ///// Lyndhurst Police Dept. NJ 

Dr. Turi,

 Thank you for these dates, for COPS, I will review it later on. Also Thanks for Your Guidance! Since these 16 Promotions of the Lyndhurst PD, NJ, on 09-1-2009 we have been out in Full Force, on all of our main roadways, enforcing Traffic & Safety Laws, and School Zones. We Are Watching Out for Our Younger Generation here. On the day of my promotion, I had a lot of Emptiness in My Heart, because of My Best Friend, in Life died on 9-11-01, at the WTC. I Miss Those Days, because we both would Guide One Another, during bad working conditions. 

Your Friend,


Dear Paul: First my prayers are with you my friends and I can only admire your concern and bless your support. With your and other souls’ help many more police officers in the future will benefit from knowing and respecting the Cosmic Code jurisdictions.



Dr. Turi,

 Police officer killed near Albuquerque while on a stake out at approx. 4 am while attempting to apprehend a man who for about 10 years had been terrorizing people in the area. Both the officer and the assailant were killed. The officer was a good solid police officer and family man who had been on the force a number of years. This story is quite big news here. I live in Santa Fe. Every time the Dragon’s Tail energy is in the air I feel it strongly. There is always an unusual tension. I feel “wired” and can see an intensified agitation in the people around me and in the situations they are in. I use quantum physics in my work and heal people around the world, so I am much more aware of the energies, even the most subtle ones as they change in the cosmos. The Dragon’s Tail is perhaps the most intense. Sincerely,

L//// Santa Fe, NM 

Sad news…Very sad. Had this soul knew about the *Deadly Plutonic Window and be more cautious on the given dates he may have spare his life. Thank you for the support.




MEMO – Deadly ‘Plutonic Windows’ 

First hour guest, seer Dr. Louis Turi outlined four “deadly Plutonic windows,” upcoming dates where police officers and law enforcement  (Coast To Coast Police Message #4) will be particularly vulnerable to violent activity from crazed individuals: April 10th, April 25th, May 8th and May 23rd, 2009.  

“Knowledge is Power Ignorance is Evil. Ask And You Shall Receive”

 Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi 

Black Friday And The Cops 

The FBI, Criminals and The Cosmic Code 

Gary Andrew’ suicide and the Cosmic Code 

Jared Lee Laughner “The Mind Of A Killer” 


 Email: or call 602-265-7667 for more information 



Over the years, the police has grown drastically with weaponry but not in spirit… There are cosmic reasons for them and their public victims to invite a premature death!  Astroforensics must be taught at the Police Academy.  POLICE REQUIEM


About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.

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