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Over the years, the police has grown drastically with weaponry but not in spirit There are reasons for them and their public victims to invite a premature death!  Astroforensics must be taught at the Police Academy. Dr. Turi

Dear Readers;

 While famous souls already died *UNC basketball legend Dean Smith dies, *Dean Smith died at age 83, this window will drastically affect the police. Expect more secrets to come to the light, news from Russia, cops and more celebrities will be called back to God! As a rule, all my SOS windows always trig dramatic news, quakes above 6.0 and natural disasters…

As with my Unarguable 6.3 earthquake prediction!, I am warning the public again on the intensity of this upcoming SOS to the World deadly window. I suggest everyone of you to read the quatrain and the keywords below carefully, then warn others and wait for the future to prove me right again!

Memo: “EARTHQUAKES 51 Earthquakes in the world in 24 hours! hiveluch (Kamchatka) Volcano Eruption prediction – So far only a 5.7 mg earthquake took place in California right on my last January 30th window. The energy is still building, the full impact will be tomorrow.  Be ready…

First I check all the planets movements with the same type of software NASA uses to plot the movement of the stars. Then I pick three days to accommodate for  time zones to predict quakes above 6.0 which are not common. This make my “above 6.0mg quakes windows quite rare and very dangerous. While this infuriate the atheists, I got all quakes above 6.0 since the beginning of 2015, and as you can see they are not common at all…

Significant Earthquakes

 It is only when the Police Administration start to pay attention to the revolutionary science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics and my software is allowed as part of the trooper’s electronics that our brave courageous public servants will get reliable warnings. I do not only “predict” earthquakes above 6.0, but dangerous cosmic winds and warn those willing and able to make a good use of my gift!

“Terror in Paris” Dr. Turi’s astonishing TRIPLE HITS PREDICTION!

If you are a cop, be extremely cautious and be on your guard more than usual! Sad enough the Police Administration do not seem to care too much about the “wasted collateral” or your life and the “protective” prayers of your loved ones won’t be heard by a false God! A cosmic God speak his will through the stars and all I can do is to remind you of the “signs.”

Sad enough all police officers undergoing a “2015 Personal Negative Cosmic biorhythms” will become a direct target and  have no chance to escape an early demise. Many will pay the ultimate price for ignoring the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and God Divinity speaking his cosmic will upon all human. The worse of his children will be cosmically “activated” in suicide missions * Man drives truck into Michigan Coast Guard station.

Again, quakes above 6.0 are not common and no skeptics, this type of dramatic news does not happen everyday! Only during my SOS police windows….Teen charged in triple shooting at Pittsburgh-area mall!

Thus if you are a police officer be aware, many of you will fall victims of the criminals on the prowl and never return home! And if you are a law obedient citizen, famous or not, undergoing one of your “2015 Personal Negative Cosmic biorhythms” “accidents will happen to you too! *Explaining why Bruce Jenner escaped with his life!

It is obvious, the intensity is building rapidly if you check at all the latest dramatic news posted on CNN, thus one more reason for you to help me share this warning if you are or know a cop!

DHS chief warns of furloughs DHS?
 Man drives truck into Michigan Coast Guard station
 Dramatic news?
Seven shot, five dead in Georgia Dramatic news
60 bodies found in resort city Secrets to light
AirAsia crash: 100 bodies found Death news
Three people shot at mall Death news
Dean Smith died at age 83 Famous death?
Golfer Billy Casper dies Famous death?

The worse of God’s children sins and actions is coming to the fore. Those lost souls will kill for the sake of killing and kill themselves in the process making the public and the police very vulnerable. This deadly cosmic wind will curse the world for 48 hours centering the given date and offer some serious wake up call to those who doubt my UFO predictive legacy and the veracity of Astropsychology. Be safe, be warned these are my last public warnings, and with it the option for you to check my claims.



February  11 – 23

 Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature, man’s religion bloody folly reign


 Russia/ Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police /  DHS /  FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Wealth / Finances / IRS / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

Update –  Egypt soccer match goes ahead despite clashes that killed at least 20 fans  Death?
Update  HSBC helped conceal $100 billion in Swiss accounts IRS? Wealth?
Update  Powerball jackpot climbs to $450 million  Wealth?

Note those dates and warnings were offered to Jeffrey and Allen on Paranormal radio on January 18, 25 – 2015 –

All I can hope for is when my “visions” come to pass, not to be harassed by the FBI or NSA again. And this is why transparency is important and as usual, I will email them all directly and post my warning on their personal websites.

My dedicated confidence and the values of my work should be investigated and appreciated not rejected! My work can only be sought as egocentrism by envious idiots who wish for failures that never came and will never come! Simply because I know better than the norm, thanks to the ET’s for such a spiritual legacy! I made my point and proved my claims each time and I am about to do it again! Just make notes then assume later…

Unbelievably, when I offered my “psychic” expertise (using a software, I am not Mrs. Cleo)  to find missing children for FREE, I get kicked out of groups for spamming!  Little do those “young souls” know they are a product of the universe and any of the engaging topics they discuss about are all under the jurisdictions of the stars above… Indeed, it seem the majority of those people are not related in any way to Einstein (sarcasm!)

I can not help if science and atheists thinks themselves better than God Cosmic Divinity or Extraterrestrials and reject something I know to be factual.  Subhumans are not responsible for being unevolved psychically, the element of curiosity is replaced by a stubborn rational attitude stimulated by an earthy UCI.

This does not exempt the irrecuperable “village idiots” who are prohibited any form of intelligence whatsoever and can only use acidic when dealing with me…

Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share!



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 Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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