SOS TO THE WORLD APRIL 7/8/9/10 2023 – You Have Been Warned!


DSC106[1]“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity… I’m offering its secrets before I die. The purpose of all my struggles was to build cosmic wisdom and offer universal guidance and strengths to others” Dr. Turi

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“A non-cosmic conscious emotional herd is not only an easy target for Dictators but a dangerous reptilius rogue force seeking troubles for the sake of changes!” Dr. Turi

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March 2023 SOS to the world deadly window Posted March 2, 2023 



April 7/8/9/10 -//- // (Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)

Hidden secrets, sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface 
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign 


Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic Death News / Mass death / Police news / Police brutality / FBI / CIA / Secret services / Secrets to light / Mob / Scandals / Terrorism / Assassination / Cyber-attacks / Abduction / Finances / *IRS / Super wealth / Sex / Porn / Prostitution / Life and death / Serial Killers / Undiluted truth /Dying/Rebirthing / Nature and Man-Made Wake up Call.

Memo “Avoid large gatherings especially at night during any of my 2022/2023 deadly Plutonic windows!”   The reptilius are after the police, government officials, and children/teens! Policing will be so dangerous that many brave servants will quit and the number of cops getting killed or killing citizens will explode in the months to come. Infected criminals will get bolder and wilder committing crimes against the police and the public never experienced before!”


My windows always predispose to experience quakes at or above 6.0

4/10/23 – 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea
 4/5/23 – 6.3 magnitude earthquake near Punta de Burica, Chiriquí, Panama
4/4/23 – 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Gigmoto, Bicol, Philippines
4/2/23 – 6.5 magnitude earthquake near Vilyuchinsk, Kamtsjatka, Russia
4/2/23 – 7.0 magnitude earthquake near Ambunti, East Sepik, Papua New Guinea

Do the keywords “secrets to light/Police, dramatic death news/assassination/famous death or sex” above qualify for those dramatic pieces of news?

Ugly face of death drama horror surface 

I warned my readers about Pluto (death/secrets to light) in Aquarius (technology) and to expect SHOCKING news and crazy videos!

Gunman live-streamed mass shooting at Louisville bank that left 4 dead and 9 injured

Pentagon doc leaks
Jordan subpoenas FBI director for documents over a withdrawn memo on Catholic churches

Once again, to rational human beings, my cosmic work seems quite far-fetched yet, this is not fiction and the ETs are not the product of a vivid imagination! The sad fact is; humans from all walks of life are cursed by those entities who are an intrinsic part of the human psyche!

Infected souls become very active during my windows and deadly and so are pets all responding to the powerful “reptilius effect!” 

The world is not yet ready to assimilate or accept my claims about a negative group of ETs cursing humanity at a psychical level! Those who can help me pass on my critical warnings on Coast to Coast am fired me for being real and accurate! 

Since then, I was not invited to speak at various UFO conferences as I did in the past knowing NONE of those popular “expert” speakers have seen nor delegated UFOs as I do! 

Memo:The reptilius are after children and teens”. My cosmic wisdom is so far ahead that society at large cannot comprehend or accept my warnings as legit, even when they are obvious and transpire during my SOS deadly windows! The words used in my videos cannot be denied or ignored anymore!

People are silhouetted as the sun rises during an Easter sunrise service in Scituate, Massachusetts March 31, 2013. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi (UNITED STATES - Tags: RELIGION SOCIETY)

Virtually every recent poll about Christianity in the US has been brutal, but scholars and historians say the church is poised to find new life for one major reason.

“Yet when CNN asked some of the nation’s top religion scholars and historians recently about the future of Christianity in the US, they had a different message. They said the American church is poised to find a new life for one major reason: Waves of Christians are migrating to the US.”

Those Spanish/Indian descendants’ emigrants were killed by the millions by the European invaders and all were indoctrinated to the core for centuries! Yet like the US religious population including church scholars and historians are not cosmic conscious and have no clue to what Pluto (death/rebirth) in Aquarius (freedom of the body, mind, and soul / Astrology / UFOs) is all about and what those dramatic cosmic winds will bring to the world!

Like NASA finding new planets every day, this is nothing else than another advertisement on CNN trying to reach and convert more people to keep the reptilius infected corporations alive and you under their command because they still/used to control all media and all forms of communication!

Joseph P. Slaughter, a historian and assistant professor of religion at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, says people have been predicting the extinction of Christianity in the US for over two centuries, and it hasn’t happened yet.

A little Astrology tuition for those religiously poisoned Neptunian “Educated Idiots!” That’s because Pluto “the destroyer” was not in Aquarius, a sign that supports curiosity, intelligence, cosmic consciousness, Astrology, technology, the future, and UFOs then… And the technology was not there to reach the world to bypass the church’s bible 2000 years old indoctrination!  Watch it all happening as the world is getting more and more facts and more wake-up calls!

With my cosmic teachings, with time, the world will learn the truth as we move deeper into the New Age of Aquarius!

Raw power challenges police deadly villains
violent clashes between protesters and police in France
The situation in Jerusalem is boiling over.

Oscar-nominated actor Michael Lerner dies
 Club 7 singer dies at 46

Justice Clarence Thomas accepted several luxury trips paid for by GOP megadonor

With the upcoming Libra (law/karma) and the reptilius effect against some members of the High Court of Justice, expect serious repercussions and dramatic news in the upcoming months!

One dead, 1 hurt after a shootout with police on Virginia interstate
2 dead after a plane crashes in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after taking off
Tech executive Bob Lee dead after apparent stabbing attack in San Francisco

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs permitless carry gun bill into law

The sad reality is, this politician, does not care about children’s lives, he cares only about the tremendous financial “donations”gained from large unconcerned greedy corporations who put them in power to maintain their sales of guns killing so many kids! There is such HIGHkarmaawaiting corporations and this man in the future or anyone feeding the reptilius agenda!

Report details ‘staggering’ church sex abuse in Maryland

We do not need more weapons and high-powered machine guns in our streets and in the hands of reptilius infected degenerated lost souls, we do not need abusive deceptive religions eitherbut cosmic education. Pluto in Aquarius will slowly remove all religions cursing humanity on Planet earth.

MEMO: During my SOS deadly windows, expect cosmic events (UFOs), incredible inventions, revolutions and violent acts involving freedom and humanitarianism (Israel / France / Iran), amazing technology, extreme natural disasters, aeronautic accidents, cosmic news, cyber hijacking, attacks, electricity blackout, and explosions never experienced before!The Church Inc. NASA and many corporations will be eliminated or forced into painful restructuring!

In his first post-arraignment remarks, Trump railed against the Manhattan DA and charges during remarks in Florida.

Memo from“Trump UCI explained!” You couldNEVER, ever change or refine Trump’s or anyone’s UCI or his character period! And be surehe will mess up over and over again until he hangs HIMSELF!Trump is his own worst enemy! Looks like I was once again right about Trump’s UCI! “Unique Celestial Identity! 

Memo: 4/5/23 – Trump was warned not to make comments that could ‘jeopardize the rule of law’ or create civil unrest, but still, he did criticize the judge and DA last night!

Using the legal system/attorneys to get off trouble will never work for the former President since his stars do not support anything involving the codification of thoughts (foreigners, education, law and religion!) 
His cursed stars could make him lawless, yet I wish I could guide him for if I did, he would have won the last election against Biden and would certainly win the 2024 elections! That will not happen! Don’t kill the messenger, my work is about astrology, and predictions not politics or conspiracy! 
Again, it is not an accident for me to be on Bob Charles’ radio show the same very day Trump was indicted and with Pluto in Aquarius you need to pay more attention to my warnings issued on both Frank Morano and Bob’s radio shows! 

December 4th 2023 prediction You Have Been Warned!

Trump’s peaceful indictment in Manhattan on April 4th, took place during good cosmic auspices and all went smoothly! 

It will not be the same next time when the deadly reptilius will reign supreme, so make notes! 

New York’s Manhattan court has called United States former President Donald Trump for the next in-person hearing on December 4 The results of Trump’s next indictment will be dreadful for the former President and will change the course of the elections.  

Be ready for a “TRAGIC Dance of Evil” during the weekend of December 8th, 9th and 10th , 2023!  

Reptilius-infected human beings from both sides will go ROGUE and deadly! You have been warned, make a note and avoid congested places then. 

Again, it is not an accident for me to be on Bob Charles’ radio show the same very day Trump was indicted and with Pluto in Aquarius you need to pay more attention to my warnings issued on both Frank Morano and Bob’s radio shows! 

Daniels was ordered by the Trump team to pay another $120,000 in legal fees.
Why the Manhattan district attorney’s case against Trump is so weak! 

Because it was a PLANNED TESTfor the authorities who have much more credible, potent kept secret cases against the former President! Conservative judges, like a good chunk of a very religious US population, do not like famous porn stars…Daniels has no chances against Trump’s team which is costing him hundreds of millions in endless legal battles!  

Trump attacking his own lawyer?
Former President Donald Trump boards his airplane, known as Trump Force One, in route to Iowa at Palm Beach International Airport on Monday, March 13, 2023, in West Palm Beach, FL.

Memo from “Trump UCI explained!” You could NEVER, ever change or refine Trump’s or anyone’s UCI or his character period! And be sure he will mess up over and over again until he hangs HIMSELF!  Trump is his own worst enemy!

Memo: 4/5/23 – Trump was warned not to make comments that could ‘jeopardize the rule of law’ or create civil unrest, but he did criticize the judge and DA last night


Wake up Call for Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Why is ‘60 Minutes’ amplifying the views of Marjorie Taylor Greene?

It’s all about ratings, money, greed, power, and personal agenda that’s why! 

I am infected and slaving for the reptilius

Reptilius infected Marjorie Taylor Greene’s UCI or astrological chart is DUAL and exactly the same as Trump’s! This means she is a Gemini (double face/talking head) with a moon (emotions) in Leo(ego) and born with the exact same natal Sagittarius/Gemini (obnoxious/racist) dragon! 

Like Trump, she is her worst enemy because of the endless ego-fueled drive for attention and inability to control speech!

This explains why she does behave exactly the same“Bull in the China Shop” way as former President Trump but without cosmic consciousness, an oblivious society at large cannot make the comparison!   

Yet rest assured, she could not give a damn about Trump or the Republican’s agenda, Reptilius-infected Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing it all for attention, wealth, and power.  Great karma is ahead for this infected soul doing all she can to feed the reptiles with deception, chaos, lies, manipulations, troubles, and stimulating separatism/split and war between Americans!

It is a disaster for any country and all politicians in charge of our destiny to know NOTHING of their own stars and fate, the reptilius effect and impose their will on us all!  Any smart human being would/should share my cosmic wisdom! 

Ugly face of death drama horror surface 

Kremlin prepared to respond “tactically and strategically” to Finland’s NATO accession Russia
Former Maryland governor’s one-time chief of staff dies after confrontation with FBI
Four people found dead near a hotel in Cancun (mob)
French minister under fire for Playboy magazine cover(sex)


Dear reader,
This newsletter and YouTube video are about a series of SOS deadly windows and a recollection of the predictions I made on March 23rd, 2023 on Frank Morano’s radio show!
The first warning was about the beginning and end of important parts of your and other people’s lives! (Trump’s indictment!) The new warning is about death and drama, sex, secrets, wake-up calls, dramatic deadly news, and troubles ahead with the police!
Pay attention to my quatrain and keywords, make notes and, as usual, my visions and claims will be justified in time!
It is only if you read SOS TO THE WORLD DEADLY WINDOW MARCH 29/30/31 WARNING” and pay attention to all the past and current dramatic, deadly news, my quatrain, and obvious keywords that, you will realize my UFOs predictive legacy is undeniable!
Repetition is a must in my work, please pay attention, heed, and share my visions!

Memo: Pluto’s destructive, deadly cosmic winds will triple the “sudden release of energy” of Aquarius which has now spoken of its extraordinary astonishing power with former president Trump’s indictment, (predicted on The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano) and the planet’s deadly power producing a devastating tornado-spawning storm killing 26 people through the Southeast! And it’s not over!

Update: 3/30/23 – 10 killed and dozens hospitalized as tornadoes and dangerous storms tear through the South and Midwest

During my SOS deadly windows, expect cosmic events (UFOs), incredible inventions, revolutions and violent acts involving freedom and humanitarianism (Israel / France / Iran), amazing technology, extreme natural disasters, aeronautic accidents, cosmic news, cyber hijacking, attacks, electricity blackout, and explosions never experienced before!  The Church Inc. NASA and many corporations will be eliminated or forced into painful restructuring!  

undefined9 soldiers were killed after 2 Black Hawk helicopters crashed in Kentucky during training
2 killed in a medical helicopter crash

Remember my visions published in my 2023 Nostradamus forecast for all s

Update: 4/2/23: Burger chain McDonald’s Corp is temporarily closing its U.S. offices this week as it prepares to inform corporate employees about its layoffs as part of a broader company restructuring, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

McDonald’s temporarily closing US offices: report
McDonald’s temporarily closing US offices

There are NO “accidents” only subtle cosmic circumstances at work and society at large, the Army, the Navy, science, and “educated idiots” alike cannot assimilate, comprehend or accept due to their unevolved natal karmic UCI! 

Update: 4/2/23Data security threat 

Do the words cyber hijacking and explosion” confirm my warnings and the current news?

Dr. Turi The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano Part 1!
Dr. Turi The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano Part 2!
Dr. Turi The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano Part 3!


AI could go ‘Terminator’ and pose ‘catastrophic’ risks, new report warns

“As AI agents begin to understand human psychology and behavior, they may become capable of manipulating or deceiving humans,” the paper argues, noting “the most successful agents (the reptilius) will manipulate and deceive in order to fulfill their goals.”

For years I warned humanity about the “reptilius effect” and those nefarious ETs manipulating technology to hijack the body, mind, and soul of oblivious human beings.

The Scorpius dragon at work!

The reptile’s agenda is real and potent for earthlings of all ages and of all walks of life but both cosmic unconscious, religious and scientific indoctrinating, deceptive matrixes are unaware of the passage of Pluto (death/drama) in Aquarius (technology/AI.) 

Note also that Reptilius resides on Pluto!

The answers desperately needed by humanity to psychically fight the “reptilius effect” are in my video, something all concerned people should share widely!

03/23/23 – Pluto in Aquarius SOS to the world-A SERIOUS WARNING TO ALL EARTHLINGS! 

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Blessings to all
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