SOS to the world deadly Moonic window July 9, 2021 – New beginning/Ending


DSC106[1]“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

“The universe is a DARK PLACE I’m trying to make it brighter before I die.”Neil DeGrasse

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity, I’m offering its secrets before I die.” Dr. Turi

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July 2021 SOS to the world deadly windows… Posted by Dr. Turi on June 28, 2021 at 5:37pm

July 8 / — /–   (Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)


Nature Men to Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made to Last
Tears Pain Death A New Life for Many


America / New Beginning / Ending of War / Real Estate / Families Tragedies / Beginning / Ending of
Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Forced Actions / Man Destructive Actions / Deadly
Weather / Natural Disaster / A new Planned and/or Unplanned life For Many.

My windows ALWAYS depict a very high probability of earthquakes at or above 6.0

7/8/21 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Smith Valley, Nevada, United States

Biden end Afghanistan war – Biden war target Big Tech and internet service providers with a new executive order 

How can anyone born with enough critical thinking unable to associate my obvious keywords “Ending / New beginning” with the current news and deny my UFO’s predictive legacy? 

How many thousands of our brave soldiers will experience an ending and new beginning of important phases of life then? I am amazed at the reluctance of some people to recognize my visions as fact when they are right on their face on the given date of July 9, 2021!



Indiana police officer on FBI Task Force ambushed and killed on Wednesday, July 7, 2021

When I told you countless times that; the reptilius are after the police, government officials, and children, maybe you should pay more attention reader. My SOS to the world for July 4th  do not lie! 

2 ATF agents and a police officer shot in Chicago

Memo: Policing will because so very dangerous that many brave servants will quit and the number of cops getting killed or killing citizens will explode in the months to come. Infected criminals will get bolder and wilder committing crimes against the police and the public never experienced before! READ POLICE REQUIEM

FILE - In this April 7, 2018, file photo, Haiti's President Jovenel Moise, center, leaves the museum during a ceremony marking the 215th anniversary of revolutionary hero Toussaint Louverture's death, at the National Pantheon museum in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Moïse was assassinated after a group of unidentified people attacked his private residence, the country's interim prime minister said in a statement Wednesday, July 7, 2021. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery, File)Haiti President assassinated in an attack on his home

Memo: The reptilius are after the police, government officials, and children!

Come back to check on the collected news so I can help you assimilate Nostradamus’ 16th century Divine Astrology methodology!

Putin taunts US saying their world dominance is ‘OVER’ & threatens to strike back if any ‘boundaries are crossed’ Ending?

America was born with a Dragon’s tail *negative in the sign of Aquarius *Nukes – Explosions Sudden release of energy *Pearl Harbor *911 – When you elect a President “WE THE PEOPLE” have to experience is natal stars! President Biden is a Scorpio *death/drama/rebirth, he was born with the same negative Aquarius Dragon’s Tail as America. Putin was born with the Dragon’s head (luck) in Aquarius *Nuke/technology/cyberwar or dominance in the area.

He will make the news on the upcoming SOS to the world deadly Plutonic window of July 17 and 23, 2021. The Nuke war is confirmed unless the benevolent Draconis *the Gardeners of the world decide to intervene! God Have Mercy!

Dear reader;

If you took the time to read SOS to the world deadly window 07/4/2021 or watch my YouTube video, the warnings offered to the general public can not be denied. Yet, only intuitive, curious souls born with enough critical thinking can benefit from my cosmic teachings. Indeed someone must be right!

Cobb County Police are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a golf pro on the green of the 10th hole of the Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw, Georgia on Saturday afternoon. The suspect drove up to the green in a white Ram 3500 Pick-up track, according to eyewitness accounts, and shot 41 year-old pro-golfer Gene Siller.

I want you to recognize those different “cosmic winds” and pay more attention to what will happen to you, your loved ones, your friends, and the world at large! Something that means a lot to you will start, or end, it could be a relationship, a job,  “Jeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon CEO a study, a trip, a wedding, or even a death! I am also expecting thousands of people to be forced to relocate because of a natural disaster!

Back in May 2020, my “good friend” David Icke suffered this type of window!


Matis was a Virgo, and this sign is prone to a violent death, especially with his natal Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Aries (the head!) I am amazed at human’s lack of curiosity involving the location of the natal Dragon in their chart!
Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!
There is more information on the location of your natal dragon alone than the entire complexity of your chart! And cosmic awareness may have saved Matiss’s precious life, especially during my SOS to the world deadly window 07/4/2021

Pay attention to the news and realize this BEGINNING – ENDING window is already in action knowing the reptilius are aiming at politicians, the police, and children/teens! 

The more you pay attention to my cosmic wisdom, the more cosmic conscious you will become, and doing so can only help you beat the reptilius and lead a much better life! My work is so critical, so real, so accurate that I am still wondering why a curious producer did not approach me yet to do a REAL reality show that would save countless lives!

How many of you would be interested in investing in my cosmic wisdom, become a guest and help me reach a national stage? Since my forte is to read the future, fame and fortune are assured to those smart investors! You are not taking a chance with me. especially when I know exactly what to do, what tools are needed on the stage. 

The world desperately needs this type of spiritual show where real predictions and real warnings will become much like or before Fox or CNN! 

Thousands of absolutely ridiculous “reptilius” generated reality shows nowadays offer nothing but drama, ridiculousness, and dirt to the world. What about something so UNIQUE, so regenerative, so educational promising a sure success and immortality?   

Who’s willing to invest or help in “The cosmic code with Dr. Turi project?”

I am again offering my worldwide reading audience another opportunity to realize how God speaks his will through the signs and why it is important for all of you to recognize Jesus’ initial cosmic Ministry is Divine Astrology and not the Koran, the bible, or any of the 785  Neptunius deceptive religious disciplines. 

 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:” – Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

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Some of my readers are very sensitive and get really fed up or even depressed with the endless chain of negative news I share during my SOS deadly windows. But I can not be blamed for an oblivious world’s inability to assimilate or even accept the harsh reality of negative ET’s cursing humanity.  

Maybe I should put more emphasis on the “Draconis” or the good group of ETs acting as the “Gardeners of this world!” 

My Amazon movie is designed to offer critical answers to the truth seekers about UFOs and various groups of ET’s, but the force of evil is blocking my attempts to share such deep mystical truths.

The fact is; if you look at the constant flow of horrific news taking place on a daily basis, the human psyche is depleting fast inducing an endless chain of suicide. Many lost souls have given up hope and seek refuge in drugs, alcohol, or religion!  And doing so, fulfill the reptilius’ agenda! 

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All I can do is to warn and prepare you for the type of news you can expect and since life does not stop advise you to use caution so you do not become a part of the sad statistics. 

Please sign my petition


Cyprus wildfires leave at least four dead in ‘unprecedented tragedy’

In this case fire in the water confirm my vision that 2021/2022 will be years of political troubles “winds and fires” and all the water in the world never be enough to put all the fires I foresee out!  SAVE WATER! Get the 2021 Nostradamus personal and universal forecast and read what the stars have in store for you in 2021.  

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that; we may live a safer more productive life!” Paracelsus 

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Memo: Policing will because so very dangerous that many brave servants will quit and the number of cops getting killed or killing citizens will explode in the months to come. Infected criminals will get bolder and wilder committing crimes against the police and the public never experienced before! READ POLICE REQUIEM


Amazon Prime new documentary: Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology
TUBI – Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology 

Dr Turi, Amazon Prime suggested your movie to me after I was bored with something similar!! I left a 5-star review for you because it takes A LOT for me to sit still and be engaged in a documentary. I was honest in the review. I did look for you RIGHT AFTER watching the film!!! I need to read your books. I don’t know if I’m any good at astrology personally, but I use it for sports betting with so so accuracy! 🙂 God bless!

Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2021

Isaiah 47:13-15 NIV. “All the counsel you have received has only worn you out. Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you. Surely they are like stubble; the fire will burn them up. They cannot even save themselves from the flame… Each of them goes on in his error; there is not one that can save you.”

Astrologers, also known as ‘Chaldeans’, were part of the king’s circle of so-called ‘wise men’ who practiced divination. The actual word for astrology in the Hebrew language literally means, ‘divining the heavens’.
The practice of pagan divination is prohibited by God. It’s in the Bible, Leviticus 19:26 NIV, “Do not practice divination or sorcery.” This goes back to originate in the nation of Babylon, now called the country of Iraq. Believe what you will.
There is no fixing a religious poisoned dark and fearful mind regurgitating bible verses…

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Born a leader… I am wearing a Zorro cape, 4th kid from the left, middle row!

To scared parents who refuse to trust science and vaccines…

Back in 1961, my dad passed away I was 11 years old he died from tuberculosis… I was at school when I heard the bad news… I cried my heart out in pain and never got to enjoy my dad and he was everything to me!

I am sure my father would have killed anyone to protect me and my family. Then a nurse showed up at our door a week later with a TB vaccine and inoculated the entire family and doing so she saved us all. I hope this real story will override any scary conspiracy you may have for not trusting scientists dedicated to save lives and protect us all from Covid19.

But like Covid19 nowadays, no everyone got TB or got the virus and died from it…  I did not know that much then, but I know better as I turn 71 years old on February 26th, 2021! And all pulmonary diseases are coming from a very specific set of stars…

Fear is evil in itself and feeding fear is a bigger killer than any viruses combined! A true courageous loving father would consider anything to protect his family and being negative and fearful send the wrong message to his own family, his friends, and the world at large! Education is the only answer to bypass ignorance and fear!

Yet I can dance on my head, I know that; there are scared, indoctrinated, conspiracy heads people that will NEVER, ever be convinced otherwise… Dr. Turi


Dr. Turi Amazon Prime UFO movie rebuttals

Thank you so very much readers, for your great 5 stars ratings and wonderful supporting comments on Amazon Prime that surpassed my expectations! Please do not hesitate to rate again and post your reviews to IMDb too! 



By the way, how many of you watched the CNN special ” 7 creepy things we learned about cult leader and former UA teacher Marshall Applewhite”

Did you know that I fully predicted this “Mass suicide” and I was driving through Rancho Santa in CA with the police helicopters above my head on my way to a restaurant to meet with radio host Jon Rappoport and his wife? If I was able to predict the Rancho Santa Fe mass suicide accurately (to the day including 911 Katrina and some) on Jon Rappoport radio back in 1997, shouldn’t you trust me on any and all my future predictions too?

Back in 1997 when I was living in San Diego, California, the well-established Truth Seeker Company employed people such as David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Jordan Maxwell, and myself to name a few.

All of us somehow made our name and expertise are known to the entire world and every one of us was a guest to famous Coast-To-Coast radio hosts such as George Noory and Art Bell and we all appeared on numerous television networks.

The luckiest ones were David and  Rappoport benefiting from the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company, propelling them to the fame they enjoy today!  

In fact, “Truth Seeker”  spend only a few hundred bucks on a single Moon Power book of mine but still sell all my titles without any rewards to me…

Young, honest, gifted, and stupid I was, you sign a contract and get screwed forever… But the ET’s in me had a plan and karma for us all… 

So my good friends from all over the world, Terania, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for following us and keep following us for many more years to come as we share our interesting life with you.

Ultimately my goals are to build my first Astropsychology school or eventually run my own radio or reality show program where I will be able to offer much more cosmic education, personal guidance, and predictions while helping the audiences to regenerate their spirit! And God will lead the right people in time with more opportunities to reach the world!

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Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective

To those who do not know… In many of my videos on YouTube, a while back I clearly said, “When you elect a President the people under his command are forced to suffer is stars, his fate and, endure his idiosyncrasies *conspiracies *Covid 19! Once removed from power WE the people will not have to suffer his stars (the wall/Virus) any longer!” But are you ready for the stars and fate imposed by President elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? 

01/01/2021 – Dr. Fauci claims U.S. won’t start return to ‘normality’ until near end of 2021

 For months on my YouTube channel, I predicted that the reptilius Covid 19 curse will end in early 2022!  I was a bit ahead of Dr. Fauci yet it shows another one of my visions endorsed by science! 

Coast to Coast AM | Talk 980 AM

From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/2019 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” and that there will be a “full restructure” of many groups*Antifa? and institutions in 2021.*POLICE?*Supreme Court of the United States? He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

I made those predictions (and some) last October 2019 on Coast to Coast am with George Noory! 


Mamacrow –Thank you for this excellent report… Thank you again. Fantastic! I WAS a Hogue subscriber… WAS.

11/19/20 – Listen to Dr. Turi & Tracie AustinTV & KGRA Radio where I predicted another earthquake on the air!


Jim Karoll “Beating The Odds” Dr. Louis Turi.

On Beating The Odds” radio show, and this YouTube video, including this newsletter, both the Lebanese and the Baltimore deadly EXPLOSIONS (and some) were fully predicted!

Attention readers: 6 MN 44 seconds into the radio show with Jim I warn about large earthquakes and  mentioned to be ready for “Sudden release of energy and EXPLOSIONS!”

Calm Deception To Strike!

8/26/20 – 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
8/21/20 – 6.9 magnitudeKatabuSulawesi TenggaraIndonesia
8/18/20 –  6.6 magnitude earthquake near San Pedro, Bicol, Philippines

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